Miss March and “Yoda” the pup

"Overload of Cute, this calendar will be" [Say in Yoda voice]


Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Lauren E., what a super prosh puppulence.



  1. berthaslave says:

    Super duper bleen! This is the best one yet, because of the simularity of the gal and the puppeh in both coloring and come-hither stares! Though I think you gotta get through puppeh before you approach the pretty lady.

  2. ka9q's wife says:

    they kinda look alike.
    In a good way.

  3. Are we done with people now? There’s about 12 other sites out there just for that.

    Can we go back to cute animals?

  4. “Peeps with Pets” should totallies be the new category for these… 😀

  5. Cuteoverload has gone to heck in a hand basket. I now, can not stand this site. This is now full of EPIC FAIL!
    Time to play kittenwar.com

  6. Why do I get the feeling that if I tried to chat to this fine lass I’d get various bodily appendages bitten off before the words even left my lips?

    Very cute selection of human/animal posts today! I love seeing animals interact sweetly with their slaves, I mean mums and dads 😉

  7. Geez, what’s with all the negativity towards these posts with humans in them? It’s just bizarre…

  8. Read between the lines:

    “All day, every day, I am confronted with opportunities to compare myself to others of my gender and over-exaggerate my physical shortcomings in comparison to theirs and/or compete for attention from potential mates. CuteOverload is a place where I can just enjoy cute animals and momentarily forget the drudgery of the rat race and its ceaseless competition.”

    Some people just wanna look at fuzzy aminals, yo. Some people don’t care.

  9. I forgot to add — it’s neither ones’ choice, natch 😉 All hail Meg, harbinger of teh cute.

  10. Avril Lavigne has a chihuahua?

  11. Well elbowgeek, it’s obviously because humans are uncute. 🙂

  12. What a smoky look! Cute puppulage present but obscured by hottitude…

  13. Wow, look at that pup’s protective face.

    I would be very careful before making any uh, inappropriate comments about his mistress.

  14. I second the making of the Peeps With Pets category.

  15. One single day of posting humans and the peeps flip a lid 😉
    Relax. It’s just Meg’s deliciously twisted sense of humor, which is the best part of this site in the first place. There are 24 gazilion sites with cute animals, but this is the only one with Meg.

  16. Oaklandcat – Well said.

  17. I love the pets with peeps pictures I love seeing them with their owners. these two are matchinks too with their smoky sultry look.

  18. Soft kroncheable ears!!! The puppeh’s ears that is.

  19. If you stare long enough she becomes cyclops.

  20. book_monstercats says:

    She (the human that is) has either managed to get make up that mimics the pup’s shadingks, or the photographer has managed to get the angle just right. An excellent post. I dislike animals being used to exhibit “accidental” wardrobe malfunctions, but this is just a very pretty girl… and the Boys of Cute Overload KNOW thay are cute, so…..

  21. HappyHappyJoyJoy says:


  22. New York Michele says:

    I’m enjoying the change of pace today, with lots of happy human with their animal friends. Might I make a request, though? Might we see a rang of ages and ethnicities, please? Because the Cute can be shared by everyone.

    Granted, probably most of the double portraits being sent in are from young white people (mostly women); certain sections of the internet are more appealing or better known to certain people. But I’d like to see a mix of humans, especially if there might be a calendar.

    That said, I don’t think I have any problem with comparing myself or being compared to the people in the pictures, although I will have to convince my burly and bearded boyfriend to pose with his two cats- in his kilt. (Yum- cats and kilts.)

  23. CO has jumped the shark. 😦

  24. I expected to see cute things here. Not the ugly girl.

    The doggy is cute anyway.

    Is this not the good old cuteoverload anymore??

    I think these pics are not cute. They just show strangers with their pets. I can go outside and see them in the streets.

  26. New York Michelle : Please try and persuade your Burly bloke to don said kilt and grab his kits. Is he a Scot? I am half Scottish (Mums side) and do have the right to a fairly dull Tartan, her maiden name Alexander gives me that right. Infact we were slain by the Campbells. (We were loyal to the MacDonalds), this happened in 1692 at Glen Coe known as the vail of weeping, which is a little bit like the Navaho trail of tears. Anyway what I am trying to say is my Mum told me if I wore a kilt I would look like something off of a shortbread tin.

  27. no more people please! thank you.

  28. If all the people look like her, bring it on!


  30. 10 out of 10 men finds this girl cuter than I am. So do I.

    Cute is cute – even with babies. 😉

  31. Meg is the arbiter and can post whatever she wants,certainly. But with people in the pictures, the site loses its charm for some of us. Hard to say why. It’s a different thing this way, and loses its power to make some people smile. To each his own.

  32. Sorry, but the people in the photos RUIN the cute overload experience for me! *sigh*

  33. NancyW, you said it better than I do. Animals are innocent, thus all are cute…people are NOT!

  34. New York Michele, holy cow…who would compare you to the person in the pic? Why does everything have to be age and ethnicity driven. See!!!! This is why we shouldn’t have people in the pictures….PEOPLE ARE STUPID. Let’s beat the PC stuff to death with a stick. Come on!

  35. Not one pic made me smile or squee. Today will be a sad day…. Please please please….no more peeps.

  36. I see a trace of head tilt on the pup. Maybe he’s ‘baroo’ at the commentraversy?

  37. love love the new calendar section. I vote for a new category…weeeeeeee. It’s nice to know who is that loving person, feeding shnozzhling these oh-so-cute babies. Without them, who’s going share their pets with us. They do have the right to be proud of themselves and their puppeh bunbun what not. We here all share the same loving for animals so why the hate. Peace ya all.

  38. Wonderful! I had a similar dog.

    Respect for animals!


  39. Hey! It’s my baby!! Thanks to EVERYONE who finds him to be cute. His ears are definitely soft kronsche-able. They haven’t grown since he was a 2 lb. puppy really, so you can see where the name came from, ha ha. I would have put photos up of him and his pierced and tattooed dad, but all the photos didn’t have a good face shot of the baby.

  40. Nuffs get a life … Nuff said …
    P.S. Oh Meg, you’re so devious and I love you for the endless controversy that you cause …
    That totally makes my day!

  41. Renee in Texas says:

    Know why they are call Nuffs? Because you’ve heard enough after one post. Jeez people chill. No one is forcing you to come here. You haven’t paid a subscription for cute animals daily. Step back, take a deep breath, and relax. Enjoy this site for what it is. Honestly, life out there is far worse.
    -Not anywhere near 22 either! LOL
    I’m Team Meg!! WooHoo for Meg!!!
    And men in Kilts snorgling baby animals!!!! HAAHAA

  42. Just a *hint* of a forehead wrinkle on that pup. LOVE it.

  43. did someone eat her couch corner?

  44. I don’t think the look on this lady’s face is angry or menacing. I think it’s more of a naughty look. Look at the slight Mona Lisa smile and the mischievous twinkle in her eye. Yes…most definitely naughty.

    Oh yes, cute puppy too. even if I don’t like the bulging eyes.

  45. C’mon peeps. Ya can’t have your favorite flavor every day.
    Enjoy variety! Feel the love.
    It’s all good. Thanks Meg.

  46. Down w/ Nuffs. Yeah Meg! You rock. Love the calendar section.

  47. Dang, what’s with all the controversy lately? Seems like every post that’s been put up in the last three weeks has had at least one derogatory comment and then everyone just goes nuts either jumping on the nuff or anti-nuff bandwagon.

    I personally think the people and pets are adorable. And this is cute -overload-, hence the amount of ’em. Last week it was videos, which I strongly object to on account of not being able to watch them at work. *nods faciciously*

    There’s no way on earth I’d have a picture of me on here though. The only time my kitty really snugles with me is when I’m having a seizure and he wraps around my head and holds me still. Not a picture I want taken.

  48. But of course you can, Snorglepup! If you think hard enough, maybe, just maybe, you can implant your thoughts into Meg’s head and surreptitiously force her to post the pics you want to see.

    I know right now I’m thinking awfully hard about squids. *thiiiiink*


  49. Please…please…please…go back to just animals…please…please. Animals Only.

  50. “You are getting sleepy … You shall do as I command … Fetch me M&M’s and Coke Zero! … and Snausages for my pup!

  51. Butter – Brilliant! I wonder if could find the video of the octopus eating the shark again on youtube…

    It’s not a squid but still adorwable.

  52. It strikes me that people feel they should be allowed to dictate what is and is not allowed on this site. This is not a service; you do not pay to use it. It is a part of Meg’s psyche that she generously shares with us. She can put up what she likes. We should not dictate to her what she is and is not allowed to put on here. Freedom of speech, and all that 🙂

  53. Wonderful! I had a similar dog.

    Respect for animals!


  54. ThreeCatNight says:

    Look deep into our eyes, deeper, deeper!! The Chihuahua Master commands you!…there, now isn’t that better?

  55. That puppy has totally delicious ears!

  56. cute overload’s last chance….*sigh..* i’m sick of looking at people.

  57. pinkwerewolff says:

    more animals, less humans.

    please and thank you

  58. angrycupcake says:

    Oh no! it’s a person! God forbid human beings ever find their way onto Cuteoverload, or *gasp* look cute– sickening, that’s what this is. Just sickening.

    I do like the picture, though.

  59. angrycupcake says:

    besides, you could always, you know, look at the massive archives of cuteness stored up on this website and gaze at your favorite pictures. Unless, of course, the aging process makes them less cute. GOD FORBID.

  60. Cute overload’s last chance? that’s funny.

    If you (Nuffs) are sick of looking at people pics, then stop looking. Go look at something else and come back tomorrow. Quit trying to ruin everyone else’s cute. I have said it before and i will say it again “cute is in the eye of the beholder”. Not everyone will agree on everything.

    I love this site! (even when the pics aren’t my favorite..hehe)

  61. The puppy is adorable, but I wiould really rather not see people in the photos at all. I come for da kittehs and da puppehs!

    And yes, Meg can put up whatever she likes. But if she wants to retain viewers for potential advertising revenue she will want to know what her visitors like and don’t like.

  62. I come here for cute animals.

    Not for dorky people pics.

    Hopefully, cuteoverload will be back on track again soon.

  63. She’s cute, but I don’t want to look at people either. I come here to get *away* from people!

  64. This is my first post on CO. Please, for the love of all things cute, no more peeps!

  65. Cute Overload IS on track — Meg can and should put up what ever she likes.

    And lets remember that the site isn’t called “Cute Animals Overload” — Meg can put up ANYTHING she considers cute, it just so happens that that generally means animals, but this is a “CUTE” site, NOT an “ANIMALS” site. So if Meg puts up a photo you don’t personally find cute, just come back in a day or two and something you do think is cute is likely to be up then.

    Sheesh. Honestly, if I were Meg I’d stop posting anything at all, what with the nuffs! (NOT that I want MEG to do that, lol!)


    IMHO. 😉

  66. Somehow I suspect all these irritating NO MORE PEOPLE people are going to keep coming back regardless, if only to post more irritating complaints.

    Life is what you make it, boys and girls. COMMUNITY is what you make it.

    Also, growth *is* hard, but *desperately* necessary.

  67. rumi,

    If you don’t like my comment then don’t read it.

    Apparently I’m not the only one who prefers cute animal pics to dorky people pics. This girl with the Chihauhua looks possessed. NOT CUTE. Not even a little.

    ‘bugger off’? Oh please. Find some manners! Thanks!

  68. ALSO also, I’m tempted to add this post to the “Matchingks” category, and “Pups” is a no-brainer.

  69. “Sigh”/Cutelover/various other aliases — if you don’t like our comments then don’t read them.
    Same goes for the whole SITE.

  70. sigh/cutelover says:

    I’ve only had two nics here and RARELY ever comment. So much for your detective work.

    [my “detective work” amounts to clicking on “filter comments by IP address”, but OK, maybe you comment less often than I do… – Ed.]

    I do like this site normally. However, any differing opinions here are always met with hostility. Maybe rumi needs your advice too.

    Oh well.

  71. sigh,

    How could I possibly form an opinion of your comment until I’ve read it, lol?

    No, you’re not the only person who prefers animals-only photos to animals-n-people photos. But the point is that it doesn’t MATTER what you prefer, or what I prefer, or what anyone else visiting the site prefers, as it’s MEG’S SITE, and she can post whatever she wants. It would be different if we were paying for access to the site and she started changing its’ focus (which she ISN’T, by the way — she’s still posting stuff she thinks is cute), but that is not the case.

    As for manners, I have plenty. “Bugger off” is hardly a string of foul cursing, lol! If you think that’s bad, you are verrrrry sheltered.

    And you’re welcome. 🙂

  72. my cat is a blob says:

    I totally concur this is meg’s site to do with as she pleases, and she isn’t obliged to the viewers in any way.

    But I also think its fine for people to give meg polite feedback. If we are allowed–and encouraged–to mention what we like, why not what we don’t like?

    Personally I don’t like the people pictures. So if this turns into a regular thing i prolly won’t visit the site as often, simply because people pictures don’t entertain me that much, not because I’m all pissed off about it. Obvy if there are folks who like the people pictures, well then its cool for them and that’s fine.

  73. Personally, I am not digging all the people, but I’m able to cut them out of the picture (not like in real life, unfortunately) and just focus on the cuteness.

    God, that puppy’s ears are tuning in Tokyo!

  74. LOL Erin, you’re right!

  75. my only question is, did that come from her myspace page, or his?

  76. Here’s an idea. How about EVERYONE stops bitching at each other? If you don’t like the “human” pictures, then don’t visit the site 1,000 times a day. It’s not forever.
    And to those who are getting up in arms about people getting upset about “human” pictures” – hey – free country, freedom of speech. How about we all just agree to disagree?

  77. It’s fine if people give Meg polite feedback – I myself have protested about a couple of pics – but the keyword here is *polite*. The people who are complaining about humans in the pics are doing so very rudely. Take the person above as just one example, he/she thinks nothing of commenting on the girl’s appearance as looking “possessed”. Since when has it been manners to comment on the personal appearance of strangers on the net? If it’s a pic where they’re showing off cleavage or skin for the sole purpose of showing it off, they deserve it. But these are simply happy people with their pets in completely inoffensive pics, who for no fault of theirs are having nasty remarks aimed at them. If the people-haters do not bother to protest politely, they don’t deserve to be heard.

  78. I agree with the crowd that is tired of looking at girls. I would like to go back to the site that is for looking at cute animals. I have found other websites that show animals of different varieties and I may have to take cute overload off of my favorites. It is transitioning into something different than it was a year ago when I first started looking at the most adorable little critters I ever saw.(sigh)

  79. Again, people: it’s “Cute Overload”, not “Cute ANIMALS Overload”.

    And it’s MEG’S.

  80. I come to this site to get away from crappy people I have to deal with. Now there’s people on here too! This blows, Meg =0(

    Guess it’s only http://icanhascheezburger.com/ until this is remedied.


  82. matchinks! they both have sultry eyeliner and a cute little nose!

  83. sure meg can post whatever she wants..but if it makes her viewers unhappy, less visitors to the site, advertisers and sponsors won’t be happy…think about that, meg!

  84. Renee in Texas, it used to be a choice, but now it’s an addiction!

  85. “sick and tired” — that argument won’t work. Trust me, I’ve seen the stats. Spike city.

  86. Mera — people are creepy??
    Sure, a *few* of them are…

  87. Yes, of course it’s Meg’s site! By the way, speaking of that – what about the ad revenues (that would be 0, if people were less pleased with CO, which they coincidentally seem to be at the moment)?

    I’d tewtally love to know if any of the (surplus?) moolah goes to animal charities? I’d love that so much!

  88. i like the peeps pics. they’re cute.
    i love then idea of a “peeps with pets” category.
    In think that this puppeh is the cutest EVER! and it is definatley “matchinks” they are purrfectly alike.
    and for those who just have
    to be negative-
    CuteOverload is like the weather here in Portland-
    just wait a couple minutes and it’ll change!
    so dont worry, I’m sure Meg will be onto some cute reptiles or something (without peeps) soon.
    so dont get your panties in a wad about it. 🙂 its FRIDAY!

  89. Part of the supreme cuteness of animals is the way they interact with their human attendants.

  90. Aheeheeheeheehee! Oh, Meg, you are a naughty minx! Here I’d thought maybe the last few postings would cause a lull in the commentroversy, but no! You cheeky monkey.

    blah blah blah… not a democracy blah blah blah… nothing wrong with polite comments but you can’t dictate site policy blah blah blah… Seriously, chillax, folks.

    Yes, Theo, def qualifies for “matchingks”. Do eet!

    Lastly, I stand for people pride: PEOPLE ARE ANIMALS TOO, DAMMIT!

    In the final analysis, post whatever you want, Meg. I’ll look at if I want to, and if I don’t like it, sorry but it won’t ruin my day.

  91. lol, Lady Di — very well said!

    And especially true of cats, IMHO. 😉

  92. Wow, look at all the awesome people with the combo of vague misanthropy and SERIOUS entitlement issues! Chill folks! It’s not your site, Meg is not here to serve you. How rude, it’s like going to someone’s house and complaining to them about their decor!

    [ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ – Ed.]

  93. lurkingsmirk says:

    I think it’s cute. Puppers and owner do match. I don’t understand, everyone seems to like the cute men + animal pictures, why the double standard?

  94. I like the people and pets category…but only if there’s something exceptionally cute in the picture (and there is in this one (the look-alike-ness)).

  95. This one is cute. The other ones aren’t. The doggy with its widdoo head tilt, big ears, little frown and matching mummy is adorable, but the other pics are just peeps wiv animuls …

  96. Xactly, Tiffany!

  97. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    Lauren E., thanks for sharing your adorable pic with us! You are both very cute! And do try to get a good one of Baby with Tattoo Dad! 😉

    and to Meg, thank you for tirelessly providing teh qte every day, all day, in spite of the fact that you have a life outside of Cute Overload. It is much appreciated, even when the pics themselves are not my fave.

    I *heart* Meg! Long live the Queen of Teh Qte!

  98. hmm.
    this should probably be in the “pups” category also.
    I’m thinkin.

  99. omg where da heck did she find a caramel and chocolate min pin with a strawberry for a nose?!?

  100. Hungry, NYgirl?

  101. AMEN, NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork!

  102. i mean min pinhua ^^

  103. Yay!!! I *love* this. Nuffs seriously need to get a life.. Yes I guess you have the right to whine endlessly.. do your friends not find that annoying as well? Oh wups, my bad! I guess that is why you feel the need to vent at every picture posted.

    ps- Meg: Can we have about 5 more of these? I would love it, and maybe one of the ‘last chance’ nuffs would actually leave?

    A girl can dream 😉

  104. Theo: why ya leaf the ‘y’ offa my nick

    i feel… invaded or sumpin

    KIDDING!!! 😛

    [Because, despite the setting, I don’t actually do babytalk very much… – Ed.]

  105. Sheesh enough with the peeps and pets?
    Can we get back to real cute stuff please?? Pretty please with a cherry and a puppy on top?

  106. As one of the legions of proud, well-dressed great apes who post on this site, I think this is a lovely picture. (Ok, I personally prefer the non-Homo-sapiens pictures. But I love that you keep mixing it up!)

  107. I really like seeing pictures of people who so obviously love and are loved by their pets. Calendar season is coming up, I think it would be neat to have a Cute Overload Calendar. (Cafepress does a pretty decent job of turning those out, hint hint)

  108. bcteagirl – yes! whatever the nuffs don’t like, posting more of it is sure to thin out their ranks!

    if this turned into an all-tarantella-and-monkey-site tomorrow, i’d sneak away trembling, but i certainly wouldn’t lambaste meg for posting what she likes.

    we luvs ya, meg!

  109. *calls Theo ‘The’*

    *humongous raspberry*

  110. Ha! Anner, I know what you meant to say, but look up “tarantella” and then tell me that you would not enjoy a monkey-and-tarantella post. Cmon. That would be all win.

  111. “an all-tarantella-and-monkey-site” — LOL, anner! 🙂

  112. heheh. did i spell it like the dance instead of the arachnid? i meant “tarantula”. yes.

    *blushes sheepishly* baah.

  113. theo — what does spike city mean? does that mean there is ZERO ad revenue? what is that stuff on the left that says “advertise here”?

  114. I think it means there’s a major spike in traffic. As in, you, sick and tired, somehow keep coming back to this post you hate. And that means more views. And advertisers love that.

  115. aw come on, quit complaining pee-puhl!


    check out http://www.mrflapper.com if you want some cute without peeps.

  116. Is this the new Hot or Not web site? Can we PLEASE get back to cute animals??????

  117. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Let me add my tuppence worth (Two pennies worth)we all know this is a front for an Osama Bin-Laden led Dictatorship. Meg the blonde wig fools know one, as for Theo you are Radamathine in the bias of your editorial.

  118. Jenni: I’m with you 100%! Pix of peeps that <3 their pets! Definitely teh qte!

  119. New York Michele says:

    My post was obviously misunderstood- purposely so.

    I happen to love the human with animal pics. They are making me do the happy dance, since I often work with people who look and act tired and depressed. Seeing happy people with their happy animals makes me feel happy too.

    My request for people of color, older people, and younger people, isn’t about ‘political correctness’. I’m not going to stop looking at this site just because there have been a slew of white people with their pets- my boyfriend is white, and I certainly love looking at him. And I like seeing youthfulness- it’s why I teach college during the day. But I’d like to see the full panoply of happy people- if possible. However, I am grateful in ways I cannot say that Meg is in this world. there have been times when both my boyfriend and I have had such hard days- CO was the only thing that sometimes made those days better. Whenever I can, I try to send a few dollars to the site, because I can tell that it’s pretty much coming from out of pocket- I doubt there is any profit from these ads. If Meg does make a profit, I could care less if she spends it on champagne and chocolates- she would deserve to do so.

    Each day here is different. I like that. Some days have pictures that I like better than others- but there has never been a day that I haven’t smiled after coming here. As a bisexual woman, I really enjoyed the unicorns a few months ago; I still look at Rufus the dog, who reminds me of some of my students. I love how Meg’s love of the Cute is all inclusive, kind, humorous, and unafraid to be silly and even juvenile- we all need to stop being adults for a while and worrying about the horrors in this world. This semester especially, when I’m teaching a course on violence and conflict, and in the past when I taught emergency and disaster management, looking at all of this gave me hope. The reason the nuffs are so annoying with their demands is that they suck all the air out of the room- they ignore the true horrors of the world that are going on and don’t realize what a safe harbor this truly is.

    Thanks again, Meg. If some people don’t appreciate you, please know that some of us, who have been in war zones or who have experienced personal tragedy, think that you are the tops. If there is a heaven, you are going there. Don’t ever change, except to expand and grow.

  120. I'm The Decider says:

    humans with their furless skin and lumpy parts bulging under their clothes disturb me. attractive women make me resentful and bitter. i am unable to see the beauty in an image radiating health, happiness, and love. i demand you not post any more pictures that i personally don’t find cute.

  121. i like this page better when there are only animals. i’m sick of girls posting picutres of themselves on every effing webpage they can

  122. Kids, think about focusing your outrage on injustice, cruelty, hatred and greed. Griping about pictures on a website will not improve the world one whit. Priorities, pls. Kthks.

  123. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Theo: Your beig some what slow on the uptake? Is it English irony you don’t understand. Fnah Fnah Fnah.

    [Eh? No, I get it; I just didn’t see it until now… – Ed.]
    [btw, Bin Laden isn’t as tall or as smart as he tries to appear, but don’t tell him I said so]

  124. Matchinks! matchinks! matchinks! Oh and BTW those look like kitty nail sharpinings to me on back of Couch.

    Oh and One More Thing….
    Beautiful Girl. Beautiful Puppy…NUFF SAID 😉

  125. To everyone flipping out:

    This is not your website.

    Your panties are in a bunch.

  126. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Min gott und derble post it is being Ja!

  127. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Jag air inter flipping per for vore.

  128. That pup is cute like whoa, and the girl adds to my cute experience because I wish I was within squeezing distance of that pup right now. Like, I can’t belive how lucky she is to have that little dude sittin’ on her right now. It fills me with longingks.

    And all the OTHER pics of peeps with their buns has made me crave a bunneh, hardcore. I had no idea that buns were so cuddly till I saw them with their peepage!

    Peeps add context to the cute experience!

  129. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Right, Iv’e ad enough i’ll get me coat. Its 17:15 I am goink home.

  130. CrackJob — study up before you run out & adopt a new rabbit, though. They have decidedly different health needs from dogs & cats. Sounds obvious, yes, but lots of folks don’t *get* that until there’s some kind of problem.

  131. I think the addition of peeps provides much-needed context to teh cuteness.

    For example – the puppy is ridiculously cute on his own, but what makes it unbearable for me is that the girl gets to HOLD hm and SNIFF him and SQUEEZE him!! It makes me squee just a little bit more to know that someone is within smooching distance of that li’l head.

    And all the other people posted this week snuggling up with their pet bunnies has opened my eyes to that fact that YOU CAN CUDDLE WITH A PET BUNNY!??!!11!!

    I had no idea. And I now I am craving some bunnage of my own.

    The people in the photos are just accessories to enhance the cute experience.

    Oui? Non?

  132. oops. I thought my post disappeared so I reposted.

    Loo lee loo….

  133. haha Annie I noticed that too. Poor naugha has clearly been tortured for our viewing pleasure. STOP THE MADNESS!

  134. enough of the people shots already!!!

  135. Now take that wee spot of scratched leather and imagine an entire couch like that – that is my parents’ couch after about 15 years of old cats who had to claw their way up onto furniture, rough-housing dogs, and general wear & tear.

    It’s a shame that that couch looks as new as it does with those scratchings.

    I love it when dogs have eyebrow markings. Adds so much to their expression.

  136. Also, that puppy looks as velvety-soft as can be.

    The Velvetine Puppy.

  137. No problems with peeps & pets here, but I keep this open in the background at work and several people (including my boss) have taken second looks now that people are in the photos. I think they think I’m surfing the “wrong kind of picture sites” now!

  138. Life is a mixed bag, folks! To everyone who finds Mr. Jedi Mast Yoda Bean cute…THANK YOU THANK YOU! He gets lots of soft kronsches on the ears, tons of snorggling, sniffing and cuddling up for nappy times. He’ll get extra today for all of you! For those that said I was/am cute, aww shucks thanks but I don’t think that’s the point. Similar to those who don’t want to look at ugly or uncute people. Just remember, those that send in photos read the comments and it’s super easy to throw mean things ’round on the web. For those curious, Bean is a 100% purebred Chihuahua with very interesting coloring, no Min Pin involved. The reason I shared the photo is because I think HE is beautiful and had a decent cuddly photo, thanks for all the comments (good and bad, no worries).

  139. 😉

  140. P.S. for all those concerned about my “couch” it was a chair. My roommate’s chair, actually. And his kitty was responsible for scratching up both of the nice new chairs. I guess he had to “break them in.” Okay, the end for realz now.

  141. Oh for the love of goodness! I screwed up the spelling of my own baby’s name! Jedi MastER Yoda Bean. Seriously, I’m gone 😀

  142. I am the puppeh daddy. I Thank those of you who offered them for the kind words about my love and my pup.

    Those are indeed kitty claw marks on the back of the chair. An ex-roommates cat, but it’s alright cause it was his chair as well.

    And for all the ‘no people’ people, humans are animals and some have the ability to be ‘cute’. Much like Gorillas in that capacity. All hail the great apes!

  143. Mary (the first) says:

    Oui, crackjob. The peeps add context! Even in size.. “how tiny is that puppeh? oh my gosh.. not even as big as a smallish lady hand!” etc. And the matchingks is nice! The sultry “c’mon” look accompanied by “I’ll bite your nose if you c’mon to my Mom” look. All cute.

  144. Me no likey the people.

  145. First of all: YES, I know this is Meg’s blog and she can put what she likes. But I also want to humbly request an end to “people with their pets” pictures. These pictures appear all over everyone’s myspace, facebook, etc. and they are run of the mill and not that cute. I enjoy the pictures on CO because they are generally not something I see everywhere else on the internet. Also, whenever a human gets posted, the comments section gets lewd comments about how other people want to do things to the pictured person and I find it quite disgusting. So really, unless a picture is extremely charming or unusual in some way, a person just sitting with their cute pet is not worth posting. Pwease Meg? 🙂

  146. Shawna — I think Meg’s serious about the calendar idea. Therefore, she probably needs enough pix to accomodate 12 months. It’s a guess, but I do that a lot.

  147. I am tired of people in the pix. I agree with Laurie. Can we go back to just animals? Please!

  148. Kiddo:

    An octopus eating a shark? Awesome!


    Oh dear, I am full of the El Oh El. :3

  149. I like the calendar idea but who says there has to be people in the pictures. I like the people pics, it is cool to see people with their babies, but they aren’t my favorites. I think some of the exceptionally cute pics should be in a calendar. 🙂 But, of course, this is just my opinion 🙂 I’m sure whatever is decided, it will be great!

  150. berthaslave says:

    Some animals are cute.
    All humans are animals.
    Therefore, some humans are cute.

    A matter of taste, perhaps. But the presence of peeps in the pics does not violate the terms of the “cuteoverload.com” concept.

    I’m kind of shocked at how much this upsets some people. I think it’s sad (not cute) that so many people react so violently to the presence of other human beings with their pets. None of these pics — except perhaps the first one, with the two girls — seem forced or unnatural. It’s clear that these humans-animal companion sets have deep trust and affection for each other, and I think that’s sweet and wonderful to see. The girls aren’t in bikinis, the animals aren’t being tied down or eaten, it’s just intimate moments that pets and people share ALL THE TIME.

    I wish someone would take a great picture of me and Bertha. No, no one would want to see it (unless perhaps I was in a kilt), but I know that even if I wasn’t cute, the sight of a burly, hairy man with a teeny black cat might qualify as “cute” for some people. I’d be honored if Meg found it cute enough to be on C.O., but even if she didn’t, it wouldn’t prevent me from enjoying all of the work Meg does in presenting the cute of the world to all of us.

  151. To Whom It May Concern,

    You seem to be suffering from delusions of website ownership. http://www.cuteoverload.com belongs to Meg Frost; as such she is entitled to post whatever she wants to post with out your consent. Cute Overload is a service she provides to you out of the kindness (and silliness) of her own heart, you do not pay a fee to view the cuteness here; therefore you have no right to demand your own way. Such demands are unbecoming and, in fact, are the antithesis of all things cute, please cease and desist.

    P.S. In case you miss my meaning: STFU, this life is not all about you.

  152. please please please, no more humans. I have nothing against humans, I just happen to visit this site to see cute bunnies, kittens, pups, etc.

  153. Space Cowgirl says:

    Well darn it all, Renae beat me to it. Well-said, and thanks for saving me the trouble!

  154. btw, I do know this is meg’s site, but I was under the impression she appreciates our feedback. If she doesn’t want to hear what we have to say then she should say so and kill the comments sections of the site.

  155. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    I *heart* Lauren E. and DoomMonky! Because that’s one of the healthiest responses to criticism I’ve ever seen! and because JediMaster Yoda Bean is possibly the best puppeh name I’ve ever heard!! (except maybe for Porkchop… tough call.) bwahahah! XD Yay for teh hairless apes!

  156. i REALLY don’t want to see a bunch of ‘hunks’ or ‘babes.’
    this isn’t friggin myspace people!!!!

    [Awwww… – Ed.]

  157. I waited a really long time to comment on this because honestly, the misguided anger and childish resentment amuses me, but I was wondering [Ed]is there a record for comments (except the buddy post)? I’m getting bored with this group of nuffs and want to laugh at some others………

    Just to throw my opinion in…..I think this pup is very cute and is made even cuter by the expression on his face that probably wouldn’t be there if his mama wasn’t. Plus, I don’t have any self esteem issues, so the presence of a pretty girl does not make me spit with rage and beg Meg to please post more non-threatening things.

    Berthaslave: I wanna see a pic!!!!! Kilt or not!

  158. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    Berthaslave… please for the love of all that is good and cute can you submit that pic! i for one would find it adorable! 😀 especially if you were in a kilt!

  159. please go back to just animals.

  160. LetMeSBlaine says:

    Oh, Good. We’ve got pictures of people and then people writing in about how much they like the pictures with people and people writing in about how much they hate the pictures with people and the people in the pictures writing back about what people wrote about the pictures of them with their animals. In one day, the whole site has become a different site.

  161. Hello! This blog that it was difficult as for the English for the Japanese who watched blog of English study in various ways now that it came from Japan was interesting

  162. Lauren E. and DoomMonky – cutest baby ever (right behind my own furry, four legged child of course) 🙂 Thanks for sharing him.

    And Space Cowgirl, great minds think alike! 🙂

  163. showing the people with the animals changes the site drastically and it’s bumming me out.

    i used to come here all the time, but now it’s a completely different feel.

    hopefully there will be another site created out there with the way cute overload.com used to be. sad.

  164. Please stop posting pictures of “cute” pet owners, I cannot handle it. I come to this site everyday to get my fill of cute animals, not look at boring people pulling faces at the camera! I can get plenty of that on Myspace!!



    And it’s MEG’S SITE.

    NUFFS — LEAVE!!!!

  166. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    I’m seeing a distinct lack of puddin’-throwing & chocolate covered rusty pliers. Where’s the usual crowd?

  167. LetMeSblaine says:





    [Well, good. – Ed.]
    [I think I missed the meeting where Meg asked you for feedback, though… did I have any takeaways?]

  168. nuffallready says:

    Did I make a wrong turn is this Facebook or Myspace.
    All of these people on here look like their on CRACK!
    This site stinks.

  169. I love the people who comment that CO loses readers with people pictures, when clearly the people pictures are a big draw.

    Maybe there should be a running total somewhere near the categories list or by the post-a-comment thing, counting the total number (and maybe percentage) of non-people posts. “put off by people pictures? help yourself to any of our #### non-people posts!”

  170. BrianMPLS — “####” = (insert very large number here)

    …right? Cool idea, wish I could code it…

  171. HappyHappyJoyJoy says:

    Oh please…

    “It’s Meg’s site!! She can do what she wants!!”
    -Meg is making plenty o’ cash from all the adverts you see on each side of the cute. What is Meg selling? She’s not selling space, she’s selling US. The advertisers are paying her to get to our eyeballs. Therefore, don’t you think she’s just the teensiest bit accountable to those who are making her the monies? And if traffic is up right now, that’s fine, but seriously, all these human pics definitely change the tone of the site. As others have said you can see pics like these all over facebook, myspace, etc. There might be commentroversy right now keeping people coming back, but it won’t last.

    “Stop complaining about people pics when there is sadness and horror and injustice in teh world!!1”
    -Precisely why I like looking at animals and not peoples. Guess who causes the sadness and the horrors in the world. It’s certainly not the pups and the buns and the kittahs.

  172. Just another person voicing a preference for critter pix without all the people, in case Meg cares what her visitors think.

  173. HappyHappyJoyJoy — re: “it won’t last” —
    To paraphrase Mark Twain, the reports of Cute Overload’s death are exaggerations.

  174. HappyHappyJoyJoy – couldn’t agree more.

    If this keeps up, I’m definitely un-bookmarking CO.
    [I’ll believe THAT when I don’t see it – Ed.]
    I’m sure traffic is up today because of the controversy (LOL).

  175. Guess what, this isn’t going to change. Evah.
    The tone of the site has not changed. No.

    Still cute.
    Still still entertaining.
    Still still STILL not about people. (STILL Not about You either) I don’t get it, isn’t it possible to comment on a post without insulting the poster or others? You can disagree, or comment that you don’t care for it but why go so far as to insult the people in the pics and the person who posted them?

    This just happens to be a theme. Themes change.
    The Theme is Peeps & Pets.
    It is a change of pace but not a change of tone.
    The Queen of Cute still rules. I know this isn’t going to do any good, but I just wanted to get a positive note in here. I’ve enjoyed these posts. I think they are cute and funny and I’m looking forward to what Meg comes up with next. Hey give the lady some credit will ya? She’s got to go through all those pics and come up with something unique every day.
    And as far as I am concerned she (and Co.) has done that admirably well.

  176. I hate the people pictures until pictures of me in all my glorious cuteness are posted. I think mine aren’t because of my superior drop dead gorgeous good looks. I wonder if MEG is only posting the girls that don’t intimidate her own looks…

  177. *nods enthusiastically and bows to worship the Queen of Cute*

  178. Um, I was nodding to Metz…..

    But hey! JennPin – maybe youre superior good looks out shines the cute! Can’t have that!

  179. Uncalled for!
    Did I mention before? It IS possible to disagree with someone without insulting them. This goes in both directions! Both for and against the topic. Not necessary to go to the lowest level!

  180. LetMeSblaine,

    “Not “RUMI IS THE BOSS””

    Correct. But MEG is, here on CO.


    Who says, lol? I’ve seen no statement like that from Meg here on the site.


    Then clearly you don’t mind the people-n-pet photos, or the comments below them, to leave.


    “Therefore, don’t you think she’s just the teensiest bit accountable to those who are making her the monies?”

    Nope. Her site. Period.
    [Well, at least until the IPO… – Ed.]
    [Yes, I’m kidding.]

  181. must be a bad kitty in the house also–note scratch holes on leather chair

  182. OMG it’s peoplez! The pornography!!!

  183. “Worst…blogpost…ever!”

    Just kidding. All hail Meg, the Cute OVERLORD!!!1!1!!

  184. BWilkerson, you cannot “handle” people pics? My my, get thee to a psychiatrist! If people pics make you not function in the world!

  185. Well Theo now my rebuttal sounds silly. LOL


  187. snort. yeah as if.

  188. um..I wonder if all the people saying, “This is MEG’s site, not yours!” realize that they are just as annoying as the Nuffs themselves?

  189. You know a girl takes a few days, tries to work to really earn her pay and what happens commentroversy brewin all over the place, can’t leave you folks alone for a minute!
    Do I have to bring out the rusty tweezers? (Helene won’t let me play with the rusty pliers)

  190. I have a rusty chocolate bleenhammer…

  191. I, too, request a return to the “traditional” fare of Cute Overload. Thank you.

  192. *loads spoon with pudding and eyes Theo*

  193. I’m with Tina Rhea 100%.

  194. Villy doesn’t realise that people saying that we’re annoying are annoying.

    Chocolate plzktksbai.

  195. I love COL and I dont mind if peeps are in the pictures.
    Tired of reading the pissin and moanin.
    Needs another post badly.
    Tired of these voices in my head.

  196. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    (chanting) butt-er-scotch! butt-er-scotch! butt-er-scotch!

  197. My late-Friday CO snack has left me traumatized. And not by the pix.

  198. Notice how none of the cute peeps is over 25? Sooooo anoyinks to be reminded I am old.

  199. rusty chocolate bleenhammers dipped in butterscotch pudin. Yummy!

  200. I think all the people pictures are either a long gag from Meg or part of her “calendar” campaign. Some of the people pics are cute, some aren’t. I hoenstly don’t really care. Some of the fishy pics kinda make me go “eww”, should I complain about those? I’m not going to dive into either side of the argument because I tend to be a middle-of-the-road person and some comments have gone all over the place. I’ll still check CO 20+ times a day, regardless of whether I like all the pics or not.

    Oh, and I am surprised that we’re almost at 200 comments and the pudding seal is just barely getting peeled back?
    *races to the fridge for pudding…but I’m at work so there is none :(*

  201. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    mmmmmm rusty chocolate bleenhammers & butterscotch… I’m coming to your house for dessert, Metz!

  202. Ha! I made it 200 with my post. Yay!

  203. Suggestion: If you throw pudding at your monitor, you can cover the offending hoo-man and just look at the pup.

  204. This is definitely not Reality Causal Friday.

    Reality Tense Friday?

    (I’m lovin’ the whole thing, m’self.)

  205. heeheehee – I find it quite amusing that the Nuffers think they make up the very vast majority of the people who come here…

  206. Heck, Oakland, I can do that with a little creative window resizing.

  207. Casual! I meant Casual!

  208. Wow Tor, that is exactly what I was thinking. Either way – whether you likey the peeps or not- there are rude people on both sides…. and THAT is NOT cute!

  209. Suda — this “Reality Causal Friday” concept sounds very interesting to me. You mean, I can make my own reality?*

    (*some people may need to pay closer attention to this idea than others)

  210. suda, hittin the leftover rum from talk like a pirate day? hmmmm? Share!

  211. Theo that’s wayyyy too logical a solution. I throw pudding at you!

  212. Leann Rose that is a bicentibleen

  213. My reality does not allow me to be pudded. [snicker]

  214. …or, in MythBusters parlance, “I reject your reality and substitute my own!”

  215. aha! but MY reality does!

  216. Don’t be impuddent.

  217. These videos are OT, but adorable– I can haz cheez Doritos?
    A seagull in Scotland has developed the habit of stealing chips from a neighborhood shop.

    The seagull waits until the shopkeeper isn’t looking, and then walks into the store and grabs a snack-size bag of cheese Doritos.

    Once outside, the bag gets ripped open and shared by other birds.

    The seagull’s shoplifting started early this month when he first swooped into the store in Aberdeen, Scotland, and helped himself to a bag of chips. Since then, he’s become a regular. He always takes the same type of chips.

    Customers have begun paying for the seagull’s stolen bags of chips because they think it’s so funny.

    (This video shows the birds opening the bag and chomping their Doritos.)

  218. Sorry about the double post!
    [I fix… – Ed.]

  219. Theo- I see your reality and raise you a pudding cup!

  220. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    OK OK OK OK OK!!!

    I just going to ask – how many people have died today and yesterday looking at people pictures?

    I passed away after the first one and am now writing posthumunously or something similarly spelled.

  221. me no likey people.

  222. (looks at reality in hands)
    (looks across table at Theo & Oakie)
    (pushes pile of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies across table to pot)
    I’m in.

  223. Metz- nuts or no nuts?
    Who am I kidding. Clearly there are nuts involved!

  224. (continues staring at Oakie & Theo wit poker face)

  225. You’re sure you want to do this? ‘Cause I’m pretty good at this game. (I cheat.)

  226. I hate peoplez too! I wish they would die!!

  227. Who says I don’t?

  228. Don’t forget to ante, Theo.

  229. Theo, is that a pair of 2s?

  230. (taps fingers on table)
    Oh I’m sorries, is this distraktings you?

  231. Out of topic much? Hooray for http://www.dailyspammer.com/

  232. That’s kind of a personal question, Helene.

  233. Hmmmm. My brain is frying trying to figure out if that’s an innuendo.

  234. *signals Helene & nonchalantly pulls out rest of “D’OH!”…warm & fresh from teh oven*

  235. I bet everyone is afraid to click on the http://www.dailyspambleen.com/ in case a ton of popup windows open.

  236. ::innocently walks toward Theo’s chair while eating frozen cookie dough::

  237. ::notices Theo is SUPERIOR TO ALL CARBON- AND SILICON-BASED LIFEFORMS because this is really something I’m likely to say, un-prompted and of my own free will::

    ::no, seriously::

    ::this TOTALLY isn’t Theo::

  238. Gotta hand my reality off to someone else. Time to go home from work neeeener neeener neeener…I’m sorry was I gloating?

    Off to soccer practice!
    Later folks.!
    Leaves hand & face down on table & cookies in teh pot.

  239. Part of me wonders…does ‘Miss March’ actually have a second eye? There’s no way to know.

  240. Less people, more kittehs!!!

  241. >:-)


  242. Hmm, I must have multiple personalities because I sure don’t remember posting THAT!

    Jim, she had a pup-transplant.

    PS — Hmm, I must have multiple personalities because I sure don’t remember posting THAT!

  243. Oh and Theo?

    [*MOI*?????? – Ed.]

  244. Space Cowgirl says:

    Having looked at this lovely pic a few more times, I’ve decided it looks like the chick and the pup are planning to take over the world and enslave us all.

    If Lauren E. happens to read this post again – PLEASE tell me your smoky eye secrets, because when I try it it does not look nearly that clean yet smoldering.

    Also agreed on what JazzKate said about eyebrow markingks.


    That’s Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud Till Boss Comes Around To See What’s Going On.

  246. Everybody look busy! Except Helene.

  247. Echoing 50,000 others, but if there are any more pictures with people in them, I will stop coming to your site and stop telling others about it. The spirit of this site is being compromised.

  248. Jim — the spirit of this site, as you put it, can be summed up in two words:

    “Cute Overload”

  249. HappyHappyJoyJoy –

    *Very* well said.

    I used to *love* this site. Not so much anymore. Slowly but surely I’m checking it less and less. And that makes me so very sad as it used to be a wonderful break from the world.

    Bottom line is though –
    Sure, it’s Meg’s site. woo. But there are a hell of a lot of ads on the site, a lot of $ coming in from it. Does she want that and wants to keep the revenue/webby awards/etc, then there is great value in “Nuff” comments as they are a portion of clientele (who may not directly pay themselves, but their traffic is what brings the ads which brings the money).

    And if she cares not about any of that, then she can ignore/delete/remove/whatever the comments.

    But either way and which ever path she may choose, as long as the comment section is open and unedited, people who vote that this/these pics are not things they want to see have just as much right as the people who say that this/these pics are great.

    Which also brings up a side note – it’s shocking
    how much mocking and negativity is automatically encountered the second anyone posts anything to the contrary of “Meg is perfect and every picture she posts is like a halo of God”…

    …hoping things will change as I will be sad to lose the CO I once knew….

  250. Teho,
    When I gave my office a week’s warning about TLAPD, they just thought it was dumb. Then, the day, before, when I promised cake, a trivia quiz & prizes, they were asking if they could dress up.

    Arrr, but it were a bloomin’ success, especially my a-wearin’ of the fine, sparkly Pirate Cocktail Hat from Party City.

    Oh, and, I sees you two bags o’ leftover chocolate loins.

  251. Wow. Just one day and peeps are ready to jump ship.

  252. …until tomorrow.

  253. (OK OK OK… for the record, peeps, Suda Nim was *not* responsible for that typo.)

    (bwa ha ha ha ha)

  254. Oakland, that was just a walk on the 19th, and it was only as far as the end of the plank.

    The peeps be stayin’.

  255. Jupiter Star says:

    Oh noes! One day of posting people pictures and the site’s gone downhill forever! I’m so disillusioned! Things will never be the same again! I MUST LEAVE AND NEVER LOOK BACK!

    …oooo, wait, pudding and existential laundries are available? Never mind!

    [Hidey-ho, J-Star! Fixed your spelling a little… – Ed.]

  256. when would there ever be *leftover* chocolate loins?

  257. I didn’t say it was a RATIONAL reality!

  258. Jupiter Star says:

    …even better, then!

  259. Walks in teh room puts hands in pockets and rocks up and down on toes::: So let me get this straight. Sudanim has left over rum from talk like a pirate day and shes not sharing it. well make her walk the plank… Sits down at card table and picks up MEtz cards. throws pudding at CarrieOMG Hey Carrie I hope you like Tapioca… and adds 4 chocolate chocolate chip cookies to the pot.

    Teho you sure do speak Swedish..

  260. It’s just not what I come here for, and from the look of it, not what a lot of people come here for. Obviously, the owner of the site can do whatever she wants, but I was just voicing my opinion that if people persist, I’ll find another Cute site that has just animals. And if she cares about her viewers (as a blog owner should), she should stick with what her core audience likes (animals). I don’t want to look at hot OR ugly pre-teens with animals, and a lot of others agree.

  261. How disappointing – love the animals but can do without the poseurs. If they MUST have their pictures out there, can we at least put them in a different section? ANIMALS RULE!

  262. When my underwear is dirty I just turn them around backwards…

  263. Jim — no worries, it ain’t likely to be a permanent format overhaul. We just mix things up from time to time. Gotta do it.

  264. But Jim, I repeat, it’s only been one day! Can you not handle it for one day? (I don’t mean to single you out but you are the most recent poster of a common sentiment)

  265. (Two days, now, Oakland.)

  266. Not in my reality…

  267. OK, first off:

    I have NO leftover rum. There was NO rum in the first place. We were at WORK. HONEST. Arrrr.

    I was in fact lying about the chocolate coins. There are NO leftover chocolate coins. There WERE chocolate coins that day, but boy, there sure aren’t now. I just thought, y’know, coins, poker? Pudding is sort of messy to raise with.

    There is in fact a Pirate Cocktail Hat. Best < $20 I ever spent. The tulle sets off the tiny skeletons nicely. Hie thee to Party City before they run out.

    And I love commentroversies, the sillier the better, and this, matey, be a pretty darn silly one.

  268. And I did NOT type “chocolate loins.” Someone give Teho a moldy crate full o’ doubloons.

  269. Good lord – a person with my cute animal! I’m going to kill someone I’m so angry!!!!

    Good Lord peeps…if you don’t like the postings, find another website.

    Those of us who like cute people with cute animals will miss you.

  270. OaklandCat — hoisted by my own petard! Well played.

  271. Wow, 259 comments, that’s amazing. And probably eleventy billion more who didn’t post what they were thinking. You know, some how I think if the “I’m gonna take my ball and go HOME” people actually left this place would continue on just fine.

    We should be so lucky.

    And for the record, the variety is what I like about this site. What will I see today? A tree sweater? A cute/creepy Japanese toy? A puppy? A bunny? A cat in a rack? You just never know what you’re gonna get.

    (cue Forrest Gump jokes)

    [Life is like a bag of leftover chocolate loins… – Ed.]

  272. Suda Nim — unpredictable, eh, these newfangled keyboards?

  273. Suda– lemme get this straight– a cocktail hat but no cocktails??? This party sux!

    Theo- whatever you do with your petard is your own business but please don’t involve me…

  274. Dutch Ovens, because everyone likes their own brand.

  275. ba dum bump.

  276. Anyone for pudding?

  277. oaklandcat: that’s why I haven’t already left. I was just adding my opinion to the fray. If it persists, then *shrug* that’s not what I want. I’m not demanding that she quit. I’m a Libertarian. If she stops posting what people like me want, someone else will fill the niche (and I’m sure they’re already out there).

  278. Arrrr, Teho, I never know what I be gettin’.

    And oaklandcat, it be my sad destiny to be a’workin’ for a state agency that will give ye a taste o’ the cat for quaffin’ at a work-hours party….

  279. Throws butterscotch pudding at Theo, Raises the pot once more with the carrot Cake Metz threw at me on Cute talk.
    Suda Nim here is all my chocolate gold dubloons for the piñata hat… oh and plus (reaches into back pocket and pulls out something sticky and gooey) the chocolate covered rusty pliers. These are always good for protection.

  280. *sneaks up behind the table*

    Theo’s CHEATING!!!!

    *draws everyone’s attention, runs away with the cookies whilst Theo gets pummeled *

    Nawm nawm nawm, cookies and oreo blizzard, anyone? These posts give me the munchies. Now my pants are tight and Meg is to blame!!!!!!!! Can I has chocolate tweezers?

    [if we can has fotos… – Ed.]

    […not really]


  281. hmmm. Suda nim you still at work??? I got a glass of rummmmm for you (holds up glass)
    And one for Oakie too.

    Hmmmm (looks at other glass) not sure we should give one to Teho..
    Meh what the heck here Teho.

  282. I haven’t been reading all the posts above but I have to agree with the side that votes no people – the magic of cuteoverload is it’s focus on the fuzzies! I love this site sooo much – keep it cute!

    Thanks for all your work Meg – this site is one of the best things about the Nets!

  283. Yeah, well. The Meg abides.
    I don’t know about you but I take comfort in that. It’s good knowin’ she’s out there. The Meg. Takin’ ‘er easy for all us peeps.

  284. Annie — no {HICC} thanx, I’m gud… {BELCH}

  285. Suda – Cool as evah. Rum tum tiddly, …wink.

  286. Bugmom::: How the Heck are you. Here is some Rum for you too.

    ummm licks off fingers. got pliers but no tweezers.

    Teho changed my Pirate hat to a pinata.

    Thinks about the posibilities Teho did you put prizes in there with your magic petard???

  287. Oh, and just to totally change the subject to a downer (because I was thinking maybe I should send in a photo of my with MY pet, but then remembered, “Oh yeah…can’t”)…

    …My big ol’ dawg died two weeks ago. 85 pounds of never-fully-identified-breed, counter-surfing, escape-artist, never-fully-house-broken constant trouble. But I wuved him.

  288. 😦

  289. Hahaha, I’m so glad I waited until now to post…chocolate loins??? Theo, you crack me right up. It took me almost an hour to read all the posts, so a big round of applause to all of you out there visiting the site and making a difference (or not) !!! You’ve all helped to kill an hour of work time for me, and that means so much…I swear I’m tearing up over here! *pulls up chair and scoots up to table* So…can I join the rum and pudding party?

  290. He woulda looked really good in the Pirate Cocktail Hat, too…..

  291. ante up, Cassandra.

  292. Annie!!!!!! Whats a going on?

    Ohhh…rum is NOT good with oreo blizzard and cookies…..

    *shoves rest of pot back onto table*

    Got any tums in that pinata of yours?

    Theo- Maybe if i submit my pics we can have more ‘versies. You know you’re curious…….

    Wanna lick of my blizzard? I think I’m (hic) turning Japanese….


  293. Well I’m out, peeps. Gotta go home. Cassandra, you can use my chair.


  294. Sassy Teho!!!! Thas no wha Isaid!!! Is it? Can I see your magic petard? Does it look like Captain Picard?

  295. *warms bum on Theo’s chair* Sanks, dude. Ok, no chocolate pliers, but I do have a caramel dipped chainsaw…anyone want to play? 😉

  296. suda- sorry about your doggy 😦

  297. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisATWork(ButNowI'mHome) says:

    i can just picture Meg (even though I’ve never seen her) sitting back with her fingers tented and an evil little smirk … “Eeeexcellent.” lol! Or maybe that’s me I’m picturing…

    Suda, 😦 warm fuzzy hugs from me & my three fat kitties for you.

  298. Suda: I am very sorry about your doggy too. I have an 85 pound weimaraner that I will share with you! You can has him on the weekends. And I’ll throw the little one in for free 🙂


  299. Thanks, oaklandcat. I thought the remaining one might miss him, after ten years together and everything. But NOOOooooOOOOOOooo. When she realized she was the only dog (took about 5 minutes), she started tearing around the place, ears up, tail wagging: “I’m queen of the universe! It’s mine! All MINE! Muuaaahahhahahahaaaa….”

    So I suppose she’s taught me something about living in the moment…..

  300. Bugmom — yeah… well… you might be disappointed…
    …pretty common reaction, I’ve found

  301. lurkingsmirk says:

    Gosh, if less than 260 people are ticked enough by the presence of people (several who are reposting) to comment here, then I doubt the ad revenues will be affected that much.

    I seem to remember back in the day when cuteoverload didn’t have much in the way of ads and chugged along just fine. Shoot, if Meg had to run this on a donation-only basis like some sites, I would chip in.

  302. Yeah Suda… ((Hugs))

  303. NotSpozeta — you KNOW that I was tempted to change a letter, there. Very.

    (Wait. Three???)

  304. Bye Teho Have a good weekend watch out for the &^%$#@ weed Whacker.

  305. A former co-worker who now runs a professional animal-welfare web site did a very nice/funny tribute to my guy.

    I don’t like everyone knowing my real identity, but the regulars can email me at suda . nim @ sbc global . net & I’ll point them toward it.

    [Peeps’ll want to drop the spaces I added… that’s an anti-spambot trick, Suda – Ed.]

  306. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisATWork(ButNowI'mHome) says:

    Theo, what letter!? I’m a little slow after a long day…

    yup. three.

  307. Thanks, (T)Ed.

  308. Of course Theo’s still here, I was wondering why this chair felt a little cramped…not that I mind sharing 😉 Don’t go home yet, the party is just starting! *passes rum to Suda with a big hug and kiss*

  309. 😉

  310. Teho you are not allowed to change the K to a T in notsposdta’s post.

  311. no I’m really leaving! for real!!

  312. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisATWork(ButNowI'mHome) says:

    oh, dear! i am not from mars…. lol! (thanks for the help, Annie…)

  313. brownkitteh says:

    who put a dog on here, no more dogs pleeze. peeple and nice cats and bunnehs only. do I not get what I demand? isn’t it all about what I want? and p.s. I would like rum also. thank you

  314. Gawwww, I’m getting cold now…cold lonely chair…barooooo!

  315. Cassandra how many cards you want? you in this poker game…. if so it is 30 wait yeah 30 chocolate chip cookies to you.

  316. c.o. addict says:

    No peeps please. What makes the site special is the complete and total focus(bar the occasional rack, appendage or baby who provides scale) on animals. Cute animals. That’s what brought us all here in the first place.

  317. Hahahahahaha Theo!!!! You MUST have been dipping into the rum today!!!!

  318. I’m only here for the drinks. And the baseball.

  319. I’ll take 9…9 leetle cards please, ah ah ah ah ha [thunder sfx]
    *eyes other players shiftily while munching cookie*

  320. Pulease I am here for the pudding fights and really I like to look at all the different posts. (Starts to hand Cassandra 9 cards) Wait a minute you can’t have 9 cards.

  321. Sheesh, I go back to doing something productive at work and over 100 people comment…granted most of them were the by the handful of people who are having a rum-pudding-poker party somewhere in an imagined land.

    Two days of peeps ain’t gonna kill the site. I’m sure tomorrow we’ll have an adorable kitten that’ll make us all melt in our chairs. Won’t be nearly as much fun comments, though.

  322. Looks around shiftily I think Teho is hiding under the couch.

  323. I’m in it for the cheap thrills.

  324. Psshh, it’s reality casual friday…I’m playing Calvin Poker *whips pudding covered dodgeball into the room* Now hand me those 9 cards before I mutiny! 😀

  325. One of my many strange mental hobbies is to think up dog names. It has occurred to me that “Teho” would be a pretty good one.

    And, depending on the dog’s appearance, quite a good practical joke.

  326. Cassandra- plz to not eat the ante unless you win the pot, thkyouverymuch.

  327. Does two oatmeal-raisin beat one chocolate-chip?

  328. Grins wikedly.. Cassandra here is your nine cards (Hands over 9 sticky cards)Grabs chocolate covered ball and throws it at Oakie

  329. There are ads? Ah yes, I forgot, the joy of Adblock …

    Did somebody mention cookies?

  330. [ducks]

  331. Hey! Cassandra has marked cards! (licks cards)

  332. (she thinks the poker game is imagined)

    Uh, yeah….just watching them play a FAKE poker game *snicker*

    What? No, there’s not REALLY a chocolate covered dodge ball!


  333. berthaslave says:

    Wow. I’m humbled that I offered the first entry for what has become “The Winds of Cute Overload.” I try to keep up with all of the commentroversy but I don’t have this much time in the day, peeps.

    As soon as I get a kilt, I will pose with Bertha. I have some pics of her on my myspace page (jasondavidsscott) if anyone is that curious.

    To the ‘Nuffs: I’m sure that there will be plenty of aminal-only photos for you to peruse on CO in the future. Why can’t we all just get along? WON’T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE PUPPEHS?

  334. Hey I was out all day. did i miss the puddin’?

    hoomans uggg how revolting….

  335. :::waves like an idiot @ Metsakins:::

    Hey there Metsie!!! You play poker??? Stay away from the rum….I think it’s laced with sumpthin……and watch out for the chocolate covered dodge ball that’s floatin around!

    You can has my cookies for the pot…….

  336. I’m outsies; time to leave work. Not that I was actually working for the last two hours or so….

    Y’all don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

    Um. I think I better rephrase.

  337. Headscratcher says:

    Le sigh.

    Not read through all the comments here. Not sure I want too. Not sure I can stand reading the pointless whines of selfish and demanding people.

    For the love of every deity known to mankind…please stop!

  338. SUda (Hic) you better call a cab we drank lots of rum…
    take some cookies home with you (grabs up part of the pot and throws them at Suda). Of course we will do all teh bad things we can think of cause it’s FRIDAY!!!!!W00T LEvendy sevens11!111!

  339. I add myself to the group who wants to see berthaslave in a kilt with bertha.

    And he’s totally right…LET’S ALL GET ALONG. FOR THE PUPPIES.

    Now I’m just waiting for the chocolate covered dodgeball to hit someone in the head…

  340. Headscratcher pah why read the bad posts here is a synopsis
    dont post people pics
    I love people pics
    I’m Leaving if you post more people pics
    But we love people pics
    This is co People are ugly only animals are cute so only post animals
    Bertha slave promises to post pic of him with Bertha in a kilt (Him not Bertha)
    More of do and don’t post people
    Owners of cute chiwawa come and are incredibly gracious.

    more we love or hate people

    Rest of us get tired of it and pudding fight at poker game with rum and chocolate covered implaments and a choclate covered calvin ball ensues.

    brushes off hands. sits back down at poker game

  341. Headscratcher says:

    Chocolate Covered Calvin Ball?


  342. When will the cute be back?

  343. Headscratcher says:

    Contrary to strangely twisted, whiney and bizzare belief, the cute never left.

    Deal with it.

  344. Marge NEver… THere will never be any more cute posts here so just run along to another site dear. I am sure you can find some cute animals somewhere else. Like Icanhascheezburger.com or maybe Nationalgeographic.com

    Or you can go look at the thousands of other animal only posts on this site and come back to the main page tomorrow on Caturday.

    I see you headscratcher and raise you 3 tapioca puddings

  345. Lobs choclate covered calvin ball at metsakins

  346. Headscratcher says:

    I see your tapioca puddings Annie and I raise you 2 double chocolate fudge brownies

  347. Okay, here’s my problem with the latest round of pics – with the exception of the kitty tucked under the girls chin, these are just not cute pics. If I wanted to look at random people, I’d go to My Space. And these are not terribly cute animal pics, either. Not being hostile here, but if this continues, I won’t have any reason to stop by any more. Bring back Teh Cute, please.

  348. Headscratcher says:

    Opinions are like…..

    You finish the old quote.


  350. Headscratcher says:

    And it’s also the first sign of the end of the world.

  351. (makes a dramatic dive across the field of peeps to intercept double chocolate fudge brownies)

  352. OiYouLotAreNuts says:

    1) This site is called Cute Overload

    2) Teh puppeh it is cute

    3) Teh young lady it is cute

    [and, for the record, I personally don’t expect the CO blogger to post pictures that aren’t cute, so my photographs will just have to wait until someone starts up ‘uglyb*****doverload.com’ That’s fine by me – I’m comfortable with my rampant lack of cuteness]

    Spot the connection between those 3 comments?

    It’s been said [many] times before, but wot the heck:


    Go start your own blogs, and THEN you can control what gets posted…

    [and for the record, I actually prefer it when this blog concentrates on teh bunnehs and kittehs and puppehs and guppehs…, but the occasional tasteful and family-friendly picture of a humehn been is fine, as well. Why wouldn’t it be?]

  353. Geez, you people have been busy. The number of posts has tripled since I checked last about four hours ago!

    I think I’ll skip the drunken puddin’ party.

    Since this isn’t the first (or second or third or fourth or fifth…) anti-people whinge fest CO has seen, and since CO is still going strong, I don’t think Meg is too worried about the 0.00000000000000000000001% of visitors who are threatening to leave and never come back again.

  354. Jen Barnett said:

    Read between the lines:

    “All day, every day, I am confronted with opportunities to compare myself to others of my gender and over-exaggerate my physical shortcomings in comparison to theirs and/or compete for attention from potential mates. CuteOverload is a place where I can just enjoy cute animals and momentarily forget the drudgery of the rat race and its ceaseless competition.”

    Some people just wanna look at fuzzy aminals, yo. Some people don’t care.

    Thanks a lot, you are just saying it right.
    I had a awful time the last weeks comparing myself heavily ill again in hospital with all the cute girlies trying to get my mates attention.
    Now I have to be reminden of my not-so-cuteness right here, where I am usally forgetting a little bit of my constant illness.
    Think I will hav to pause coming by here for a while…hoping all these chicks will be gone till then 😦

  355. Reaches in and snatches one chocolate brownie for self. elbowing Aubrey in teh process. Oh pardon me Aubrey. I just wanted to reserve one of these for me… by the way did I ever tell you you have the same name as my youngest daughter.

  356. lol @ 350+ comments! I never post on here – though I read every day. I prefer the furry critters myself with people being secondary, but a coupla days of calendar girls (and boys) won’t kill me. I do hope the focus remains on the critters… thankfully, I doubt that will change after however many years.

  357. Barbara sorry you are ill ((Hugs)) Prayers go out for you. I am betting and I am pretty sure I am correct… That you are a very beautiful woman…… Everyone is beautiful.

    I have spent a lot of my lifetime worrying about my looks… I am just plain looking but in the end all that matters is what I do with my life.

    So when you come back by here be sure to say hello also if you want come join us over at http://cutetalk.informe.com

    We would love to have you stop by. just some of us regulars who go to chit chat about what ever.

    For that matter anyone else is invited over.

  358. Oh, commentroversies just ain’t what they used to be.

    AND I forgot about International Talk Like a Pirate Day AGAIN this year. And I’ve only just discovered that I have pirate ancestors!

    *sits down sadly*

    *grabs brownie*

    *grabs bottle of rum*

    *takes a swig to wash down brownie*

    *passes out*

  359. yeah get rid of these pseudo people please.

  360. No more people please…These are good-looking people but this is cuteoverload.com, not peopleandtheirpets.com….

    I was looking forward to a cute animal pic or two at the end of a crappy day and this did not fit the bill at all. Cats in Racks was bad (thanks for doing away with most of that) so let’s not deviate from a successful formula for bring cuteness to the world.

    Big disappointment with the last several postings. 😦


  361. Annie:

    Yay for daughters named Aubrey!

    (shakes Annie by the hand)

    (steals brownie)

    (runs away)

  362. wow maybe I shouldn’t have gone on vacation this week. I missed chocolate brownies, rum and a really hot poker game.

    oh wait…got to meet some of my peeps so its okay!!!!!1!!

    listen no more ‘versey ’til I get home. now pass that rum and you better have coke ’cause unless it’s flavored I don’t drink it straight.

  363. 363 posts; is that a record? Love Meg, love cuteoverload, I celebrate you and what you do. Peace out everybody . . .

  364. SayYesh the record is the buddy post.(Buddy is the name of the cat on it. It is here couch straddler and paw dangler. IT has over 3000 posts on it.

  365. they’re both adorable. i love, love, love her (the human teehee)hair color. i’m going to take in this photo to see if i can get it. oh, and all of you who are complaining so rudely – stop it you big babies. jeez, if you don’t like it – make your own darn website and post your own darn photos. it’s not all about YOU until it’s YOUR website. then you can have people complain endlessly about what you post. sheeesh.

  366. I’m utterly baffled by the people hatred.

    -Jim, but not that Jim.
    P.S. Well, I’m the Jim wondering about the 2nd eye, not the Jim who despises the sight of all humans.

  367. SIgh… well I am taking my pudding and going home. DOne with work….. see you all in a bit.

  368. Dammit, Jim, I’m a moderator, not a babysitter!

    …oy. It *must* be Friday.
    LATE on a Friday.

  369. I love, love, love the people. I want to use them as illustrations for my cookbook, How to Cook (for) Humans.

  370. Personally, I love Cute Overload the way that it was, without all these peeps.
    But hey, it’s her site and she’ll do what she wants. If she’s interested in our opinions, she’ll post a poll or summink.

  371. maybe, just maybe comments should be disabled for the pictures. I usually don’t read the comments but today I noticed how many were posted for this picture.
    The angst is disgusting! Not happy with the site, then stop coming here. Grow up people..

  372. BTW, absolutely astounded at what people are projecting onto this site. Wow. (Hedsplode)

  373. Good God, it’s one day! It won’t kill you. What’s worse: peeps ‘n pets or Tick ‘Tocks?
    [Oooh, good point, I hadn’t thought of that… – Ed.]

    Everyone should take a deep breath and go look at the Peeeenk Sweateauuw kitten. Peace all ’round.

  374. *stumbles in*
    Heyler(hic) Um, so who’s winning the Make Yer own Pirate Reality Causal Poker Game?
    Who has my cards? Annie?!
    Did I win?
    *falls down*

  375. Ha ha ha, Metz is cool!

  376. …inasmuch as being (virtually) passed out on the floor is cool, then sure.


  377. Hey! Iz not passed outed!
    Iz just tripped over the empty bottles of rum!

  378. enough of the people already. I came to see cute animals.

  379. Perhaps a little change from the usual is making us realize how much we love the site?
    Maybe we didn’t realize how important it is to us until it was slightly different!

  380. Uh, Berthaslave, I agree with you and all, but your inference doesn’t work. Compare:

    Some vehicles run on diesel.
    All Priuses are vehicles.
    Therefore, some Priuses run on Diesel.

    Sorry, I teach logic at uni and I just… can’t help myself. But I like the peep pictures too. 🙂

  381. Nottmi — I think the logic du jour has been running a little more like this:

    Some vehicles run on diesel.
    All Priuses are vehicles.

  382. Hey… may I have the last comment? No? Ok, I didn’t think so. Just thought I would ask. But I totally understand. There are only 3 hundred something, so far. Gosh, we need more, huh?


  383. HappyHappyJoyJoy says:

    I don’t hate people. But I can go to approximately eleventy billion other websites and see random-looking people with their pets.

    There is only one place I can go where I can count on seeing sublimely cute photos of animals of all types, yes, even of fishies and ticks. There’s something special about most of the pictures that Meg posts….they have a certain “je ne sais q-te” and her commentary just takes them to the next level.

    This whole “calendar” business is just mundane and frankly not up to her standards.

    Now off to ogle hammy hands, and sploding cheeks.

  384. Theo!!!!!!! You just made me laugh out loud.

    *Picks Metz up off the floor as waves a butterscotch hammie in front of her face*

    Nothing to see here peeps, let’s clear out.

  385. Butterscotch! Yum!
    (cheeks puff out)

  386. Ok, ok, ok. Since I can’t have the last comment… then I have a leetle story:

    When I was about 5 years old, my grandpa (“Papa”) brought a flat of strawberries when he came over for Sunday dinner. He did this for three weeks in a row. I liked the strawberries. I LUVVVED the strawberries. I got spoiled. Then the next Sunday, he didn’t bring strawberries. I threw a FIT! I stomped around like a spoiled little brat. At that point, my Mom put a stop to the strawberries. I remember that incident to this day.

    This post kinda reminds me of my strawberry temper tantrum. We get spoiled. We expect it. Then we we get all huffy (or nuffy) when we can’t have exactly what we want. Well I was five. How old are we all today? Hmmm?

    Just sayin.

  387. SPB ME thinks ye have hit the nail on the head you feisty wench. ; ) Have some rum pudding.

  388. Now see! I was gonna compliment SPB too but then thought well then they won’t get Last so I din’t…but now…
    BTW, I’m prolly about 12 mentally, 100 physically and who teh heck knowes about metaphysically.

  389. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    I only wanted to say

    I like grapes

  390. [long breath]

    This is quite an amusing, albeit exhausting, thread, taken in its entirety, top to bottom. I’m ready for bed now. (yeah yeah, Friday night’s only getting started & whatnot, but I never was a party boy IRL)

  391. Indeed, Teho, indeed. Major Miss March Madness.

  392. Well, I haven’t been called a “feisty wench” in a long time… but I be honored. And I would love some rum pudding. Thanks yoo verry moishe!

    (Hey… do you *really* think Theo’s gone to bed? Shhhhh.)


  393. I’m in no hurry. Not like there’s a deadline.

  394. Nah… didn’t think so.


    Well, that was fun.

    Oh, there’s a human in a picture?

  396. I hope you were trying to joke… because if not you are truly Hideous.. inside and out.

  397. Meg rules; all hail Meg.

    Theo likewise rules!

    Stuff the nuffs.

  398. OMG! The comment field exploded.

    Aw, NO ad money to animal charities?

  399. A. — I don’t see how that’s any of your business, but since you’re so concerned, might I suggest the MN Valley Humane Society? They’re who I work with.

  400. A., you know that how, exactly? Been sneaking a peek at her checkbook, have you?

    What Meg does with her ad revenue is nobody’s business but hers. Personally, I hope she spends it on things that make her smile.

  401. And getting back to the subject at hand (finally)….awww! I love this duo. How great is it that the chihuahua has doberman coloring?

    A co-worker of mine had a wah-wah named Viking. I thought that was the ultimate wah-wah name until I “met” Jedi Master Yoda Bean here.

  402. I visit CO everyday, usually multiple times a day. I am up for any posts and the only thing that disappoints me is lack of new posts.
    I am though totally creeped out by the people who are upset at seeing humans. (what is wrong with you,by the way)
    I dont think I will read comments anymore because that attitude disturbs me.

  403. Nothing against humans. Sometimes the human animal combo is sheer brilliance. e.g.: http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2007/01/morningk_kees.html
    Day proceeds perfectly!

    Just something against posed human photos that look like myspace/match.com id pics to lure in dates. (e.g., this photo).

    But either way, Meg brings so much cute into my life that I cannot possibly ever complain! And she listens, too, just cuz she likes us back. *mwah!*

  404. ya know what would make the comments even longer??????

    Let’s have a fat cat in here so we could all comment on the horrors of overweight animals and the hideousness of hoomans as well – – – – – LOL

    shall I send out for coffee and donuts? or do peeps want egg sandwiches…(cage free organic eggs natch!)

  405. Hey Metsie…. I hope you guys liked the eggs. ; ) and really they are cage free organic. true free rangers in every sense of the word. Have a safe flight home (((Hugs)))

  406. barf..are these pics of attention hungry girls the best you can do?

  407. Cool, we made one BARF!
    Quick, can anybody repost that wet-T-shirt pic of me from Spring Break?

  408. I’m really not likin’ all the pictues of people that have been comin’ up lately. I don’t want to look at you. I come here to see cute animals, not ugly mugs.

  409. lots of misanthrophy here

  410. many of you people seriously need lives..I can’t believe you all can create controversy over a photo of a girl and her dog.

  411. It’s the internet, Koko. All I can say about it.

  412. Such a lovelyyy picture ! It seems you look alike !

  413. Jaye: I never got an answer to my first question. (Waaaay up there.)

    Also, why wouldn’t it be my business? I cold-call plenty of strangers frequently, asking them to spend vast amounts of money on various animal charities, just like I do myself. That’s just how I swing!

    Theo: As I said, I’ve always championed animal rights, particularly when it comes to people who show an interest in animals. I’d love to read about some of the charity work/contributions I’m certain Meg does/makes! It would be a fantastic way to advocate philantropy, particularly as the CO audience is so sensitive to the issue.

    Also, no need to be rude. I realize brusque is your style. It’s not entirely to my taste, but hey – we’re all different. However; my asking to read more about Meg’s awesome and generous contributions to animal welfare hardly merits that type of response.

    P.S. Great suggestions! I am based in Europe, however, and tend to favour European charities, as they’re easier for me to work directly with.

  414. Personally, I like to see people with their cute pets. To all those who are all “Well, I could go outside and see strangers with animals if I wanted”, well, you could go outside and look at cute animals if you could be bothered. The point is that CO is a cool place to see all kinds of cuteness and I think that hottie people don’t detract from the cuteness of the animal. They can but add to it.

  415. I just realised that I also wanted to add something to all of those calling this girl “ugly” – chances are, she’s hotter than you. Don’t go calling people names simply because you don’t want to look at that picture of them.

  416. Headscratcher says:

    Are you kidding me? People are still whining over people/animal pictures?

    Damn. That’s frightening.

    Oh, and just my personal opinion, but it’s nobody’s bloody business how ANYBODY distributes/spends the money they earn. That’s just plain f-ing rude.

  417. Think globally but act locally, A.

    (I was going to write more, but decided it wasn’t entirely to *my* taste.)

  418. sorry can’t help myself…..LAST

  419. Really, metsakins? 😉

    Jus’ kidding… if you post again, I won’t stop you from being last.

  420. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Jumpin Jesus. You peeps have been busy, this is catch up Monday for me 10:30 am BST. Personally I find the puddin throwing trite and a bit twee. But on the whole great interchanges and (sort of) wit?

  421. Well it isn’t a witty comment by any stretch but, I really like this picture. I love how they match with the same mysterious smile and the same sultry look and their heads are tilted just so.

    IT is a really awesome Photo. Including the sizing and placement within the photo. Oh and also the way the photographer has captured their playfulness and the pet owner bond.

  422. The chica is ooc and, not being a dog person, I would prefer it if she were holding a panda. But that’s just me.

    And, I like seeing people with their ani-pals. Especially cute people, or people I would enjoy snorgling with.

  423. Wow!! I’ve been out of work for a while, so haven’t been on CO (dial-up at home – yuck!). I SO missed the commentroversies! I know it’s a little late, but just 2 things:

    1. I have serious concerns for the mental well-being of the “I hate people” people, since they are, after all, … people! Isn’t that the lowest of self esteem? The worst of self hate?

    2. I guess I’m old, since this picture didn’t make me think of myspace or an e-dating site. If that’s what this reminds you of, and you’re tired of these kinds of pix, doesn’t that mean that maybe you’re spending too much time on myspace or e-dating sites?

    Oh, and btw, great puppy!! I want one!

  424. Great photo. Wonderful composition and lighting.

    Side note: extremely disappointed w/ the crap comments.