I wanna be this tur-tuhl.

Um, what turtle eats mashed potaters?

It’s like an ENTIRE WALL OF POTATOES!!! If he pokes through the wall, a gravy lake might pour thru.

[Photo removed at request of owner]

Delicious AND nutrishe, Sender-Inner Benjamin C.! NICE PHOTO WORK, Iona B.!



  1. i wanna do da mash-ed po-ta-toe mit him. i lurb toitles.

  2. OUTSTANDING show tonight Bootcuts!




  3. He could make him a warm little turtuhl HOUSE if he wanted to !

  4. I usually don’t find turtles cute, but that little tongue!

  5. That is AWESOME!!

    How do we send pictures again? I forgot.

  6. LOL! That is toooo funny! yertle

  7. Ooh! Potato mountain! Little guy even has drool strings. Who wouldn’t?

  8. littlelizard says:

    He is a tortoise, n’est ce pas? Whatevs, he’s cute regardless.

  9. The eyes, the eyes. I luuuuuve ’em. (and I’m not a typical turtl-phile).

  10. OMG.

    I can’t decide if I’m more stricken by his adorableness or my jealousy over his mashed potato MOUNTAIN.

  11. Christine H says:

    TEEHEE! He’s attacking the mountain!



  13. that’s the happiest turtle i’ve ever seen! he’s sooo cute!

  14. Interesting link, chief sister officer! Who knew?!

    Also, I have this craving for mashed potatoes. For breakfast. Mmm. Lucky turtle/tortoise/whatev!

  15. It’s Mr. Slowski from the Comcast commercials!

  16. You know what a cute name for a turtle is? Shelly.

  17. (Yes! Shelly! Cute.)

    Potatoise? Turtato? I hope he cleans his feets post-mash.

  18. Definitely Rule #14! (Butter they instant?)

  19. The turtle is thinking: Mmmm…mashed potatoes. *Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom*….

  20. Only the sofftestt of chomps 🙂

  21. wow! you posted my photo! thanks 🙂 glad you like!

  22. I think there should be a new category for animuhls eating “peopleish” food. This little one has a long way to go with those mashies, but he looks determined.

  23. Benjamin he is adorable what a wonderful pic, why does this little one love taters?
    I want taters too for breakfast, does this one eat greens the same way???
    In attack mode…lol

  24. he loves mashed potato! he belongs to my friend iona, and lives in kuwait 🙂

  25. He looks so happy!!


  26. If there were a such thing as LOLTurtles, this would be the picture with the caption “NOM NOM NOM”.

  27. Awwwwww!!! Eety Beety turtle!

    Man, I have a serious craving for mashed potatos now.

  28. guineapiggin9 says:


  29. Turtle

  30. Hey, I got the robot test *twice*! “Robot-like typing detected.” Eek, I better get my chip checked.

  31. Nawm nawm nawm nawm, cronsche cronsche.

    Such enthusiasm from a twertuhl. < --most absurd spelling

  32. Hey… Wait a minute… Chief Sister Officer…. Is that the Band Meg plays In?


  33. Thats right Annie! Meg did an amazing Led Zep “Whole Lotta Love” finale, it brought the house down!

  34. Great band Meg! How do you have time to do so much – and do it so well?

    You too, Theo. You must get so tired of reading all of the redundant posts.

    Thank you both!!! I really enjoy this site and appreciate the time you put into it!

  35. oooh when’s their next show?

  36. If you can’t bring Tortoise to the mountain (of mashed potatoes), you bring the mountain (of mashed potatoes) to Tortoise.

    And then you eat it. (The mountain of mashed potatoes, I mean. Not Tortoise.)

  37. Eating mashed potatoes … beware avalanche!

  38. this pic rox!

    lil fella looks all determined/hungry

    dis is toitley silly ^^

  39. oooh! Turtles! My favorite!

  40. Its a tortoise. I hope it doesn’t eat that sort of food too much, cos its not good for it. It looks like a young un too

  41. Do the mashed potato! Enh! Enh! ;D

  42. This is just a fantastic shot. 😀 So Fuun!

  43. Turtater…

    You get the idea…

  44. I just ate potatoes for breakfast this morning. :O

    Tortoise toes are cute…

  45. I have never seen a toitle smile before! I guess I would too with a pile of taters that high over my head!

    I luv dis site, it’s da best! 🙂

  46. Yitzysmommie says:

    Who knew that turtles could be Qte?

  47. big rock candy mountain…..only it’s POTATOES! 🙂 wonder if he used TaterMitts?

  48. OMG, I want to be this turtle, too! I love potatoes. So, so much.

  49. My LOLTurtles caption would be:

    “My Devil’s Tower. Let me show you it.”

  50. What’s taters, proshious? What’s taters, aye?

  51. Theresa, are you scared you may be a bot? I still haven’t found out for sure……

    Mmmmm. I want a mashed potato swimming pool! With a gravy jacuzzi!

    No peeing in my pool please 😉

  52. coughingpuppy says:

    So cute! Turtle pictures on CO always make me so happy.

  53. berthaslave says:

    The turtle went over the mountain,
    The turtle went over the mountain,
    The turtle went over the moun-taaaainnnnn….

    Ah, screw it, he ate right through the darn thing. Yums.

  54. NO turtle! Don’t start at the bottom! The stability of the structure will be compromised and you will be BURIED in the POTATO AVALANCHE!

  55. I can almost hear him say “Oh boy, potatoooooeeeezzz!!!”

    This lil guy is my new desktop image. This pic makes me so happy! 🙂

  56. possumpiratess says:

    Sooo. My secret fantasy has finally been captured in a photograph…and I’m replaced by a turtle!? At least he’s showing the proper enthusiasm!

  57. book_monstercats says:

    It’s a tortoise. We can’t buy them over here any more – and good thing too, the mortality rate was very high. However, we did have a few when I was young. They weren’t par-tic-oolar about what they nawwwmed on either. I used to have to be especially careful with one, because if I had bare feet(my usual state at home), he used to chomp on my toes and they have VERY sharp teeth.

  58. Nooo! Cut off from civilization by this sudden tuber-avalanche! How shall we ever escape? Wait! Oh, happy day! It’s PoTortoise — he will dispatch this terrifying mountain in short order! Our hero!

  59. New personal Cute Overload favorite.


  60. Tortato, bwahahah, you guys are silly…I completely second Snarfff’s motion for a “critters eating people foods” category, but what do you think it should be called? I need suggestions peeps!

  61. And check out the little fingers!! Aieeeee!

  62. AAWWWW!! My mom used to have a tortoise just like that named Yertle (I think he was a box turtle). She found him one day while cutting the grass and he lived with us for a long time. He’d eat anything we put in front of him, but his favorite was black berries and rolly polly bugs.

  63. I love this little guy! My box turtle looks like this when I give her boiled egg whites!

  64. i hope theres not a gravy “lake” in them potatoes, cuz it might run right down on the turtlage!
    glub glub glub!

  65. bahaha. best one ever.

  66. Man, would I like one of them big walls o’ taters.

  67. what a happy little turtle! so cute! I love that little pink tongue!

  68. LMAO! Best photo posted on CO in ages! 😀

  69. This is a tortoise, not a turtle. Turtles have flippers and live in the sea. Tortoises have feet and live on the land.

  70. HA. this is basil – belongs to iona bateman of soulfluff.com fame. i think there are some good pictures of him in socks too!

  71. i have to agree, this is one of the best cuteoverload pictures EVER! and now i have it as my desktop image, hurray!

  72. I don’t like potatoes that much – I’d give McTurtlesons some lettuce! SQUEEE!


  73. Boil ’em, mash ’em, stick ’em in a… Oh. The tortoise ate it. Oh well.

  74. I don’t know why I find this so cute but I do!!! Maybe ’cause itty turtle is so happy at so much food, or because he seems so determined to finish it all!

  75. Well sambot, then tell iona to stop feeding her tortoise such unhealthy food for him. Cana tortoise find mashed potato in the wild? No, right? So there you go, no potato for Mr. Tortersons.
    Tortoises are ubercute, but even when they learn to live with us they are wild animals with a delicate system. Even lettuce is not quite good for them.
    Please, please, PLEASE anyone who owns or plans to own a tortoise check with an expert (and no, your vet probably isn’t unless s/he is proficient with reptiles). I suggest:
    All these sites belong to people who’s been working with tortoises for years, and they’re always willing to give you useful advice on how to rear a healthy, happy tortoise.

  76. Jencendiary says:

    Oh, my god, Nuri. Unless a food is specifically poisonous to an animal (which I don’t believe the potato is to tortoise), a bite or two is not a “Call the Whaaaambulance” event.