Life lessons, in puppeh form

1. Diplomacy doesn’t work (when it comes to sharing bones.)

2. When in doubt, whine incessantly!

Works for me, Marissa H.



  1. Aw. Give the lil guy a bone of his own!

  2. I spent hours one day watching these 2 on youtube, they are so cute!

  3. Awww, help the ‘lil teeny get his bone back 😦

    Too cute!

  4. Works for Condoleeeeeeeeza, too, or it seems to.

    Hey, I hate to state the obvious, but I see some nadage there. Just sayin’.

  5. Oh poor Pablo!!! Poor puppy…. SOB

  6. AliceTanzer says:

    hehe. I like how he seems to understand what his human is saying. When he keeps motioning up, I just sort of imagine his little whine as saying “But he’s just so biiiig!”

  7. What an a-hole, chuckling to himself…give the smaller dog a bone!

  8. That puppeh needs some serious neutering.

  9. Why does everyone feel bad for the little guy? Don’t you know the little ones rule the roost, and then play innocent and sweet when they don’t get their way? 😛

  10. “But… but…”

  11. I love the expression on the big dog’s face right when he says “Get your bone, Pablo.” Big Dog is all like “I don’t think so.”

  12. Winston & Charlotte's Mommy says:

    What really cracked me up was comparing poor, sad Pablo to the tv in the background with the oh-so-cheery commercial jingle “everything tastes better with a dollop of Daisy”

  13. Daddy! You’re supposed to help with this situations, not tell your younger boy to get beaten up!

  14. Awwww hehe… “I dare ya”

    Cute or sad indeed!

  15. Well, after watching thosee clip where they’re sleeping all over each other and the little one is licking the other one, I think the owner is right.

    If Pablo REALLY wanted that bone…

  16. Give him his own bone!!!!!

    Poor lil guy. I wouldn’t have grabbed that bone either.

  17. I’d never be able to resist that whimper. I’d be all picking him up and snuggling him with a big kiss and giving him a milkbone to make him feel better.

    Yeah, I’m a total dog slave.

  18. but i want you to get it back i don’t want my freind mad at me geezze human

  19. OH, GOD! This KEELED me. Ded! My little doxie always uses the “one paw up” routine when he wants us to do something! I would be putty, PUTTY, I tell you, in Pablo’s hands! And DADDY! What’s wrong with you! Get Pablo his bone!

  20. Poor Pabs. This video is above and beyond cuteoverload. It’s enticingly wicked. I thought Pablo might get bitten… And the way he sits up and just whines melts my little cotton heart (yes, it’s cotton)!

  21. yep dis is cuuuuute ^^

    i wub da contrast between biggie dobie and widdle chichi

    and the semi-indignant look on dobie’s face when the man’s telling pablo to go get ‘his’ bone–dobie’s face is all, ‘uhm excuse me i’m RIGHT HERE; i CAN hear you yanno’

  22. Dang, Pablo! I feel your pain! Daddy, you should be ASHAMED of yourself! [warning growl!]

  23. Heh, I thought Doberman would get angry and growl at the little guy. 🙂

  24. LOL dude that’s hilarious. his little face is like “do you think I’m effing crazy?”

  25. Isn’t “put your paw up” the #1 Rule of Cuteness?

    Paw and other things up.

  26. Seriously, no more Videos!!

  27. why is everyone poor pablo and calling his owner mean. So what if its a little dog whinning for his bone from the big dog. Just because he is a dobi doesnt mean hes a big mean dog that is going to attack the little chi, and little dogs like that are angels when you are around and brats when you are not, he prob picks on dobi when daddy isnt there. The dobi so cute tho!

  28. After watching all forty videos of Pablo and Ramsey on youtube I have to say the owner is not a bad person. Sure he’s tauting the lil’guy in this video, but they are just playing. That Doberman is so in love with the chihuahua , it’s amazing to see. You guys gotta check the other videos, they sleep together and Pablo even wines when Ramsey in laying on the bed and he can’t get up there.

    Cutest thing ever!

  29. awwwwwwwww cutie patoootieees. Two very sweet dogs =) I hold back the cat food for a few secs to hear my kitty meow. And I love her more than anything!!! I just think her meows are cute too.

  30. I love these dogs! Don’t worry about Pablo, he protects his treats fiercely from his master’s friends.

  31. Are we REALLY debating the cruely of this video? Seriously? It’s come to this?

  32. The dobie is just waiting for lil’ bit to come get his bone. I think he was disappointed that Pablo didn’t try harder.

  33. I’m practically obsessed with Pablo and Ramsey. LOL They’re so cute, and the videos on YouTube are so freakin’ hilarious!! What an odd couple. They’re the best!! Awww!! *kisses them* <3

  34. Oh My God!!!
    That big dog is in full Alpha mode. Which means this is not cute but dangerous to the little dog. The bigger dog is sending a clear message to the little dog.
    I was watching the video and was scared to death for the little dog. When a dog is in full Alpha mode it means he BELIEVES he is the one in full control and will take any action necessary to guard his bone. This is Not Breed Specific. It happens will all breeds. My concern is the size of the little dog. The body language of the bigger dog is clear.
    Some may think I’m over reacting. Please don’t. Check with any Vet or check out dog training info. online about this. You can google dog info-alpha behavior.

  35. Pablo and Ramseys are the best of friends. Ramsey’s is the most gentle doberman. She is so sweet. Pablo is the one who causes all the trouble. And AuntieMame I think you’re right, Ramseys was probably disappointed that Pablo didn’t try harder.

  36. I watch this guy’s videos all the time, they’re so funny

  37. the little guy sounded like my cat!

  38. LOL @ lurkertype’s comment! I too noticed that the paw wasn’t the only thing that was up.

  39. DAD!!! Are you TRYING to get me killed!?!?! (lol – how about a bone for EACH K9?) cute stories.

  40. I’m on the dobermann’s side… 🙂 Whimpering miniature dogs don’t usually melt my stone heart anyway.
    And since they are friends, I don’t think the chihu was scarred for life.

    I love it how the little one sat down yawning, trying to convince the dobbie that he wasn’t actually even considering of getting the bone… 🙂

    I also liked how the owner was talking to the chihuahua like it was a real dog, not a child or a toy. You don’t hear that too often.

  41. Holy crap, that is sooo sweet! A BIG AWWWWWWW from me!

  42. Those two are so adorable! I wouldn’t be able to resist Pablo either:

  43. we have stumbled upon the mother load of cute, dear friends!! cwdressen’s youtube account is full of manna from heaven!!!

  44. Pirate Jenny says:

    Eeeee, the white eyebrows 🙂

  45. The owner of the two dogs put this disclaimer next to the video:

    “DISCLAIMER: My Doberman would NEVER hurt my Chihuahua. They do this to each other every time one of them has something the other wants. Usually my Chihuahua steals whatever my Doberman has. This time he didn’t for whatever reason. Please do not comment telling me how mean I am or how my Doberman is going to eat my Chihuahua because she’s not. Do you honestly think I would put either of my dogs in any danger?”

    It’s true. Pablo and Ramsey are the best of friends. The owner truly loves his dogs and he’s very good to them. Please watch the other videos of these two if you haven’t already.


  47. I can’t believe people think there’s anything mean in these videos. Go watch all of their videos on You Tube – they are buddies. The doxie is clearly alpha but nobody is trying to take that away from him. He loves his little Pablo *tears up*

  48. Well, in defense of the people who were concerned, if I hadn’t already seen a bunch of videos of Pablo and Ramsey I might have freaked too.

    But yeah, the owner is clearly a loving owner. My favorite is the one where Pablo is begging to get up on the bed with Ramsey, and the owner is trying to give Ramsey a break from Pablo, but eventually he can’t resist and puts Pablos on the bed, apologizing to Ramsey.

  49. awww, give the pups his bone. what a cute little puppy dawg. awwwww. cute cute cute

  50. Hey everyone. Someone tipped me off to this site and told me that one of my videos was posted here so I had to check it out. I can understand how some people think this may be cruel or that Pablo is in danger, but I promise you I would never do that. Ramsey always allows Pablo to take whatever he wants. Occasionally she’ll even growl, but if they end up in a tug-of-war match, Ramsey always gives in. The same thing would have happened here if Pablo would have actually persued the bone. Although I love my dogs equally, I sometimes find myself cheering for Ramsey just because Pablo DOES run the show. Anyway, thanks for all the nice comments. I’m glad you like my pooches!

  51. Michelle Spalding says:

    Adorable video illustrating typical pack behavior and dog communication. While I would go so far as to say it’s a bad idea to encourage conflict between pack members, bickering over a bone is normal pack behavior that very, very rarely escalates into a spat. The brief flash of “whale eye” by the dobe at about :44 was immediately met with aquiescence (yawn and relaxed posture) by the chi. Situation resolved (for now, anyway). Dogs will be dogs. If you live with more than one or two dogs, you know this is how they communicate. I didn’t see anything in this video that made me afraid for either dog.

  52. Aw! They’re so awesome together!

    (And great comments, Chad and Michelle.)

  53. that throwing the head thing and whining must be a Chihuhua thing. My parents’ Chihuahua mix does the same thing and she’s elderly. Never seen their other dogs (including a dobie too!) do that.

  54. Ginger's Cotton Socks says:

    Oh my…

    Hilariously cute. Also I watched the ‘dobermann attacks chihuahua’ and it was just a poking match! I was just thinking all the time: ‘Poke! Poke! Poke!’ *girlish giggle*

  55. Cute? You have to be kidding. Setting up a small dog, who trusts their owner NOT to set them up, bravely walks over to get bone, just to be threatened. Not cute. If I had been there, would have stopped the “cuteness” of dog anxiety.

  56. Wow, some of you people are being a tad ridiculous. Go watch Chad’s other videos. It’s all-too apparent he loves his animals more than anything. Pablo was NEVER in any danger at any time. I can understand why you’d maybe think so if you’ve ONLY seen this one video, but please go watch his other 39 videos on YouTube and you’ll be laughing your head off! His little doggies are best buds!

    I’ve been showing his videos to my coworkers, family, friends, etc. They’re too funny to pass up!!

    P.S. Post more videos, Chad!! 😀

  57. Oy vey, this taks the cake for nuffness. In a general sense, dogs don’t see size, they see (and smell) attitude. Small dogs can terrorize big dogs as much as vice versa. All of that is moot anyway, because there’s no terrorizing going on here. Those dogs are obviously buddies, and this is a kind of play-bonding ritual they have with their person.

  58. They are best buds and the growl is not any warning the Dobie is expecting the little guy to come play with her. Go check the other videos as has been said before they growl and play like that all the time. That Dobie is a big old gentle giant and loves the little Chi. The Chi runs the show.

  59. My dog growls at me like that when she has a toy in her mouth and she wants me to try to take it from her 🙂 I think the doberman wanted Pablo to try and take it so they could wrestle. So cute.

  60. I like how he (the guy) usually seems to have sports on in the background but is NEVER paying attention to it! Love the videos. That doberman is gorgeous.

  61. Awwwwww that poor baby! Give him a bone of his own 😦

  62. Squee! I love when people have one big dog and one little dog – it cracks me up every time!

  63. Check out the other videos. I snorted out loud over the one where he was trying to wake the dobie up.





    “Ramsey, look what I’ve got!”


    “D’you want a treat?”


  64. what a pathetic little whine! *ded*

  65. doesn’t Chad have this totally sexy-gentle voice?


    uh yeah hi Chad i just uh stopped by to uh see Ramsey and Pablo yeah *cough* hey pups *blush* hi uh Chad *looks at feet* *drools a little*

  66. jus’ listen:

  67. When I submitted this video, I should have just linked to all the other videos in the first place.

    I agree with NYgirly. Chad’s voice and the things he says to his dogs are part of what make these videos so great.

    But even if he didn’t have that great voice, I’d still love Pablo and Ramsey. How on earth could you not love them?

  68. By the way, I chose to submit this particular video because:

    a. It’s funny.
    b. Pablo’s display of rule #1. I think it’s my favorite rule. X3

  69. Heya Chad,
    I’m glad you chimed in here, because I honestly was thinking something darker was going on there. Now that I know better, the whole situation does look pretty funny (and cute, can’t forget cute)!

  70. You guys have to see Pablo and Ramsey eating Velveeta shells– uh oh, cholesterol. 😦

  71. Rather than being cute, this is a very disturbing video. It demonstrates that the owner have very little knowledge of animal behavior. Any vet will tell you that NEVER does one combine two dogs of such different sizes. Google it, and you will find volumes of stories of bigger dogs accidentally killing smaller dogs while playing with them, regardless of how much they ‘love’ them. And for this owner to encourage the smaller dog ‘to get his bone’ is digustingly ignorant.

  72. Guys, we’ve covered thi already. No more posting because you’re concerned.
    I asked a qualified vet, and he said it’s FINE. These two aren’t doing anything that’ll escalate into anything but routine play. The owner himself gave a disclaimer, so please – enough freaking out. Nobody’s listening to you anymore.

    I just spent a few hours or so watching all the vids, too. 😀 I’m head over heels in love with Pablo and Ramsey. I’ve always had a soft spot for the big dogs that get bad raps (rotts in particular, but dobies, pitbulls, etc just as much) and Ramsey is such a sweetheart. I’m really tempted to look into getting a Dobie now… 🙂 CO – great entry! Thanks for putting up both the fantastic videos online and the disclaimer, Chad. You and your dogs are just wondeful! Thoroughly enjoyed wasting time to go through all of them. <3

  73. i dated two (different) guys (not at the same time :P) who each had a dobie and those dobies were total lovers! they were silly, gentle creatures; also very intelligent and loyal. one of em would tear a teensy piece of material off of the corner of a blanket and gently chew it til it was dripping in slobber. one of em would also ‘cry’ when you squeaked a squeaky toy thinking the toy was getting hurt.

    mean dogs are made by mean people

  74. Ramsey’s such a gorgeous dog! Not that Pablo is without his charms…

    Great video!
    Cram it, naysayers 😀

  75. The owner of this cute little pup Pablo is being a real SH*T-head! The little guy is looking for some HELP getting his bone! Or are you just too stupid and uncaring to figure it out! Would YOU want to tangle with the Doberman? Yeah, that’s what I figured! You lousy coward!

  76. Annie, two tips:

    1) Learn to read.
    2) Scroll up.

    It’s already been well established that the two dogs are best buds and, in fact, the little one rules over the big one.

  77. what kind of dog is the little guy?

  78. It’s that freakin’ Minne-soohta accent! That’s what makes the whole vid for me. “I didn’t think soh.” XD

    The American Ambassador of Cute would speak in a Minnesota accent. 🙂

  79. Dee, it’s a chihuahua!

  80. i have a bernese moubntain dog and a pomeranian,
    this sort of action happens all the time,
    the big dog takes the lil dogs treats, whining and barking and growling follow.
    then the lil dog gets her way, and all is fine in the world again.
    my big dog/lil dog LOVE each other!

  81. luvinmalssomuch says:

    How adorable all the videos are. They so love each other. Looking up to his big brother. Thanks sender inner for posting.

  82. Dear Nebulous:

    With all due respect, I do not think you can speak to who is and who is not “listening” to those who are concerned.

    Additionally, the dangers of mixing small and large dogs are so well know and documented among animal professionals, I really have to question whether or not you consulted a vet.

    No one is doubting the owners love for his animals; he simply is making poor decisions.

  83. I love how all the naysayers are citing either google or an inspecific “vet’s advice” for proof.

    No, try harder :p My father was a vet of twenty years, and one of our closest friends was a dog behaviorist who kept German Shepherds and dachshunds together regularly, same kind of relationship that Pablo and Ramsey have.

    The dogs are fine. Moreover, they’re adorable. Ramsey is SO sweet, I love watching her videos!

  84. “GIMME THE GODDAMN BONE!!!” *slap*

  85. If you’re so bl**ning concerned: do something about the 8-10 MILLION CATS AND DOGS EUTHANIZED IN THE US EVERY YEAR.

    Chad has already got Pablo and Ramsey covered, it seems; get your own bl**ny pets.

  86. Even without looking at the other videos, all the armchair animal behaviorists should be able to see that Pablo is just fine: when he realizes that he’s not going to get the bone, he YAWNS and LEANS AGAINST Ramsey. Would a dog that feels threatened do this? NO!

  87. Adorable!!

    Love the way the Dobie just sits there still while the Chihauhua begs and whines! LOL!!

    My big dog does the same exact thing!

    This is what goes on every day at my house. Only my little Pom just goes right over and takes the bone from my Rottie/Shep mix.

  88. cutelover-
    same thing at my house.
    my 8 lb pommie struts her stuff right up to the 90 lb bernese and just takes the chew bone or whatever it is right out of her mouth.
    its pretty obvious whos running the show around our house!
    my bernese looks at me like – “Mom! DO something!”

  89. I can’t believe the nuffers on this one. “not cute”? gimme a break. if Pablo was in any danger, he would have been eaten already. DUH!
    I swear Pablo is related to Elvy!! holy crapamole, I have seen a lot of chihuahuas, even a bunch with very similar markings but this one reminds me so much of mine I am dying, DYING I tells ya! (and the coloring and markings aren’t even that similar)

  90. Just thought I’d check back in. Thanks to everyone who has ‘had my back’ on this one. In the (nearly) four years that these two have been together, there has not even been ONE incident which made me question their relationship. Ramsey has NEVER nipped, snapped or bitten anything or anyone (ESPECIALLY Pablo) in her life. I’m quite sure that this would not even be a debate if Ramsey was (for instance) a Golden Retriever. As a Doberman owner, I see breed prejudices first- hand every day of my life. I don’t fault people for erring on the side of caution, but please don’t judge me and my dogs based on one video. Thanks again to everyone who can see past the fact that Ramsey is a Doberman.

  91. Ceebs, maybe it’s the whining and the plinky eyes? (I thought of Elvy, too.)

  92. Aw, you languaged me. =) I’ll go with bl**n in the future!

  93. chiweenies4eva says:

    i watch these guys on youtube all the time!

  94. yeah, AuntieMame, and the little paw-curl action!
    Elvis acts similarly when he just wants attention. He can go get whatever he wants, he just wants mommy to help him out, big baby!

  95. I love the interaction between the two. On the other hand I’m starting to want to smack all the naysayers. I understand being worried if all you see was this video (I was wondering too until i watched their other videos), but continuing with the crying after being told of the situation really annoys me.

    just shut your mouth and enjoy it. they obviously really enjoy each other’s company.

  96. i just watched all of their videos.
    i love every one of them.
    so adorable.
    what a pair~!

  97. fluidstatic says:

    “I dare ya.”

    “are you CRAZY, dad? she’s gonna EAAAAT MEEEE.”


  98. I’ve been following Chad’s videos of Pablo and Ramsey for a few months now, and can see that the two are the best of friends.

  99. So Cute, see the other clips of these two, and you would have thought that the little guy had big enough balls to go and grab it off his mate, she really is a sucker for him.

  100. Ceebs – I totally agree! The first thing I thought when I saw Pablo was that he reminds me of Elvis!!!

    His whines – OMG I am dead! SUCH CUTIES! I LUB DEM!

    [big keeses for both dogs]

  101. At first I thought this was like the Funniest Videos show, where parents once pushed a birthday cake in their child’s face, because it was funny to see the surprise and crying. Just to get a “good” video.

    All you fans of these 2 dogs: please understand where the concern is coming from, those of us who have only seen these guys once!

    It’s also rude to tell us that “nobody’s listening anymore.” No – they’re READING. HA HA HA

  102. Add me to the list of people who’ve been watching Chad’s videos of Ramsey and Pablo on YouTube for a while now. I do agree; had I not seen them beforehand, I’d be worried too.

    I strongly encourage all the naysayers to look into the videos of Pablo and Ramsey on YouTube; you’d be surprised to see that Pablo is quite the alpha in that household, and Ramsey, if anything, is the wimpy one. (But just because she cries for attention doesn’t mean I don’t wanna just give her a big ole hug!)

  103. from pablo says:

    you’re a sad human being