THIS JUST IN: Marc Jacobs counters with a Moo shoe

Um, OBVY a certain SOMEONE was a little JEALOUS that we posted some SHOES over the WEEKEND that were really CUTE and that certain SOMEONE had to start SELLING HIS SHOES to get BACK AT US!


Jealous much, Marc Jacobs!? Are you happy now your shoe is on Cute Overload!? (And selling on Amazon for a STEAL! in unspotted/black too!)

Aeryie, great find…moo!



  1. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    Ha!!! I like these even better… a little more subtle. cute!

  2. What does the cow say?

  3. Nevermind. They say moo. 😦

  4. $354.00!!!! Yikes – I think I like the other ones better….

  5. $354.00 for a pair of ballet flats with nose and ears glued on them. Sheesh…

    I must admit, they are cute!

  6. I think cow skin looks better on cows than human feet. Those shoes are a disgusting irony.

    (yes, they are made of leather, check the details)

  7. Actually, they’re pony hair leather….OMGP0N1ES, dead and skinned on your feets!!

    And $355 is not a steal for incredibly impractical (albeit “cute”) shoes. Its more like robbery…

  8. Kill an animal, turn it into a shoe, and then put a face on it? These our hideous.

  9. The other ones are way cuter, and cheaper. Sorry, Marc.

  10. arrr…i be likin the otharrr shoes a bit more, matey

  11. Hmmm…now I want to find a pair of ballet flats at payless or something and glue on animal features…anybody with me?

  12. There is nothing cute about this! I love this website, and i’m shocked that you would include something that is the result of the deaths of ‘cute’ animals. These are made of leather and pony hair. it’s rather disgusting. Very disappointed in this inclusion

  13. Silly me. I thought it was a mouse.

  14. Also, I like grogette’s commitment to National “Talk Like a Pirate Day” (Sept. 19).

    Well done grogette.

  15. After years of reading Manolo the Shoeblogger’s site, I’d never assume that anyone was being facetious about $355 designer shoes being a “steal.” He regularly posts pictures of “super fantastic” $500 sandals that amount to little more than a sole and a tiny toe strap. And his other readers gush…..”Oh yes!” “Such a bargain!” “I’m buying all three colors!”

    It boggles the mind of the average shopper, but there are plenty of folk who would whip out the American Express for these shoes without batting an eyelash. Whether or not Meg is among those shoe devotees, I don’t know…

  16. Oh please, you whine and get all huffy because marc jacobs makes some shoes made with leather? I came here to look at cute widdle baby duckies and such. If you dont like them dont buy them,if someone has a good that no one wants/buys they go out of business or change goods.

  17. New York Michele says:

    So, Sadie- would it be ok if Meg put up pictures of shoes made from un-cute animals? ::ducks::

    Actually, most of the dogs and cats (among others)on this site are the result of the deaths of ‘cute’ animals- they aren’t vegetarians. And Meg has put up pictures of items made from plastics- some plastics are made from oil, which is essentially dead dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are kind of cute in a snarly sort of way.

    It’s ok if you don’t like leather of any kind- but if it freaks you that people make leather out of shoes or that Meg puts up whatever she feels like putting up without reading the minds of her readers first, you must spend your entire life in a state of shock. It also means that you haven’t really taken a thorough look at the site, or at people’s feet.

    My advice? Don’t buy leather shoes. You’ll feel better.

  18. i like cute animals, and i like leather shoes, and coats and handbags, and steak and all kinds of stuff.
    but i dont like these shoes cuz they arent even cute-looking.
    the bunny ones yesterday were so much better!

  19. Shoe-nuffs:

    If this *truly* bothers you (and I’m not saying it should or shouldn’t just because I happen to think they’re incredibly cute), go to, Company, Contacts. There are scads of people you could voice your complaints to. We can’t actually do anything about it.

    Pudding of the day: butterscotch.

  20. MissV – dont ya think that Megs comment about them being a “steal” was sarc. ?
    i dont think many people would think these were a good deal.
    but probably a few! (certainly not me!)

  21. fish eye no miko says:

    For those of you upset by leather shoes: Cows are killed for food… should their skin just be thrown away? Let it rot in the field?

    If you don’t eat meat, and don’t wear leather, fine; but you know there are plenty of people do, and so think of leather as a way of “using all the parts of the animal”, as they say.

  22. anonnymouse says:

    Those are so cool!, it’s like you have your feet standing in the guts of a mouse while simultaneously surrounding them with dead cow flesh. How cayoot indeedy. I want a pair.

  23. FENM — agreed.

  24. yarrr, thank ye, JazzKate!

  25. anonnymouse – I totally agree. Too bad they’re way too pricey for me. Now, if I could just get my hands on a rabbit-fur hat (with the ears still attatched!) I’d be willing to shell out that much. But not for dead-animal shoes. My sneakers do well enough to fill that role.

    These seem like a classier, dinner-party version of the earlier shoes. They also look like they wouldn’t be very comfortable…

  26. Cow-free Moo Shoes:

  27. actually when they say “pony skin” it’s really cow. but i agree, totally unnecessary. there were patent leather versions last year that were cuter, but don’t ever fit me.

  28. So it IS a mouse. I’m not so crazy after all.

    Oh, and grogette: Arr. Ye be most welcome, wench. Best of luck to ye as ye continue on with yer scurvy ways on this fine day.

  29. Hmmmm. This post makes me want a big fat steak.

  30. They could almost pass as Dalmation shoes. Perfect to wear to those firehouse dinners!

  31. New York Michele says:

    Warning- soapbox alert on / Quite a few years ago, I used to regularly buy clothes from Land’s End, until I noticed something- at that time, the catalogue was lily-white. I felt uncomfortable with that, so I bought a postcard and on it I wrote, “I love your products but I can no longer shop with you, since you do not show people of color advertising your products’.
    Two months later I received a catalogue that had two black children frolicing with white children and adults. I wrote the company again. On the second postcard I wrote, ‘Thank you for your new catalog. It’s nice to see that there are black people in New England. There’s only one problem- I’m worried. Are these children orphaned? Have they been adopted? Where are their parents? And don’t they have any people of color friends?’
    Two months after that I received a catalogue that had black and Asian adults in it- with black and Asian children. They interacted with the white families in the catalogue just as if they’d always been there.

    Now, I could have written to, say, someone who didn’t work at Land’s End but who’d shown a product from their catalogue and groused about how anyone who buys from Land’s End and is white is a horrible racist. But that would not have affected the catalogue. Instead, I wrote two polite but slightly snarky letters- and to this day, whenever I see the Land’s End catalogue I think, “I’m partly responsible for Land’s End becoming integrated’. /
    Soapbox alert off.

  32. Vicky and New York Michelle:

    I don’t plan on buying them, and i don’t buy leather shoes, but i came here to leave my comment in the ‘comments’ section. Regardless of whether Meg is a vegetarian or considers the feelings of animal lovers, i don’t expect her to. As i said, i came to give my opinion in the section that has been allotted for such comments. And your argument for plastics/oil/dinosaurs is ridiculous. The dinosaurs are already extinct, these shoes were made from animals that were killed for that purpose. And no, if they were made from less ‘cute’ animals, it wouldn’t change my opinion. i just think it’s ironic that a site that’s all about animals and how cute and precious they are posts something that’s made of them

  33. I just wanna know: do the people complaining about the leather shoes EAT meat? Poultry? Fish? They don’t have ANYTHING made of leather or any kind of animal products at home, right?

    Hmm. Thought so.

    Get a grip over yourselves.

  34. Sadie, newsflash: CUTE overload. KEWWWWT overload. Get it? Things that are cute.


  35. New York Michele says:

    OK- so ‘animal lovers’ are people who are vegetarian or vegan- people who eat meat aren’t animal lovers, right? Because that’s your implication.
    I understand that you have a right to make comments in the comments section. I defend your right to provide us all with amusement, or even to irk some of us. But what I am saying is this- Meg doesn’t run Marc Jacobs, and showing a picture of this shoe is not only not ‘shocking’, but won’t affect leather shoe sales one way or the other. On the other hand, wrintg Marc Jacobs directly (and from what I’ve sen and heard, he’s a pretty nice guy) might have an effect on his making shoes like this. IF you feel strongly about this issue, then why put a comment here about how you are shocked? This is a woman who puts up horrifying movies of gay unicorns and vicious dogs who are about to eat fat Chihuahuas, for pete’s sake. She shows bad-mannered hamsters using the ‘b’ word, and dogs wearing hoodies and looking gangsta. Do you honestly think that such a hardened woman such as Meg, along with her nefarious group of minions are going to take down this picture, or be affected by your tender thoughts for cows?

    Yeah- I’m joking. I happen to luv gay unicorns and hood-rat dogs. I even love dinosaurs with big pointy teeth. But cows are in no danger of going extinct. Oil, on the other hand, is getting used up, and dredging it from the ground to make tampon holders and patent-leather mouse shoes is destroying the earth.

    There, is that better? I gnashed my teeth and foamed at the mouth a little, too- and it did as much to save the wastes of Alaska from the Pipeline as your rant to a bunch of animal obsessives saved the cow that was made into that ridiculous shoe. Now we can both pat ourselves on the back for being both righteous and ineffective, while annoying the daylights out of potential supporters in our causes and wasting precious minutes that we could have used to write Marc Jacobs or lobby a Congressmember through email or a real-time postcard (see my post above). Tell me, was it as good for you as it was for me?

    And could someone please pass the pudding? I like chocolate.

  36. Jules: no i don’t eat any kind of animal, wear leather, etc…

    Jules, Newsflash- we have differing opinions on what is cute. if it wasn’t made of a dead animal then i would probably think it’s cute. that’s my point.

  37. such strong feelings stirred up here! (OMG: SHOES.)

  38. Cute, but I think it looks more like a spotted guinea pig than a cow, but hey, whatever.

    And I’m going to save my soapbox for something more useful.

    Like SOAP!!!!!

  39. Please, please kill the comments section. Except for Theo and actually interesting people.


  40. I never thought a post about shoes would cause so much trouble. This is as bad as the “cats n racks” complaints.

  41. … and I can’t believe I feel I need to do this, but kill = filter, just for those of you out there who apparantly live to feel offended and outraged.

  42. I’m all for making my own pleather versions of these.

    But I think I kinda like the bunny ones from the other day better.

  43. I think they are cute but the others are less contradictory.An Animal shoe made from a dead animal that’s kind of silly. PLease don’t get mad at the animal conscious,there is no need to be sarcastic. we just want to make people aware. Sometimes people seperate clothhing and fashion from thier source so they need a reminder, that is how the world evolves.For those of you who say this is not the place, I say this is the perfect place because it is filled with people who appreciate what an animal can do for one’s spirit.Knowledge can’t hurt but hate can

  44. Twig — I hear you. I’m picking up what you’re laying down. But we *all* get to choose whether or not to comment, read the comments, laugh at the comments, ignore the comments, etc etc etc. It’s totally OK to skip the whole post; we’ve got plenty.

  45. Most people who don’t care for leather definitly don’t eat meat. it is usually the other way around, people tend to forget that leather is skin.
    Alos I am more upset about the Pony aspect, Ponies as far as I know are not used for food. there goes that theory of using the whole animal.there is no need to be viscious it seems the meat eaters on this site are getting a little more heated than the vegans/vegetarians.
    Love Life be nice

  46. OMG peeps…move on…

  47. Poor me – saw the cute shoe and smiled – completely oblivious to the fact that I should have been shocked instead.

    I love and adore animals, but eat steak and wear leather. Oh, the complexity!

    Trying to lighten the mood – heard a comic on the radio recently saying he appreciates conservationists trying to save the spotted owl. Something like “I love spotted owls, they taste just like (wait for it).. baby seal.

  48. Jules–no meat or animal products in this house.

    I liked the bunnies better, regardless of material. They were cuter and not trying as hard.

    If you want “real” Moo shoes, check out this site:
    (should make all the fellow veggies happy)

  49. New York Michele says:

    Jennifer, I’m not offended. But again- is one only ‘animal conscious’ or an ‘animal lover’ if one yells at people who have no direct power to stop a designer from using animal skins?

    Many of us are already ‘aware.’ Just because we feel one can be ‘aware’ and still like steak and you disagree, doesn’t mean we need to be preached to. the issues are far more complex than that- for instance, using plastic bags for groceries is probably doing more damage to the earth right now than cutting down trees to make bags. But standing in front of a grocery store and offending people isn’t going to convert people to green thinking. It’s arrogant to think people who have shown a great deal of love for animals need to be ‘educated’ because they think these shoes are cute.

    I’m reminded of how recently the head of al-qaeda said a Finnish cartoonist should be ‘slaughtered like a lamb’ for drawing Mohammed’s head on a dog’s body. Now, al-Qaeda would like to convert everyone to Islam, and people who scream the loudest at these cartoonists often do so while insisting that Islam is a peaceful religion. But it’s kind of hard to believe that when the head of terrorist group calls for the deaths of those who find the Prophet silly. It’s also hard to take ‘animal lovers’ seriously when they miss the chance to garner support and instead keep implying that no one loves animals as much as they do, and everyone else is a Troglodyte because they like certain things or don’t take ‘offensive’ items off the internet.

    And I don’t see any contradiction between what the shoe is made out of and how it’s shaped- I find it ironic and funny. I’m also old enough to remember the first Earth Day- I don’t need to be told how to think about creating a green culture. Please don’t make assumptions about everyone’s ignorance compared to your own intelligence- it’s insulting, although I know you don’t mean it that way.

  50. Theo — shooz r srs bznz!!!! *RAWR*

  51. I would never claim to be smarter than anyone I am fully aware that I have a lot to learn that being said I realize that everyone else does too.a few years ago I thought that the feathers I bought at the craft store were Fake, I was wrong, there re so may synthetic fabrics out there it is hard to tell the differeence. I am hurt to think that I made anyone feel like they were being preached to. I never said the you couldn’t love animals and be a meat eater. I was not born a Vegan. I just wish I wasn’t being compared to a terrorist, my god I would never wish death on someone simply because they don’t share my veiw I just did not want us to be belittled because of our view, never casted any stones I only stated a fact.probobly should not perpetuate this bickering but I felt I needed to defend myself especialy when something as horrible as al-qaeda is brought up. As far as the bags go I use cloth reusable bags to shop and I recycle the plastic bags that I do aquire, I don’t protest in front of stores but the more people see me and other people using cloth bags or talking about how convenient they are the more other people will join in. I am sorry if I offended anyone that was not my intention.

  52. “I say this is the perfect place because it is filled with people who appreciate what an animal can do for one’s spirit.”

    Hey, Jennifer, did you ever meet a real live, not-in-a-petting-zoo cow? Been head-butted by one or kicked in the face while you were trying to fluff up it’s bedding? I have….I grew up on a farm….cows never did very much for my spirit…except when we got to eat them. ; )

  53. I think I would kick the person who was trying to eat me too;)

  54. (vroom, screech, red Bugatti drives up)
    “I’ll take 101 of them dahlink!”
    (Waves ivory cigarette holder)
    Bwa ha ha ha ha!

  55. As a cute overload/animal lover it would be pretty insane of me to adore fur-covered shoes!!

  56. It’s not as though I was gnawing on their tails! : ) We were usually being good to them when they kicked; feeding, fluffing, caring for….we only ate them AFTER they kicked. *tents fingers and laughs evilly…bwah haha*

  57. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    Yarrr… I be gettin’ ready to duck and rrrun… I think they be cute shoes, and this pirate Wench (yes certified, carrrrd carrying Wench) be wanting a pairrr.

    I be plunderin’ and I be lovin’ to buy the Manolo’s (clearance, thankee) and me has a soft spot in me heart for a purty pairrr of Jimmy Choos.

    Methinks I’ll be lookin’ fer a pairrr of knockoffs of these though, yarrr…

    Side note: YARRR!!!

  58. Jennifer — speaking for myself, I think that would very much depend on the context.

  59. Theo-


    Me too.

  60. berthaslave says:

    See my previous post regarding shoes (I’m a guy) for my true feelings. Shoes are only as cute as the feet in them, regardless of whether or not they are made of animal by-product. I’ll save my enthusiasm for the living animals (or at least the uncanny Japanese fakes).

  61. I’m not getting up in arms about the leather shoes, but I just want to say to Jules that I eat no meat, fish, or poulty, and do not own or use any leather or animal-based products. So, yes, most of those who express vegan or vegetarian views DO live the lifestyle. Don’t assume that just because YOU use those products, that we all do.

  62. Theo

    I am a little slow today I think I just spent 5 minutes trying to figure out what you were refering to! HA!! that is pretty good, yeah I guess I wouldn’t be kicking then 😉

  63. UMMMM…Theo…u so bad!

  64. people sure are mean.

    and i sense its not the veggies but the meat eaters who are feeling “attacked”. maybe its the guilt?

    “In late November, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization issued a report stating that the livestock business generates more greenhouse gas emissions than all forms of transportation combined.”

    everyone needs to smarten up.

    this isnt about putting up sick pictures of cows getting their throats slit or skinned baby animals. use some intelligence and compassion. the two rarely meet. obviously.

  65. I like non animal product shoes myself; though I still have old leather ones. So, just wanted to tell the peeps I about died from the cute over at The Daily Puppy today. A bebeh golden retriever! OMGPON!1ES! The Daily Kitten isn’t bad either – li’l doll!

  66. ChasingtheDog says:

    Sweet Baby Jesus! I was all “OMG, MUST HAVE” and then I saw $354 and I said “Wwhhhhhaaa?? Do they walk FOR me? ‘Cuz if not, I saw some cute flats at Payless and i have a hot glue gun!”

    [Hmm, I think you may have something, there… – Ed.]

  67. yeah, i don’t really like when they make a cute aminal-thing out of a dead aminal. it’s like when a butcher shop uses a happy cartoon pig for a mascot. creepy. these shoesies would be radtacular if they were vegan.

  68. Zydekitten, er - Cap'n Kitten today! says:

    Shiver me timbers!! *sidestepping intense meat eaters vs. non-meat eaters debate raging wildly around her*

    A STEAL???!! That’s what Cap’n Kitten would need to be doin’ to get her paws on shoes such as these be.

    I’d rather be dancin’ a hornpipe and quaffin’ some grog . . . and wearing those other animal shoes (at only $55)!

    Come to Mama, me beauties!

  69. It looks like a koala, with spots. :/

  70. “and i sense its not the veggies but the meat eaters who are feeling “attacked”. maybe its the guilt?”

    No. It’s not.

    It’s the fact that we’re the ones being attacked.

    And by “attacked,” I don’t mean the people who are politely expressing their points of view.

    I mean the ones being spiteful and snarky. It’s not WHAT’S being said. It’s HOW.

  71. I don’t like Marc Jacobs but it’s nice to see him make the attempt to graduate from couture to cute-ure.

  72. AuntieMame – I’m going ot have to say the most spiteful, snarky comments I’ve seen have come from the meat-eaters against the veggies. NY Michele, for example.

  73. fish eye no miko says:

    Sadie said: “these shoes were made from animals that were killed for that purpose.”

    No, they weren’t. They did NOT kill animals just to make shoes out of them. They killed cows for people to eat, and used the leather from those already dead cows to make the shoes.

  74. Round goes to Theo in a KO!

  75. anotherwench says:

    ARRRRR is all i can say. YARRRRARRRR mateys. The meat-eaters/vegan debate is clearly beyond my piratabilities. My brain is still fuzzed from the puppeh/kitteh photos. YAAAAARRRRRRRR and avast.

  76. Captain Otto the Peevish says:

    Why spend $354 on shoes when you could spent it on rum? Arrrrr!

  77. …or relieve ’em from the feet of Her Majesty’s fleet, along with the gravely cumbersome burden of theyr golden ballast? Yarrr!

    Presuming, of course, that Her Majesty’s fleet be in the habit o’wearin’ them things, which t’be frank I’ve long suspected.

    – First Matey Feargal MacBleen

  78. Blah. Blah. Blah.
    So…..cows huh? Yeah. They go moo. And they’re cute.

  79. Yo ho ho, be it “Annoy the Nuffs” week? ‘Tis good fer the comments, me thinks. Adds some… humarr. Har har har.

  80. acelightning says:

    Well, I *might* spend $54 for the bunny shoes, although the heel is higher than I like. But I’m *NEVER* going to spend $355 for a pair of shoes, no matter what the design!

    The title of this item immediately reminded me of a picture one of my favorite Asian restaurants has taped to the wall behind the cash register:

  81. Acelighting LOL

  82. Whether you wear leather or not, whether you eat meat or not, making animal-themed shoes out of dead animals is uncute. Especially when they are made to represennt the animal that had to die to be a dead represntation of itself.

    Sad Meg posted this.

  83. Marc by Marc actually did those a year or two ago, so he was actually first.

  84. Aaaaah, I want!

  85. Arrrr, I don’t be eatin’ the meat, but thar shoes be ticklin’ the funny bone (in a morbid sort o fashion). All ye meat-eaters and non meat-eaters be howlin’ and snarlin’ like a wench with the pox. Git off yer high horse and have some grog.

    Yarrr, commentroversies set me spine a-tinglin’. :3


  86. MOOOO Cow Mouse Shoes.

  87. I think making animal print leather shoes is better than dying them pink or green or orange. At least they’re being honest about it.

  88. $354 is a steal? Or was Meg being sarcastic?? Or am I really poor ? =( Maybe I’m looking too much into it, but they aren’t C.O. cute.

  89. Ummm……. A HUGE FAT NO!!!

  90. New York Michele says:

    From the looks of it, all the people who makes comments about how they are ‘shocked’ that Meg does things like this have never seen the (in)famous ‘pork and beans’ post. That’s just Meg’s sense of humor, y’all.

  91. New York Michele says:

    Oh- and I love the Moo Cow shoes. Thanks to all the people who put up links to them. The Mary Janes look perfect for work.

  92. The idea that this site would celebrate cute, happy animals, and then display them skinned with happy faces painted on their carcasses is incredibly hypocrital, to put it nicely. I’m very disappointed.

  93. Those shoes are no where near cute. Not because of how or what they are made of. They are just ugly as sin.

    WHY DO I WANT TO WER COWS ON MY FEET?! And moreover, for such a horrendious price!

  94. I’m quite surprised at how much reaction these shoes have gotten. I mean, so many things out there are made out of animal skin, leather, or fur, so why is showcasing a cleverly cute way to use these materials so bad? I do leatherworking myself. (I’m not that good though, still learning, still getting the muscle needed to punch through heavy-grade leather)

    Seriously, I’m just having trouble understanding why using these materials is such a ‘bad thing’.

  95. New York Michele, you’re my hero. 🙂

  96. Because Kiddo, some people think leather/fur/etc is wrong because it’s cruel to the animal, etc. and some of those people (not all, mind you) feel the need to yell at other people for not feeling the same way they do. And then again, some people are just killjoys.

  97. Cute! I don’t wear leather for personal reasons (not to mention shoe bites, ow!) and because it’s too spendy, but I’d totally buy these for TWICE the price if they were synthetic!

  98. butter, i got that reference!

  99. All you people who feel ok wearing leather because it comes from a cow and you eat cows anyway, so what’s the problem? You should know that most of the cheap leather you buy from places like china are made from dog and cat skins, from animals who were bred for that purpose and kept in horrifying captivity for their entire lives. You can’t spare any sympathy for a cow (sadly), but maybe you can for cats and dogs. You know, cause they’re cute and everything…

  100. Isn’t the fact that they’re leather a little contradictory to the cute cow motif?

  101. Some might call it truth in advertising.

  102. Where do any of you get off telling people what they can and can’t say in the comment section? The most vitriolic wording, as usual, has come from the “just shut up and enjoy the cute” contingent. Do I complain when you comment endlessly about pudding and write in revolting cutesy talk?

  103. omg.. MMc you took the words out of my mouth.

    love it love it

  104. I agree they’re cute, but what they are made from was cute, too, so they make me sad.

  105. Cute is in the eye of the beholder.

    That holds for cow-motif shoes made out of leather, as well as kittens and puppies.

    Some people wear/eat cows, and some people eat/wear kitties and puppies.

    I certainly would never eat or wear kitties or puppies, but that’s because I was raised to see them “other”, ie as pets.

    There’s lots of people in the world that were raised to see kitties and puppies as food, clothing or raw materials to make stuff with.

    Are the lives of kitties and puppies worth more than cows? Is it right to eat cows, and wrong to eat kitties and puppies?

    As a non-vegetarian I’d have to say no. Any other answer would be hypocritical.

    It would be simpler if we all grew up with the same culture, but it’s not the reality.

  106. Shawna, I suppose you don’t benefit from medical science either? Never taken any medicine since you became a vegan? Ever ever? Because, you know, I’d say at least THE MAJORITY of them have been tested on animals.

    If you’ve ever had an earache, a cold, a toothache, or a sore throat, chances are you’ve taken medicine tested on animals. The same goes for washing your hair, wearing lipstick or using moisturizer. Or, God forbid, using a toothbrush!

    If you HAVEN’T DONE any of these things since you became a vegan, please accept my humble apologies. You do live by the book you preach. (Bear in mind, however, that most of the companies that say they don’t test yadda yadda are lying.)

  107. Jules,
    Your rationale that vegans must be perfect in order to express their points of view is ridiculous. Vegetarians and vegans make efforts to reduce their contributions to animal cruelty in varying degrees. This does not minimize the effort. Your absolutist argument–that either you are 100% pure or you are not true in your pledge to help (or not harm) animals–is, frankly, ridiculous. You express the same knee-jerk reaction expressed frequently by defensive meat-eaters. None of the vegans/veggies on this post have been preaching–except perhaps in self-defense. If anyone is being sanctimonious, it’s you.

  108. Cere, the fact that they’re leather is adding to the cute cow motif. Increasing the cowy goodness. Real cow + cow motif = something around 1.5 cow-tastic.

  109. “None of the vegans/veggies on this post have been preaching”

    MMc, read the comments again. Or don’t. Whatever.

  110. the most disrespectful comments have come from the anti-veggies, jules. go to the beginning and see where the rude comments began. you meat heads are the most degrading and mocking to other peoples’ beliefs. whats worse, expressing your beliefs or insulting/mocking someone else’s beliefs? maybe its all the rotting flesh poisoning your good will.

  111. Wow, Jules, you are EXTREMELY defensive. I have done no ‘preaching;’ I simply stated that I do live a vegetarian lifestyle. I have to wonder why you become so irate and defensive about this issue. Also, I never said anything about medicine and have to wonder why you brought it up at all. But like MMc said, and you conveniently didn’t respond to, your “all or nothing” argument is overly simplistic. ANYTHING someone does to reduce their adverse impact on the environment and/or animals is helping. Just because maybe some of us don’t or can’t do EVERYTHING to reduce said impact, doesn’t mean we should give up and do NOTHING. Again, I find it interesting you chose to gloss over that point and instead focus on one sentence of MMc’s brilliant post. Ultimately, though, I just have to wonder why you are so angry at the world.

  112. Well how about a little cynical dose of reality here …

    Both sides have been preaching and using deliberately provocative language.

    Carnivores: MMc is right, having vegetarians be perfect in order to express their opinions is ridiculous. Perfection doesn’t exist, and every little bit that helps counts. “Great deeds” isn’t what makes change … the small deeds carried out every day by the average person is what will change the world.

    Vegetarians: “rotting flesh”, yep that kind of language will definitely encourage civilized discourse? No, it’s very tasty flesh of dead animal that’s very far from rotting. Ever tasted a still-bloody rare filet that’s just barely been seared on each side? Yum. Can’t say I eat rotting veggies either.

  113. rita-
    everything dead is in a state of rotting. that is fact.

    rotting flesh is exactly what it is. nothing inflammatory there.

  114. …unless it’s rotting FLAMMABLE flesh!

    (yeah, I got nuthin)

  115. Shawna, I’m not angry. I’m far from angry. I do think MMc’s answer to what I said was great and I do agree you don’t need to be 100% pure and all that jazz. Agree wholeheartedly. Really. I was trying to point something else. But you guys can’t see it.

    I’m not angry. I love eating meat, I love animals and I know it seems contradictory to you people. I bet you feel outraged. Probably even angry. ANGRY, I said. I just think it is ANNOYING to have vegans whining about every single thing they see. That’s all. And all my comments were merely ways of pointing that out.

    And *I* am defensive. *chuckles*

    You guys go on. Try and be the last-word-freak here. I’m out. Peace.

  116. Sure, I’ll be the “last word freak.” It’ll be humourous if you post again, because I see it all the time: “I’m done here,” and then they come right back. Anyway, I personally never said you couldn’t like meat and like animals. I didn’t whine about the shoes. So it’s ignorant for you to lump me in with the people who did. Extremists are annoying, no matter which side they’re on, and frankly, you were being the extremist from the meat-eating side, answering to other extremists from the vegan side. I was never extreme on any count, so you shouldn’t be saying things that aren’t true. And now, I’ll just wait to see if you were seriously ‘done’ with this thread or not. But really, there isn’t much else to say, besides me saying don’t put words in my mouth because I never preached or whined about the original issue.

  117. yes, if you eat meat, you aren’t an animal lover. what makes your cat any more special than the cow who died for those heinous shoes!!!? nothing, except that your culture is one of animal abuse for the sake of meat and leather, etc. etc. you’ve learned to see things from the slanted view of your culture’s lacking ethics, but it’s time to tilt your head… and see it differently. every animal is intelligent and feels pain, and they do not consent to us eating them, wearing them or experimenting on them. i’ve never heard a logical argument for eating meat, or wearing leather or fur.

    yeah, i’m one of those ANNOYING vegans. the reason we supposedly get so angry at everything we see is because of others’ willingness to be so utterly blind to animal cruelty. if you actually believe that the animal used to make those shoes was killed humanely, then there is really some eye opening experiences you must have.

    i’m not gonna omce back and argue anymore simply because i only visit about once or twice a week, but i have some key arguments in the fight for animals that i’ll leave you all with:

    – we don’t need testing on animals, it is a weak pseudo science that lacks innovation and progress into humane research alternatives. what it is… is cheaper than learning new ways of doing things. also, if you’ve ever looked into this “life saving research,” you would find that it’s horrific in most cases. google “britches the monkey” and go to the video search. watch it. that’s just one of many examples of the horrors inflicted on animals for this backwards “science.” or look into some of the things that happen at huntingdon life sciences. they don’t even record accurate data after everything they subject the animals to. they’re just out for a buck and aren’t truly determining efficiacy of the products they’re paid to. the supposed humane treatment the animals receive there and at most places is a fraud. they get tipped off to the days they’ll be inspected, and the standards are not up to par anyway. the animal welfare act is a joke. just as we’re finding ways to avoid having to use embryonic stem cells, we shuld be advancing enough to not have to impose our will on animals for research. once you put a real face to the horror, you will NOT think of medical testing on animals the same way… if you have any sort of soul that is.

    it is for that reason that when you come into my house, as many items as are humanly possible do not contribute in any way to animal suffering. every bit of food is vegan, there are no animal tested pharmaceuticals, toiletries, or cleaning products. i’d never wear leather or fur. it’s hard to find shoes, but hey… it’s worth it to me to look harder. i’ve seen the sickness and the dark side of animal testing, and it’s enough to make me turn away from ANYTHING that could make humans seem ugly or cause such harm to unconsenting animals.

    – this is not a bleeding heart issue, it’s not a weirdo fringe issue, it’s serious. factory farms themselves contribute more than all of the world’s gas guzzling cars to the threat of global warming. not to mention the atrocious treatment of animal at factory farms, and the cancer laden, hormone pumped up food that’s killing US too!!

    – humans have the same teeth of an ape, who are vegans. i’ve heard the argument far too many times that one slightly pointy tooth in our mouth means we’re meant to be carnivores. no…. look at the jaws of your cat or dog. they have jaws that hinge wide open, they have a long mouth of sharp teeth meant for tearing meat. we do not. we have teeth meant for tearing vegetation, and our teeth are actually relatively flat in comparison to nature’s true carnivores.

    so that’s it. some things to consider. you don’t have to cling to this cause for meat, leather, fur, or animal testing. it’s not even giving up anything worthwhile to stop eating meat. it’s easy!! once your conscience wakes up, there is no other decision to be made.

    i’ve never felt better than since i’ve been a vegan. my body is happy, i’m happy, and i’m not contributing to morally questionable practices.

    i’ll leave you with a fun veg fact ** tofu has more protein than beef. **


  118. Well, *I’m* converted. That’s it, I’m off to…

    …huh. That’s funny. Didn’t stick.

    Oh well. Kitty want some bacon??? YESSS HE DUZZZ!!!

  119. Yum, I go to Chinese restaraunt now and order
    (hee, hee)
    moo shoo pork!!!
    Dat come with egg roll?

  120. dang it now I want a nice big bloody rare steak on the barbee. HEar teh sizzle smell the delicious aroma… Yummmmmmmmmm..
    Of course with a really fine pinot noir…

  121. Hey, I can do up some seriously killer vegi dinners. I’m not big on *vegan* cooking (a little too limiting for me) but given some advance notice, I can see to it that even a passel of the meatiest Texan ranch hands will leave the table happy.

    It’s just that I like all kinds of food.

    (And on that note, I must be off to start that long-delayed yard work. PLEH)

  122. tt – Sincerely, your views and choices are worthy and honorable. Very well and good.

    Your comment on CO may be met with agreement, may change opinions. A whole world of peeps visit CO, so you def gotz your word out.

    Thing is, CO is a fun house of sorts, a cute emporium, for peeps to connect with other escapees and run loose, together.

    It’s more a stage for frolicking, rollicking stooges, instead of documentaries.

    So, when you come back to visit next week, I’m giving you your very own Salad Shooter, as a gift. Try puttin’ puddin’ in it! Could be handy around hea.