Naps + Kneadingks

Will you PLEASE look at this prosh kitteh, with his tiny clenching action on this gal’s clavicle.

That kitteh is all "Knead, purrr, knead purrr".


Thanks for pointing out the visible paw pads, Sender-inner, David. Like we would miss that. Duh.



  1. Aww! So cute! Hey, I’m bibbidee bobbidee bleen! 🙂

  2. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    Niiice Kitteh….oh, and the cat too!


  3. I’m lovin’ those two-toned paw pads

  4. InsertCleverNameHere says:

    ohhhh…that makes my heart melt 🙂

  5. Yum! Chocolate and cotton candy jellybeans! *nom nom nom*

  6. awww… i just want to tickle those widdle pads

  7. Oh I think this counts. Yep. It’s gotta.


  8. Theo – Cats on Racks, yep. Fur sure.

  9. Aww! How cute! I agree, it’s Cats ‘n’ Racks for people who hate Cats ‘n’ Racks!

    Would that I were those bosoms, to be snuggled so sweetly against a kitteh!

  10. I think these last few posts are promoting the objectification of… animals! I mean, think of the pressure this is putting on the bunnies and kittehs across the nation to be cute and cuddly. Jeez. Everyone knows its really the softness of ones animal that really matters 😉

  11. SQUEEEE! I have two glossy little tuxedo cats of my own, and now I want more.

  12. Awwww!! I have my own tuxedo cat, Oliver, and he sleeps exactly the same way with me; head under chin, paws sticking out.

  13. Cat ON rack, this time around!!!

    they are both very cute :3

  14. Okay, Kittyluver, Kimberly, you too are SOOO right on!! i LOVE tuxedo cats!!! in my opinion, there is no need foor any other kind!

  15. aye for cats ‘n racks.

  16. Oh and GOD what amazing little gloves this kitteh has on!

  17. Aw. Every time I see a tux kitten I get a little sad because I lost my tux in his kittenhood. He looked just like this… 😦 I want another kitten but I shouldn’t get a tux…

  18. “CATS! … Meeeoooww.”

  19. um.
    no more people. I don’t sqee as much when there is a person involved. and I need to sqee.

    cute kitten though! I had a tux as well. sylvester. such a sweetie.

  20. Both very adorable! This one wins.

  21. How cute! his paw pads are color coordinated… to his mistress’s lovely pink skin and her cocoa fashion ensemble! 😀

  22. THE best way to nap, hands down.

  23. chaosisorder says:

    Can’t….stay….awake…. If cats ever realize the full potential of mushing for human pacification we are all doomed.

  24. all the girls with animals is kinda creepy since most of us who look at this site are girls anyway….lets get back to cute animals!

  25. peas and carrots says:

    Awwwwwww… what a sweet bebeh kitteh. He’s all cuddly wuddly..

    Hey how about some hot guys snuggling with cutie aminals?

  26. AliceTanzer says:

    Mera –
    Well..Of all those girls that visit this C.O. are at least 3 lesbians that I can think of, including myself. There are also plenty of men that visit.
    But..does that really matter? Its not like its ZOMG porn.

  27. mrs fonebone says:

    Oh, and now everyone’s oohing and ahhing over the “rack” of an underage girl. I guess we are all supposed to get the point, if you criticize CO you get a payback overload of whatever you criticized. Charming.

    [Nope, so far, it’s just you with this “underage” biznez… – Ed.]

  28. …Can we stop with the people NOW PLEASE?!

    Cute cat though.

  29. Does anybody else think she looks like that fourteen year old singer from America’s Got Talent?

    There’s a youtube video of her here:

    [:rolleyes: – Ed.]

  30. Miss Megumi, my tuxie cat approves of this photo. She is currently snuggled in by my hip here while I’m using the laptop.

  31. Guys in kilts!
    Guys in kilts!
    I wanna see
    Guys in kilts!

  32. AliceTanzer says:

    Leilani- Guys in Kilts with cute kittens? 😀

  33. If we HAVE to have dee humanz…

    then more cwute boiz pweeze. :)~

    Cos i’m equal opportunity like that.

  34. I just looked at the “Cats and Racks” and I am seeing that you have indeed had a perv-y streak all along!! I was fooled by you, thinking you were just about zee animals. I, too feel the site is not well served with pics of girlies…but I am one.
    (no men in kilts, PLEAASE)

  35. Aww, both kitteh and girl look perfectly content. 🙂

    Instead of a girls of CO calendar, I propose a men of CO calendar in which the men are all fully nude, with their unmentionables cleverly concealed by animals.

  36. What’s wrong with kilts?! Men in kilts are t3h sexxy. Can’t wait to see my hubby-to-be in one at our wedding…the lady in the pic a couple posts down is a lucky one as well.

    Ok, /OT now. 🙂

  37. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    madeleine ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

    great idea!!!!

  38. Gee… I don’t know. I don’t think this really qualifies as “cats-n-racks”. (Not that I’m complaining mind you. This is a very sweet photo — not like the more… well… not so innocent ‘racks ones.) This one seems more like “cat on chest”, or “cat under chin”, or somethin like that.

  39. All I can say is hooray! for chix pix on CO. I love em! I’m not about equal time for the boys, but I wouldn’t object to that. ;D

  40. Renee in Texas says:

    Doesn’t anyone else think she look’s like that girl from “America’s Got Talent”? Julienne Irwin…

  41. Getting back to the kitty, whatta sweetie! Looks like my Harley. Especially those bi-color pads.

  42. Oh, and just in case there’s any confusion… I was referring to the actual post, as opposed to the comments that just posted as I was typing.

    (Although, I guess an occassional man in kilt wouldn’t be bad… depending on the man… and the kilt… and of course it would have to have the required mega cute kitteh/puppeh/bunneh/whateveh along with large dose of snorgling.)

  43. Juding by the posts, it seems everyone here at CO is 22 years old.

    I feel old.

  44. It’s the internet, Katli. Everybody can be a 22-year-old girl, even a 50-year-old fat guy in Tacoma.

    (Which, for the record, I am not.)

  45. Awww…his paw pads look like Neopolitan ice cream – all choc and pawberry goodness on vanilla fur. Nom nom nom…

  46. Wow, a lot of girls & animals pics today!

    If this keeps up, I could totally see a CO calendar. Actually, that’s a really good idea…

    How about this? How about you set up some voting on the site, and the 12 most-voted images get made into a Cute Overload calendar? Not only would you make a profit, but you’d be spreading teh Qte around the world!

    I won’t even ask for any cut of the profits. This was a freebie idea. 😛

  47. New York Michele says:

    I’m lovin’ the girlies- maybe because I’m a big ol’ bisexual woman and I like seeing photos of women, old or young. My boyfriend (who looks at this site religiously) is lovin’ the girlies, too. Basically because they’re all so cute and happy-looking – we’re not into kids or anything (not that any of them look underage, anyway.

    But I concur- more men. In kilts. Or out of kilts. Preferably holding kittens. and if you have any gothy-shaved-headed tattooed dudes holding any kind of animal, I won’t exactly object. Gay male couples are fine, too. I trust your judgment.

  48. I wonder if I can import Stend from over at Cheezburger. I’m sure he’d be OK with hanging onto a wriggly ferret for 5 minutes…

  49. did the cat… strangle her ??? it looks like they were engaged is some sort of suicide pact

    New York Michele, I’m with YOU – hot tattooed goth guys in kilts holding cats would be EXCELLENT – you should check out roidsnrants for more on that thought … I’m not going to link to it for you tho, because linking to RnR thru CO would probably cause the internet to self-destruct…

  50. book_monstercats says:

    This is a nice piccy. She looks really asleep. I agree with SPB, though; it’s really a cat under a chin, all warm and snuggly. Lucky girl is using kitty as a pillow.

  51. Awwwwwwwwwwwww.

  52. Read these comments….see how peeps and pets are ruining CO. Mel, I am with you….but I don’t squee at all. People ruin it. Then all these comments are about the girl/guy…seeing hotties…etc. Go BUY a MAGAZINE. Leave this site be. It was a wonderful, innocent site that warms the heart with furry innocents….not sexual comments/overtures. STOP!

  53. It’s edgy and sweet, and that’s all I have to say about this controversy! We loves our babies! ‘)

  54. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    isn’t this a site for grownups? can’t grownup girls like men or women holding adorable fluffyuppicans?

  55. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    I *heart* cute! hyoomins AND fuzzies! and also not-so-fuzzies! Can’t we all just enjoy the cute?

    this is cute!! if my cats took a nap on me like this I’d have itchy watery eyes… also, they’re big and fat, and they’d probably crush the air out of my lungs. so yay for this girl and kitty that they can nap like this! it’s so sweet to see. See, no need for bitterness.

  56. So THIS is where my kitty goes all day when i have to go to work to earn him the $$$ for cat crunchies! He goes over to this grrlz house to snuggle her! Men…all alike…even covered with fur.;-D hehehehe.

  57. ah, the cat nap! the most wonderful part of the day for anyone who is owned by a kitteh.

  58. Um…kk3, if you think this site used to be “innocent,” you haven’t been paying attention. There’s been a Cats ‘n Racks category for ages, and the posts have often included cuss words and suggestive text.

    It’s Meg’s site. Meg’s got a sassy sense of humor appropriate to *her* age and preferences.

  59. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PIC. My husband did too…aside from the cute snoozey kitty, the cute freckle faced girl is all sleepy…I think it’s the ultimate in sweet. More like this, I say!

  60. Awwww….KIT-ten puss is meeking bwee-ad!!!

  61. My boyfriend once took a picture of me totally conked out with a sleeping kitten under my chin, just like this one (the picture, not the kitten). It’s not super-flattering like this picture, but it was a great reminder of the trust and love that animals and humans develop for one another. Yay to human-aminal snorgling!

  62. umm……holy wowzers…THAT used to be MAH KITTEH!!! before we gave him away, me so proud of wittle Mew!! i wuv him! and obviously he wuvs her…XD

  63. This kitty looks EXACTLY like my kitten. (Same exact size, fur pattern, and mixed colour toe pads!)

  64. I honestly don’t think that I could sleep with a kitty under my chin like that.

    I’d be continually kissing/snorgling that soft, furry forehead.

  65. This looks just like my little Tinker Bell, who died 2 weeks ago from kidney failure. I adopted her & her sister when they were both 8 years old. I miss her so much. Enjoy your pets, everyone! Give them all an extra snorgle in memory of my Tinks.

  66. P.S. I agree that suggestive comments ruin this site. How anyone can see anything even remotely sexy about this boggles the mind. Makes me think they are looking for it everywhere anyway. I am glad to have discovered this site, to enjoy the innocent beauty of animals.

  67. Anne, I’m so sorry about Tinkerbell 😦

    I just lost my (13 year old) baby, Plato about a month and a half ago, and I still cry about it, and suspect that I will for a long time.

    My heart goes out to you.

  68. yes, that looks exactly like the girl from america’s got talent. That is who I thought it was!

  69. I came here after a long hiatus. I remembered that I love Cute Overload. But I will remember to avoid the ‘comments section’ in the future. I agree that the raunchy remarks are more appropriate elsewhere.