How to get that hourglass, Guinea Pig shape

Ladies, if you wanna drive the Guinea Fellows crazy, try this new Spanx Guinea Gut Shaper. $36.00 with two Timothy Hay box tops.


OK, OK, the real story. Says Sender-Inner Gwinn: "My guinea pig, Heisenberg, enjoys mutilating cardboard, so I gave him a spent packing tape core to chomp on.  A few hours later I return to find him completely stuck, needing to be cut out of his new corset."



  1. thedistractor says:

    Reminds me of me when I have to dress up for a ball.

  2. My guinea pig Homer did the same thing with a cut-up shipping tube that we gave him to play with. Now it’s toilet paper and paper towel tubes only.

  3. Best CO picture ever. Really. I can’t stop giggling.

  4. I love how the first reaction is not to cut him free, but to take a photograph.
    And yes, I would do the same.
    Heisenberg looks like he just has no problem with the situation. Perhaps this is actually less of an accident and more of an attempt at fashion?

  5. HEISENBERG! Best name ever!!!

  6. I don’t know, mile x — is the piggeh uncertain? 😉

  7. With all those pictures in the magazines of all those skinny guinea pigs, Heisenberg felt way too self-conscious and tried to look slimmer. Tsk tsk. And we wonder why so many guinea pigs have body dysmorphia….

    P.S. I totally call that the nuffs will be all over this one, even with the backstory.

  8. berthaslave says:

    It’s no laughing matter, leannrose. Won’t somebody please think of the guinea piglets who will see this and not “get” the joke? Aren’t are baby animals confused enough by the images of so-called “perfection” in the media? I mean, and this is a MALE pig. Are we so screwed up as to think that this kind of thing can POSSIBLY just be TOO BLEENING CUTE FOR WORDS?

    :: running to mommy to ask for a guinea pig ::

  9. I love the look on his face, he’s just like “Ooops.”

  10. Ahahaha! I just love the look on his face. He’s all “I was carrying a stack of paper products when I SLIPPED and fell down half a flight of stairs in my slippery shoes and BAM!”

  11. “I was minding my own business, and… no, I WASN’T in your lingerie drawer again, will you just drop it? GAWD”

  12. wasn’t there a Seinfeld episode like this — something involving George’s father, Fusilli Jerry, and the proctologist? You can see the piggy ready to excuse himself, “Thousand to one shot, doc!”

  13. *snorts at gooeyctr’s comment… and then at their sn when I said it outloud*

    This picture was perfect to wake up to! I have 6, yes 6, piggies myself and could totally picture them doing something like this!

  14. Hahaha- I can hear the theme song from the Muppet show segment “Pigs in Space” But with the words “PIGS IN SPAAAAAAAAAAANXXX!”

  15. Something wrong about that, CBF.

  16. also: “HALP”

  17. LOL, CBF!

  18. My guinea pig, Maelion, would like Heisenberg’s phone number. Or at least an autographed photo. It’s not every day she sees such a vision of male lovliness sporting the new fashions! Rrrrrrowl!

  19. I know it was yesterday and all, but here is a Talk like a pirate episode of “PIGS IN SPANX!!!!!

    I crack myself up.
    Metsakins, this one is for you, friend.

  20. getting into gut shapers is a cinch.

    Heisenberg, lol. what a great name.


  21. Howling over here! God that’s funny!

    Silleh Guinneh!

  22. Hee! this is so cute! 🙂

    WARNING tho folks: to those with baby gp’s…one of mine got stuck in a toiletpaper tube!! :O and I thought she was big enough that she wouldn’t. Her mother and sister were running around wheeking like crazy. They were in a they were yelling “HELP! HELP!! the baby’s stuck!!” LOL!

    Happy Ending tho…I got her out! 😉 Those were my first experience with gp’s/gp babies…as Mom was “expecting” when I purchased her. It was quite a surprise to look in her house and find 2 babies a week after bringing her home! :O

  23. Lurkertype — Just wanted you to know, on principle, that at least one CO person gotcha. ;-

  24. Cardboard corset. *thumbs up to Heisenberg* The worried look in his eyes is so cute too!

    I once made a rodent rocket when I was a kid. Had a gerbil, gave it a spent toilet paper roll tube, woke up in the morning to find all four of the cats crowded around the gerbil cage staring intently. Poor dude had tried to crawl through the tube instead of chew it up and got stuck. His tail was sticking out one end, pointy nose out the other.

  25. gooeyctr : The line from Seinfeld was “It was a million-to-one shot, Doc. Million-to-one”.

    Darn you for posting it first!

  26. I love how his eyes are popping out from the pressure! *GLEEK*

  27. I know where the piggy is, but how fast is he going? CAN NO ONE TELL ME?

  28. One Eyed Daruma says:

    Well…Schrodinger had his cat…

  29. Allison – 4srs. He’s got that look on his face like I imagine people must have right before they’re taken to the ER for ‘special’ cases.

  30. ROFL! Silly peeg! You’re SUPPOSED to be roly-poly.

  31. How the heck did he do that?

    Love them piggies!

  32. Heisenberg, pookie, the corseted look is just not you! If you’re looking for a fashion statement, go for hats or scarves– your perfect piggily pudginess is perfect!

  33. a friend once commented to me how cute it is the guinea pigs don’t have waists…guess this little guy didn’t agree.

    seriously, though Spanx are a lifesaver with a bridesmaid dress.

  34. in a similar vein, i had a LARGE goldfish named Vanilli (he had a late brother, Milli), and I outfitted his aquarium with a castle with one turret, about 5 inches high and a little narrower than a toilet paper tube.

    i came home one day to find Vanilli GONE, and finally realized he had swum up through the castle and got himself wedged in there. you could see his eye through one of the castle windows.

    the funny part (ha!) was that his tank was on top of the fridge so the cats couldn’t get to him, so i had to stand on a chair, and poke him back through the bottom of the castle with the handle of a wooden spoon.

    Vanilli emerged unscathed.

  35. Clearly, Heisenberg was testing the uncertainty principle re. what would happen if he wiggled into the cardboard roll. Sadly for him, the predicted outcome actually did come to pass. He looks mightily embarrassed!

  36. Heisenberg — love the name! He seems uncertain.

  37. Sorry about that; I may have teleported this piggy into a tight space. My bad, I was aiming for the year 1607:

  38. A different Laura says:

    hee, hee…”My guinea pig, Maelion”

    Love the name, Maughta!

    Do you also call her “My Fair Piggie”?

    For you youngsters, George Bernard Shaw’s play “Pygmalion” was the basis for the musical “My Fair Lady”

  39. Fun and laughs aside, this is actually very dangerous to piggies. Please always think twice before placing toilet paper rolls or similar items into their cage.

  40. Please cut toilet paper tubes and the like up the side so that the piggies do not get stuck. Yes, its a cute picture, but imagine what would have happened if she had gotten scared and panicked that she was stuck?.

  41. When you’re not looking at the guinea pig and the tube, it seems the guinea pig is not stuck in the tube. However when you take a picture, it looks like a picture of a guinea pig stuck in a tube. We can never be truly certain if the guinea pig is stuck in the tube or not. The act of taking the picture changes the state of the guinea pig and the tube.

    Unless of course the guinea pig is just screwing around with us…

  42. Oh noes! Is that what our feminist mom piggies burned their girdles for?

  43. Ladies! Yesterday kilts, now Spanx? You know Spanx sounds pretty dirty, right? I was wondering what kind of site I’d get when I clicked on the link. That model is so skinny! What does she need Spanx for anyway? I think the guinea pig is okay. He doesn’t need Spanks (…Spanx), but I don’t think taking a quick picture is cruelty. Question: why do nuffs come in waves?

  44. Pig mom:I’m sure it was an honest mistake.

    BTW If they got stuck and panicked, this piggy’s momma would just have a lot of piddle and poo pellets to clean up in the morning. And you know, have to poke a piggy out of a tube. And say sorry with lots of pets and treats.

    Orrrr maybe the world woulda exploded. It’s a toss up.

  45. Reminds me why I always cut up those plastic rings that hold six-packs together.

  46. They could choke on their food, so don’t give them any pellets!! Water bottles… well they like to play with ’em and water could get up their nose, better not give them any water either!

    What I’m saying is that these types of toys are usually pretty great for piggers. It’s stuff like letting them run around on the floors unsupervised so they can chew electrical wires, giving them wheels to run on, and not feeding them properly, that the guinea pigs are *really* unhappy about.

  47. demolitionwoman says:

    and that, boys and girls, is why you should always have a pair of safety scissors in your first aid kit.

    the more you know…

  48. someone needs to get out their bedazzler and spice up that belly ring for her!

  49. LMAO liz!!

  50. Most likely not a fun time for the guinea pig … as was suggested, cutting the tube length-wise would alleviate any problems of getting stuck.

  51. book_monstercats says:

    Maelion? Heisenberg? My GPs are called Parsley (husband’s choice) and Ozzy (he’s got a mohican, but he rocks, so he’s not Sid or Johnny). I feel my pigs have been deprived… not enough thought given to names… Great piccy though. I’m sure if heisenberg had been panicking, Gwinn would have cut him free first….

  52. Okay, I think we get it now…

  53. My first thought on seeing this was sushi!
    … but then I was web surfing at dinnertime.

  54. Reminds me of a really geeky joke I once heard in a physics lecture:

    Heisenberg was driving his car down the street one day, and was pulled over by a cop. The cop approached his window, and asked him, “Sir, do you know how fast you were going?” To which Heisenberg replied, “No, but I know where I am!”

    *badumpt ching*… … …*crickets*

    Come on, my physics people giggled, right?

  55. Love the mortified lookie on his face.

  56. Nobody has said it, OK then I will: “You like pain? Try wearing a corset!”