More chick pix!

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS [scream in Motleh Crüe voice]

Um, more girls are sending in their prosh, snuggling pics.


That looks like gooood times, Laura D. I think you can be Miss January.



  1. Whoa.

  2. Is this the same person?

  3. I prefer buns and kittehs and pups and donks with no peeps. The peeps take up all the space, and you can hardly see the critters. Wah!

  4. Amy — same person as whom? It’s not anyone I recognize from earlier posts…
    [straining neck sideways]

  5. As a 26-year-old guy, it was bad enough admitting to looking at Cute Overload before.

    Now everyone will think I’m just perving. Man.

  6. I have that sweater! Don’t look as good in it, though. Also don’t have the gigantic (seriously, that’s a big rabbit) prosh bunbun to lay on the floor with.

  7. Eeee! must snorgle cute bunneh!
    Great big huge soft squishy bunneh!

  8. Mary (the first) says:

    I would normally not complain about what’s posted but all I need is to look at beautiful young women with adorable pets to be “brought down”. :: sigh :: I do have an adorable pet but am only a beautiful y.w. in my dreams. :: sigh again ::. ::: BIG SIGH :::

  9. Wow, she’s really really pretty. And that is a huge (adorable) rabbit, and an impressive three kinds of floor!

  10. mrs fonebone says:

    Gosh, too bad her jeans couldn’t be cut a little lower.

  11. Jeez, talk about perving…

  12. InsertCleverNameHere says:

    I love how the bunneh is all cuddled up to her…didn’t think rabbits really cared about their humans…

  13. Um. Folks? That isn’t a big bun. Probably only 5-6 lbs. The ‘regular’ size for rabbits (ones that haven’t been bred to be smaller) is 8-11 lbs.
    That said, what a great bunny mommy! The bun is clearly quite content to be snorgled. Wish mine liked it like that!

  14. Ok, if we’re going to be including hyoomains, what say we include more guys in kilts?

  15. Awwww…She’s so pretty. Look at that lovely face and pink apple cheeks! The fact her rabbit is so relaxed and cool with cuddling also tells me what a gentle heart she has.

    Love the pic!

  16. Yes, in fact, her jeans could be cut a lot lower.

  17. Yitzysmommie says:

    Very pretty girlie and nice bunny.
    May I put in a 53 y/o woman request for pix of handsome mature men with kittens? All this pulchritude and youthitude is hard for snorgly cuddly Grandmas who love cats.

  18. Woo! Babes n’ buns!

    Indeed, InsertCleverNameHere, if bunnies are taken care of correctly, they care very much about their owners. It just takes a little knowledge in bunny-speak, and providing a good environment for the rabbit (providing toys so they don’t get bored, adequate nutrition, etc). Bunnies make good, social pets if you have the time. 😀

  19. aww cute bun! I’m in agreement with Sheenanana, my baby lionhead is very affectionate especially towards me. Even if he has his whole play area to play in he runs over toward me and plops himself on my belly. He also has a habit of burrowing under my shirt.

  20. I suspect someone’s going to chew a hole in that sleeve in a minute.

  21. rawr!

  22. berthaslave says:

    C.O. has taken a delightful turn with the cute human pics. I’m all for finding more types and ages to be represented…but the rule is, the aminals have to be DAMN CUTE.

  23. I am fortunate to have one bun who loves to give me kisses and purrs when I pet him, and one who loves to be cuddled and will push her head under my hands and even try to lift up my hand with her mouth when I stop petting her.

    I wonder if her rabbit made the hole in the cuff of her jeans. Looks like most of mine.

  24. Girls just want to have bun.

  25. I hate pictures with people, but this one is okay. I like huge bunnies.

  26. I’m not really a people-fan but the girl is as cute as her bunny!

  27. This comment section is turning Cute Overload into “Porn with Pets”. Please STOP!

  28. So cute! Both of them. It makes me smile. Yep, shnoggling sounds good to me. Love that big blob of fuzzzzzzzz. Must be so soft…ahh I only have parakeets, can’t achieve the same cuddly effect.

  29. if i get a gray velvet bunny and snorgle heem regularly, will my skin be that beautiful? might as well try it…it’s kind of a win/win!

  30. Awww… people and pets are only cute to those who know the people. More animals!

  31. jess commenting on the flooring made me giggle 8)
    (then i had to go back and look again cuz i only saw two of em initially)

    *thwaps the pervy folk*

    stop! cute only 😡

  32. wow! look! another “classically beautiful” young white chick!

    what a surprise!!!

    meg, i’ve always been a fan of your choices…especially your more controversial ones…but count me among those who suggest that it might be time to get back to the critters.

    either that, or perhaps you could post some photos with non-white, non-perfect looking people and their pets. i just *hate* the thought that your site is sliding into the social morass of “white + attractive=good to look at”

  33. DLT — y’know, it depends a lot on what pix actually get *submitted*, too.

  34. i think the pics of the peeps are nice.
    and i really dont think any of these people in these pics are “classicly beautiful” they are just pretty much regular looking people. and theres nothing wrong with that.
    personally, I dont want to see some buck-toothed deliverance trailer trash hick with his pet hog. (not cute)

  35. I don’t like the people. I can look at cute animals at work and folks don’t think I’m weird as soon as there’s girls with low cut jeans and suggestive stares then folks wonder if I have some weird alternate internet life.

  36. Has this site become a place for centerfolds.

  37. I honestly really don’t like looking at photos with people in them.

    Because it seems like the people who send them are being vain and trying to show off how “gorgeous” they may be or just try to get a little bit of publicity.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. and to me.. that took away the beauty of a potentially cute animal!!!

  38. “personally, I dont want to see some buck-toothed deliverance trailer trash hick with his pet hog.”


  39. uberslackers says:

    Yes, nothing worse than wanting to see some cute kittehs and seeing camera-whorin’ people. Please, please stop with the uncute human pics. Else rename the site “Mediocre Overload.”

    [Ooh, creative. Need a job? – Ed.]

  40. First it’s the shots of animals and tits, now barely covered crotch shots.

    Aren’t the beautiful pics of animals, all kinds, enough even on this site?

  41. My my, look, it’s yet another rude little brat. Yawn.
    Anne, look over in the right-hand margin under the heading “MORE! MORE! MORE!”
    Pick a site.
    Go there.
    Good brat.

  42. Double cute overload ^_^

  43. Evangeline says:

    When I first saw this pic I recoiled in surprise, because I thought someone had found a picture of me. Then I realized her hair wasn’t red, she’s much more purdyfuls than me, and I don’t own a rabbit.
    But I swear to Gawd I own that exact same sweater. And if I don’t have the jeans, I have a pair that look just like them.