Mission: Sqwerlpossible!

Who is the drug-snorting maniac that came up with this one!? I love it.

People, I give you the "Sqwerl Obstacle Course". [Plus bonus vending machine stealing footage]

Stephen S., thanks fer pointing this one out 😉



  1. I LOVE the soundtrack! And squirrels are wonderful 🙂

  2. Renee in Texas says:

    This is too funny!!! Who knew there was a need for a sqwerl obstacle course???

  3. Okay, that proves it. We need to stop “preventing” squirrels from getting at the birdfeeders.

  4. dats totally nuts ^^

    you can totally tell they used squirrel doubles 😉

    oh and i wanna marry the video splicer guy ‘Mike Cupcake’ so I can be Missus Cuppycake ^^

  5. almost Bleen again!
    I saw this several years ago, on educational tv. (PBS? Discovery? Animal Planet?) on a show about squirrels and how incredibly smart they are.

  6. Thank you, Cuteoverload! I love the leetle squirrels. *heart’s cockles are warmed*

  7. the music and obstacle course was killing me, but the fuzzy squirrel tail sticking out of the vending machine at the end was the final death blow.

  8. They used to show this on the Beeb back when I was a nipper – the show was called “Daylight Robbery”, and they talked to all sorts of people who were coming up with ideas to prevent squirrels from raising bird feeders. They invented an obstacle course http://www.squirrels.org/t_video.html
    which the fuzzy little bandits mastered pretty quickly, and then there was the Daylight Robbery II sequel. What was cool was how they showed the squizzels learning how to get through it – cunning and intelligent widdle fuzzkins 🙂

  9. Unh Hun I rest My case about squirrel domination of the world..

  10. LOL brilliant.. looks like he’s having fun doing it too =)

  11. Yes its a BBC TV show , I remember seeing it the first time around

  12. Are you KIDDING ME with the red rocket at the end???!

  13. Too cute!

    This recently came my way, for those who yearn for panditude. Look at the way she’s waving to her fans!


  14. I dunno, that was a great video, but if he was really *that* smart, wouldn’t he just climb up the pole with the nuts on in the first place?

  15. y’all ready for National Squirrel Awareness Week?


  16. I love those little guys! The vending machine had me cracking up! Took long enough to select something with nuts then zoooommmmmm. Success!

  17. Daylight Robbery was one of the highlights of my childhood. I was always telling people about the vending machine thefts. amazing lil guys!

  18. Mrs Jessica F. says:

    Is it just me or does it look like the smart little fluffernutter even manage to grab a “Payday” bar filled with delectabuhls penuts?

  19. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    If dee sqwerl eeats too mucho of dee kandeebars, dee sqwerl vill geet too fawt and geet stuck in vendy-macheen.

  20. I object strongly to this movie because:

    1) it’s cruel towards squirrels
    2) it’s cruel towards vending machines
    3) it’s cruel towards other less-capable, differently-abled rodents
    4) “obstacle course” is a cruel word, please use “alternate approach course” instead
    5) it glorifies obstacles, which kill billions every day
    6) it glorifies candy bars, which fatten billions every day
    7) it glorifies vending machines, which tip over onto billions every day
    8) it glorifies squirrels’ ingenuity at the expense of their spirituality

    Oh, the suffering.

  21. “I dunno, that was a great video, but if he was really *that* smart, wouldn’t he just climb up the pole with the nuts on in the first place?”

    Posted by: Blackacre | Sep 16, 2007 at 03:54 PM

    I too saw the whole TV show a decade ago – they did something to the pole with the nuts on it so that there was only 1 way on – so no climbing or jumping. I like the paw action making the little red rocket go faster!

  22. Lucie, yours has to be the best ’nuff-ish post ever. 🙂

    Great video! I should make all my friends who doubt animal intelligence watch this.

  23. I, too, saw the “daylight robbery” show. I was truly amazed at how smart squirrels are. Cute too!

    Love the skwerl in the rocket ship! Vroom! Hit light speed, Chewy!

  24. Ya, I remember that show too – it was imported into the Colonies by PBS… 80s? I can’t even remember any more… 😛

  25. michellemybelle says:

    Wouldn’t you just die if you reached in the vending machine for your Kit Kat and got a hand full of squirrel?

  26. After all that, he just gets peanuts? Come on, up the ante!

  27. Cheeky bastard!

  28. Wow. I was thinking that things couldn’t get any better than the little red rocket, and then we saw the vending machine! Waaaay too cute!

  29. Oh the little rocket killed me! I missed the vending machine the first time because I was still laughing so hard about the rocket.


  31. Magic Mood Jeep says:


    I remember seeing this on TV a number of years ago.

    Aparently, some people wanted to see how resourceful skwerls were when it came to stealing from their bird feeders, so they kept adding more and more to the “course”. The hardes part were the white things on a rope – they spin, throwing the skwerl off balance. Hence why he/she dashed over them like they were on fire!

    I think it took three days for the skwerls to “master” the art of the “obstacles”.

    Rodents, yes, but not stupid!

  32. Squirrels need a challenge. Otherwise they just stash all their nuts underneath the hoods of cars.XD

  33. I just love squirrels. I could watch them all day. I would be interested in seeing the footage of the squirrels trying to figure out the course. THAT would be funny.

  34. Awww! I would never get anything done if that was outside my window. I’d just watch the squirrrls all dayy. 🙂

  35. First thought (beyond: aw…how cute is that?!?) was:

    When did squirrels start competing in Ninja Warrior?


  36. I bet my smallest girlie rat could do all that… if I let her. Normally I run and get her when she starts shimmying up the furniture.

  37. On an unrelated note… check out this bird that mimics other birds and also… well, see for yourselves 🙂


  38. I have wanted a sqwirl for years and now I want one even more so I can train it to do stuff. So cute!

  39. well it beats wathing the darn things fall off the electric lines 50 to 75 feet to the ground and standing there trying to remember what the heck they got up for.
    can I give that little guy nuts for stealing me a butterfinger????? LOL

  40. watching not wathing sorry peeps

  41. berthaslave says:

    A few weeks ago, I sent in a video of a sqeurwl walking up to me on the golf course and climbing on my finger, and thought for sure I’d get on C.O.

    Now, I see how high the standard is. I remain humbled.

  42. This time of year, please remember to check your laundry hamper:
    This message brought to you by the League of Hedgehogs who Disapprove of being Laundered. Thank you.

  43. *shudders*

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like squirrels? I used to know someone who had one as a pet and it would ride around on her shoulder. When she’d stop and talk to you, the thing always looked like it wanted to jump at your face. Gave me the creeps.

  44. Check out the video of the squirrels adopted by a cat after the obstacle (excuse me, alternate approach course) video.
    It is a little hokey and the newscaster looks like she is picking up potatoes out of a sac when she picks up a kitten and a squirrel, but the squirrel snorgling the kitten at the end is worth it!!!

  45. Holy! I need to train a squirrel to steal me some Almond Joy from the vending machine, dag nabbit.

  46. possumpiratess says:

    Rocket!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  47. tipsytoodle says:

    I love how he stole what looked to be a Payday. He’s like, “Fohget the chocklut! I wants dee nuts!”

    Great taste sqwerly!!!

  48. It’s like the Carling Black Label ad from the 80s!

    Here is the vid, it’s another squirrel obstacle course:

    which is great because it has owls at the end. OWLS.

  49. Omg! That is too precious, and the Sqwerl “Rocket” was too funny! I also checked out that video of the cat mum that added the bebeh Sqwerl to her litter. Awww, that made me sniffle. 🙂

  50. book_monstercats says:

    Too amazing, on a Monday morning. I have seen the footage, or something like it, before. People were in despair about their bird-feeders being raided, although sneakily they were rather proud of “their” skwerls and just wanted to show off. KiBe, thanks for the Carling Black label vid, it made me LOL even more, I’d forgotten all about it. Owls – sigh.

  51. How adorable…I just love all of this sqwerl obstacle action!

  52. KiBe – flippin’ MAGIC! I love that ad!

  53. That squirrel is nothing but a THIEF! And a highly sophisticated one at that. This just proves that squirrels are training to take over the world!!!!!

  54. Let’s hope squirrels never ally with ravens, because THAT combined thought process would strike doom in humanity’s continued existence.

  55. Hey Annie- the question really is, but do they wear PANTS!

  56. hahaha i like the “gearing up for the jump” tail action!!

    the end shot of him running made me think ” i got me a can-dy, i got me a can-dy!”

  57. luvinmalssomuch says:

    drug snorting maniac…LOL

  58. Gianni Pecio says:

    Hey, look at this video, it’s hilarious! kittens in videoconference!

  59. herpantsness says:

    GAA! Got beaten to the Ninja Warrior comment by rpennefe. Great minds and such…

  60. Gianni-
    GAAAA. thats just a video of the cat that’s watchin the video and hissin.
    Cats are SOOOO stupid.
    lovin the squirrel on the “obstacle” course (sorry lucie). have to wonder how many times he fell figuring each obstacle out, he had obviously tried several times on the wire with the PVC tubes, cuz he knew he had to GO FAST! to get across.

  61. My sister and I had a tape of that special when we were kids. We watched it so much it started to wear out.

    I always wonder why people want to keep squirrels away from birdfeeders when they are so much more fun to watch than birds. Sorry, birds.

  62. Wow! Squirrels are certainly clever if there is food at the other end. It must be cool to build the obstacle course and watch them mastering it. In our backyard, there is a highway system for squirrels.

    Lots of fun to watch. Stealing from the vending machine was too much.


  64. I had a poli-sci teacher who explained to me the differences between approaches to welfare reform in terms of how people react to squirrels in their bird feeders.

  65. Aw! I’ve seen this on tv, too! I wish there were more sqwirrelers around these parts… I’d definitely make them an obstacle course.

  66. yeah! go squirrely!

  67. Very old vid, but good to see it again, brought back happy memories 🙂

    Oh, and someone asked how come they don’t go up the pole with the nuts on, because it has a ‘baffler’, its like an upside down cone thingy that prevents four legged beasties crawling up 🙂

  68. that was amazing

  69. ILuvCuteOverload says:

    The soundtrack rocks! There is a squirel at our swim club who could open peanut butter jars. He is know in my family as the notorius: MR. BOODLE!!
    He ate my bagel once.

  70. Silent Meow says:

    I think that was a Baby Ruth candy bar that the skwerl stole at the end. Totally a good choice. 🙂

  71. Mary (the first) says:

    Fiona, there must have been something more than a cone-shaped thingy. I’ve watched squirrels climb over those like they were nothing. Certainly this squirrel (and any of his Olympic team mates) could get past a cone shape thing. And as for me I have never seen this, LOVE IT. I have squirrels in my yard (one ran right across the front of my garage yesterday, only a couple of feet from me, luckily for us both he did not turn and come into the garage!) and I see I may have to build them an alternate approach course to keep them entertained.

  72. hmm
    is rather quiet today.
    not much goin on
    no new posts since this a.m.
    no one really talkin
    i may actually have to get some work done….
    eee gads.

  73. WOW! Thanks for that video!!

  74. YAY!!!

  75. the BBC does the best animal progs in the world ! Daylight Robbery was a huge hit and even inspired adds on the other channel, and yes it was abot 10 to 15 years ago!!

  76. Kaitou Juliet says:

    Ooh! I remember seeing this on television ages ago too. I was very impressed! Thanks for finding the online version so I can show it to my friends!!

  77. Wonderful fun!!
    Thank you for this!!! =)

  78. OMG! I just saw the squirrel video on G4 TV Attack of the Show!

  79. omg omg omg omg omg

    That was so amazing – !! He’s SO smart!

  80. this is like Ninja Warrior (squirrel version)

  81. plumsaredelicious says:

    OMG, me, too, I remember this video from when I was a child. So cool to be able to watch it again.

  82. Mary – it was a very large and well placed cone shaped thingy – honestly there would be no way they could get round it.

    There is a sorta next generation one which is round and flat, is covered in bead like things and spins round. Even the most persistent squill would not get round it.

  83. Gotta love the little floofy tailed rats. <3

  84. Simply amazing. I wouldn’t have believed it possible. Skwerrls Rule!

  85. Hehe, I love the chill out dub version of the Mission Impossible theme. So adorable!

  86. The squirrel took so long in the vending machine because he was reading each candy bar label, looking for the one that said, “Contains nuts”! LOL!

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