Learn how to make a free, fun, cat toy for your cat to enjoy, and for YOU TO HURL ON!

OMG, please tell me this guy is not for reals.

There is only one thing to say here: "Grossatating!"

Oh, and nasty, Doradoradorabora. Seriousleh. Zack Scott, points for creativity tho.



  1. Cat toy tastic. urm I think…

  2. that guy has a lot of time on his hands.
    and a really cute kitty.

  3. a-nonomouse says:

    am I missing something? what’s so gross about cat fur??

  4. I think this is a GRRRRREAT idea!!

    I probably get enough fur from my two Aby girls to go into mass production…hmmmmm, now there’s a thought!!

  5. “Better out than in, I always say” *tip of the hat to Shrek*

    I’d rather create the hairball than let my kitty make it….

  6. What I find most disturbing is that I’ve discovered the same thing with my long-haired lazy glob of a cat. I’m just glad they only play with the ones you brush off and not the ones that they cough up!

  7. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I bet this guy will get this patented and make millions.
    Too much time on hands man.

  8. Mmm, pre-hairball. My cats are gonna love this.

  9. HAHAHAHAHA! He’s my new hero! What a pretty kitty.

  10. You can spin that into yarn and knit up a toy for kitty too… maybe fool the neighbors into not grossitating over it! It looks a lot less nasty…

  11. If he brushes enough, he could get enough for a sweater. 😛

  12. Karen in Toronto says:

    I loved the quick shot of the cat carrying it in his/her mouth. All my kitties are fetchers and carriers of this and that. Maybe if you mashed some ‘nip in with the fur…?

  13. After brushing my cat he will go right for the hair ball … it’s irresistible to him to take a big chomp. I always try to catch him before he does this, but most of the time I wind up having to clean up the barfed up hairball I was trying to prevent in the first place.

  14. herpantsness says:

    Uhhh. My cat always tries to EAT the fur I remove from him. That and errant whiskers. Seriously gross.

  15. my cat loves to play with her own fur too, what’s up with that? i guess they find themselves irresistible! it does gross me out though,

  16. Ohlookachicken says:

    I discovered this with my Abby. I tried to keep her from licking the hair on her comb by balling it up. She went nuts when she heard the sound so I started tossed her little balls of hair and she absolutely adored her new toys. Weird kitty. Gross, yeah a little, but she did love her hair balls.

  17. oh goody, roll-yer-own hairballs!

  18. lazy cat?


    fur removal thingy?


    omg, i’m leaving work now so i can go home and start on this right away!


  20. mojojojo – better than roll-yer-own harbls.

  21. rolling a fatty made me laugh ^^

  22. Next stop: Spin those babies into cat yarn to make cat mitties, cat scarves, cat toques and cat sweaters.

  23. Hahahaha!

    One lazy cat – *poke*.

  24. My kitty loves fur balls too – I always catch him playing with them! Quick – someone market this!

  25. My little furball does this. She will actually dive into the trash to retrieve the fur from the brush and then runs around yelling to let me know she hunted up some goodies!

    It’s cute at 4 PM not so much at 4 AM.

  26. You know what’s REALLY grosstastic about that video? Cat butt all over the dining room table. That is some nasty shizz right there.

  27. I already do this…on the rare occasions that I can brush my cats without getting bit. They also LOVE the hair from MY hairbrush.

  28. Was totally scared to watch this UNTIL I checked comments. I didn’t think it so gross…not pleasant but not totally gross. May as well put that fur to some use…

  29. Oh my gosh, I’ve totally done that! When my kittehs were young, they were totally fascinated by their own fur that came out of their brush. Except, they weren’t into chasing it as much as licking it. I think they thought it was still a part of them- a part that needed to be groomed. SO cute.

  30. I agree Melanie, but you know they do it while you’re gone during the day anyway, right?

  31. you MUST check out his other cat videos. Especially the one “Kitten Loves Puppy”. That one is TRULY cute.

  32. Quick Market this.. You guys are funny, who would buy a hairball toy they could make themselves….Hmmmm Starts thinking about all the money I have wasted on bottled water… Runs to go make kitty hairballs for kitties to play with…

  33. Can somebody say “hair ball”?

  34. Andrea|Nash says:

    hahahaha! heeheehee…

    Zach’s a genius AND chuckly to the max.

  35. ooh, aah, hmm says:

    it’s not (that) gross.

    doesn’t look especially sturdy, though, meaning you’ll end up with all the fluffy corners and barfed-up hairballs you prevent by grooming yer kitty.

    it needn’t come to this. here are some free toys my cat loves:
    crumpled aluminum foil
    crumpled daily calendar pages
    paper bags

    not free, but cheap toys he loves:
    peacock feathers
    miniature whiffle balls

  36. You guys find this gross, and yet a few posts back there’s a picture of a dog licking a baby’s face and everyone was cool with that?!

    Am I the only one that finds that completely backwards?

  37. Lol….I totally did that a couple nights ago! Didn’t get a clump of fur that big, but my kitty still enjoyed it!

  38. now that is just a massive hairball waiting (and not for very long!!) to happen. not good,not good at all..>_>

  39. ^ so sayeth me. oops.

  40. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Can someone PLEASE tell me where I can get one of those fur removers?!!! I NEED!

  41. This reminds me of a friend of my mother’s – she has a brace of himalayans, that shed like no-body’s business, so she decided that she would take the hair, spin it into wool, and knit a sweater with it (no, seriously – my mother really knows people who think like this). All well and good – she knitted a sweater with the left over cat hair, and it was incredibly soft and fuzzy. Until it rained, at which point she stank like a wet cat.
    The moral of this story? Not entirely sure, but I think it goes something like “If you want a new sweater, go buy one.”

  42. My cat LOOOVES to lick plastic bags.

    Not eat. Just lick. When he’s got the option to sneak outside the open front door or lick the grocery bags I’ve just dropped on the ground, he takes the bags (over his own freedom!!) any time.


    Free toys are nice.

    He also enjoys crumpled paper. He swears it moves.

  43. [APPLAUSE] for Tee Jay!

  44. OH ok I don’t feel so bad anymore. I do this for my cats for a few hours. Cheap and easy toy to say the least. I do clean it up after a while given that Kitty will try to eat the Hattie fur and the hairballs…well…yeah cue the gross factor.

  45. JazzKate — a small wadded-up piece of paper is Rikki’s favorite toy now, too. He bats ’em around, carries ’em in his mouth, chews & drools all over ’em, bats ’em around some more, then drops ’em in the water dish. And THEN he fishes ’em out and finds creative places to hide ’em, maybe so they can dry? a little? theoretically?… anyway. Of course, this allows *us* to share in the fun.

  46. weird! I totally forgot that I sent that in.

  47. Is this supposed to be CUTE?

  48. i think that is a cool little trick but who wants to sit there and brush thier cat for that long i would just give my cat a ball of yarn.

  49. I bet he rolled up some nip with that fur…

  50. I see nothing gross about this.

  51. ahahahaha!! i make those for my cat and he goes bananas for these…i really dont know why but its funny that someone made a vid.

  52. Peanut's human, Judy says:

    I was kinda afraid to watch this, what with all the ‘gross’ talk, but I don’t see anything gross here at all. Dorky? YES. Lame? YES. Queer? YES. But nothing gross. I also see a VERY CUTE KITTY!

    I spoil my Peanut rotten with toys from the pet store…and he ignores them. But a plastic grocery bag, empty box, or wadded up piece of paper, and he’s good to go!

  53. great idea I have one too why not minced mouse cat food??

  54. Lol, very hilarious video, specially the end when they cat is all like “Gimme that hair!” and swats it out of his hand hehe

  55. omfg that’s hilarious! That cat was all over those furry fatties.

  56. EEWWW! Why don’t I roll up MY hair into a toy and let my cat play with that?!

  57. I’m feeling a little sheepish (no pun intended), but I do this with my cat too and I had no idea so many people would find it gross. I’ll make sure my kitties do this behind closed doors 🙂

  58. Flamenca Mama says:

    Ha ha! That was funny and sneezy… I’m allergic to cats, although I do find them fascinating creatures. Kitty loves his own hair=)

  59. I was askeered to watch this with the “hurl” reference in the intro text and was expecting something like that kitten fight video…ew. I thought this was cute and again, bring on the guys who love cats!

  60. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!! Love it!

  61. so, this guy is, I THINK, doing a send-up of MAKE magazine’s Weekend Projects Video Podcast hosted by Bre Pettis, in which he shows you cool projects to try over the weekend. The archive is here:
    it’s a pretty decent homage.

  62. i have been doing this for years, but because i have a vintage Chatham Puff by Marlee(for fur COATS), i get less and make the hair into ball(do need moistened hands).

  63. Yes! I have made cat-fur-felt-balls for years from all my cats! They don’t seem to like the ball-shaped fur, but I save them (yes, I really do!) and have them in a beautiful vintage Depression Glass bowl. They are all sizes with slight variation in colors, due to the variation in my cats. Some people may think it’s icky, but it’s no ickier, really than having cats in the house, if you stop to think about it. It’s also an artistic statment that has to do with texture and form. If anyone were to Google “saving hair of loved ones” they might come up with the Victorian practice of makng elaborate hair art with the hair of deceased loved ones, kept in a locket or behind glass on the mantle… no weirder than my felt balls, and I make MINE when the kitties are still alive. ONLY when they’re still alive. I’ve seen much MUCH ickier art forms, trust me!

  64. It may seem icky, but cats go bonkers over them.

  65. berthaslave says:

    Bertha HATES being combed, but in the summer months she needs it most. She’s teeny but int he space of a week she can produce a second cat, basically. And if I don’t get it, it winds up in her tummy (where she hurls it up) or on the floor (where she eats it, THEN hurls it up). Trust me, I though this video would get a LOT grosser.


  67. I kept waiting for the guy to hurl at the end. I’m so glad he didn’t. I don’t think the kitty-hair stogies are gross at all, and I’m going to go make one right now!

    By the way, Tony James, how many Himalayans constitute a brace? I’m guessing four.

  68. I guess some people think it’s gross because the hairball resembles kitty poo? I thought that’s what he was going to pull out from the kitteh to play with. This is MUCH less gross.

  69. Theo –

    Re: Letting you enjoy the fun too

    Cats are selfless like tha-

    No. Can’t even finish that sentence.

  70. I make them look like fat little mice. It’s the only toy my cat really loves. He probably is thinking “this toy smells fantastic! Just like meeee-yowwww!”

  71. Add my kitty to the growing crowd that just cannot resist the scent of his very own self 🙂

  72. My cats would be dumb enough to eat them. They already eat the hair that they pull off themselves. I’m always grabbing it away from them before they swallow it.

    And yes, you can have it spun into yarn and knit a toy for them with it. I actually have a dog hair (note the irony) mouse with a bell in it that someone knitted for my cats. They love it.

  73. Ex-Network Geek says:

    LoveofIsis, I think you can get those at most pet stores. It’s called a shedding tool, I believe. My cats love it. I usually use that in one hand and a brush or slicker brush in the other to catch the loose hair before it goes all over the place.

    I felt up the collected hair a little bit when I’m brushing my cats, but only to keep it under control until I’m through and I go throw it away. 🙂 I do not know how a ten pound cat can produce a pound of shed fur a week, but it sure seems like that sometimes.

    I did save their fur for a while, when I was teaching myself to spin, but never got interested enough to try it. But I made them a toy with it. I had read the suggestion that you take the little plastic “cage” balls that have a bell inside and put wool around it and felt it, and I did that but using the cat hair. Then I dyed it (using food coloring, which works well on animal fibers). Of course the colors are dull because cat hair always looks grayish when balled up like that, so I have a felted ball that is dark grayish red on one side and dark grayish teal on the other.

    Tony, there is a place on the web, I forget where, that you can send your saved pet fur and they will card it for you (a process that makes spinning easier) and, more importantly, they will wash it with some sort of enzyme product that gets rid of the smell. At least, so the site says — I never tried it. I think if you google “spinning cat fur” you’ll find it.

  74. Not that gross. My ex used a squirrel tail as a cat toy. He’d shot it out hunting, ate the squirrel meat and that’s what was left over.

  75. Holy dreadlocks!

  76. Ex-Network Geek says:

    Oh, and Molly — I brush my cats for that long, because I’d rather brush it off them than clean it off the floor later in a wet glob. But I think it takes me less than ten minutes to collect that much hair off my cats. Especially right now; I think they are going through a seasonal shed.

  77. I forgot to say earlier – good looking kitty too!

    And, Blackacre, yes. I think you are the only one, 😉

  78. Kitty’s nose looks like a Mickey Mouse head.

  79. Nothing new here! Been making furballs from my kittehs/for my kittehs for 30+ years! They love ’em! 🙂

  80. OMG it’s the attack kitteh! I heart him!

  81. how is that gross? cats shed anyways, it’s not like you’re using the fur they caugh up in furballs.

  82. Low cost, easy, and potentially fun for kitty? Yes.

    Will give me the fright of my life if I step on a cat-produced wet yucky gross imitation of this toy at 5am on my way to the bathroom, thinking it’s a harmless ball of fluff?

    Sorry, Kitty. You lose this one. No fluff for you.

  83. This is the art of “felting”, depending on the kind of cat and the length of the cat hair it is indeed spinnable. BUT WASH the fuzz (put it in one of those bags for washing delicates and hand wash in the sink with woolite or baby shampoo…) My cats have such short, slick, hair that to spin it, it has to be blended with some kind of wool.

  84. I’m now also thinking that one could knit, crochet or just sew up a toy with the felted cat fuzz used as a stuffing material with a little catnip… much less likely to get eaten and upchucked later.

  85. Oh man that was hee-la-ree-oussssss.

    I think our pal Zack here smoked one too many of those.

  86. Laura Castellano says:

    Heh. I have enough fur on the floor from my six cats to make a ton of those right now. Maybe I should sell them at a flea market. 🙂

  87. book_monstercats says:

    I am all “Wow, that’s great. Didn’t the kitteh look great after (s)he’d been brushed? He can be a Cute Overload Boy. Uuurrggg gross”>

    Now I am going to lie down. It is 4am here.

  88. I am shocked at his lack of irony.

  89. Ok, here’s the thing. He has a collection of them! Multiple cats? A lockbox in which to treasure them???

  90. my parents have a two-year-old golden retriever named moose…whenever they groom him in the back yard he can’t resist chasing down the golden fluffs of hair floating in the breeze…he looks awfully funny when he actually catches them and can’t figure out how to get his own hair back out of his mouth!

  91. Skippy – a brace is normally a pair, as in “a brace of matched Purdeys”.

    NetworkGeek – um…spinning cat fur? Would this be fur from the famed Syrian Spinning Cats, whose fame caused the ancient city of Apamea to become one of the most prosperous trading centres in the middle east. Its location on the Silk Road is incidental – its power stemmed from the fact that people from all over the world would gather and pay to watch the spinning cats. No, seriously.

  92. JazzKate – One of our cats likes to lick plastic bags too. We have to try to keep them out of her reach because she has met us at the door on more than one occasion stuck in the bag with the handles wrapped around her middle.

  93. ROFL! Cat hair fatties! Now that’s one cat toy to consider. Look at how that cat bats it around and jumps after it. Wonder if it was “laced” with catnip? *wink wink*

  94. The lenghts some people are willing to go… *collapses, depressed*

  95. I DO have one lazy cat (two, actually) and a cat fur remover tool thing!

    I can brush my cat over and over to remove as much fur as possible!
    Yes I can!

    My cat should thoroughly enjoy this process!
    Wait, I think I’m getting lost…

    It should take no more than 10 to 20 minutes!
    Now I’m definitely lost….

  96. PS. While on the subject of brushing cats, has anyone tried the Furminator? I’ve heard it works wonders.

  97. He’s kinda cute. The cat too.

  98. He’s kinda cute. Nice cat too.

  99. That’s hysterical!

  100. Sorry,was there a cat in that video,cos all I saw was a cute guy….

  101. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    I thought the Guy was making a Qualude don’t ask me what they are I am 56 for Chrissakes.

  102. Tugs –

    Yours is the first cat besides my own who I’ve heard of having a back-licking obsession.

    Tell me – do you ever wake up in the dead of night to the crinkling of a plastic bag?

    I do.

    Secret midnight licks.

  103. And by “back-licking” I meant “bag-licking”…

  104. i did it and my cats loved it! please take this out of the gross category and put it into crafty!

  105. You actually can collect your pet’s fur and pay someone to make it into yarn so you can knit it into something.
    I was amused by this cat toy because someone in my house has already been doing the same thing, though in the shape of a ping pong ball.

  106. JazzKate – Yes, I am awakened in the night by the crinkling. It drives me nuts.

  107. Graffiti:
    “My mother made me a homosexual”
    Added below:
    “If I give her the cat fur, will she make me one?”

  108. my friend and i make the little fur balls and bring them to one another’s cats when we visit. totally gross, but always a big hit!

  109. I’ve been doing this for years. My cats love it. Rolled up tin foil is a bit hit too.

  110. Ahahahahaha….*breathe*……Ahahahahahaha

    This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a loooong time. I’m going to watch this over and over and over and over again.

  111. wait! if kitty is chewing on his hair toy, isn’t he going to swallow some of that fur? won’t that create MORE hairballs for us to clean up???


  112. oh yes… since I was made aware of this site about a month or so ago, during another posting here,
    I have been saving my cats’ fur…
    no idea how long it will take to get 2 oz..
    what does 2 oz of cat hair look like?

  113. i love it!!!! This guy is great.
    Why pay tons of money for toys cats turn their noses up at? This is not gross, but very cool, and well done, I might add. I’m gonna try this!

  114. Crazy. One of my cats does that too. She’s completely obsessed with eating her own hair…walks around the house with it sticking out of her mouth like a beardo.

  115. Well… it’s sort of gross, but on the other hand, this video made me smile because the kitty looks well cared for, seems to be having such a good time (the lolling while being groomed was especially cute), and acts very comfortable indeed with the guy. It’s heartwarming to see pets and their people so sympatico. Thanks for posting this.

  116. What’s the big deal? My cat makes these on her OWN all the time…she just uses her intestines to roll them up and the barfs it up…

  117. per the VIP fur site:


    What ifs you goes in the oceans?

  118. one of the erins says:


    I found it browsing the site a minute ago. What a cool idea!

  119. Hilarious! Our cats do the same thing. I love how he presented is as a hand how-to video!

  120. Don’t see what’s so gross about making toys out of cat fur. It’s not like he’s making them out of hairballs the cat barfed up.

  121. Banshee Fay says:

    Yes, yankeebird. We shelled out the money for it because our Midnight DOES NOT take his laxative well, and after the first set, we decided there has to be something else other than that, so we saw it in the store, and for some reason I INSISTED we get that one…something about it. Anyways, go to the site, and it’s just as good irl as you see in those videos. We brush Midnight twice a week and I’m still surprised how much that little short hair boy can shed. And his coat looks so much better too!

    Ouh, and here’s the link:

    If you go to the demos section, click the bottom right corner, with the black dog….it’s just like that for our little kitty. Just gobs of hair. And boy does he love it!

  122. one of the erins – omg! thanks for the link…
    an average size plastic grocery bag! packed down tight!
    lol, even with my herd, I will be collecting till I’m like a hundred years old…

  123. Add my vote to the ones saying cat fur (brushed off) isn’t a bit gross. Coughed-up fur is. Although I concur on the cat-fur sweater. A little too weird.

  124. I agree 100% with Karen – I don’t think it’s gross at all, and I thought the same thing: a HAIRBALL – that would be gross.

    *Disturbing* is the recent video clip where the guy with the camera taunts the chihuahua to ‘get his bone’ from the big nasty dog. That was disturbing, and not really very Cute, I thought.

  125. Hmmmm. Loose cat hair, dander and dust mites?

    That’s OK, I’ll just “starve” myself to afford the 99-cent cat toy… I mean, does anybody really want huge hairball dreadlock poop-looking things laying around their house getting covered in cat drool? Or getting eaten? Ugh!

  126. Dude– you’re not supposed to take THIS much hair off your cat just to make a toy:

    I love Otto’s passion for his toy– what a beautiful cat!

  127. MMM, looks like owl pellets!

  128. Beavis's Human says:

    Okay, Beavis would just lick the thing, swallowing fur, until there was nothing left. Then puke up a hairball. Seriously, that’s what he tries to do with the excess hair when I brush him. Crazy kitty…

  129. Ex-Network Geek says:

    Yankeebird (and Banshee Fay):
    I think the Furminator depends a lot on the exact kind of coat your cat has. I got one (order online, Amazon’s price is like half what Petco charges) and was unimpressed the first time I tried it on my cats. It did work, but not better than the cheaper shedding tool. But then this last weekend I tried it again and it took much more hair off my one cat who always sheds more. I think they have seasonal sheds and this is probably the time for one. (Like, lose some summer fur to grow in some heavier winter fur or something?)

    I’m still not sure if the Furminator removed more hair than the shedding tool, but it collected it slightly better and this cat seemed to like it better. (I think the other cat prefers the shedding tool.) Certainly it wasn’t a dramatic difference like in the website video where they use some other tools and then the Furminator on a dog and the Furminator pulls out great clouds of hair.

    Anyway, there were a lot of reviews at Amazon from people with different types of pets, so I recommend checking the reviews there if you’re interested.

  130. Er, guys? Did anyone look at the other videos? The one with a white cat playing with himself? No, seriuosly, it’s – I don’t know what to call it! – But Meg should know sometimes unwanted videos or at least unintended videos get linked through YouTube… I confess I laughed MAO though.

    And to those worried about the little chihuahua go to the guy’s YouTube page, he has a disclaimer, these dogs are friends.

  131. yea, I think it’s a great idea.
    it seems to be the same concept as when you take a dog’s collar off and they are really interested in, at least smelling it, if not biting and playing with it

  132. Gross? NOT! What a fantastic way to recycle your cat.

  133. Heh. My kitty was very interested in his brushed-off fur, too. 🙂

  134. Cute. Ish. Maybe this is part of a new “cute, but weird” category?

    If that is the case, then this strange Michel Gondry short (on the DVD for “The Science of Sleep”) ought to qualify too.

    It’s partly an ad for Hollywood Kitty (“Get a Cat: It’s better than crack”) No baby kittens, but the film really does take cute to the limits (check out Gael Garcia Bernal in his catsuit):

  135. It has always puzzled my why cats cannot digest their own hair.

  136. In my house, we take the fur from one kitty and roll it into a ball… which cat #2 will play fetch with for hours! It’s her favorite thing, and she waits expectantly when cat #1 is under the brush.

  137. What a gorgeous cat!

  138. I don’t get it. Ferret piss is adorable but cat hair is gross?

  139. Okay, I was just really curious, so I tried this. My kitties didn’t exactly play with it for hours (they’re too lazy), but there were interested enough to play with it for a while. Longer than they would play with anything I paid money for. It does look a little gross to walk in and see it laying in the floor though… 🙂

  140. Amy – LOL (but stifled due to being at work)

  141. 55% gross, 45% cute. But free.

  142. Whenever I brush my dog he tries to eat the hair. It’s an animal thing. Ughgh.

  143. ’tis a little gross – but my kitty too loves her some of her own furballs


  144. Peanut's human, Judy says:

    “huge hairball dreadlock poop-looking things”

    LMAO@ beep_beep

  145. It’s true… cats like to play with their own fur. I take an easter egg and put two large unswallowable buttons in it. Then I put some cat fur that I’ve brushed off my cat inside. The cat likes it more than stuff she has that’s got catnip in it.

  146. not that narsty, it resoursfull.