Wedding guest thinks of nothing but open bar

OMG. Get a load of Porkchop. He was sooo rude during the ceremony.


C.O.X.C.U.: Porkchop is all "Taco Bell’s Canon in D, Whatevs"


Thaddeus and Di, nice, er, guests you invited there.



  1. I wonder if the pup’s tongue action is a comment on the groom’s legs?

  2. That’s an odd crotch shot for the wedding album…

    oh a doggie!

  3. Porkchop’s checkin’ out the (hopefully) kilted groomsmen. 😉

  4. nice black flag tattoo- representin’ old school style!

    love the pup-pup…

  5. Love the Black Flag (the punk band, not the insect killer) tattoo and the kilt. Add the dog and an open bar and you have an interesting wedding.

  6. me thinks that porkchop has already been to the open bar…and has had a snoot full. rock on porkchop!

  7. Mmm… men in kilts…

    Oh, look, a puppeh!

  8. I love the tongue sticking out, but with a closed mouth. It’s so funny. Happy dogs have tongues out with open mouths. This one has a closed mouth as if to say, “This sucks, where’s the food?”

  9. DarrylsMama says:

    I was going to say the same thing about the Black Flag tattoo. The eyelit (sp?) wrap dress looks cute, too. I bet these cats had a rad wedding.

  10. Lurv, tattooooos, kilts, and pug tongue action?!?!?!

    *Head asplodes*

  11. Coupla folks already noted this, but the kilt/Black Flag combo is solid, and has trumped my own tux+Chucks nuptial combo. (I hope the bride is wearing white-lace-patterned Doc Martens.)

  12. berthaslave says:

    Glad to see pups owner got dressed up for the occasion, too (c’mon, dude, faded jeans? and you’re sitting up front?)

    I think the dog is just ticked off because the shih tzu got to be the ring bearer.

  13. Gonna jump on the Black Flag bars/kilt appreciation bandwagon. Just awesomeness.

  14. Am I the only one that noticed the furry kitteh-like tail draped over Mr.Kilt’s arm? Does he have a monkey on his shoulders?

  15. What is it about a kilted man? Add tattoos and stir! 😉

    I’ll have one, please! Oh, and keep’em coming!

  16. Kuu – the furry thing is actually a sporran. Here’s a handly link for reference:

    I wonder if he’s wearing an actual kilt or one of those ‘easy to put on’ kind… cause an actual kilt involves a lot of fabric, hand-pleating, and then rolling around on the ground. Seen it done. Hysterical.

    Anyway, nuff about dude in kilt. Seen plenty of those before. But the dog’s face is awesome! It almost says “I’d rather be back home, in my recliner, watching football.”

  17. meg lovin the nod to Pacabell’s Cannon in D.

    Punk Band, kilt, antique lace, pug pup at wedding and Pacabell. Good Grief I love unusual weddings. Had a friend whose dog brought the ring to them during the ceremony. (Boxer)
    Dog did great till the reception part then she jumped in the lake. (Good Times)

  18. My family has this weird obsession with pugs (though we don’t own one ourselves). My brother started it.

    Anyhoo, I sent these pics to my mom and she said EXACTLY what I was thinking:

    “Look at those nails! He needs a trim!”

    But then again, so does our jack russell terrier who clickety-clacks along the hardwood floor…

  19. “Weddings. Pleh! When are they gonna serve the cake?” That’s what the puggie is saying.

    I’ve been to a few weddings where I was tempted to find a lake to jump into, too.

    None with a kilted groom or groomsmen, though. Alas. (Although I would need to see some legs to make sure the “alas” is really applicable.)

  20. Ah. Thanks, Kiddo. 🙂

  21. Oh, and LOL at “Taco Bell Canon”! A friend used Pachelbel’s Canon instead of the tradition wedding march, and it was a nice change.

    The one I really liked, though, was Vince Guaraldi’s Peanuts music as the recessional. 🙂

  22. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    Tux & Chucks… I *heart* Theo!

    And I *heart* men in kilts, dogs with tongues out of closed mouths, pretty dresses, “Taco Bell’s Canon”, and dogs named Porkchop.

    Unusual wedding anecdote: a friend had a pagan ceremony and their cake was PLAID! That’s right, plaid. Loved it.

  23. Haha, Black Flag tat. Right on.

  24. hilarious!!!

  25. Kilt! Yay!
    Cute pug, too.
    But a man in a kilt, there’s never enough of that ;^)

  26. Maybe he’s just jealous. First wedding our group played at had the couple’s dog as best man.

  27. Friends of mine married Labor Day Sunday. He wore kilt and the rings were flown in by falcon!

  28. thilly puggle ^^

    a man in a kilt is as temptingly luscious as a popsicle on a stifling summer day

    –just dying to see what’s under the wrapper 8)

    ‘specially if he has sexy legs (booo to chicken legs!)

  29. GeorgiaGirl says:

    Regarding unusual wedding recessionals: A friend of ours in her 40’s (first marriage for her) used “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” (from the 1946 movie “Song of The South”). The bride chose it–and no one except the preacher and the groom knew about it in advance. Cracked the church up, since it had been a rather conventional formal service up til that point.

  30. this is hilarious, and OMG that there bride groom is wearin a KILT.
    that is so (as paris would say) HOT!

  31. Does anyone clip that poor dog’s nails?

  32. Just as a side note about weddings- Jews don’t use the traditional wedding march because for some very un-cute reasons (it has to do with Wagner). So I’ve been thinking of a better song. The kilt has inspired me. I think there should be bagpipe music. Or Celtic. I’m sure my fiancee would be delighted if I wore a kilt. (What is it with women and kilts?) So yeah… I might do it.. but I would probably have a change of clothes in case I saw a pug making a face like that at me. Pleh!

  33. please esplain-
    “tucks n’ chucks”

    thank you

    (i get the tuxedo part)

  34. Men in Kilts. Ahhhhh.
    If men only knew how truely sexy they were in a suit or kilt and a really fine aftershave.

  35. Kai makes your A@@ look Magnifinent if you must know.

  36. OMG, Meg, TOO funny with the Taco Bell’s Canon in D!!

    I just played that for a wedding about a month ago; that made me laugh out loud! Thanks! 🙂

  37. ok- “chucks” i got it.
    too bad you didnt have any PF flyers.
    very handsome though, i’m sure.

    Annie- you are so right.
    But I have to include Firemen, Soldiers in dress uniform, Dudes with weapons (like police and such) Cops on Motorcycles. Oh the list goes on and on…..

  38. wish i had a punk rock wedding

  39. I wonder if the length of that dog’s nails are just an illusion.

    Upon closer inspection (COXCU), I think they’re not the talons my mom and I initially thought them to be.


    Why I keep going back to look is beyond me. If I couldn’t get it the first time, what will multiple viewings help?

  40. Porkchop needs nails; he’s playing guitar at the reception. Faded Jeans Guy is his roadie, so cut him some slack on the threads.

  41. THanks Liz you are right I totally forgot about the cop and firemen uniforms thig..
    oh and Kai while we are on the subject of what makes a man look hot to a woman…
    YOu can forget about those gangster pants that hang below your butt and show your under wear…. THey make men walk funny as in completely unatractive and they make the guys wearing them look like idiots… as in Doh I am toooooo stupid to get a pair of pants that fits ohhh and the hitching them up all the time also very unattractive.

    Back to the cute pug hanging with his jean clad roadie.Ahhhh.

  42. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    At first, I saw the sporran, and thought he’d brought his skwrl to the wedding.

  43. Rachel — I *know* you know we’re very visual and imaginative, here.

    Darn you.
    Darn you straight to heck.

    (that’d better be one extremely easy-going and highly-trained squirrel)

  44. Porkchop is all “Taco Bell’s Canon in D, Whatevs”

    Hahahaha! *music nerd* Brilliant!

  45. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    len-thanks for that link. i think i’ll be having some new desktops at work. 🙂

    my sister had a bagpiper play for her recessional. i wept like a child the entire time. it was so beautiful. i highly recommend it.

    p.s. i forgot…yarr! ye scurvey dogs and wenches.

  46. Hey Steph — seen this?

  47. Yarrrr, thanks be to NSTBDTAW, I almost forgot it was International Talk Like a Pirate Day…maybe the pug is mid “yarrrr” and that’s why his tongue is out. Loving the tux’n’chucks’n’kilts’n’tats wedding ideas…us COers are a unique bunch aren’t we! PS, that pug is priceless

  48. The Michigan Amazin’ Blue a cappella group DID create the Taco Bell Canon. It’s beautifully done. Basses: “Iii… liiike… taaa… cooos… Iii… liiike… taaa… cooos…” Altos: “Yum-yum-yum… yum-yum-yum…” And so on until the sopranos come in with “BELL taco BELL taco-taco-taco-taco-taco…”

  49. says:

    All men in kilts have great legs. It’s just SO!

  50. You’re right, Pheas. Guitar-playing pugs need their nails. Where was my head?

  51. First off, I must say that Porkchop is the best pug name evar.

    Second, kilts are awesome. And so is that dress.

    Third, Porkchop’s got a mole. :3

  52. Is it just me, or does Porkchop have a really long dewclaw?

  53. Nah, that’s his cell antenna. He’s not down with the whole iPhone thing. Give it time.

  54. Kilts! Pugs!

    That had to be one rockin’ wedding. I’ll bet the reception was redonk.

    Yaarrr, be that an actual scurvy sea dog?

  55. Cheryl Robinson-Atwood says:

    Rachael, if that was a skwrl, he’s jes’ lookin’ fer sum nuts…


  56. (why did I not see that one coming?)

  57. Seems like kilts and tatoos are a hit with the ladies. Is the fact that he’s (now) married disqualify this post for a “potench” flag?

  58. LOL to all the comments!

    This is my wedding, and that is actually my Dad’s dog and he isn’t wearing faded jeans! They are khakis but I can see where his dusty shoe looks kinda like jeans?

    As for his nails, they did need a trim at the time and Dad usually does it every two weeks but they super fast because he spends most of his time in a carpeted house.

    P.S. Kilt/tattoo combo IS awesome and BTW he does have nice legs! heehee

  59. I noticed the Black Flag tat before anything else. You got yourself a keeper, Di!

  60. Aw, Di – loving the dress! Come on, show us a full frontal, I’m totally dying to see the whole dress. (If there are nice man legs in the picture, too, I naturally won’t complain, but the dress is more of a priority, hehe.)

  61. Di,

    You have NO idea how much I love the idea of your dad and his dog sitting in the front row of your wedding.

    *now considering it for my own… fat jack russell in the front row… he doesn’t stick out his tongue though, so it wouldn’t be quite the same, but he DOES slouch like there’s no tomorrow…*

    Porkchop’s a lucky hound.

  62. Hi Di! Congrats! So… were you wearing lacy-white-patterned Doc Martens? Or maybe something a little simpler?

  63. I’m trying to imagine the groom and groomsmen slamdancing to “Rise Above” at the reception.

    Beats the standard bunny hop. Unless of course they’re using real bunnies.

  64. liz i’m soo glad you asked about ‘chucks’ cuz I was totally picturing theo in a tuxedo and numchuks BAHAHAHAHAHA–but i didn’t want to look dumb o_0

  65. lilpipergirl says:

    Pugs and kilts. My fav. I grew up with pugs and I play the bagpipes. At our wedding, my hubby, his best man, and my dad all wore kilts and the pipe band played. However, our pug was not invited. LOL

  66. Ooh!

    Damn, NYgirl, now I wanna go back & do it THAT way! I could totally rappel in from the belfrey, too. Inverted! In tux, tabi socks and black balaclava! Pirates be darned — ninjas need love too!

    Oi, Schmoop? Ninja ceremony?? What say?

  67. Pretty sure I promised that you’d never have to plan a wedding again, hon.

    (You know, along with promising to love, honor, cherish, and never tell a server at a theme restaurant that it’s your birthday.)

    P.S. When I read your comment, I momentarily confused “balaklava” with “baklava.” It was a strange, strange little picture in my mind.

  68. Mmmm… ninja baklava…

  69. Di Congrats and I too love the dress it looks like alternating panels of lace and eyelit. And the kilt on your guy… Awesome. I hope your days together stay as interesting as your wedding picture looks.

  70. Here are a few pics I uploaded just for you guys 🙂

    I wish I had lacy white Doc Martens! It would have been much more punk of me. My brothers played “Patience” by Guns N’ Roses on acoustic guitar as I walked down the aisle (it was sooooo amazing and emotional), and the “throne room” theme from Star Wars for our procession. It was perfect.

    Porkchop is the funniest dog I have ever known. He has his tongue out at ALL times, even while sleeping. My wedding was at a beach so it just fit to have him there. My dad even referred to him as the “dog of honor” the whole time. It was fun.

    Thanks for all of the well wishes! Hope you like the pics.


  71. Di, I like your dress, the length and cut were ideal for the day.

    And Porkchop’s a real cutie! That little tongue’s adorable.

    So are the pic’s of you and the hubby. What a great day!

  72. I’m feeling crappy and I really needed this. So cute. SO CUTE!!!

    Not just the pug, even the wedding reeks of Cute Overload!!! Men in kilts = Teh Squee!

  73. NYgirl
    I’m so glad i could save YOU from looking dumb. 🙂
    anything for the cause.

  74. Awww…he was just waiting for the cocktail hour! What a fabulous picture for the wedding album, and Mazel Tov!

  75. Awesome dress, thanks for the pictures, Di. (And oooh, cute couple!)

  76. a different Laura says:

    And if you like kilts but don’t want the traditional plaid; check this out:

  77. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    Di, i am in love with you both! I mean, all three, lol! you look at least as gorgeous as your hubby, and I love love love your flowers (both the bouquet and in your hair).

    I think my favorite pic is the one where you’re sticking your tongue out at him… that’s probably what my wedding pics would look like! XD

    oh, and i love your shoes too. CO-ngratulations!! (on the mrriage, not the shoes…)

  78. He He He, what a cute lil Porkchop!

    Grats Di and hubby, cute and fun pictures. I love weddings like that. You guys are soo cute!

  79. ha ha! how cute!

  80. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    So the tats a black flag??? I thought the bar treference was tol the ‘Barcode’ on the grooms hand. Sorry I am half Scots this is not fancy dress, or should not be, though basically invented by the Victorians plaids(not tartans)did once denote Clan loyalties. Most now wear dress Stuart cos it looks nice. Duh!

  81. Alice Shortcake says:

    Let’s be honest – we only go to weddings for the free booze and eatables. Although most of us have the decency to keep our tongues stowed away during the actual ceremony.

  82. OMG, that’s an awesome shot! I take my 2 Pugs everywhere, but I’ve never heard of taking them to a wedding! If anybody is looking to add a Pug to their life, I just put together a couple resources on Pug care and info, check ’em out —