Carpool’s here!

[Handing you lunchpail and jacket]

Have a good day, Hon.


Working on a Caturday, Jean-Sebastien I.?



  1. julia McDonald says:

    those are some tricked out air fresheners.

  2. Hope he doesn’t get a ticket for driving unbuckled.

  3. It’s probably just the angle, but it looks to me like Mister Chow Chow finds the steering wheel quite tasty.

  4. Poor thing needs sunglasses. How can you expect him to drive without sunglasses?

  5. teh saliva provides extra traction for those slippery hairy-pin turns.

  6. 😀

  7. Haha! My parent’s golden, Townes (may he rest in peace) used to do this almost every time my mom would leave him in the car for a bit. She read in a dog behavior book that dogs sort of see this as a joke, like “HAHA! You know I can’t really do this but I’m acting like I am! HAHA!”

  8. Wonder what scent his air fresh’ners are? Butt-schniff Dingleberries and Summertime Puppy-breath maybe.

  9. Extra points for ears buried in fuzziness!

  10. My dogs once locked my mom out of her van. Our little jack russell put his front feet on the window ledge of her driver’s seat and locked the door with his paw (with the vehicle running).

    I still giggle about it.

  11. Wonder if he keeps biscuits in the cup holders…

  12. So, ehhh, where to, lady?

  13. Is Jean-Sébastien from Quebec?

  14. hope the windows are down!

  15. One of my mom’s chows once locked us out of the van… in Wisconsin… in the middle of winter. Uncool, dawg.

  16. No offense there cute puppeh but I thought it was Caterday, I really need a Caterday Post Please Meg !?!?!?!?!?!?

  17. Here leah, fresh photos taken today of a tru Queen of Caturday.

  18. I don’t know….

    That CAR is not cute at all. I come here for the cute animals not automobiles. I’m never coming to this site again until they show cute animals in the void of space! Harrumph!

  19. Whoop! Euro-tour ’83 Rawks!!

  20. Space Cowgirl says:

    Since hairballs is hairbls, shouldn’t that be…carpls? Maybe it’s just me.

  21. Teh steering wheel. It has a flavr.

    I think his air-freshener is from Beggin’ Strips. It kinda looks like fake bacon colors.

  22. Rock ! This pup is drivin’ a Yugo.

  23. Poor pup has bedhead! It’s torture gettin’ the kids off to school!!!

  24. Road Trip!!!

  25. That dog is crazy, too! He wants to drive!

  26. We can’t stop here! This is bat country!


  27. snoopysnake says:

    Toonces, the driving Chow, the Chow who could drive a car, he drives around, all over the town, Toonces, the driving Chow.

  28. Oh noes! Someone’s fallen asleep at the wheel!

  29. berthaslave says:

    Napoleon Dynamite voice: GOD, MOM, do you have to keep writing little notes in my lunch? Zheesh! And will you quit slobbering all over me, I’m just going to school! Guy!

  30. Hahahaha

  31. “Yo, all you kitteh street-rodders! You wanna piece of me? C’mon, we’re racing for pink slips! I dare ya!”