The Dewds are getting jeaaaaallllous! [singsong]

EVERYONE wants to be in the Chicks of Cute Overload.

Even Mr. December here:

Photo removed at request of owner.

Can’t beat a little bunny neck wrap, Lisa C.



  1. “yes please!” on both issues…the rabbit and the guy.

  2. cute!

  3. Nice!

    (And all you complainers, you do know Meg is doing it on purpose, don’t you? The more you bitch and moan, the more pictures of people you’re gonna get.)

  4. Aww… this one looks like my late bunny Pip. How I miss her. She used to weiner out like this too. I don’t know what it is, but the pads of bunnies’ feet just kill me.

  5. Of course he’s hot, he’s an EMT! (Check out the American Medical Response shirt…)

    Oh, and the bunny… also very prosh.

  6. JennieMello says:

    So sorry to be so sloooow-
    what is prosh? Most other CO language I understand, but this one is a doozie for me.

  7. lurkingsmirk says:

    Prosh = precious.

    I want a squishee pillow like that! But I’m afraid it would turn and nibble my face if I tried.

  8. It might nibble your hair but it would probably kiss your face.

  9. Perfect for winter… whew, did it just get a little warm in here?? *fan self*

    Oh yeah… the bunny’s cute, too…

  10. hes is cute!!

  11. hmm, I’ll take the bun AND the guy please!

  12. book_monstercats says:

    See my post in Miss March above …. he KNOWS he’s cute… so does Mr December… I want the bun’s eye make up expert to work on me.

  13. Cuteoverload is getting horrible because of these smiling-ugly people.

  14. precious!

  15. OMG. Gorgeous guy, gorgeous bun. YAY!!!

  16. acelightning says:

    I’m not totally *against* having people in the pictures, although I generally look at CO to see adorable animals. And since I’m female, if there are going to be pictures with people in them, I’m glad to see an occasional good-looking MAN with his adorable pet. (Especially when it’s very obvious how much they love each other.)

  17. acelightning says:

    Oh… and who would have thought there were so many men and women out there with such gorgeous buns?

  18. Baby Bunnies! says:

    I think there should be a “Cute guys and Bunnies” category…Who’s with me?!

  19. Baby Bunnies! says:

    Of course we would need a lot more pics of guys and bunnies first *HINT HINT, cute guys!*

  20. Oooh, a bun with “eyeliner”.

  21. Finally, some MENS!!!

    Keep ’em coming, with cute little furry things attached at the hip. Always makes it better…..

  22. MMM…I want the cute college boy with his teddy bear stuffed in his shirt to make it into this calendar!

    Remember him? He made quite a splash on here.

  23. They make rabbits in that size? Woah! Digging the eyeliner though.

    On the rabbit, not the dude.

  24. ThreeCatNight says:

    I am ze masked Bunneh, and I also double as ze neck wrap! I am soft and cuddly, no?

  25. Just wondering…all the people commenting how they HATE the people pics: do you hate people in general, or just smiling, attractive specimens like we have here? Why the hate? Jealous much?

    Rock on, still have months to fill!

  26. This guy is sooo much cuter than the rabbit!

    (cowers, ready to be pummeled)

  27. Uhm.. can we please return to “cute animals only” policy? Chicks and dudes are getting annoying… 8(

  28. Yummy, I’ll take one of him, please… And the Bunbun can come along too…

  29. I like the new peeps with pets category (esp. cute EMT guy peeps with pets!) … after all, a lot of us who worship the site are peeps with pets. It’s a refreshing change, Meg … I think it should be a new category.

  30. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    There was a “cute animals only” policy?? I don’t remember that….

    Cute bunny and guy! I love Cute Overload, no matter what kind of pictures Meg chooses to put up! (But this one really is cute.)

  31. LauLau — quite honestly I’d *like* to provide the requisite pummelling, but y’know, I guess I’d rather save it for folks who actually bother me.

    Enjoy the pic as you please. Cheers!

  32. Ahem.

    Yes, please. Yummmmmmmy man!

  33. Is that guy tryin to do Di eyes ???
    hmmm ?
    thats a cute bunny though.
    and hes not bad.
    i like the pics with the youngsters. nice for a change.

  34. Whoever’s responsible for assigning categories, please note that this belongs under “Bunnies” as well.

  35. D Canine — noted…

  36. Favorite picture EVER on Cute Overload.


  37. dis isn’t quite what i envisioned with regard to seeing a guy’s buns but i can work with it ^^

  38. For those of you that love this picture, you’re going to love this:

    This is a fundraiser for the Vancouver Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy. Be sure to check out the “Broken Bunny” and “Special Rabbits” on the main page too!

  39. I love the peeps and pets category idea. Please and thank you? 🙂

    I love it when Meg goes nuff baiting.

  40. Cute guys and pets….finally! :o)

  41. Mary (the first) says:

    NOW we’re talkin’! And the bun is beautiful too!

  42. Kinder Gentler Carrie says:

    People and pets – what are we all? (except me of course cause my hubby won’t let me have a bebeh anything right now 😦 )

    I hope there could be a new catagory of people with their cute pets. Jeesh.

  43. Kinder Gentler Carrie says: Here are the special rabbits – check out Patrick’s ears at the bottom of the page! OMG!

  44. Mary (the first) says:

    OMG the buns on the Vancouver (B.C.) rescue bun website (see above). And the men and buns calendar!! yikes. Yikes!

  45. Awwww, I love the cute boys with animals photos! I think they’re often hilarious and it’s nice that people love their pets so much. I certainly love my rabbit a ton! My rabbit is a rex, just like Patrick (see Kinder Gentler Carrie’s link to the VRRA) but with much more brown than what.

  46. In my mind, this guy lives with the girl from the previous post and they just spend all their time lying on the floor surrounded by rabbits. Because- let’s face it- that would be awesome.

  47. I dunno… I think the traditional Hotot eyecircle matches Lauren E’s shot better. (next post)


    I don’t care if they’re good looking or not. I came here for the critters, dammit!

  49. Either you want cute animals ONLY or nothing at all? Naysayers, cute is relative. These humans and animals photos, they’re pretty cute to many people. Winston wasn’t cute to some people and very cute to others.

    This is the same thing, only there’s a human. I mean, what’s the difference, just because Winston was in a video all by his lonesome (minimal human interaction) and these photos show human and animal?

    You want cute animals, there they are. Are you disputing that because there are people in the photo, that it diminishes the cute because more of the photo is devoted to the human? Goodness, if your gripe is that there is a person in the photo, just put your hand onto the screen and pretend. 🙂

  50. I don’t say this very ofen but yeah this dude is really cute!!!!

  51. Oh yeah the bunn isn’t bad either……

  52. If this guy had put on eyeliner (Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow-style) to match his bun, that would have just been TOO MUCH.

  53. GAY!

  54. Oh, I’m sure it’s just platonic.

  55. Theo – LOL!!!!!!!

  56. Reverse spelling of poop is still poop. Still GAY!

  57. but if you turn it upside-down, it’s “dood”

  58. Ummm, why would you wanna turn poo upside down?

    (snorting to self) dood, OMG.

  59. Peace Theo!! You’re alright.

  60. poop, Metz. Not poo. Nobody needs “ood”.

  61. Yay for men and pets!

    I want a bunny-pillow.

  62. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    this is just killin me

    Theo – you thought I was a pain in the butt?

  63. With a name like, OMG! It’s Carrie I would say you’re a pain the the butt and one that someone should steer clear of. Is there a bucket hanging over your head?
    Never went to the prom did you?

  64. Hey “whatthe” — just please stop. You can’t fool the moderator.

  65. On the subject of bunny feet pads, does anyone else find it amusing to tickle them (are bunnies ticklish?) and watch them try to box you with their feet? My poor buns always looks like he’s about to go three rounds with my hand, whenever I put my hand under his legs to support him.

  66. OMG please more hot college-ish guys with pets! new category! *pants rapidly*

    btw, where would these cute pets be without their cute owners?

  67. I vote for a calendar with 6 months of boys and 6 months of girls…oh, and their peoples.



  68. Something inside me really wants Mr. December here to be wearing heavy eyeliner so we could have another matchingks post.

    Here’s another vote for people AND their pets in pictures. I prefer cute pets, but it’s adorable to see animals interacting with the people who love them.

  69. Am I the only one who thinks this guy looks like Steve-O?

  70. MH:
    Not anymore….and that just ruined it for me!

  71. Only like pets! No people. This guy is hot though. If he were a girl, I’d marry him.

  72. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    All I am sayyyyinnnggg, is give peas a chance…

  73. Mmmm…..Magpie AND hot guy….

  74. Madeleine: Bunny-pillows are the absolument bomb, yo. *nodnod*

    Luffs my bunny-pillow! And his. Both, please!

  75. mmm. he’s a cutie. nothin’ sexier than a hot guy bonding with his pet. yummy.

  76. i want this boy. and that bunny. does CO deliver?