Tip of the hat to Letterman and The Daily Shows

It’s so great to finally find the infmaous Letterman Show and Daily Show ‘Chimp washes kitteh’ video. For reasons unknown to moi, this video sneaks into the show wherever possible, prolly because it’s beyond redonk.

[Bows to Mr. Letterman and Mr. Stewart]

Now playing on CuteCast, Funny Animal Videos and found by Commenter Jaames 🙂



  1. There is a pic of M. Colbert in the new Vanity Fair, in which he is disconcertingly– well– cute.

  2. yikes! Pancakes!!

  3. PS, er, “blini!”

  4. Dang!! So close….still, obviously kitty is enjoying(?) the bath….which is unusual in itself!

  5. Stop with the darn movies!!!


  6. Not to nitpick, but that’s a Daily Show video, not a Colbert Report video.

  7. No! Don’t stop with the movies! I love

  8. not to nitpick with somebody else’s nitpick-nic, but david letterman has been running this clips for years and years. still funny, though

  9. Stephen Colbert does “Monkey on the Lam(b)” 😉 He was very disappointed when there were no more “escaped monkey” stories in the news.

  10. PS the music on this clip is beyond awesome. 😉

  11. In Stranger With Candy (which Steven Colbert also starred in) They had a bunch of monkeys doing cute things clips as well.

  12. spatialbean says:

    Dave Letterman used to show this video eons ago, before Steven Colbert and the Daily Show were out of diapers.

  13. *random note*
    Went looking up silky anteaters today, and I think I’ve found a new source of Cute.


    It’s like a lemur-sloth-muppet pointy-fuzzbutt. It schnorffs at your ears. So cute!

  14. Thanks for the link to me, Meg! Peace! 🙂

  15. Honestly, there is nothing better than this, except maybe the clip set to the Benny Hill music:


  16. no to nitpick, but it’s an ape!

  17. They ran out of diapers?!! WTF!!??

  18. Aww, dang, this would be reason number 12:
    You may wash your cat if you are a monkey. Whether or not evolution mandates that this includes humans, is a matter of theological preference.

  19. ummmmm – weird.

  20. WOW, what a patient kitteh! Although I did notice that the video is looped, so maybe the keetty did run away.

  21. The music is by Raymond Scott and his band.

    You’ve heard his music all your lives, mainly in the great Warner Bros cartoons of the 40s and 50s.

    Powerhouse and Toy Trumpet were particular favorites of Carl Stalling, the musical genius who scored practically all the classics from Termite Terrace. His interpretations of Scott’s works can be heard in countless Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Roadrunner cartoons, to name only a few.

  22. It is cute, but that’s not a monkey, that’s an ape.


  23. Raymond Scott was a genius, and Carl Stalling was also a genius– A Suuuper-genius, to use Chuck Jones’s expression. 😉 He got the most amazing music into those cartoons– that’s where a whole generation of people heard their first Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner, Rossini.

    He also used the whole Warner’s catalog of popular songs.

  24. Ok Tanya, so that means it should be, Thou shalt cleanse thy cat only if thou art an ape. If thou art nought but a foul monkey, thou shalt desist from all ablutions forthwith.

    Is that better?

  25. Yeah, that video wasn’t on Colbert Report, anyway. It was Stewart’s video. STEWART!

  26. David Letterman first aired cat + monkey

  27. video set to Benny Hill theme made me laugh ^^

  28. That video looks like it was made in 1930! You’re right it’s completely redonk!

  29. Best. Video. EVER.

  30. The sad thing is that both the kitty and the monkey are probably long dead 😦 But on the bright side, they are probably bathing together in heaven

  31. Benny Hill music makes everything funnier!

  32. P.S.–not monkey, but Chimpanzee! (or maybe Bonobo). Both are apes. 🙂

  33. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    That’s not sad, chicky. I’ll start being good if it means I can go to monkey-washes-kitten heaven!

  34. So is this the newest addition to the “Hot Guys Bathing Kittehs” category? 😉

  35. OMG, there are so many things wrong with this post;
    1. Ape not a monkey
    2. Colbert vs. Stewart vs. Letterman

    I shall change it!!! Thank you for setting the record straight, People…

  36. haha…i was just watching a daily show clip that had this…it was the one where Corrdry is in Paris.

  37. The reason this video (along with several other ape videos) is on so many shows is because it is royalty free. I’m not an expert, but I’m guessing there are probably reels of royalty free videos that TV and movie people have access to, so that’s why this pops up in comedy stuff so frequently. Otherwise I don’t think there is much use for it since it’s so bizarre it’s not like it will make a cameo in Gray’s Anatomy or something.

    It popped up a few times in Strangers With Candy several times because the writing trio (Paul Dinello, Amy Sedaris, Stephen Colbert) thought it was so funny and weird. There is another one that’s not nearly as cute of the ape seemingly drowning a duck in a pool. They thought it would be the sort of thing that would play in Jerri Blank’s head 😉

  38. Please tell me this does not fall under the “hot guys bathing kittehs” category…

  39. 1- not a “monkey/ape” fan
    2- cat lover
    3- ape could rip cats legs/head off and toss about room
    4- ape is not being supervised

  40. Kaitou Juliet says:

    “Ape is not being supervised?” There has to be at LEAST a cameraperson taking that video, and very probably a bunch of other film crew around as well.

    I join those who are astounded at the kitteh’s patience. Even if the video is looped, the little feline still bears it longer than I’d expect!

  41. by “not supervised” i mean that there is no one standing RIGHT THERE BESIDE them in case the ape decides to go ape-_hit.
    this is a very old film. i doubt if there is any ‘high felootin” camera crew and PETA people and ape/cat wranglers and stuff. just some guy with a old camera a ape and a disposible cat.
    animals were not held in very high regard in the “olden days”.

  42. O_o

    That’s one patient cat!