Um, I think we might have new category potench…

…Something like "Hot Guys Bathing Kittehs" or something. Please check out Internet Superstar Winston, getting 1.5 cups of warm water poured on him at a time. Plus sudsing and incessant meowing action.

No one sent this in, I was just watching Winston again and browsin’.



  1. Hi Meg, so glad you like Winston 🙂

  2. Winston is his own category! Personality plus.

    Love the clip where he takes on a protein shake. My dogs are the same way with yogurt.

  3. fluidstatic says:

    Poor winston. His meows sound like “Whyyyyy?”

    and the snorgling at the end was priceless. “Daaaaaddyyyyy…. don’t you LOVE MEEEEEE???” *cling*

  4. says:

    Wow this is probably the earlier comment i’ve ever posted!

  5. Aww, the poor, unhappy thing!

  6. Winston seems miserable.

  7. HEhehe The trust of the owner guy to have the bare leg in the tub. I kept waiting for dsaster when I saw it earlier today. Winston practially needs his own CO category. What with the mashed potato video too.

  8. Guys bathing kittens is hot! I too waited for the flailing claws to commence and that guys bare leg getting shredded. Winston was a great sport as far as bathing cats go. Very cute.

  9. Guys bathing kittens is hot! I too waited for the flailing claws to commence and that guys bare leg getting shredded. Winston was a great sport as far as bathing cats go. Very cute.

  10. Why wasn’t the bathtub plugged? it’s such a waste of water and some cats dislike the sound of running water.

  11. Anya- agreed! That is one of the mellower cat baths I’ve ever seen 🙂

  12. :O If I did that with one of my cats I would probably have to call an ambulance afterwards… might this kitty be declawed or is it just very well behaved?

  13. Please no more Winston. He is cute and all but it gets old. Sorry guys!

  14. Meg said: Um, I think we might have new category potench…
    …Something like “Hot Guys Bathing Kittehs”

    MMMmmm don’t you just wish? I love vocal cats. You can teach them to say stuff. They pick up “NO” real quick. 🙂 I think he has a cute meow.

  15. I dunno, think the category should be “Hot humans with ugly anipals” if anything 😉

  16. Okay, when the guy kisses Winston after the bath is over I about died from the cute. awwwwww.

  17. Winston is cute he must be used to getting baths because he does much better than my guys do.
    Winston is fun to watch

  18. Teehee. Winston vs Teh Baff.

    Definitely cute. Even when he’s all indignant.

  19. 1. Cats hate water, therefore bathing cats is cruel and unnatural. They hate to be brushed too, so don’t brush them. I know this because I hate grooming and I haven’t bathed in years. Okay, so I have some kind of weird crust forming in the mats of my hair, but they should go away once I shed my hair naturally.

    2. If you must groom your cat, why would you waste water by bathing only one cat? Plug the drain and bathe at least four or five at a time. Don’t you know there are people living way out in the desert that don’t have water? Then, please promise to use the cat bath water to brush your teeth later. Conserve! Conserve!

    3. Winston is not cute. You must only post what I personally feel is cute on your blog, which is photographs of my nephew who still nurses and wears diapers at the age of 3.5. You can’t tell me that’s not cute! Shall I send some photos?

  20. Awwwww I am fully in support of Hot Guys Bathing Kittehs! That was incredibly cute, I too loved the kisses at the end. I could not beleive Winston was so skinny when the lovely washing man (with tattoos and a nice gentle touch!) rinsed him down – his little mews were so heart rending..!

  21. That is an adorable kitty. So patient, even in the midst of disastahhh!! He HAD to have been declawed.

    He has a really sweet meow. Awww. And I love guys who love kitties.

    There is no way I would survive that with my cats! I have to wrap a little piece of masking tape around their paws when bathing to protect myself. Thank goodness it doesn’t have to happen often or I’d be permanently damaged!

  22. I think you have a new category, Meg! Meowing Winston is hilarious as he tries to escape the bath, then adorable as he intermittently tolerates it. And what a cute guy, all tender as he bathes his kitty, checks for residual shampoo, squeezes out excess water, bundles Winston in a towel, and kisses the relieved cat.

  23. Hot TATTOOED guys bathing kittehs.

    It amazes me to see how tiny furry critters are once you wet down that fur. Tiny fluffy Winston. 🙂

  24. I almost died of cute, too. I couldn’t decide who was cuter, the guy or Winston. We need more of these videos!

  25. I also loved seeing what a skinny little sausage Winston is under all that puffy fur! I’ve only ever washed cats when instructed to by the vet, but NONE of them took it as well as he does.
    Maybe it’s the 1.5 cups of warm water at a time that does the trick.

  26. Mr. Kitty (yeah, I already commented about him trying to conquer the world with Winston) never took much care in bathing himself until I put him in the tub one day. He’s decided it’s worth keeping himself unmatted since then.

    And hot guys bathing kittehs? Ooooh, yeah…I’m there.

  27. acelightning says:

    What a gentle, loving cat-daddy that hot tattooed guy is!

  28. Boy Mermaid…teehee…My cats are growing weary with the Winston clips. All that mewing!

  29. I don’t know, perhaps the category might be better called “Cute or Imminent Disaster?” I was stunned at how well behaved that poor miserable damp kitty was. Kept waiting for the cute-guy bloodshed.

  30. Wet or dry, Winston is precious, and the daddy is very sweet to him. And I don’t want to sound like a nuff. But I still do not understand why people put their poor kitties through this bathing thing. Unless a cat is a show cat or one who has gotten into something nasty (or not gotten out of the litter box quite clean,a s sometimes happens), then there is no reason to bathe a cat, and doing so is very hard on them. All you have to do is look at the fear in their eyes, listen to their yowlings, and wath how they contort to get away to knwo that this is not a pleasant experience for them. Some few cats get a kick out of water, sure, like that anerable black kitteh baby smack-playing with the water in the bathtub in one video:

    But most cats do not want to be bathed, and I see no reason to put them through it unless they are actually grunged up for some reason–or unless they are show cats, who must put up with all sorts of indignities.

  31. I’ll have one of Hot Guy (whose name we should really find out and praise), and one of Winston, s’il vous plaît. Merci.

    I LOVE how, when the bath’s finished and HG wraps him in a towel, Winston is immediately all nuzzley. Awww.

  32. This is not cute or funny to me.


  33. Persians and other long-haired cats do need to be bathed every week to couple weeks, in order to keep their coat in order. Otherwise the coat gets mat and the cat get hairballs.

    Winston is a trooper, and his owner needs to let us know if he’s available. 😉

  34. For all of you who say cats hate water..not true. My sister has two cats that love water They go into the shower, and she has to keep the bathroom door closed because they’d live in the tub. Same goes for the potty. The lid must be put down or the cats will get into it.

    Another thing…we used to have a Maine Coon cat, and she was not a clean cat, and needed baths occasionaly. We did not feel we were torturing her, we were keeping her clean.

  35. You’re terrifying your cat.

    Dewd, if you’re going to bathe a cat, don’t just dunk it in running water. Turn off the water. Have a little bit of warm water in the tub before you even bring the cat in the bathroom. Sluice the water gently over the cat, use only a little bit of shampoo, and then rinse with clean water already set aside.

  36. I love the shift between “This is humiliatinz” and “I’m a queen!” when the kitteh realizes 10 minutes after bath how clean she is. They never remember that part when you try to submerge them again.

  37. Tblue, my cat gets all dandery and sheds like a maniac if she isn’t washed. I wash her because I has to breathe which I think is an even better reason than show cat.

  38. Re: Declawing:

    What, have we forgotten about the existence of SoftPaws already?

    Or, you know, straightforward claw-trimming.

  39. Heh. Winston.

  40. Pleeeeezzzeeee more hot guys taking care of their pets! That kiss on Winston’s head at the end of the bath melted me. Men who love pets ROCK!

  41. Found in translation….

    Hot guy: “Good boy.”

    Winston: “Meow = Whatever!”

    Hot guy: “It’s ok.”

    Winston: “MEOW = F**K YOU!”

  42. The thought of trying to hold my cat with one hand makes my shoulder ache… Too fat.

  43. My kitty just stopped in his tracks when he heard Winston meowing. He was all worried. You can’t really explain to a cat this is something you saw on CuteOverload.

  44. Winston was a great sport and I love to see men get all mushy and sweet with animals. Too cute! Love the new catagory! Looking forward to a lot more! LOL.

  45. Sometimes a bath is just necessary. When I had a boyfriend with cat allergies we used to bathe the cats once a week to cut down on the allergens. Last night Yeti had an unpleasant litterbox incident and the resulting mess was NOT something she could handle on her own (and her attempt to make things better by doing that butt-on-the-floor-scoot move was not helping!). So I ended up in the shower with her and then afterward she let me blowdry her for the first time ever. She was adorable after she decided she liked the low setting. She sat in a chair and groomed herself while I aimed the dryer at different parts of her. If she had a thought bubble it would have said, “Oooohh…warm Caribbean breeze…!”

  46. Firstly, that man is DELIGHTFUL. Secondly, I don’t think it’s particularly cruel to wash a cat if they need it. They may not like it much at the time but they’re better off for it afterwards and I wouldn’t exactly call it “torture”! It’s far better that they’re clean and healthy and have to go through just a few little minutes of being wet. Besides, if that guy was washing me, I’d have no complaints…

  47. snoopysnake says:

    No matter what one’s opinion of bathing cats may be, it’s undeniable that this man loves his cat and really knows his stuff about handling cats. The best part of the video is the kiss and snuggle at the end.

  48. AAAAWWWWW!!! What a loving kitty-daddy!

    Ya know, if you put a towel on the bottom of the tub, it helps the kitty not slip around during the bath and feel a bit safer. 🙂

  49. Winston translation: “O how I have been betrayed. I shall flay you in your sleep. Damn, no claws.”

    Even for a very small cat, he was rather manageable, the one time that anyone tried to wash my cat, I think they ended up with severe blood loss.

  50. Jennifer: Sorry to disappoint you and the rest of the drooling chicas, but I think the owner is (very) gay.

  51. I heart Winston!

  52. Love Winston, love hot men bathing Winston.

  53. these winston vids are great!

    and btw, he’s not declawed – at the beginning of the movie when he tries to get away at one point, you can see the bit of resistance when between paw and shorts

  54. A…BINGO…apparent in under 5 seconds!

    Gay guys are certainly HOT!

  55. Dear A.,
    Why is that important? We’re just lookin’.

  56. Who cares if hot guy is gay or whatever? I don’t intend to buy the new Delorean car either, but it sure is fun to look at.
    Very cute guy, very cute kitteh.

  57. PS since Winston apparently yowls all the time, that’s not an indication that he’s distressed. What would be an indication would be if he shredded his daddy and headed for the hills.

  58. the kiss is my favorite part..

  59. i LOVE winston! i watched all of his videos last night- i want more!!! so sweet

  60. okay. this is a very cute cat. it really really is.

    #1 – it it NOT necessary to bathe a cat, unless the cat is literally covered in mud or something.

    #2 – this guy is using entirely too much soap

  61. I vote for this new category! That was precious! Such a great guy and sweet cat!

  62. OK, I totally could have that guy bathe me… sweet sweet sweet!

  63. Although I think the guy looks hot (yey, tattoos!!!), why is he bathing the cat?
    It didn’t seem like Winston was dirty, and from what I’ve heard that’s the only time you need to bathe a cat. They do it themselves otherwise… poor, poor Winston. Such a cruel master… =p

  64. There’s something really endearing about guys giving TLC to their animals. Especially kitties. Even if he’s clearly gay. I’ll have to say I don’t find Winston particularly cute though, I’m not into the scrunched up face kitty thing.

  65. I have loved Winston for a long time… love this bath video!

  66. Ooooo, hot guy who loves his animals!

    Any details on the guy?

    And doesn’t Winston have a home page somewhere?

  67. Hot guy + kitten = Good start to the day for me. 🙂

  68. OK, all you members of the League Against Bathing Cats, listen up: Please read the blogs about Winston and you will see that his owners got him after he was rescued from people who wanted to put him down due to his chronic diarreah(sp?), and that, even after getting him on a vet-prescribed diet, he still has occasional bouts of IBS. This makes the bath scene totally explainable. As one of our fearless CO leaders frequently says, don’t make assumptions about the owners based on one fleeting pic.

    As for me, and continuing in my fantasy that this kitteh is channelling the great PM, I interpret his running commentary in the bath as — “we shall fight them on the beaches . . . er, maybe not the beaches . . . but, we will nevah surrendah!”

  69. From

    “Here’s a little-known fact about Winston: he stinks. His face is a spring of mucus and he barely knows how to clean himself. So we have to do it for him. Often. “

  70. I think something is terribly wrong when I look at a post and, five seconds in, it’s wrecked for me by knowing there’s going to be a nuff-splosion.

    Guess I’ll have to go back and keep watching it over and over ’til that’s wiped from my mind. ;P

  71. Winston is one of those cats with SO much character that he is such fun to watch!! Meg (and W’s owner), Thanks for “WinstonWatch 07”!

  72. Nuffington rocks. best comment evar.

  73. AliceTanzer says:

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Nuff,

    Winston has kitty IBS, accordign to their blog. Maybe, just maybe, they had to bath Winston because he had a “bad day”.

  74. what well mannered cat! he’s just like ‘ugghhh fine, clean me if you must’

    and the owner is so gentle and loving with the squishes and snuggles! aww!

  75. That is sooo mean to poor little Winston! If you thought that was cute, that it was funny, go back and watch it again and see the look on his eyes. Dude, UGLY MAN WHO WAS WASHING HIM: There is a little place called a pet salon and they can bathe your pet so he would barely notice it happen. It’s not expensive, I would know. My mom owns her own grooming shop.

  76. It’s gotta be the Siamese in him. I love ’em – they’ll carry on a conversation forever. Once I was at a party and getting kind of bored, but I was parked in behind 3 other cars, so I got friendly with the hosts’ Siamese. We must have meowed back and forth for 45 minutes.

    Everyone thought I must be trashed out of my mind (can’t really blame ’em, I WAS sitting on the floor in the corner talking to a cat!) but I had only been drinking ginger ale ‘cuz I wasn’t legal yet (GA looks enough like beer that no one would razz me, and I found out later that I hate beer anyway…give me wine any day). I didn’t give a flying fish in a hurricane – it was one of the best party conversations I’ve ever had.

    As for bathing cats… I had a gray one once who had a white blaze on his chest. When he came in solid gray from the falling ash of a nearby forest fire, I said “That’s it, you’re getting a bath!” He shocked my socks off by deciding he kind of liked water after all – he’d come running when I turned on a faucet and bat at the stream until I turned it off.

    Fortunately he never jumped in the sink, which would have been a rude shock ‘cuz it was usually hot soapy dishwater.

  77. Kitsunegirl says:

    Seriously, that was ADORABLE and I wholeheartedly endorse the Hots Guys Being Sweet To Anipals category. The only downside, is I may leave my computer again. Wait – what am I saying? There is no downside.

  78. Kitsunegirl says:

    I meant to say I may NEVER leave my computer again. Obviously, watching Cute Guy bathe Winston affected my brain….

  79. Kitsunegirl says:

    I meant to say I may NEVER leave my computer again. Obviously, watching Cute Guy bathe Winston affected my brain….

  80. Definitely create a category “Hot Guys with Cute Animals” AND start soliciting entries! Tatoos earn bonus points. As do unusual animals in combo with the hot guys. Or multiple hot guys.

  81. i wub winston’s pouty face–he’s totally channeling Oscar da Grouch, only cuter!

    poppa’s tenderness jus’ rox. it jus does.

    i mega-giggled when winston was all wet and u could see his skinny body–then he really looked like a qtip ^^

    jus’ curious… why do ppl think poppa is gay (not that it matters)? i didn’t see designer hair products on the shower ledge and even if i had, no telling who they belonged to.

    my gay guy friends have much more color and decor to their bathroom than this, but then so does my own bathroom that i share with my fiance and we’re straight *shrug*

  82. Is Winston going to get his own TV show? ‘Cause I would soooo watch it.

  83. Aaaw, Winston did so well at bath time. And the snuggles at the end were adorable.

  84. If you go to Winston’s website(well his owners) you find out that his daddies are gay. And hilarious.

  85. englishwoman says:

    NYGirly – he’s out on his blog, which sorta gives it away 😉

    Still cute though, whatever his orientation…

  86. Information Hen says:

    Aw! He loves his kitty!

  87. I bathe my cats once a week because they don’t have fur to soak up oils, and they get dirty because of it (like human skin).

    Here are some tips to be a better cat-bather 🙂

    1.) Don’t run the water while the cat is in the bath. Fill the tub up to about half their legs or less. I think Winston’s daddy figured this out after trying to push the poor thing under the running water.

    2.) Put a towel in the bottom of the tub so the cat has traction and a sense of security (i.e. doesn’t slide around like poor Winty was doing).

    Everything else seemed to be fine! I love that he put a seat in the tub instead of bending over it. I wash my cats in the kitchen sink so I don’t have to bend over, and so I have better control over them. I lean in and hold them against me a little bit so they feel safer. I also like how Wint’s dad had a towel ready (I love those types of towels, too). Oh, and it was very good that he didn’t get his head wet (and adorable with a poofy head and sleek body). All in all, a C+ bath. 😉

  88. Wow, Winston turns into a rope when he’s wet! And another agreement on adorable guy!

    And people, Desdemona is right, the constant PSA’s on the intricate philosophys and bleating about the “cruelty” of cat bathing are really annoying and unnecessary since none of you KNOW WHY the cat in the films is being bathed in the first place. Kitty isn’t gonna die from a little water now and again anyway, sheesh.

  89. Lovin’ the skinny winston after wet

    Lovin’ the comments on this video! I think I laughed more on the comments that I ahhhhhhed on the video. Yep, there is a serious gay vibe to the guy, but who cares. Hot is Hot. Bathing kitty is cute.

  90. After the first couple minutes, I think Winston kinda resigned himself to his fate. One he was appropriately “purritoized” at the end of the video, and the guy kissed him right on his face, he was A-OK!

  91. like i saids before, winston is too SKINNY!!!! feed that kitteh!

  92. like i saids before, winston is too SKINNY!!!! feed that kitteh!

  93. like i saids before, winston is too SKINNY!!!! feed that kitteh!

  94. Aww hes a good kitty, I remember giving my cat a flea bath once it was like a U.F.C fight. Thank God she’s declawed!

  95. some babies don’t like to be bathed either… does that mean you shouldn’t do it?

    I didn’t care for Winston after the first video, but obviously someone loves him, so he must have some redeeming qualities! I’m just wondering if some of those tattoos cover up scars from the early years of bathing Winston…

  96. Winny-poo is so cute! And Him be so skinny under all the fluff on his self.
    I tink Winston should have a category

  97. The end was cute when he was snuggling his dad. Awwww

    Too bad he talks about his boyfriend on his blog. 😦 Cute guy indeed, but he’s not on my team. NooO!!!!

  98. Nuffington – Make sure you save your hair when you shed. Maybe you could knit a sweater out of it or make apple cozies for your friends and family.

  99. MaggieBelle says:

    Hot guy is very good at that.

    Me next! Me next!

    Aww…what’s that? He’s gay? Darn!

  100. little gator says:

    Fleas are another reason to bathe a cat. I used to have 5 cats, 2 dogs, and a houseful of fleas.

    Now I have 1 cat, 1 dog, and no fleas. The Empress Lydia(see december 3 2006) has never been bathed in her 6 years, unlike some of the cats who went before her.

  101. Winston does not approve – hence, it’s cute. 😉

    And yes, i fully support the new category.

  102. generally speaking, boys who like kitties are just plain hot. something about the combination. that should be the new category, boys who like kitties!!!!!!!

  103. I find that this works well:

    1. Thoroughly clean the toilet.
    2. Add the required amount of shampoo to the toilet water and have both lids lifted.
    3. Obtain the cat and soothe him while you carry him towards the bathroom.
    4. In one smooth movement, put the cat in the toilet and close both lids (you may need to stand on the lid so that he cannot escape). CAUTION: Do not get any part of your body too close to the edge, as his paws will be reaching out for anything they can find. The cat will self-agitate and make ample suds. Never mind the noises that come from your toilet, the cat is actually enjoying this.
    5. Flush the toilet three or four times. This provides a “power wash and rinse” which I found to be quite effective.
    6. Have someone open the door to the outside and ensure that there are no people between the toilet and the outside door.
    7. Stand behind the toilet as far as you can and quickly lift both lids.
    8. The now-clean cat will rocket out of the toilet and run outside where he will dry himself.

    Yes, it’s a joke. You can laugh at the absurdity of it all.

  104. angrycupcake says:

    i think it’s kind of sweet that he’s taking care of the cat. nuffers, be gone. we never liked you anyway. if you don’t like this then stop complaining and look elsewhere! sheesh!

  105. NYgirly: I wouldn’t exactly assume anyone was gay because they used certain hair products or decorated their bathroom a certain way (You must have been joking, right?), but he does refer to himself as gay on his website, as others have already pointed out.

  106. SO CUTE!!!

  107. I have a soft spot of guys who love cats. One of the many reasons I fell in love with my husband is because of how much he loves animals – especially cats.

    Oh, and I love the part in the end where he squeezees the paws to ring out the extra water hehehe 🙂

  108. I “awwwed” out loud at the snuggly part at the end.

    And for those of you ladies who want a cute cat-loving man, I have a single best friend who fits the bill. 😀 No tattoos, though.

  109. Another hot (straight) guy with cats!

    But cred goes to Annie because she found this link

  110. I’m all about the cute men bathing kitties… but I wouldn’t mine just a category for cute men. I suppose we’re really not supposed to keep them as pets though, are we?

  111. I don’t think the cat’s declawed…early in the vid, Winston tries to make a run for it and snags Hot Guy’s shorts. I was prepared for the inevitable flaying of skin, but after that he seems to settle down. Maybe because Hot Guy knows what he’s doing?

  112. concerned citizen :) says:

    Three posts with Winston! It must be a new category!

  113. Man, our secret Winston Cat Club is no longer. We’ll have to share Win with the world now. We knew it was only a matter of time before his awesomeness was revealed to all.

  114. I only wish I could hold up my cat with one hand. :/

  115. By the way, after reading all the kvetching (which is really so annoying), certain people would do well to learn more information before spitting out complaints. There are hardly two more loving and kind owners than Rich and his boyfriend. A ten minute bath is nothing compared to the love and attention Win gets on a daily basis. They owe no apologies and need no instruction, but (insert sarcasm) thanks anyway.

  116. Winston’s a very good kitty. I can’t imagine my cats letting me do that.

  117. WHY do people, hot or otherwise, insist on bathing cats? They don’t need it and they hate it. I think it’s cruel, not cute.

  118. *note to self*

    1.Get cat
    2.Video tape self with cat
    3.Submit to CO

  119. “nuffers, be gone”, says angrycupcake – I’m with you re the nuffs:

    is this guy drowning or choking Winston ???

    is he using scalding water ???

    is he pulling out Winston’s nails ??? *shuddering at the thought*

    is he checking Winston’s bod to get matching tatts ???

    I don’t think so …

    he loving and caring for his furry friend, so there.

  120. Get a grip, Nuffington. My cat LOVES to be brushed. I hate listed out ‘factoids’ which are sweeping generalizations. I also had a cat that would walk down to the beach and swim. Take that!

  121. I had to wash my cat with special flea stuff when she was tiny. She’s a very fluffy cat too. It always amazes me how strange fluffy cats look when they’re wet… all skinny 🙂

  122. Umm, Noelle, Nuffington’s being facetious…

  123. chet's momma says:

    he is so plushy! i wuvs heem.

  124. Winston is the best name for a cat, hands down. Especially that cat. Just looking at him reminds me of Winston Churchill. In a cute way. (Don’t ask.) He’s soooooooooo darling (even though I do think that leaving the water running was probably a bit much for his delicate little manly sensibilaries.)

    There is nothing wrong with bathing cats – in fact many vets advise it. Yes, you can safely have a cat without bathing him, but bathing helps remove materials from the cat’s fur that may be toxic if ingested, helps reduce hair balls, and reduces fleas.

    Plus let’s all remember that cats are DOMESTICATED animals. Just because they have primal cousins doesn’t mean they’re not fully-bred to live in a human environment – and that includes bathing, brushing and grooming. 🙂

  125. I have a Maine Coon that occasionally gets a bath because she starts to really, really smell.

    Who knows what cats really “hate”? No one here is a cat unless you are a smart cat that has learned how to type.

    A few seconds on the owners blog will show you that not only is Winston cared for amazingly…he’s also a rescue kitty.

  126. I love the “Wet Winston Purrito” at the end. He’s all warm & snorgly & cozy!!!

  127. Here we go again.
    Thou shalt not bathe thy cats, unless:
    1)They are covered in poo.
    2)They decide to put their paws under the door to smear around the paint on the floor you just painted.
    3)They have fleas.
    4)The kids dump an entire jar of honey on one of them. Accidentally.
    5) The have nuclear fall out on them. So annoying.
    6) They smell. Bad.
    7) They are show cats, and must be punished.
    8) They climb in the toilet, after it has been used, and before it has been flushed.
    9) The vet told you too, and the vet knows all.
    10) Because you like bloody welts across your eyeballs.
    11) Any other reason not covered in this list, because you want to, because you are evil/crazy/ loving/ caring/ sadistic/hot/ pick your favorite adjective.
    Did I miss any?

  128. Lol, methinks he had some battle scars from this endevour.

  129. CBF you forgot pickle juice. I think any cat that gets pickle juice on them should be bathed. I mean really don’t you think it would be cruel to leave the cat smelling like pickles?

  130. <3!! i <3 the snuggling at the end, with the kisses and warm towel. hooray! <3!

  131. Hot Guys Doing Anything! Yes! (didn’t we have a pic of a cute guy with a doggie not long ago?)

    Winston’s daddy is SO nice, taking him in with all his health problems (and constant annoying yowls) and looking after him so well.

    The kissing of Winston is tooooo cuuuute.

  132. Ahh, Annie, the pickle juice clause. *runs to annotate the list*

  133. I can’t believe I spent roughly three minutes watching this cat get a bath…*shakes head*

  134. OMG, what tenderness that man shows…someone send ’em my way!!

  135. Oh for heavens sakes Winston! Go back to the mashed potatoes. You’re taking that no-carb diet too far!!!

    BTW, what is that on his left arm? Is that a tattoo of a fox?

  136. Seriously. Marry me, Winston’s Owner.

    On another note, for all the people who attest cats should not be bathed because “they are clearly miserable,” does that means we shouldn’t bathe filthy little three-year-old boys who yowl and contort and want to stay dirty for life?


    Okay, then. Shaddup.

  137. Yes, I think we need a whole new category called WINSTON! The cutest part about it is that Winston has no idea that we’re all peeking into his everyday life! (And the second cutest part about it is that Winston has this cute hot young guy who doesn’t look like he would care about animals taking such good care of him!)

  138. As I said, I am not against all cat bathing–just unnecessary cat bathing, since most cats really do hate it and don’t need it. I have three cats. Two never get bathed–just brushed all the time. One gets bathed about once a month, because she needs it. (She get poop on her long tock hair).

    If Winston needs it because of his, um, issues, then I have no problem with that, and the daddy is very sweet with him. My kitty is hard to handle in the sink, but sometimes she just has to go in there.

    I had just seen that dampcats site last night, though, and some of the videos on there were disturbing–like the one, lstign more than five minutes, where the guy used a huge amount of soap and poured soapy water over the frightened cat’s eyes several times, then dried him off without even bothering to rinse him. I see a lot of that sort of thing, and it really is unfortunate.

  139. lol Winston says to owner, “you’re lucky I love you!”

  140. Winston’s daddy-o IS hot, whoa! Tats and cats.

  141. What a cute kitteh…and nothing is hotter than a dude swaddling and kissing a cute kitteh. Muah!!!

  142. I want to live with that guy and have many cats with him. I just about melted at the end when he was cuddling Winston in the towel.

  143. Bathing cats isn’t cruel. Bathing them very often is probably pretty pointless, but occasionally, some of them do need some help. Mine are lazy groomers. Incidentally, Winston was EXTREMELY patient, and I thought dad’s snuggling and gentle handling was the sweetest thing ever. I’m all for the new category!

  144. aww! so CUTE! i loved the cuddly bits at the end. made me feel all warm and fuzzy XD and that’s one skinny cat! and his owner has very smooth shoulders..XD

  145. JuliaJellicoe says:

    He SHRUNK when he got wet! All except his face!

    I agree men make great pets as well, although I had a coworker who disagreed because “they live too long.”

  146. WINSTON!! my favorite internet kitty ever. and rich is fabulous, one of my favorite bloggers! (

  147. uh.. wtf nuffington. human babies aren’t cute.

  148. but me love teh winston!

  149. I am all in favor of a “Hot Guys Bathing Kittehs” catagory. I mean, what’s only having Cats N Racks, but nothing for the ladies to feast their eyes on?!

  150. Don’t know why it’s necessary to bathe cats when they have special cleaner naturally on their tongue, but at least it was done in a gentle way. Love the cuddle at the end.

  151. Count me on the hot guys category. it could be hot guys bathing any animal. gay, straight, who cares? hot is hot.

  152. What really sent me over the cute-ometer was hot guy being all sweet and gentle with Winston. Bravo Hot Guy! We girls love guys that love their pets as much as we do! More please!

  153. Elizabeth P says:

    oh man. the bit at the end where he has the kitteh wrapped up in a towel and is smooching at him?

    I got TEARS people. Full hand to the heart, sniffling, tears.

    I’m such a softy. 😛

  154. Yitzysmommie says:

    Winston’s complaints woke Yitzy who was snoozing next to me. Yitzy’s comment: “MEERAWLGH?”.
    Love how sweet the dood is bathing his kitty, and I espesche love the little kees & snuggle at the end.

  155. How cruel to bathe a kitten. Cats do not take kindly to water and it is obvious that this kitten was clean anyway so why put it through such indignity?

  156. Chris Tucker…That was too funny!!! I sat here laughing my ‘tocks off!!! Yay to Winstons Daddies! They luv their Winston and want to keep him clean and healthy.

  157. i LOVE how he squeezes out esch little paw then gives winstons tunny a squeeze. but it takes second place to the smooch-fest that goes on at the end of the bath. so sweet!

  158. ROFL! That was too funny, and really brave of the fella to give a cat a bath while bare-legged and bare-armed! Either the cat is declawed or just tame.

  159. I have to wear four layers (that all get soaked) when I bathe my cats! I just plan to be shredded, and have the alcohol and band-aids ready. You are a brave soldier…. I think “hot guys bathing kitties” would be great on a dating website, you would get many replies, as woman love men who love animals!!! Much love to Winston and his pop.

  160. I love Winston. I’ve been visiting his owners site for a long time and love all the Winston videos. They truly love him and take much better care of him than most people would – he’s got health problems.
    But like someone else said, the “bathing cats is cruel” commentary is really dumb – my friend’s baby hates having his diaper changed, totally cries and thrashes around – is it cruel to change his diaper??!!

  161. I could never bath my cats in the tub like that, because they would use my body as a climbing post!

    I’d love a new category! There is nothing in the world that I love more is when I see men loving their kittehs. Sometimes I will walk into my bedroom after brushing my teeth, and I’ll see my husband just laying on the bed, next to our kittehs, having a quiet moment and petting them. I can hear the purring from the bathroom door. It always makes my heart melt at how much he loves them.

  162. And btw – yes, the guy nuzzling and kissing Winston after the bath, completely made my heart melt…

  163. I’m glad to know that somewhere in the universe there exist hot guys who love cats. How come I keep meeting the lukewarm schmoes who hate them?? Thank you, Hot Guy, for the ray of hope. 😉

  164. what a good boy winston is!!! and his owner is soooo sweet. love the squeedgy-hand action.

  165. I’ve said this before and got pounced on, but I’ll say it again, cats don’t need baths. Unless they have fleas or need a treatment for a skin problem, or are gunked up with stuff. Did that cat look dirty to you? Not to me.

  166. OMG Wiston is so TINY!!!! Awwwwww…..

  167. “I’ve said this before and got pounced on, but I’ll say it again, cats don’t need baths. Unless they have fleas or need a treatment for a skin problem, or are gunked up with stuff. Did that cat look dirty to you? Not to me.”

    Ok, straight from Winston’s daddies’ blog:

    “he was bought by an affluent couple on the Upper East Side and originally named Jake (actually, he was originally named “Crazy” per his papers we received later). He was over-vaccinated, suffering from IBS and a hernia. Apparently, when said couple’s designer cat didn’t turn out to be as perfect as he looked, they had no more use for him and put in to have him put down. Kris, worked at their vet’s office, rescued him and, after paying for his operation and rehabilitating his IBS to the best of her ability, put him up for adoption.”

    You don’t think a cat with that kind of history needs bathing?

  168. You need a Winston category!

  169. I’ll take one of each 😉

  170. I am joining the “I love Winston” fan club. I had my kitty sitting at my feet staring up while watching all his vids, wondering what that noise is. Little does he know that as soon as I work up the courage he’s due for a bath too… I dunno why but he smells -bad-.

    All the bathing controversy just makes me think of this video I once saw on youtube. I hope it’s not real, cause it’s just too cruel, but it was a kitty washing machine. Toss the cat in, select if you want suds or just a wash, and then the kitty gets bombarded with these jets of water until its clean. Enclosed area means it can’t escape and can’t claw up the owner.

    Now that’s mean. Complain about that, not someone washing their kitty by hand where they can be comforted and reassured.

  171. I stopped reading comments about halfway down, but needed to say:
    I know Winston, he was adopted from the rescue group that I foster for (Only Hope Cat Rescue in NYC – plug!).
    Winston ALWAYS talks, this is not an indication of bath torture.
    Winston is NOT declawed.
    Winston at one point had an issue that probably necessitated baths, and while I believe that his “parents” have done special home-made diets to help combat this issue, he may still have problems from time to time and therefore require the occasional bath.
    Winston is a sweetie, and his parents are a FANTASTIC home!

  172. Erm, it seems pretty obvious he wasn’t declawed.
    Besides, I don’t get the “cruel” thing. Sure, cats can clean themselves, but that doesn’t make it “cruel” to clean them. It doesn’t hurt them at all. Little kids sometimes get scared at the barber’s, but we don’t scream “OH the humanity! Cut not that child’s hair, look at the fear in his eyes!” Give me a break as far as the argument to a cat’s dignity. Cats crap in boxes in the hallway while staring at their owners.
    Also, wow, I fear for a world that doesn’t recognize humor (i.e. Nuffington’s post) in its more facetious form.

  173. Awwww, those are the most pathetic mews I’ve heard. Like “Please, daddy, can we stop now?!” LOL – he looks so funny when he’s wet and skinny and his head is all poofy!

    And his owner is *really* hot.

  174. I am not so fond of this video. While I realize that cats sometimes need human assistance with bathing, it’s nothing akin to amusing to me to watch an animal in fear.

  175. This video is so great in so many levels:
    -The hilarity of bathed!Winston
    – The sweetness of the daddy towards him
    – The fact that daddy is Tatoo!Guy
    – The murderous look Winston shoots at daddy when daddy’s all “good boy, good boy”
    – The final snorgling.