THIS JUST IN: Ridiculous bunny wedges @

Can you imagine taking your shoe off, like at the office, in the middle of the day, and snorgling it?

The heel/tailio action is the best part. If you moved your toes just right, it would look like they’re sniffing…


Another sweet submishe from roving Cuteporter Kora 😉 Available on the site.



  1. Holy crap. I’m buying those.

  2. I am SO getting some of those. I like the lighter ones.

  3. Stacy & Clinton would have a coronary…

  4. Cute, cute, cute but oh so wrong…

  5. Years ago, I knoew a German woman, who had a pair of shoes with kitty faces on the toes, complete with whiskers. She laughed when I complimented them, and said “They’re in cases there are any mouses in the building.” 😉
    I also learned the word “Schnurrhaare” (whiskers) from her.

  6. mmmm… can’t imagine ever wanting to snorgle any shoes of mine… even if they were that cute… especially after wearing them nonstop for weeks n weeks n weeks n …..

  7. Yitzysmommie says:

    AAAIIIIEEEE! I needs those!
    JazzKate – you ‘ve got that right. They’d toss those prosh shoes right into the garbage can.

  8. acelightning says:

    Who says you can’t wear your bunny slippers to work? 😉

  9. 54 freaking dollars?
    ok, go nuts, you bunny people you 🙂

  10. The only shoes I could afford last year at the high-high end shoe store I adore was the little flats made of rubber with WHISKERS. Like these, but mice. They were awesome, but I didn’t buy them.

  11. this jus’ doesn’t look like something nordstrom would carry o_0

    i picture em more at shana logic or sumpin

  12. oh

    and i wub What Not to Wear!

    someone pleasepleaseplease nominate me for that show!!

  13. more important to note than the fact that they’re available at nordstrom is to note that they are BC shoes, and probably also available at you don’t have to give nordi’s the money! (or the credit). 🙂

  14. WANT!!!!!! BUNNEH SHOES!!! WANT!!!

  15. Ohmygosh ohmygosh … I want a pair!!!

  16. Tc: Unfortunately, they are $55 at bc footwear.
    ( (
    . .

  17. I must say, those shoes are utterly redonkulous. 🙂

  18. Absolutely adorable–would be even better if the proceeds went to some animal support agency or something.

  19. Oh I shouldn’t, oh, oh I so shouldn’t…

    But they’d be like the going-out equivalent of the bunny slippers I crocheted…

    I hate being poor. *stomps un-bunnified foot and sulks*

  20. WANT.

  21. On the other hand, you just need to buy one pair, put em in the closet, and by morning you´ll have enough to start a whole retail outlet.

  22. OK, here’s the plan, then: Meg buys one pair, lets them multiply, and sells them at a discount in the CO store.

  23. Those are the most absurd shoes that I have ever seen in my whole life. I must have a pair in grey.

  24. ok whio forgot to take there med’s? Just kidding thanks but I’ll pass on these. I’am afraid my cats will terrize these shoes to death.

  25. berthaslave says:

    Shoes are cute?

    Excuse me, I’m going to watch the ball game. Call me when teh cute aminals come back in non-shoe form.

    : belch :

    And no, I’m not stopping to ask for directions.

  26. ** correction, bcfootwear.NET

  27. Christine H says:

    OMGCUTE. I love them, but so few shoes fit my narrow heels, and they’re too much money for me to spend right now :(.

  28. .


    that’s really funy
    a shoe
    like that…

  29. book_monstercats says:

    I want to storm out of a business meeting full of stuffy fellow lawyers (they’re not all stuffy, but when they are….)who come ready prepared with their heads up their own backsides, and give ’em an eyeful of bunny tail on my shoe as I leave. Now every time I am in a horrible, meeting, I will think of that. Thank you, thank you…..

  30. stacia and bellacakes says:

    and they’re animal skin free! Just bought em. gettin ready to snuggle up.

  31. Oh, I want some of those so badly (the grey ones!) but alas they do not ship internationally.

    Woe is me. WOE!

  32. WANT!!

  33. Hahahahaha, I want to see someone wearing these….

  34. i would totally wear the grey ones. i love them!
    actaully the other styles of wedges that company makes are pretty cute too!

  35. Those are the dummest looking shoes I have ever seen… lol – I think I am old now (officially)

  36. Aww I would totally get these if I didn’t think I’d hear “why are you wearing your slippers in public?”

  37. They are 2cute. Someone, try to make home made ones and post pix !!

  38. These are fantastic! I would buy the gray ones, just because of the teef! LOL!

  39. OMG – I’ve been looking for cute flats to wear under my wedding dress (you won’t be able to see ’em ’cause the dress is floor length). I’ve been joking about wearing slippers w/cute animal heads on ’em or something. Guess my search is over!

  40. This is TOO cute!!! I must go get myself a pair~

  41. BoogieG you must wear those under your wedding dress. IT would be way to cute and you would have a wonderful memory to tell either your own daughter(s) or Daughter-in law(s) on their wedding day.

    Not to mention your own giggle factor for a day that is usually full of the stress of a full on family and Friends event Not to mention all the rest of the stuff, the worry and enormity of getting married.

  42. it’s a cute idea but i think they’re really tacky.

  43. BC FOOTWEAR: Style – Women’s Wildlife Preserve Natural Bunny …

    perfect for naturally wild women …

    esp to wear at their wedding …:)

  44. *points at name* Ok so my birthday is coming up. I have NO guilt what so every (pushes boyfriend aside) on ordering these. I have to, I am Bunny!!!!!

    *goes back to justifying the money to her honey*

  45. I have a friend who has panic attacks at work, and her birthday is coming up…who can be panicked with emergency fluffy bunny shoes hiding under their desk? Nobody has to know.

  46. Ok, I dreamt about these last night. The gray ones, specifically.

  47. I’m so getting those!

  48. they ARE tacky! But fabulously so!

  49. ROFL! I’ll take the beige!

  50. WAAAAAANT!!!!!

  51. These ‘bunny’ shoes from Seychelles can also be found at Karmaloop for a little bit less than at Nordstrom –>

  52. sorry can't say says:

    LOL LOL LOL!!!!

    That is the most cutest thing ever!!!

  53. I HAVE THESE!!!!
    And i loves them: