“Winston is annoying”

People, please check out the smooshed-face-ed-ness that is Winston the kitteh.

The original movie is posted on blog FourFour, where commenters said: “his Totoroness just kills me!” Another said: “His mouth opens up like a marionette!  Like someone’s pulling a little Winny string!”

Says the videographer: “Winston mostly cries like this when he’s hungry, i.e. ALWAYS. But you know what the best thing about this video is? When I was putting it together, Winston was attempting to sleep next to me on the couch, but he kept waking up, hearing his own crying and the pre-meal sounds present in the clips I was editing. Ha! Now he knows how annoying he is. I mean, I’m sure he forgot immediately, but the moment of justice was worth it.” Yay Winst!

Karen B., EXCELLENT pointing-outing 😉



  1. MErooooooow MErow Meow Merrrrrow Go winston let your voice be heard

  2. this is like propaganda for dog people

  3. rofl My Alti is quite vocal when it is time to be fed as well!

    *kisses the smooshed nose*

  4. Annoying indeed. Yet, I still wanna glomp him. 😛

  5. What kinda kitty is winston?

  6. annienanners says:


  7. It’s a good thing Winston didn’t marry my late-great Wilma who meowed ALL the time, hungry or not, and she had a much louder Siamese voice. It sounded as if she was saying, “no-ooow” over and over. She also ate socks and sweaters. Oddly enough, I miss the girl, who died at 17.

  8. and i love Love LOVE the kitty sneezes.

  9. My cat is far noisier. I can hear it in my semi sleep, 3 floors above where it is in the kitchen. Best alarm clock in the world

  10. ZOMG!!!!!! Karen B. is me!!! *tuna dance*

  11. Am I the only one grossed out by cats sitting/sneezing on countertops where food is prepared? …

  12. geez. anti-cat people are annoying.

  13. He looks like a short haired persian, so cute!

  14. Favorite face – freeze at :23. Priceless. The one eye open, one eye squinted is amazing.

    You’re right, the one at 1:32 is so pitiful. The one at 1:24 is very desperate as well..one of my favorites is 1:20, when he seems to actually say something. It seems very Shakespearean.

  15. not anti-cat at all, just glad I don’t eat from that kitchen!

  16. The best parts definitelly are the kitty sneezes and the ‘tock snorf

  17. Oh mah gawds… :D!

    Meow! Meow! Ow….?

    “Winston, what’s the matter? What’s the problem?”

    If Winston knew people-speak he would be saying:

    “What is wrong wif me? What is wrong wif you? You no luff me anymore? I been hungry now for 2 minutes and 50 seconds. Is that luff to leave me so hungries? Is nuffing wrong wif me, is wrong wif you I tinks. Closing eyes now..”

  18. I have two cats. One of them has an adorable little meow, and I love to “talk” to her. She’ll actually respond back when I meow at her.

    The other cat does not have as cute a meow. Unfortunately, she has noticed that I love to “talk” to the other cat, so she meows at me. ALL THE TIME.

  19. Skinny kitty Winston is justified. He wants more food!

  20. Aww! He sounds like my little Burmese kitty!

  21. O-Cat!!!!!! WooHoo!!!! Congrats! You’re a published sender-inner!!!! And a what a submishe!!! Already a ’nuff!!!!!
    *does a poorly executed rendition of the tuna dance* 🙂

  22. Oh, my gosh. That is the most annoying cat ever.

  23. I believe Winston is an Exotic Shorthair. I have one, Teddy, and he sneezes ALL THE TIME!!! I think it’s due to the smooshed up face….

  24. please feed Winston, we must take up a collection for him. He’s hungry!
    hes also very cute and floofy. he’s a good talker.and the fake-sneezing for more attention! hilarious.
    me thinks Winston is smarter than owners give credit for.

  25. I’m not being anti-cat…but I’m not a cat person. I see the cuteness in something like this but at the same time you just have to admit he has such a whiny, crappy look/sound going on. it’s maybe borderline cute or sad. It’s like when my boyfriend’s cat comes into the bathroom and screams at me in the morning. It’s cute and funny but on the other hand I’m like “WHAT? Bizzatch, leave me alone!!”

  26. This is so adorable! I couldn’t figure out what was annoying though. My cat does this all the time, whether or not she’s hungry. She’s just a talker. She does get annoying though when her meows becoming increasingly insistent when I’m making something in the kitchen like coffee and I’ve shown her that it’s nothing she wants anyway. She insists that I must be hiding some chicken up there behind the coffee maker. Then I walk over to her food bowl and say “Look Sunny, nice fresh yummy food!” And she just looks at me like “Whatevs mom.” Cats are awesome.

  27. It’s Winston! He’s so Top-Heavily Delicious!

    I love love LOVE the meow at 1:19.

    It’s funny how (to me at least) a cat’s “voice” makes me draw conclusions about their temperament. My cat sounds angry and annoyed when he talks, therefore I assume is in a constant state of “surly mood”… But he’s really quite happy & content…

  28. anon: rofl at the kitteh/kountertopz comment. It did remind me of a comment a friend of mine said once, though. She saw someone’s cats get up on the counter and said “MY cats are not allowed on the countertops”, and the immediate response from the cat owner was “…while you’re around”. Pretty much sums up cats for this dog person. ;D

    P.S. Winston is so cute! OMG sum1 feed himz!

  29. Well geez Liz, sometimes an animal wants some attention that’s all.

  30. Annoying Winston with himself is BRILLIANT!

    I have seen this smoosh-face before, not just on CO. He’s an internet-famous whiny cat. With that tone of voice, you expect him to be Siamese (which of course some of his ancestors were) but then you see his giant smoosh face, heh.

  31. OOPS! Sorry Liz, that was meant for Claire

  32. Well like I said I’m more used to a wagging tail than a verbal whine. Don’t worry, i’m not going around kicking mewing kitties….OR AM I??

  33. Space Cowgirl says:

    D’awww. How could anyone resist those sad little meows? My black cat knows how to change the pitch and length of his meows to exert maximum annoyance and get what he wants from less stoic people.

    Re countertops: I tried from the time they were 8 weeks old to discourage my cats from jumping on the counters and gave up after a 1 1/2 years.

  34. This stuff is funny (and possibly almost cute) to me in small doses. But stuff like this is why I don’t have a cat of my own. I couldn’t handle that all day. O_O Props to those who can, though.

  35. Mwhahaha! I didn’t know that other cats did that too! He totally sounds like my Baby Kitty whenever he wants in, or out, or milk, or to eat what you’re eating, or to see what you’re doing – in short, all the time! I love Winston’s smooooooshyface!

  36. cute things: SNEEZES!!! smooshy face all fuzzy at the very end when he closed his eyes.

    funny things: winsty smelling the other kitty’s ‘tocks. when the camera angle shifted so winston was far away.

    not-so-cute-thing: annoying crying

  37. ANNOYING??? wha? how? i luuuuuurv having a talkative kitty. our Petra has an impressively broad vocabulary, and we hang on every word!

  38. “a-choo a-choo”..Oooh, bless you, Winston!

    I totally love the “I am SO not talking to you anymore” ending….

  39. Exactly Anner, exactly. Well put.

  40. he looks like he has downs syndrome.

  41. Mary (the first) says:

    My kittehs all talk to me and I talk back. Current cat actually YELLS and will do it whenever the whim overtakes her.. day time, meal time, middle of the night, she has something to say and she’s gonna say it! LOUD! She doesn’t cry for meals much but I’ve had cats who did and they sound just as pitiful as Winston. “I haven’t been fed in .. weeks! yeah that’s it, weeks! please feed me nowwww. Noooowwww. Nowwrwww??” etc.

  42. Aaw! xD That isn’t crying, that’s SCREAMING! My kitty does that too, she’s a real lady and knows what she wants.

  43. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I love this cat. HIs smooshed in face is so cute. I loved when he started to sneeze. Has a character all his own.

  44. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i LOVE Winston!!! He’s just a little chatter box. He can come live with me 🙂

  45. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Oh one more thing his nose looks like a fuzzy chocolate covered raisin that was glued on

  46. Winston is a cat with a ton of personality and quite the fanbase. Fourfour has a lot of Winston posts that I find hysterical. He’s actually got a lot of hair and has to get washed regularly so there’s wet Winston posts where he looks pretty angry like all wet cats do. They also shaved him this summer – not his head or tail though. That’s why he looks so skinny.

  47. I thought it was hilarious and very entertaining. I’m pretty sure Winston doesn’t do it ALL the time…I mean I’m sure that at 4 am, he’s snoozing away somewhere or prowling the perimeter, protecting his owners (read: pets) from mouse-terrorists.

  48. Winston annoyed my dog…rofl

    I was watching the clip as my doggie was sleeping beside me and he woke up and started doing the cocked head/ears thing (aka baroo) at my speakers!! Then he started barking at them… Oh if I only had my webcam on..

    But seriously..I love talking cats my own cat only meows when he’s angry so that’s like once in a blue moon. I want more meow!

  49. Well, Winston should me Willy, the morning meowing cat: http://brunmarde.com/weblog/media/willy-morning.mov

  50. My cat, Peppercorn, meows often and loudly when I’m reading, watching TV, on the computer, sleeping. All the time.

    But here’s the thing, I hear her meowing, but I’ve never SEEN her meowing. Weird.

  51. I loooove dee Winston! Mao Mao. The closed eyes at the end were the best. Three cheers for Winston!

    Hip, Hip


    Hip, Hip


    Hip, Hip


  52. “Most Annoying Cat in the World Runner-Up”

  53. whaleshaman says:

    not cute – it looks like he’s suffering and starving.

    it’s his owner and breeder who are annoying.

    poor kitteh.

  54. zee pouting and depreyshons at the end keel me

  55. He makes me think of Cartman from South Park:

    “Maaaaa-oooom! Maaaaaa-ooooooooommmm!”

    Please give that kitteh some cheesy poofs, please.

  56. I think Win-Shton Fell off the counter onto his muzzle-powshe one too many times…

  57. I loooove Winston.

  58. HAHA, funniest thing… when I started watching this, all three of my cats heard it and started flipping out and running back and forth to the kitchen.

  59. Alice Shortcake says:

    I love the little sneezes! I’d forgotten just how noisy cats can be – my own kitteh Daisy (obtained from a rehoming centre a few months ago) NEVER meows, she just purrs at different speeds and volumes.

  60. nuff x 3 = *yawn*

    love winny’s cool tailio.

  61. its sounds like he is saying moooam everytime he speaks he is really cute in a funny kinda way..
    He is determined to get what he wants though meowing you to tears to get a treat of another lunch out of us humans …lol

  62. I think this might qualify for Cute or Sad. It sounds like he’s saying “Ow” sometimes. It also looked like at one point he really wanted to get off the counter but was afraid to jump.

    Winston is a cutie. There’s a related video of Rick washing him when you get to the end.

  63. Oakie Whoooo Whoooo Whoo does Arm Wave. Winston is awesome and I love the variety of MEooooows and the sneezes. Winston you are famous.

  64. Awww! I’m the Winny String commenter.

    I love Winny. I think he and my chatty cat Phoebe would have OODLES to talk about!

  65. I am still trying to figure out how this is unique or noteworthy. I’ve seen plenty of cats who act just like this one, and I don’t find it annoying. I think it’s cute, as long as you don’t let them rule you with it.

  66. My cat Peek A Boo screams like a banshee at 8 PM until supper is put down (by 8:02 PM!!) She yells the entire time I’m getting the food ready and while I bring it to her- then she takes 1 little bite and walks off! All that fuss every night for 1 bite!! I have deep sympathy for Winston’s parents… I know how you feel!!

  67. Winston is showing signs of hypothyroid disease. My cat just died of that in March. He should probably see a vet.

  68. ahh dang.
    the mashed potato video is no longer available.
    i wanted to see Winston eat tatoes!
    i give them to my dog(s) and i think its so hilarious when they get stuck tio the roof of their mouths! ha!

  69. Winston looks normal weight to me. I’m sure he thanks you all for your concern, though.

    Sweet kitters. You can shout at me anytime. [gently beeps smooshy nose]

  70. is it just me or does this kitty resemble Wilford Brimley?


  71. I am not a fan of the smooshed in face. This makes me appreciate my cats who are quiet, and who have properly pointy noses!

  72. Liz — fixed it! Works now.

  73. MaggieBelle says:

    Ew. Winston got a face full of butt in the beginning there…

  74. Hello Katie says:

    He did have a sort of Totoro quality about him…I kept expecting him to take a deep breath and roooooaaaaaar!

  75. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    OMG. His mouf. It looks like Beaker’s mouth from the Muppets.

  76. Morgan C. Hoax says:

    Winston is indeed annoying, but he’s got nothing on my cat, whose whine is perfectly calibrated to just the right frequency to annoy me, asleep or awake.

  77. kitty sneezing is the BEST. can someone make a kitty-sneezing montage?

  78. My cat is throwing a meowing fit right now, because Winston kept meowing. Oh, he stopped now and he’s just looking disgruntled, like “How did you fit a cat in that skinny thing, and why won’t you bring it out to let me play?”

  79. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Corin, is it? Honey, that is HARDLY annoying…you want annoying? Picture this…

    Ten years ago, when we had Nermal just three years, he took it up on himself to be auxiliary 5 AM alarm clock, which was his breakfast…30 SECONDS BEFORE THE ACTUAL PLUGGED-IN GOTDAMMED THING WENT OFF!!!! Every Monday thru Friday, it never failed! He’d be up in our grill, kinda snuggling up to us, so Hubby and I would think it was each other, and then let out this wail that would bolt us upright!!! True story!! So your Winston is NOT the least bit annoying!!

    Oh, by the way, Nermal FINALLY grew out of it!!!

  80. BAH HA HA!
    Thanks theo! that made my day-
    oh, the lip-smackin yummy-ness of the tatoes!
    Winston is one piggy-kitty.
    i Love that he totally Bit the finger of the hand that was feeding him!
    what a beast!

  81. I like when he has the sneezing fits. too funny at the end when you can telling he’s completely ticked off at everything.

  82. asdfjklsemicolon says:

    i think it’s the constant meowing + perpetually-angry-expression combination that makes this cat so annoying.

  83. Okay, WHO smashed the cat’s face with a frying pan?

    That is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.

    Boogitty blibberty hula hoop fart.

  84. Ha! As I play this video, my dog is running all over the house FREAKING OUT because she can’t find the kitty making all that noise!

  85. [hurr hurr hurr hurr]

  86. That was adorable! And I personally believe that a talkative cat is a loved cat. They know they can melt humans with their sweet sounds because they have a human that gives in. MY cats are very talkative. They also like to go into rooms better suited for maximim meow-age, such as bathrooms and hallways. 🙂

  87. I don’t think Winston is annoying at all. I think he’s full of personality and wonderful and I loff him.

  88. Miss h –

    TOTALLY a Wilford Brimley cat!

    Diabeetus INDEED!

  89. berthaslave says:

    He’s also a dead ringer for Churchill…hence the name, I suppose…I can just hear him saying “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” Mrow!

  90. OMG! my rat terrier is in the room with me and started howling along with winny- he even adjusted his howls to match winston’s many glorious tones- so damn adorable!

  91. mockingbird says:

    Ah, the Siamese voice. It;s one of my favorite things about them and their relatives. My 15 yr old Siamese, Toad, hung out with only college students as a young’un, and so he talks with human pitch patterns. He’ll even talk on the phone- but only to people he knows and likes. I took in a new cat a year ago, and Zelda is quite the talker for a moggie. Toad disdains her, so her sweet chattering has caused him to actually talk less, and freed me from his “it is dinner time NOW!” yowls, as he now considers such behavior common and beneath him. But he’s happy to carry on mature conversations, as befits his high status.
    When I was playing this, Toad looked up from his nap for about 30 seconds, wondered where the annoying sound was coming from as that girl cat for once had her mouth shut, and went back to sleep. Zelda ran all over, wanting to protect our home from the invader, and finally figured out it was coming from the weird non-cat thing I was sitting in front of.

  92. Winston freaked out my kitty, who began looking for the cat behind the computer!

  93. Amazing to come all the way down to the last comment to find ONE other person who saw the resemblance to the venerable Winston Churchill. He’s not lobbying for food — he wants a cigar and a brandy!

  94. So cute and so grumpy! I love that little mustache.

  95. I love the Siamese edge in his voice, and the sneezes… **dies**

  96. I have watched a lot of videos here on C.O., but THIS one got the Pooh-inator up from his nap, all the way over to my desk, up onto the desk, and his nose practically touching the monitor. He takes up my whole desk, so the keyboard’s in my lap now. Thanks Winston!! 😉

  97. 1. i lofflofFloFFlOFFLOFF totoro and dis not totoro o_0 (sowwy)

    2. who knew a floofy qtip kitty could be so freakin’ cute?!!

    *stix kitteh in ear and sneax off*

    3. when my Oscar sneezes, doesn’t matter where he is, he’s gotta find the closet human foot and sneeze right on it EVERY single time!

  98. Winston is the greatest cat on the planet.

  99. BlueDressDevil says:

    I trust that Winston was named for PM Churchill – ‘cuz that’s who the kitteh looks like! My cats started meowzering back at the laptop – Winston’s the cutest smooshy-faced feline evar!

  100. Down with anti cat people! Why must you people always try to ruin things?

  101. Yeah, cat sneezes are cute. Especially when they’re inches away, waking you up in the morning. Thanks for the shower!

  102. both my cats, and both my dogs, are crowding around me, after having scoured the house for the disgruntled kitty. i’m
    c r a c k i n g u p …

  103. i don’t think this is an annoying kitteh – just a little spoilt.

    big BUT: for crying out loud please don’t breed this type of kitteh, they are so having trouble breathing/smelling. That’s a fact, even though I’ll be run over by murder-posts very quickly.

    I just feel pity for the poor thingy, wana give it some TLC and tuna.

  104. Only a cat can be that needy and imperial at the same time. To his credit though, he’s got SOMEBODY well trained.

    He’s got that Siamese voice too. *sigh* I miss having a siamese in the house. You always knew when tbey had an opinion.

    BTW, is that an honest to goddness BREADBOX? Who the heck still has bread these days, let alone a box for it.

  105. Okay…I have an 18-year-old cat who is almost completely deaf. Winston woke her up!! I had to get up and feed her. *eye roll*

    And might I add that she has a MUCH more annoying meow than Winston…especially at 4am. But I love her like crazy anyway. 🙂

  106. Mr. Kitty (my own little talker) must have been receiving secret instructions from Winston about taking over the world because now he’s trying to communicate back and is getting annoyed because no one is answering.

  107. Another Angela says:

    At the end, his face is so pinched it looks like he bit into a sour grape.

  108. girlnextdoortn says:

    I vote no more unnecessarily long videos like the last three posts.

  109. berthaslave says:

    Desdemona — I was shocked, too, to discover that I was the first one to notice the resemblance to Britain’s greatest Prime Minister (with apologies to those who prefer Pitt the Elder).

    My master Bertha has a very plaintive mew that, according to my mom, always sounds like she’s lonely. I think it’s just some cats have that quality of loud/sad that to some sounds “annoying” but to companions who understand, know that it’s just persistent lovin’.

  110. My favorite part of this is the beginning when the guy says “Wini what’s the problem?” Winston’s all “Let me tell you alllll about it Daddy!”

  111. GirlNextDoor, You do realize you can stop watching the video before it ends don’t you??? Just close it.

  112. I only read the first few comments but I just wanted to say-

    to indigo- methinks Winston is a Persian who’s had his fur trimmed. Either that or he is a Persian mixed with some short haired breed. All I know is that that is definitely a Persian face.

    To Winston- Awwwww!

  113. BTW, who is the other kitty we see at around 2:11?

  114. My older dog herd Winston’s voice and came into the computer room barking and looking for the poor kitty, intent on rescuing him, or making me rescue him. *peers into the living room* My cat isn’t talking to me right now…

  115. Wilford Brimley, Winston Churchill, or the little Monopoly tophat guy?

    I catsat for a kitty a couple weeks ago that screeched whenever she wanted to go back outside. 🙂

  116. he’s probably crying because he’s sad stupid humans bred him to have a smooshed in face. he can’t breathe and his brain is most likely cramped. poor winston :c

  117. Winston smile tomorrow is Caterday, but don’t forget to complain if there are not enough cat posts for all of us, lolololol
    hugs to you winston!!!!^..^

  118. OMG! Winston is JUST like my cat! She never shuts up – hungry or not. Winston was so annoying that he made her growl at my laptop while I was watching this video.

  119. i think winston is darling. what’s wrong with an expressive cat? (i’m also one of those people who meows back at my kitty in order to start a “conversation,” so to speak…)

  120. I agree with anon. I was pretty grossed out by the cat sneezing all over their entire kitchen. I love my kitty, but no counter-top for him or he gets a whoopin’.

  121. Does anyone know what kink of cat he is? I love Winston

  122. Trinky Dink says:

    No thank you, I will stick with birds. . .

  123. Our cat pricked up her ears, and went to the back door looking outside to try and find Winston. He’s obviously using his most persuasive voice!

  124. Not gonna lie…Winston looks like he wants to murder me in my sleep…

  125. My cats are totally freaking out right now. One of the boys was trying to attack the computer speaker!

  126. OMG!!! At the end his face is all >< ! It kind of closes up and converges into this one central point in that cute bubble that is his head!

  127. OMG!!! At the end his face is all >< ! It kind of closes up and converges into this one central point in that cute bubble that is his head!

  128. Good gawd! Winston reminds me of some people I know who whine like that!

  129. Cats obviously have a language. Both my cats were curled up happily next to me when that started playing, and they both just jumped off the couch when they heard those meowed words and are now licking their empty food dishes.

  130. Good gawd! Winston reminds me of some people I know who whine like that!

  131. OMG check out his face at around frame :12 – it looks just like a BUTT!

  132. Silent Meow says:

    This cat is the exact opposite of Silent Meow. LOL

  133. This kitteh got the attention of my very own self-involved kitteh. Mr. Bodie actually stopped his nightly grooming session to see who was making all that racket…Winston is quite a vocal little guy, ain’t he?

  134. as I watched dear Winston one of my cats just came running down the stairs and rushed in the office searching for the interloper! And he is quite the talker himself.

  135. He doesn’t look real… he’s very muppet-like!

  136. Karla in Portland says:

    OMG! Winnie is a total lovepuff, and a super doll- sure he meows, but what else should he do, bark? I have to say tho, I am beyond grossed out that the cats in that house hang out and sneeze on the kitchen counters. YECCH- I just pray that this guy doesn’t bring food from home to the potlucks at work!!!!

  137. I actually think his bratty behavior is cuter than his smooshy face. I can see how they’ve got character that people like, but it makes him sneeze. I try not to let my cats on the counter, but it doesn’t gross me out like some of these people. I mean, you wipe down your counter before rolling out cookies anyway, right?

  138. Winston rocks, yo. What a funny little pill he is!

  139. Dis is nothing compared to my cats.

  140. dat is one
    sa-leepy cat

  141. I think he looks like Jamie Hyneman.

  142. As I was watching this my cat, Miso, got very nervous about “the intruder” on her turf. Little does she know she is frequently a female version on Winston.

  143. AliceTanzer says:

    *gasp* There’s s loy of super-cute Winston videos.
    There’s even one of him being jjuust ssso sssad about being given a bath. He’s probably used to it though 😦
    Apparently he has Kitty-IBS and he probably has to be given baths on his not-quite-so-healthy days 😦

  144. Candice, he’s an Exotic Shorthair– a shorthaired version of the Persian.

  145. *snorting laughter*

    This totally freaked my cat out! My junky laptop, which didn’t have sound, finally died yesterday. My brand new one has sound and when I played it my kitty Tamu flipped out. First she was nosing at the screen, then she was pawing at the speaker, and she even looked behind the computer trying to figure out where the cat was.


  146. *laughing even harder*

    I just skimmed over the rest of the comments! Doods, Winston is causing everyone’s kittehs to freak out!

  147. My cats came RUNNING to see what was up… (Maybe Winston would get a treat and they’d miss out? AS IF that could happen!) IMHO mine have sweet voices, and they don’t get too crazy about waking me up. (They have been taught “It’s saturday” as meaning “better let her sleep.”)

    They NEVEr go on the counters, there’s not enough room to stand or sit. (i’ve got hardly any counter to start with, so between the microwave, the rice cookier, and some stacks of canned catfood, there’s no room left.)

  148. I like the shot from the living room looking toward the kitchen. He’s too lazy to come into the living room to beg…I’m in the kitchen. Come feed me human.

  149. I’m glad I’m not the only one whose furry friends came to investigate Winston’s cries. That is one cute kitty. I loved the comment someone made about being imperial and pitiful at the same time.

    Ahh, cats. I love them so!

  150. acelightning says:

    My big old orange cat, Loki, has gotten more and more talkative as he gets older. He’s pretty big, but his meow is only medium-loud when he’s just making conversation (if he meows really loudly, we know there’s a problem!) My grown son’s little Cornish Rex is one-fifth Loki’s size… but her meow is five times as loud! I meow back at *any* cat; I can actually speak Feline pretty well, considering that I don’t have whiskers, a tail, or movable ears…

  151. When I was watching this, my cat came running into the room growling. She thought that there was a strange cat in the house! lol. Once she figured out the noise was coming from the computer, she stared at it, trying to figure out how the cat got in there lmao.

  152. Good gravy, if that cat didn’t meow you wouldn’t know which end was it’s bum and which was it’s face!

  153. Is there any doubt he’s part Siamese? We call my (half Siamese) old lady the “walking alarm clock”. She’s actually been banned from one kennel for being too loud. Winston much quieter, but he does have that unmistakable Siamese squawk.

  154. Check out Winnie’s blog page:http://fourfour.typepad.com/fourfour/kitty_pride/index.html
    Pampered? Photographed and Bathed alot? You be the judge!

  155. I have a Mac and my cat just went behind the computer screen looking for the source of the meowing and looked at me sadly when there was nothing behind there. Too cute.

  156. I love the part at the end, where Winston is all “I’m ignoring you. Don’t talk to me unless there is food involved.” heheheh

  157. Man those squashed-faced cats are fugly.

  158. they need to put that cat on dry food so that it will shut up..sheesh!

  159. concerned citizen :) says:

    Ummm…. our cats went super bezerk. Be careful watching this at home! Our male siamese mix tried to mate with our female cat yesterday after hearing The Winston’s talking. (They are both fixed, but both were “mature” before they were fixed at the shelter and we adopted them). I loovvee the Winstons but cannot watch at home anymore 😦 .

  160. Ugh he looks MEAN

  161. OMG! It’s totally my kitty, only a different color! :p I have a tortie shorthaired persian, and she sounds exactly the same as Winston :p even the cute little sneezies! As I was playing this, she jumped up and was all up in the computer trying to talk to the kittie! :p

  162. Our dog Drew was very enthralled with this video!

  163. My cocker spaniel found Winston’s meows annoying. I sort of found them endearing.

  164. 1:32 is my favorite mewl.

    I heart the Winston! 🙂

  165. I have two talkative cats, so I know what this is like.

    The only really annoying part of the video for me was the fact that the cats were walking all over the kitchen counters. Yuck!

  166. if winston churchill and a persian had a night of lovin’ and all laws of genetics were suspended, this cat would be created.

  167. This is one of the rare moments when I have LOLed for real. I had tears coming out of my eyes. Poor Winston, so misunderstood 😀

    However… I too was a little miffed about the countertop thing, and people saying that you are anti-cat if you don’t like them on counters. What is so hard about teaching cats not to climb countertops? Our cat tried it as a kitten, was told not to every single time, and now he pays no attention. He only climbs up chairs around the kitchen table when he wants to go out. That’s his sign if we’re being too oblivious. Higher than that, he’s just not interested. You’ll probably repeat here “He’ll do it while you’re gone”. Nope. Not once have we caught his footprints in the cookies or half-eaten pies or sausages on the counters. Who knows, maybe he does worse things and we are happy that he does not hop on the counters 😀 He’s a sneaky one for sure…

  168. Some of Winston’s extended mewls are a bit annoying, but 1:06 has the cutest little mew ever, which I think more than makes up for the more annoying ones. I want to pet Winston!

  169. My cat is just as vocal. I cannot keep my cat off my counter no matter how much I take her down, or how much my Mom yells at her or pushes her down.

    Someone suggested duct tape. All that does is attract cat fur. O_o

  170. Oops, I mean to put pieces of duct taoe on the counter so she would not like the feel of it when she steps on it. No dice, though.

  171. how the heck did I miss THIS?
    I too have an “annoying” cat. Winton and Maddy have the same thing going on LOL

  172. My goodness, what a complainer! Good thing he’s so puzzy and coot!

  173. dont put duct tape on your counter to keep the cats down,
    it can damage their paw-pads or totally rip out their hair when you try to remove it. then there would be blood everywhere and you would be covered with band-aids.
    its not pretty

  174. Funny, I played this vid at home on the weekend just to see how my cat would react to it — NOTHING. Psh. Didn’t even make his ears swivel or anything.

    I was hoping for a Kodak moment of him looking inquisitively at the computer.

    I guess when a cat lives in a shelter for over a year they kind of get desensitized to a stranger cat’s yammering…

  175. “he’s probably crying because he’s sad stupid humans bred him to have a smooshed in face. he can’t breathe and his brain is most likely cramped. poor winston :c”

    Having read Winston’s story on the linked blog, he is an Exotic Short Hair. The men who own him now rescued him from a shelter. He was placed in said shelter because the rich people who DID breed him didn’t want to pay to treat the genetic problems caused by his breeding. Fortunately, his current owners have corrected this injustice, and now Winston’s ISB is well, under control. At least that is my understanding.

  176. Can’t…..breathe…..laughing….from cat sneezies! ahahahhahaha

  177. My cat had to inspect my laptop from both sides very carefully to find the cat when I played this to my mum 🙂 cute kitty indeed.

  178. While playing this video my cat awoke and attacked the computer. She is still staring at it with curiosity.