Um, do we have to do a ‘Chicks of Cute Overload’ Calendar or something!?

Today is like, Chix ‘n’ Pets day or something. Here is yet ANOTHER Babe and her bebeh pet:


Eric S., If we’re gonna do this C.O. calendar, we need some red Ferarris as props. On the beach.



  1. Looks like one of those Easter chocolate bunnies, yum!

  2. Space Cowgirl says:

    D’awww. Now that is a Kodak moment – the bun looks so protective of her!

  3. cute cute cute. she looks quite coy with that ear covering her mouth.

  4. What a loverly bun! I love how the ears completely block the view of her mouth.
    Shhhh! Mon Cherie, whisper moi your zweet noffinks!

  5. eeeee!
    tres nibble-able earsies!

  6. Juniper Jupiter says:



    ‘Dorable bun by the way…

  7. Is this rabbit actually on a little red leash?

  8. homer mariner says:

    It looks like she’s about to eat the ears off of her chocolate easter bunny….

  9. “Do we have to do a ‘Chicks of Cute Overload’ Calendar?”


    Oh, and you’ll be Ms. January, right? Right?

  10. Wafer thin ears!

    If I can’t bite them I at least want to snuffle them. Because that’s what I do. I snuffle my pets.

    Seriously, day of the ears here at CO.

  11. Ohlookachicken says:

    Cute bunneh.

    Nice try Meg. I’d love to see the accountants face when he/she sees the line for Ferarris on the beach. Guess that wouldn’t work on cuteoverload though…

  12. I don’t see a collar on the lil bunbun, so I think maybe the BUNNEH has the GIRL on a leash.

  13. No, I think ladies walking their pets in the park is plenty good enough for the calendar. No exotic sportscars needed here.

  14. Meg, you are seriously asking for it. You know how enthusiastic we are.

  15. YAY!!! even cuter pic with bunnnyyyy!!! I wanna cuddle. I will push the bunny away first.

  16. I walk my bunny on a leash! (Well, who is walking whom is a matter of some debate) But she has a harness, not a collar, as a collar could be dangerous if she were to suddenly dash off on a terribly important bunny-errand! Hers is a black velvet with a silver glitter stripe to match with her striking black/white coloring

  17. If you do a Chicks of Cute Overload calendar, I also want a Cute Guys and Cute Kittens calendar.

  18. it looks like that mouth is in mid-ear-kronshe. A+

  19. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Just hold on a sec what about MEN and their puppies for us ladies.

  20. Darling lil black bun bun. Love black cats and black bunnies. Oh and black squirrels.

  21. Why not? They’ve got cats ‘n’ racks.

  22. Hey! That rabbit IS on a leash! (another fine pic, too)

  23. Isn’t there something Silence of the lamb-ish about this picture, though?

  24. I need help with something. My buns is waaaaay bigger than that little chocobun right there. He’s a Rex, about 6 or 7 lb. I need to find a leash/harness set for him but nothing seems to fit. He outgrew the kitty one I got for him last year, but the one I got him recently is WAAY to big in the neck area but perfect in the middle-section. Since cats aren’t as “triangle” shaped as my buns is, what kind of harness can I get?

  25. Ohlookachicken says:

    Thanks Theo, loving the bunneh pose in the other photo. Cute, cute, cute.

  26. I was going to say that it is nice to see that she was unscathed by the attack of the vicious black and white bunny from Eric S.’s previous photo – but then I wondered: why her mouth is covered? Hmmmm…

  27. I walk my cat on a leash…

    Less exotic than a bunny-on-a-leash, yes, but still hilarious.

    (He’s chunky, people point and laugh… He thinks it’s because of his chunkitude but I try to explain that it’s because he’s a cat on a leash out on a walk. He does so well on walks. Je suis une proud mom.)

  28. i’ll bet that bunn-bunn smells wonderful.
    what with the grass and the beautiful weather. i’m suprised she can remain conscious.

  29. You can see the veins in his ears with the sunlight going through them! That’s so cute.

  30. The rest of the pictures on the Flickr page are completely redonk. Check out the little bun looking around on his little red lead:

    and even hiding in a pocket:

    What a sweetie.

  31. CoffeeCup, have you looked at small dog harnesses? Our wiener mix has one that is adjustable in just about every segment for total custom fit. I’m thinking pugs are a bit more triangular than kittehs, so maybe something for one of them would work.

  32. More like a dark chocolate bunny.

    they’re tastier.

  33. i would definitely buy a cute overload calendar (preferably with more animals than people)! yes, meg! throw a qte calendar together for next year!

  34. Hey, that’s bun overload gal from the other day!

  35. Ooh, I have the first nominee for the Cute Guys and Cute Kittens Calendar!!!

    Oh, and you could almost read a book through those bunneh ears!

  36. Are you kidding me? Qte overload to say the least.

  37. berthaslave says:

    I like the photos with people snorgling their aminals.

  38. that bun IS wearing a harness, not a collar.
    those pictures of her and her bunn-bunn are really cute, and the ones with the orange stipey kitty are incredible! thanks for sharing!

  39. master_of_fm says:


    this is the type of harness I use for my rabbit Jessica..

    just need to make sure that you cinch it nice and securely around their shoulders so they cant slip out.

    above link is a picture of jessica in the harness, cant really see it because of how fluffy her fur is

  40. omg, that bunny’s ears are made of stained glass!!!

  41. Is this the same girl in the “HALP!” bun photo? The plethora of buns…too much…too much fuzz…must look away…

  42. YES! A CALENDAR!! What a wonderful idea!! If Meg doesn’t want to get rich and buy lots of cute bunny shoes, she can donate the proceeds to a shelter, maybe? Or to ME, to buy lots of cute bunny shoes!

    A teeny suggestion, though…be sure to include lots of hot guys with their pets. We do see so few of them, and they are sooo appreciated!

  43. Jessica rabbit…(snicker, snort). Brilliant.

  44. I demand HUNKS N PETS!!!

    (well maybe not demand, but strongly request)

    This bun is PROSH. Such a cutie in all the pix.

  45. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    my mom tries to walk her cat, but the cat falls over sideways and just lays, stock still until the leash comes off. I shall have to get a video some day to share here.

    I propose a calendar of cuteness – men/women/kids

  46. Heheh, I’m glad everyone is enjoying my Flickr stream! Thanks for the “reedonk” comment, Boo-Urns. 🙂

    And thanks for posting the picture Meg. 🙂 Glad to know our bunnies make everyone smile.

  47. I’d like to put in another vote for cute dudes of CO.

    Adorable bun-bun!

  48. Oh, and check out this whole Flickr set — he’s also got this bun snorgling with a beautiful marmie cat!

  49. CC, check out Petsmart. I bought a rabbit harness for my little kitty in the rabbit section. It looks like a vest, ie, it has wide strips of fabric, not just canvas straps. It has adjustable plastic buckles for closure, and came with a matching leash.

  50. I have a kitty harness for my bunbun, who is in the 6lb range. It has a sort of y-shaped front, where the straps around the neck meet the strap that goes between her front legs at a O-ring. The whole thing slips over her head (with a little struggle) and you pop a front foot in, and then it fastens around her “waist”. All the straps are adjustable, and once we get it on her she LOVES to run around outside and nibble the grass.

    I highly recommend one of those extendible dog lead-things. Buns have a tendency to take off at random, and the extendible part buys you time to react. My bun yanked a regular leash right out of my hand the first time we went out, and I had to chase her cross 3 lawns before tackling her.

    Though like the princess-bunny she is, if the grass is wet she will hop on the sidewalk. Mustn’t muss the dainty white feets!

  51. Suggested only:

    Cute Overload presents: Hot Buns!?

    (With emphasis on the bunnies, not the humans, you gutter minded peoples!:D)

    People could vote on which 12 pictures etc they found the very cutest. Maybe a 13th pic for the ultimate superbun if there was a deadlock?

  52. I’ll come back when you just do animals thanks
    bye all

  53. To Coffee cup

    That leash is actually a ferret harness I got at Agway. AND it’s adjustable.. It fits my adult and baby buns just fine. That lil bun there is named Vader. Hope this helps!

  54. have you guys seen that one.. it’s from the same family:

  55. If you own a black velvety cute pet, you need to read your camera manual very very carefully.

    When you take a picture of your pet, you need to under-expose your camera, often by a step or sometimes a step and a half.

    A black velvety surface is so absorbent of light that it tricks your camera’s light meter into demanding more light than really necessary. You need to compensate for that by manually decreasing the exposure level.

    Otherwise, you end up with a black blob in your picture, instead of your cute pet’s adorable smile.

  56. i’m all up for a calendar…as long as it’s not a bunch of 20-something “perfect-looking” white chicks with perfect boobs.

    you know what i’d love to see? a calendar of “before/after” photos of critters — a pic from when it was a baby, next to a pic from its elder years. aw.

  57. When I saw the title, I thought of chicks as in behbeh chickens. I think it would be pretty awesome to have a bunch of THEM lounging around on beaches and in red ferraris.

  58. the baby bun says, “this is MY human.”
    and that harness is way cute.

  59. acelightning says:

    The bunny is absolutely adorable, and I can tell what a loving bunny-mommy Heather is. But when I read the phrase “Chicks of Cute Overload”, my first thought was pictures of actual *chicks*, as in baby chickens. (And I guess you’d include ducklings and goslings and other baby boidies. Just don’t take their pictures in the first day or two after they hatch, when they still look like embryo aliens.)

  60. hmm..maybe it’s just me..but i am NOT appreciating pictures of *gasp* HUMANS on cute overload..i’m sorry, animals are just a zillion and a half times cuter. HUMANS in the picture spoil the cuteness a bit for me. sorry to be the pooper of the party!

  61. To everyone STILL whining about the people in the photos…

    Don’t let the screen door hit you in the hiney on your way out.

  62. I agree with Leah B, I don’t come on here for chicks, what, did you guys get a new editor and he’s a guy….wah,,, I miss my CUTE animal fix. I don’t need a pretty girl fix. For THAT I can look right in the mirror!!!!!

  63. Auntie Mame must be in drag.

  64. someone must be very smug about being able to post anonymously.

    Except you’re maybe not as anonymous as you think.

  65. LesbianNeoCon says:

    Ok, I am all for a “Chicks of C.O.” Calendar!!

  66. 1. Kronsche the bunny ears!
    2. Bunneh leash= good.
    3. I wanna be miss october! (bunneh, pumpkin, chick-recipe for SQUEE!)
    4. Meg. You will get the calendar made. NOW.
    5. Or else I will send the Cutekren after you.

  67. AuntieMame fails to see what relevance her clothing has to anything…

  68. mrs fonebone says:

    Well, to all the people who said the people in the FIRST girls/dog pic were overreacting in fear that there would be a slew of people-who-want-to-get-their-faces-on-the-web and here they all are. And just young girls. Jeez, why not kids/babies? What’s with the young teenage girls? Who is that for?

  69. …”Cutekren”?
    Like that scene where the Fellowship enters the Mines of Moria, only pinker and fluffier?

  70. Thanks for replying, everybody! Looks like it’s time to browse Petsmart and online shops again. Though I’m sure my bunny is telling me silently to take my time. He hates the leash.

  71. The cutest part here is the translucent ear. 😀

  72. I took my bun Henry out on a harness a few times when he was little. I stopped after he managed to squirm out of it while we were outside. More devastating to him though was the first time I took him out. Knowing how territorial rabbits are I was a little alarmed when a wild rabbit came near us and I blurted out without thinking, “Look Henry, a real rabbit”. Poor guy – it must be why he has some issues with our other bun. Does anyone know of a good therapist where I can get him some bunsouling?

    JazzKate – I used to take a cat on walks on a harness. He got so excited when he heard it jingle. We would walk around the block. It took an hour….but well worth it.

  73. my fave is the veiny see-thru ears!

  74. And, in reply to “Tugs”, did you ever read the Velveteen Rabbit when you were a kid?

  75. I wish people post this kind of pictures somewhere else.
    I want to see something cute.

  76. Hmmm. I like thees oeexshur very moishe.

  77. DLT get over it.

  78. Andrea – you go girl! That is how I feel! Animals only please!

  79. This has pretty much been the worst series of CuteOverload ever. I go to Perez Hilton if I want to look at people with vanity issues. I got to Cute Overload for cute animals. What the ‘eck.

  80. kk3….what, exactly, is it that you would like me to “get over?”

    am i supposed to “get over” the fact that i have a different opinion from you?

  81. i think it’s up to Meg, this is her piece of cupcake. up to now she’s always proven good taste.

  82. People get too worked up over stupid things. Meg isn’t going to keep the humans in pics up. I think of it as a short running joke. The fact that people are getting so hostel about it is just one more reason animals are better than we are. Get over it