Time for kitteh bocce

See you on the courts. [Adjusts paws and tucks head to make best rounded shape]


Jen S., you can be on my team.



  1. What a frightened kitty face! What a cute ball! :::trying to turn my kitty into a bocci ball…..mending my wounds::::: I’ll have to leave kitty balls to the experts. (Bleen?)

  2. Aww….Look at those pads….

    He’s so cute, but not that happy.

  3. po’ lil kitty tux back into ball and goes back to sweep…

  4. Don’t forget to kiss the little paw pads for good luck.

  5. Tucked Tux

  6. That is the face you get when the bocceh kitteh lands too far from the target…let em go back to sleepies please.

  7. I love the “Um, ok?” look on this teeny’s face! *snorgles widdle paw pads*

  8. Yay!! What a perfect post! Sunday is my bocce league day! This post must have brought us luck today (as did the NY Times article on the revival of bocce) since we won our first two matches of the fall season today!

    The kitteh’s head is probably the perfect size for a pallino, too.

  9. (Not that I’m advocating kitten head pallinos (pallini?) — but they would be SUPER cute…)

  10. I want to snorgle you all day kitteh those blue eyes melted me to the floor *bonk* head on floor pass out with big grin on the face

  11. I’m just glad you don’t slap bocce balls around with mallets. When did bocce get to be trendy? It used to be played by the old guys in my neighborhood with saggy pants and missing teeth.

  12. Yitzysmommie says:

    His nose! His skeptical blue eyes: “What is this pink fool going to do with me now?” His leetle pink jellybean pads! His curled-up-ness!

  13. Kitty toes! I want to neeble them…:)

  14. Maybe this is the reenactment of the croquet game from Alice in Wonderland. What are they using for mallets, though? Dachshunds?

    Off with their heads!

  15. Gah! Toesies! What a cute lil mouthful!

  16. We need a rule about reaching your nose with your toes.

    That double pink shot is killing me!

  17. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I’m only like #17 on this pic? Where in the HELL is everybody? I wanna do the soff kronsche on all dose widdow jellehbeens!! Come’eer yoo!!!SQUEE!!!

  18. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I love the mitten-paws. I love them I love them I love them!!!! Mitten paws!!!!! (bashes head into keyboard as driven insane by vuteness that is mitten paws).

  19. err… vuteness, cuteness… whatever.

    MITTEN PAWS!!!!!!!

  20. berthaslave says:

    Looks to me like a kitteh-modified half-plough. That glazed look on the kitteh face is pure yoga pleasure. And, breathe….

  21. She reminds me of my little 6-toed Annabelle! She likes to air her bum too.

  22. Aww, little furball! I wanna kiss his feet!

  23. KAWAII!

  24. Those eyes!

  25. adorables! sweet little kitten potato bug!

  26. I used to play puppy-bocci with my husky; see if you can get the tennis ball between her front paws before it gets bitten. LOL

  27. The closest my cat can get (in size) is a 10-pin bowling ball…

  28. lift kitten in pitching had turn kitten upside doewn in turtle position, tuck in front paws
    tuck in back paws gently roll Kitty Bocci ball down the Green..

    URk… hey get back here kitty…. you can’t just run away like that, you are my kitten Bocci ball.

  29. please note tail curled gently and delicately under arm.

  30. Ok…I’m kinda impressed that y’all know what bocce is! I coach Special Olympics bocce, and my kids would cry if we used a kitteh ball!

  31. mygawd – the feetzz!!!!!!! *faint*

  32. awwww it’s way sweet but u should becareful wid kittens as they only little

  33. Tux ball! Yay!