Welcome to Cute Overload, People

OK, OK< I don’t usually post Peeps with their petz, but something about this pic made me think; ‘Oh, what nice Girls, I shall post their picture!’ Because you know what, People, the site is all about you.

And me. Well mostly me.

AND YOU!!! You.


Thanks for the puppage, Emily W., he sure is prosh!!! I bet you ate his ears after this pic was taken.



  1. What the bleen is the dog’s right eye looking at?

  2. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I Love Beagles.

  3. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    they are just pretty girls. and the puppy is adorable too.

    I would have been nibbling an ear immediately!

  4. Man, this is the day of the delectable ears.

    Those ears would roll up nicely for an afternoon snack of delicate nibbling. Nummers.

    I always thought my family was odd when I was growing up, because we’d talk about how we’d like to nibble on our pets’ ears…

  5. puppeh looks afraid of being snorgled to death. as well he should be!

  6. I like the crooked line betwixt his wittle wall-eyes. I wonder if he waddles with a tilt? Pups all “Shoulda had a V8″…makes him twice as prosh!

    The girls are cute too 😉

  7. Theo I would like to request that this also be filed under matchinks.

    Ahem *adjusts glasses*

    They all have freckles so they are matchinks, hence they are teh qte.

  8. Awww! Puppy has Geico eye!!

  9. LADIESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and a dumb dog.

  10. Show us your PUPPIES!!!

  11. Is it me or are their eyes suspiciously bloodshot?

  12. Too darn cute. I love puppy. Girls, you need to start slathering on sunscreen.

  13. berthaslave says:

    There’s a dog in this pic?

    Oh, yeah, there it is.

    :: distracted ::

  14. DKN – excellent cutologizing!

  15. very cute three-some.
    lovely young freckle faced girls and a cutie puppy with a ‘waundering eye’
    and i agree with ms.pants- this is definatley ‘matchinks’
    too bad theres no ‘pups n’racks’ category.

  16. No, I’m sorry, they are probably lovely people, but that pup is fed up. He’s rolling his eyes. He’s saying, ‘Will someone please get me out of this freckly, hormonal nightmare? I want snack and sleep.’

  17. I love this photo. Nothing sweeter than gorgeous girls and puppies! Once in a while it’s nice for a treat!

  18. I volunteer to slather the sunscreen on the girls.

  19. And I’m not even touching the ethical implications of women holding baby animals next to their face in an attempt to enhance their beauty and attractiveness. It won’t be long before you have live-animal hats…

  20. Mrs Fonebone says:

    Agree with Michelle, “once in awhile”–big human faces just seem out of place on this site. Hope you don’t get bombarded with people wanting their mugs instead of their pugs and pups and other critters posted!

  21. hottie overload

  22. Ahn! Thanks Anner!

  23. awwww, my beagle has a lazy eye too! it just adds to his adorableness.

  24. Oh it’s all fun and games now, but that pup is destined for class A, gold-plated, 5-star Beagletude! Eating filth, flatulence, sqwirl chasing, rooing. IMPERTINENCE! I can tell by them shifty lil eyes…

  25. More cute animals. NO more people pix (xcept cats’n’racks).

  26. Hey! That’s my name and my initial, but that ain’t my pic. Nor my pup. Boo!

    And boo to the “no more people” people.

    Phooey! Pleh! A pox on you! Begone, foul dwimmorlaik!

  27. Cute! All three of them. Once in a while, it’s refreshing. So, lighten up, people. 😀

  28. Nom nom, one delish-eous ear for each! Adorable pup!

  29. Bassett Hound puppeh!!!! Ahhhnnn…

  30. dandy_warhol says:

    more puppies and kittens, less chicks!!

    btw, maybe puppy’s eye is not wandering but covered by the third eyelid? or is that just in cats.

  31. Puppy looks a bit wary of all the love he’s getting! I don’t blame the girls, though – I just want to squeeeeeze and huuuug and kiiiiss the leetle guy!

  32. Adorable puppy, but I was a little distracted imagining the state of girl on the right’s skin in 30 years. I really hope it’s just a trick of the lighting and the poor girl hasn’t been baking herself…

  33. Cute freckles! There are even freckles on the puppehs paw!

  34. The Puppeh™ from American Apparel
    Manufactured in Downtown L.A.
    Available in sixteen colors.
    Now available in organic.

  35. cute animals = good
    sorority girls = bad

  36. Space Cowgirl says:

    I must say, the nuffers in this thread are the most pathetic yet – way to make assumptions about people’s skincare regimens and college social groups, people. You don’t know for sure that the tans aren’t spray-on and that the freckles aren’t leftover from childhood.

    Sad, sad, sad. I’ve always considered myself a misanthrope, but I can honestly say that I don’t think twice about seeing a person in a picture on this site – it’s a relief and yet sorrowing to know that there are people more disillusioned with mankind than myself.

    Ah well, at least the puppy is cute and the girls have beautiful, genuine smiles.

  37. Juniper Jupiter says:


    Hey, it’s not as bad as “Buns’n’Boobs”!

    Cute pupling!!!

  38. The COUCH, people! THAT COUCH is NOT CUTE.
    I demand that I take this post down at once!

  39. I take offense to that wall colour, Theo.

  40. i’m offended by the composition. geez ladies, take an art class or two…


  41. Oh only if i was that puppy…

  42. It’s eye looks like that because she’s choking the poor cute puppy. It’s like he saying let me go I can’t breathe.

  43. Yeah, Rhonda. I’m sure that’s exactly what’s happening.

    They’re so gleeful about it, too, the freckley evil tanktop b****es…

  44. (sarcasm all ’round, la di da)

  45. I think these girls are adorable. How excited they look to have such a cute little pup! Awwww…

  46. Awww, too cute! I love the happy freckly faces, and the adorable bebeh in the middle. All around shiny happy good times! Puppies for all!

  47. ugly girls are ugly

  48. Ug …. totally cute dog photo ruined by dime-a-dozen girls. What happened to the cute, Cute Overload?

  49. Jenn, I think you took a wrong turn back at the corner of Rude and Obtuse.

  50. These girls are UGLY. They’re not foolin me with the pup and makeup!

    [them grapes is probly SOUR, too – Ed.]

  51. You must have taken that wrong turn too Jaye. I come here for loads of cute animals, not boring sorority girls.

  52. “I come here for loads of cute animals, not boring sorority girls.”

    Well, guess what? That’s YOUR problem.

    This is Meg’s site, not yours. Meg posts what she wants, not what you want. There is nothing anywhere on this site that claims that it is *only* for animals.

    Short version: Suck it up and deal.

  53. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    Hear hear, Space Cowgirl! Eloquently stated. And also, what AuntieMame said.

    Cute photo! Keep on posting, Meg! Rock on!

  54. Animals aren't fakers (some people are) says:

    I too am saddened by the sudden plethora of people on cute overload.

  55. Ohohoho… somebody needs to watch more nature shows (or their own pets).
    Animals most definitely ARE fakers, sometimes. Cheeky buggers.

  56. OMG I know the girl on the left! ew. the puppy is cute though.

  57. PInk elephant says:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now THIS is why they call the website cute overload!!!!!!!! OMG THAT PUPPY IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!

  58. Roger'sMommy says:

    By the way the puppy’s name is Roger. He is not smothered and does not have a bad/lazy eye. He is just super silly and very busy. I am his mommy (the girl on the left). I love my dog and am flattered my picture got placed up here. Thank you to everyone with the positive feedback, and to everyone else that is your opinion. Maybe ill send in more pictures because he is much cuter than what is even shown.

  59. Roger'sMommy'sNumber1Fan says:

    Just for you and the new baby dog! Sorry that Bella couldn’t be here for this!

  60. Rogers Babysitter says:

    My name is Lindsey and I am of the right of the picture. For all of those negative comments about us, gimme a break…just look at the dog if you think we’re ugly or to tan or to freckly. Someone posted this picture without out knowledge so we were in no way trying to promote ourselves! Roger is adorable and I will always babysit him anytime you need me to Erin. And by the way I AM NOT A SORORITY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. The innertubes is full of iddyits, Lindsey. Don’t worry about it.

    (Fortunately, Cute Overload also has lots and lots of *good* fans, despite everything.)

  62. i likes the hoomans theys cute 2 🙂