Awesome [hic!] parteh

This [hic!] parteh was sthoooooo awethsome [hic] wonder if there’s any cake lefts… [brik!]

Hey, Man—pass the cupcakes.


Ain’t nuthin’ but a hamsteh parteh, Nicole O.



  1. Ooh and he aweady ate his teeny tiny cake !

  2. Awwww! The eety bitty hat kills me! And his little somber perusal of the cake remains.

  3. That is one drunk Hamster!

  4. The hat, the hat!

  5. berthaslave says:

    singing in perfect hammie barbershop harmony…

    ….SWEET AD-E-LINE…..

  6. Hee, Meg!

    It’s like this and like that and like this and uh!

  7. crazy hat their hammy and you will not remember this party in the mornkings only the headache…….lol
    OH! sorry hammy lol softley until out of earshot then LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  8. Is s/he eating?

    Or has s/he thrown up?


  9. acelightning says:

    I think that’s melted ice cream…

  10. Hee! Burpday Ham.

  11. his dainty lil pussywillow feets are killing me!

    …i hope that party hat isn’t stuck on with heavy duty double-sided tape (ow!)

    once he passes out i guess his owners can chance a drive-by yankin tho o_0

  12. This ham appears to be wearing pantaloons.

  13. Ain’t no party like a Hamster party. Cause a Hamster party don’t stop.


  14. TFMS…get outta my head!

  15. Love the hat!! Hopefully he didn’t eat all that himself…chocolate can make hamsters sick (but I think it’s okay in small amounts).

  16. Gah Now we know what is going on wif the hamster dance- they is all dronk and can’t stop!

  17. That hat looks like it’s going to hurt to take off. Mommy taped it on and it’s going to stick to ma hair.

    But those little prosh paws on the plate are just so cute!

    I hope we don’t get sick from overindulging or the chocolate!

  18. Someone looks like he partied too much! ‘Tis okay tiny ham ham, we shall tuck you to beddybies.

  19. says:

    I like the fact that hammie is wearing furry trousers.

  20. that hat is outta control.
    and the tape holding it on his head is even more redonk. sweet.

  21. I think you will enjoy this musical clip to go along with the hamster parteh.

    then click on “Time To Party”

  22. I wonder if those ears taste like carmel?

    Would go with his Carvel cake.

  23. Hamster Pants are WAY cooler than Hammer Pants.