Nobadddy knows…the trubbles I’ve seens!

[drags tiniest of prison tin cups across bars]

Nobadddy knows… but Jeeeesuuusssss

OK, OK, OK, OK, People, I hear you loud and clear, you want more animules, and you want them now! OK! OK!


Anne N., Release thuh preesoneres!



  1. thank you 🙂

  2. Poor little guy 😛

    I’m a prison guard….and thinking this pic would be a very cute addition to the office!

  3. sombody better check to make sure this guy don’t have a map of the prison tattoed on him somewhere.

  4. Just be sure you finish that calendar, tho. *Twelve* months, y’know.

  5. Maybe he’ll get time out for good behavior !

    Look at the sweet little face !

  6. Happycamper says:

    Thank you so much for more animules!!! We are very grateful.

  7. Theo – maybe 13 months? We were talking about nufftember, as I recall……trouble maker 😉

  8. Hmmmmm do ya think he can eat 63 hard boiled eggs????

    and maybe help out while the warden’s car gets washed???

  9. I saw him stelink the sunflower seeds. I saw him with my own 2 eyes!!!!! But he has like, a million babies to feed at home!!!

  10. For rodent’s sakes, STEALINK, not stelink!!! Too much sugar!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I’m still trying to figure out Annie’s comment bugmom din’t even notice yer error.
    Annie, do I even want to know?
    And hey, how’d you do with my poker hand?

  12. Cool hand luke the coolest criminal on the face of teh earth… I hope it was 63 eggs. and the most stupidest guy scene where the girl with big bazookas is washing the car he is in… Oh never mind you would have to be a guy to appreciate that scene I just thru it in for Berthaslave and Teho.

    [Mmmmmmmmm… cars… – Ed.]

  13. Ahhhhhhhh. SO much betta!

  14. Oh thank yous! His furry little fingers are a blessing to behold! lol

  15. why are my tax dollars going toward tiny french manicures for incarcerated squeaks? and facials too by the looks of that glowing face…

  16. ohhh sorry Metz it was 50 eggs.

  17. Ohhhh the poker hand well ummmm errr well ya see when Aubrey dived over everybodys heads and grabbed the brownies welll the pudding kind of flew everywhere and urm well it got all over the cards. and wel we never actually finished playing the hand you see and …
    Ducks and hides behind bugmom..

  18. So in other words, Theo won as usual?

    [The house always wins! – Ed.]

  19. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    I believe on the Miss March thread we had a

    wait for it……..


    was that appropriate?

  20. The Birdham of Alcatraz.

  21. Metz: Yup. And even if he didn’t all of our post would say he did!!!
    [You learn fast. I like that in a minion. – Ed.]
    […now repeat after me: “all of our COMMENTS would say he did”]

    *pats Annie on the back and hands her some Oreo Blizzard*

    I saved you some 🙂

  22. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    I didn’t get any pudding, or rum

    but thank you Theo

  23. Nobody saved any butterscotch for Carrie? Wut up wit dat?

  24. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    you know – I am the one that turned you all on to Pirate Day – you’d have thought 1 stinking shot of butterscotch rum pudding wouldn’t have been too much to ask = **sob**

    It’s ok, I have a big vat of worms to go eat.

    HEY – wait – isn’t there a chatroom or chatboard for CO? I’d love to be there.

  25. You can always click “Official C.O. Chat Room” in the right-hand margin. Meebo chat.

  26. (nobody there right now, tho)

  27. Thanks Bugmom. Blizzards are the next best thing to nutwhips (a Montana delicacy)

  28. […]

    Next best thing to whut now??

  29. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    oh great, noone’s there to chat with

  30. Nut whips… THey were what DQ copied the blizzards from kind of like a chocolate shake with nuts mixed in.

  31. OMG Aubrey LOL

  32. I can almost see the nose twitchingks.

  33. Wow! This little one is not just cute, it is BEEYOUTEEFUL!

  34. We recently bought ourself a new hamster, a very small and agile one. Her favourite trick is to escape through the bars through her cage, and so we’ve secured the spot with rather a lot of string.

    Yesterday we found that you can’t keep a good hamster down – she found out how to chew through the string AND how to shout “FREEDOM”…

  35. Psst. Hey kid, any word from the gov’ner?

  36. acelightning says:

    “I’m innocent, I tell ya! I wanna talk to my lawyer!”

  37. The bit about the tiniest of prison tin cups did me in…

  38. Yessss, yessss, many more animules, pleasssse. Especially hamsters and guinea pigs. Yesssssss!

  39. Release the hammie or I’ll …

    I’ll …

    um, any suggestions on what I should do?

    [Maybe… release the hammie? – Ed.]

  40. I was framed I tell ya Framed!

  41. Tricia Garrett says:

    Yup, pets not peeps!

  42. That is soooooooooooooo cute!!!

  43. I am also happy to get back to animules, but Naps + Kneadingks was great. It was a picture of why people live with kittehs.

  44. berthaslave says:

    hey buddy, whatcha in fer? me, i was inna wrong place at da wrong time, so da judge dropped a nickel on me…but no worries, dey take good care a ya here, long as you don’t upset the mister…and on the weekends, they take us out into the yard and we get to see da pictures? you like da pictures? aw, dey’re swell…last week, dey showed one wit’ gina lollabrigida, woo-ee, dere’s a fine piece a’ eye-talian ham…what? no, i ain’t sayin’ nuttin’ ’bout your mudder, howz i sposed to know she was eye-talian? don’t take it personal, brudder, sometimes i talk too much, see, that’s why the guys call me squealer, on account a’ me talkin’ so much when i should’na…hey, we’re gonna be best buddies, right? you want some a’ my carrot, i didn’t eat all my carrot at lunch, i just stashed it my cheek here, it’s still good…really…no hard feelins, eh brudder? So, whatcha in fer?

  45. *Yay* Berthaslave LOLLLLL *Applause*

    (Still waiting for da picture in da kilt wi da Bertha!)

  46. ah so cute! looks just like my hammie!

  47. I just got a weird aural hallucination (like a mental image, except hearingks)– of one of those great old Smithsonian folk musuc recordings of a chain gang, but sped up to rodent pitch. “(extry-high-pitched) OOOOOooooh Lord! Ooooh Lord!”

  48. I deed’nt do eet!!! But…”If I had done it”

  49. tiny paws!!!!!!!!!!

  50. cute

  51. Thank you…the twitching has now stopped!

  52. Thank you Meg for all the time you take to post cute animals for us!!! 🙂

  53. Okay I have resisted long enough
    My favorite Jail song.

    The warden threw a party in the county jail
    The prison band was there and they began to wail
    The band was jumpin’ and the joint began to swing
    You should’ve heard those knocked out jailbirds sing
    Let’s rock, everybody, let’s rock
    Everybody in the whole cell block
    Was dancin’ to the Jailhouse Rock

  54. Hey Annie, I actually knew a fella who had been in a band in jail – actually our national prison, then Casemates. Tall and slim but muscular black dude with a mohawk and fashionably torn, punk-style clothes, he was kinda scary looking, but has the gentle soul of any of the fuzzy friends here on CO. Hard to believe he helped blow up the Police Commissioner’s car and sold drugs in a previous life lol. Now lives in Germany and has a successful band *grin*.

    As for the ham above now residing at the Queens Pleasure, I can tell he was framed. I mean, look at that face! Love this picture – it’s one for the calendar for sure!


  55. Hey Elbowgeek how are you? It is always good to hear that someone turned their life around.

    And Yup he was framed Govn’r Framed I tell ya.