Eddie McBlobbles, at your sthervice

People, we don’t normally have feeshes on this site, so when we do, you KNOW it’s a doozy. And that’s where Eddie McBlobbules comes in. He’s totally the inside-out-seahorse-in-a-ball-nerd of the deep. You can tell, he’s all adjusting his glasses and writing your French Lit IV paper for you and stuff.


National Geographic has other deep-sea dwellers, but none who know as many theorems as Mr.M here. Thanks, Matthew C.!

Hey, anyone have time to animate those peepers? Come on!!!

// UPDATE — check out this RCF-style ANIMATED VERSION by GoranG, from the comments! //



  1. the polka dots are so bleenin’ kewl!

  2. Those honking huge eyes are wild! Going off in different directions like something from an old Warner Brothers cartoon.

  3. I’ll never cease to be amazed at these wack-o deep sea creatures.

  4. What the devil IS that adorable creature? (Hey, could you pass it my algebra homework?)

  5. *gasps* I want one!!!

  6. Ohmygosh. My brain can’t even sort that into a squid. (The NG site says it’s a “glass squid.”) Man. The ocean is COOL.

  7. What!!?! Polka-dots?!


  8. iLikePlantsToo says:

    It kiiinda looks like he got trapped inside a beach ball… Poor thing

    P.S. I’m new =)

  9. Good work, Cute Agent GoranG! That was called for.

  10. Yeah- he is cute alright, but what I wanna know, is what are the peepers for reals? Generally yer average deep sea types have orifices that are seriously uncute, but more cool. Do they shoot out nerve toxins? Or ink? Any marine biologists in the house? Yo?

  11. OMG! it's Carrie says:

    Hey! that was a great animation! And quick too.

    I love pictures like this

  12. Yitzysmommie says:

    Strong work, GoranG.
    Thees leetle guy looks like a cartoon….

  13. GoranG, that is AWESOME!!! You rock!

    I’ve always loved sea creatures — from afar. The really deep ones are stheriousthly outrageous.


  14. this is so funny! what a cute little squishy. i shall call him squishy and he shall be mine.

    great captioning meg. “french lit paper” lol.

  15. I always wondered where they got balloons from…

  16. Upon closer inspection, this little guy’s “hairdo” reminds me of Astro-Boy…

    What with the pointy bits pointing out as they do.

    “Astro-Boy” the glass squid.

    No… No… That won’t work.

  17. that is an excellent picture.
    and he is Very cool.

  18. luvinmalssomuch says:


  19. Why an Art Director has never based a CGI Creature on a Diatom or some such (well not to my Knowledge) I have know idea.

  20. How does it eat, move, do anything?

  21. That’s REAL! At first I guessed it was just a piece of Cute Merchandise from somewhere. Didn’t register til I saw the words “National Geographic.”

  22. OMG – natural googly-eyes??

  23. Genesis missed a bit.

    Around 3 AM on the night after the sixth day, God had had eight Red Bull martinis and was like ‘Dude, I forgot the deeper parts of the sea. Oh, whatever, no one’s ever gonna look there. GOOGLEY-EYES ON A POLKA-DOTTED PUFFBALL!!! Because I CAN!!!’

  24. This is an awesome photo! Love it!

  25. Okay that lil fella is down right funny looking … Reminds me or myself when I was lil kid and first got my glasses … It’s the googley eye effect!

  26. wow kara
    never thought about it THAT way.
    God has a great imagination.

  27. The glass squid is usually elongated, but it pulls itself into a perfect ball when it’s not eating, so as to reduce it’s size like a “hedgehog of the sea.”

    What we see as googly eyes is actually the *back* of his eyes, as he’s pulled himself inside-out here.

  28. Here’s another view of a glass squid (maybe a slightly different kind):


    LOL, Kara. I don’t know what’s funnier. This bit, or God saying “Dude.”

  30. LOL KARA! Yeah. this is real cool.

  31. Kara!

    I have the same sentiment as AntieMame! Good one..

    As for this creature.. OMG.. It simply does not matter if that’s him looking at us or if that’s the ‘back of his eyes’.. they are still GOOGLY!!!

    lurve him. Want to hug him and squish him.. oh wait.. he already squished.

  32. Of course God is a surfer. God invented TIDES.

  33. he’s got dots! he’s totally styling. I love him.

  34. The last beach ball of summer. I’m with you Jemmy, If it hadn’t said NG I would’a bought one. KEWT!!

  35. OK, I was trying to eat a sandwich when I saw this, and I actually had to put it down or I would choke.

    That creature is a really cute space alien.

    See, this sort of thing is why I can’t be an atheist and I think there’s a place for a “higher power” in science, one that has a really good sense of humor and likes cartoons.

  36. OK, I was trying to eat a sandwich when I saw this, and I actually had to put it down or I would choke.

    That creature is a really cute space alien.

    See, this sort of thing is why I can’t be an atheist and I think there’s a place for a “higher power” in science, one that has a really good sense of humor and likes cartoons.

  37. Um…. Is it wrong to hear polka music in your head when looking at the cute lil poof?

    Cuz I think its awesome-tastic lil polkaspots broke my brain.

    (Bops along to the music in her brains)

  38. Those googly eyes don’t even look real! I love this pic!

  39. I don’t need help with the Fronshe Leet. Eleventh-grade math, maybe. But I’m not in the eleventh grade anymore!

  40. That is the most utterly redonk squid I have ever seen. I’d keep one as a pet if it didn’t explode from the lack of pressure up here. :O

  41. eric blows me away with his smart-a-tude.
    but i hate to think of this little guy as anything but an adorable floaty bouncey ball of fun.

  42. Awwwww! I love him! Why didn’t Nemo introduce us all to the dorks of the deep? He’s too too precious. I want one too….where do we order? Do we just buy God some extra Redbull maritnis and have him throw a few our way?

  43. Barbara: You’re probably thinking of Gary Larson 😉

    As far as the squid…I’m still on the fence. I’m not much of a fan of squishy things like this. (But I’m not a ’nuff! Meg can post fishes all day if she likes!)

  44. He’s like totally retro cool…looks like he’d go well with the line of sheets from Target!


  45. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I know what this reminds me of. Remember those little furry balls with feets, they had little antennas on their head and big eyes that flickered.

  46. luvinmalssomuch says:
  47. mrs fonebone says:

    Check out Debi’s link, above–you see him turned right side out. It seems everything in the ocean finds him deelish, too, alas.

  48. GoranG, awesome animation!

    And if you look at the link that Debi posted, you can totally tell that this guy is inside-out!!! (Actually more like outside-in.)

  49. one of the erins says:

    Weepuls!! NO WAI

    That’s a flashback for sure… I had forgotten all about them, but we used to get them as prizes for… er, something or other … in junior high. Probably for selling candy or reaching some reading goals or something.

    And I didn’t even notice the polka-dots on the lil dewd up there till everyone kept saying so… that’s so awesome!

  50. Wow, on both Cuteoverload.com AND uglyoverload.com – This feesh has it made.

  51. The website Debi linked claims that these guys get eaten by “goblin sharks”.

    Oh gobbling sharks, must you feast on our cartoony friends?

  52. *gently lays squishy on a kooshy bed of rice*

    there there, you get some rest squishy

    *laughs uncomfortably while tucking a lil wasabi blob under squishy’s head*

    it’s not what ya tink 😉


  53. i not gonna eat squishy

    *scoffs achoo*

    he’s just gonna model in our sushi shoot ^^

  54. I thought he was REALLY a beach ball! I want ones!!1!

  55. ZOMG FISHIE!!1!


  57. “I liiiiike the Wizard of OZ”

  58. Aw poo tee toe, skoo wid deet toe! Burble burble meep. Bah nip nip zoy. (hic!) Hi shimmy oop.

  59. One Eyed Daruma says:

    Theo – it sure would be nice to see GoranG’s amimation with the clicky on the picky…

    [Hmm, agreed… – Ed.]

  60. Most. Redonkulous. Post. Evar.
    Pyrit, time to lay off the RedBulltinis.

  61. Mad Amara, I think the music with the Chimp Washing Kitty would be perfect for this little guy to bop along to. 😉

  62. Holy Shmoses just clicked on the Weepuls link– you can get like a THOUSAND for 75 cents!!
    (envisions office covered in pink flamingo Weepuls)

  63. berthaslave says:

    Seriously, I think I used to get these out of a machine for 25 cents. It would come in a little plastic egg thing and you’d blow it up and stick it on a window or a girl’s locker or something.

    The deep sea is God’s psychedelic playground. There’s some really whack s— down there. Like creatures who can live without light.

  64. aww man! somebody beat me to the “I shall call him squishy! And he shall be mine. And he shall be my Squishy!” comment. what a shame, i love finding nemo…

  65. liz: >>i hate to think of this little guy as anything but an adorable floaty bouncey ball of fun.

    NOT to be confused with Happy Fun Ball!

  66. aww, theresa, you got my hopes up. it’s 1,000 weepuls for 75 cents *each*.


    I was going to cover my office in little skunk weepuls.

  67. I’m wondering what species this is since Wikipedia say there are many different genera, species, etc. of glass squid.

    *pokes squid*

  68. Wikipedia SAYS, not say. Oh dear, can’t even type in my native tongue. :/

  69. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I couldn’t believe that they still have WEEPULS. I’m ordering me some too. It will be like lots of gremlins in the office.

  70. Those eyes… I just KNOW I’ve seen those eyes before!

    Take a look at this intro to a Norwegian, eighties children show about a yellow bird called Gullars (“yellow Lars”). How can this bird NOT be a cousin of Eddie?

  71. OMG!! It’s like a Japanese cartoon character come to life. TOO moiche!!


  72. Butter — if you’re using your tongue to type, well, THAR’S yer problem.

  73. GoranG I was so busy looking at the eyes blinking that I totally missed the little tail wiggle the first time I watched your RCF picture.
    Egggggcelllent Job.

  74. ok that Norwegian YouTube clip was trippy in a bad way *trembles*

  75. NYgirly — did you ever watch Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood? Electric Company? Sesame Street? Heck, even Teletubbies! (ESPECIALLY Teletubbies.)

    Trippy is NORMAL for kids.

  76. Of course I’ve seen Mr. Rogers, Electric Company and Sesame Street!!

    but the Teletubbies they’re trippy in a bad way too o_0

    seriously i wondered what all the hubbub is about those tubbies so i watched it for myself… i felt myself getting dumber the longer i watched

  77. *bonx Theo in da head with a stuffed Elmo doll*

  78. book_monstercats@msn.com says:

    I want to turn my eyeballs outside in – they’d be as much use to me that way anyway – *peers myopically and astigmatically*. I want squishy lessons. hello Ilikeplantstoo. Visit again.

  79. I also like “Little Lord Blobbleroy.”

  80. let’s talk about how this one: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2007/08/photogalleries/sea-creatures/images/primary/deepsea4.jpg totally looks like a baboon, shall we?

  81. Theo’s a lil “Randy” today isnt he?

  82. PYRIT!

    Heehee,haahaa, hoohoo

  83. Hm, who to have a crush on: the fishie… OR Göran?!

  84. first the platypus, now this!

    God DOES have a sense of humor!(or maybe drug addiction…no offense meant to anyone)

  85. Ooh, I can help! (And may I just say, SO psyched to see a squid on here.)
    This little guy is Teuthowenia pellucida, a species in the family Cranchiidae, which are commonly called ‘glass’ squids. You can find out more about this species here: http://tolweb.org/Teuthowenia_pellucida/19615.
    And there is a video of another member of the same genus (T. megalops) here: http://www.mnh.si.edu/cephs/vr91/cephs4.html#tmegalo1 .

    Hooray for cute cephs! 🙂

  86. PS – He’s a small cousin of the ‘colossal’ squid, Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colossal_Squid ), which is also a cranchiid, and may look a little like this (googly eyes and all) except on a much bigger scale!

  87. An outside-in squid!


    I think MY eyes are going all googly.

    There is no limit to the wonders of nature, and CO brings them all to us.

    (why do you have to buy 1000 weepuls at a time… no fair…)

  88. Thanks, Tintenfisch! I figured out it was a Chranchiid, but could figure out which genera or species.

    The more you know… 😀

  89. That’s COULDN’T. Jeebs, I’m batting a thousand today, aren’t I?

  90. Mary (the first) says:

    having such a bad day at work and no new posts? BARRRRROOOOOOOOOO mournful howl. Not to take away from Mr. Bubble’s cuteness.

  91. Meg, we need more feeshees on the site. Fishies are ADORA-bib-BLE! MORE FISHIES!!!

  92. Ahh, 1000 bride & groom Weepuls.

    A class-tastic addition to any wedding.

  93. does dis squishy’s momma know he’s posing all nekkid on da internet?

    *arches right eyebrow*

    o for shame!


  94. nekkid squishy = pr0n





  95. Erm, anyone else think it looks like that little paperclip dude that bothers you when you’re using Microsoft Word?

  96. Pants: Squishy != Clippy.


  97. Oh, crap. Thanks a lot, pants. It just got way less cute.

  98. Pyrit, I think I lost quite a few brain cells while laughing hysterically at your post, and it was the best thing ever. Wow.

  99. I would like to play with one… But I would be scared I would break him. =0/

    BTW I’m going to Hobby Lobby so I can make my own Weepuls. I suddenly missed elementary school.

  100. LMAO Kara.
    That was Joss Whedon funny.

    Somebody should send that genius animation into the National G.

    This site makes you talk funny.

  101. Eric, are you sure that you are not in fact the Nerdy Eyed Squid?….*suspicious looks*….or did he just help you with your homework….hmmmmmm

  102. “does dis squishy’s momma know he’s posing all nekkid on da internet?”


    nekkid and inside out *very serious look*

    *long intense look*

  103. Alice Shortcake says:

    What’s Disney waiting for? Get this critter under contract NOW!

  104. Never mind the Weepuls – surely this is an ancient evolutionary ancestor of the Popple?

  105. Awesome!

  106. Go to the weepuls site and check out the weepul shark. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Ever.

  107. violetgreen says:

    Sooo pretty! Like a lost bead from a really cool necklace.

  108. I have a weepul. My son got one from a fireman. It’s got a widdoo fireman’s hat on.

  109. Mary (the first) says:

    YES! the Microsoft Word paperclip dude! That’s what it looks like. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out where I’d seen that face before. He’s the paperclip dude in a swimsuit!!

  110. Kim — ‘Joss Whedon funny.’

    That’s the greatest compliment I have *ever* received. I’m writing that down and putting it on my fridge.

  111. Kara — kinda depends on the season, though, doesn’t it? Joss spans the funny spectrum from top (FULL OF WIN AND AWSUM) to bottom (FULL OF LOSE AND PLEH).

    Don’t get me wrong, though… we’re all Whedon fans in the CatCave. Yep, even the actual cats.

  112. PS — I still think Inara and Angel shoulda hooked up.

  113. NYGurly, Teletubbies are amateur-trippy. BooBah is like Don Juan magic mushroom trippy.

    [Still cheaper, tho. That’s gotta count for something. – Ed.]

  114. Kara, yep, you’re there. It must have been the narative element of a God that says “Dude”.

    Theo, you almost got a flame war there.

    Inara belongs in a ‘ship with ME!

  115. I’m sure she’ll share, as long as we can all manage to stay civil.

  116. He looks like a Southpark character!

  117. love the wagging tail it makes him sooooooooo huggable!

  118. I can not stop staring

  119. Liz: yes, Towelie! Wanna get high?