Melon-nawm, melon-nawm, melon-nawm

You didn’t know a kitteh would even eat a melon slice, did you?

Wayle, we’ve all learned something today. [Head tilt]

You too, Jean F.



  1. I bet he puked all over the place a few hours later. Or at least my kitty would have

  2. awww! too cute! i love the curled paw around the melon!

  3. If a kitty can eat a melon slice, then I don’t see why they can’t keep the litter INSIDE the litter box! hehehe! That was precious, thanks for sharing!

  4. Too Many Maureens says:

    HA! My cat used to eat potato peels and pull corn cobs out of the garbage. She almost made it outside with it, too, but the sliding door wasn’t open wide enough. She kept making a run at it, though. “Booioioinnnggg!” At least, I think that’s the sound she made when she bounced off the door…

  5. I love it when the kitteh is all “I don’t eat droppingks, thank you” at the end.

    I could watch this for hours!

  6. chapeaunoir says:

    Yummy, meow-lon!

    As a child, I had a cat that LOVED corn on the cob!

  7. my grandma’s cat loved cantelope. cute wittle kitteh!

  8. dang! that little kitteh is just going to town on that melon slice.
    but i’m with Carrie, i have a bad feeling that kitteh is going to “lose” all that melon he ate , one way or another….

  9. So adorable!! I had a cat once who liked melon, but he was nowhere near this cute.

  10. I can’t tell if that’s just the rind or actually melon.

  11. I bet he didn’t puke, I bet she turned into a mutant tho.

  12. If you look on YouTube, note that this is not merely a “melon,” but a “Melone.”

  13. He’s just doing it for the camera

  14. According to Chuck Jones’ autobiography, “Chuck
    Amuck”, he had a cat that loved grapefruit.

  15. My mom used to have a cat that loved Kiwi fruit. Peeled of course…

  16. I love it when he closes his eyes, he’s all “MMMMM, deeeleeescious melon, soooo juicy and sweeeet.”

  17. Ahn, the little one chewin’. I betcha his thinking: “Oh, hell yerse. C’mere you…[grips melon tighter]”

    His whisker pads are bunched up around his eyes. Little man’s going DEEP.

  18. is not real! is anime!

  19. Yitzysmommie says:

    Mebbe I can buy a melone and get a free B&W kitteh with eet?
    This is very Qte!

  20. My cat loves chips and salsa. I turn my back for a second and his head is in the salsa jar slurping away.

    He jumped up on the kitchen counter this morning and ran off with the turkey slice I was putting on my lunch.

  21. My mother had a black cat that loved cantaloupe. She would actually beg for melon if she smelled a freshly cut slice.

  22. One of my 6-month old kittens looooves cantaloupe and eats it the same way. Both of our cats also love tofu, cucumbers, mango, and noodles. they are weirdos.

  23. my cat is a blob says:

    Our cat will lunge up onto the kitchen counter if we are making salad, and eat any lettuce he can grab. He also likes fresh cilantro.

  24. I thought it was going to turn into a cats in racks at one point.

  25. iamdigitalis says:

    My 17 1/2 year old kitty LOVES melon.

    But she can’t have it too cold, and can’t have a lot of it, because her delicate stomach makes her do something not at all cute. 🙂

  26. My kitties like to eat lettuce, and they will fight over it. So, melon isn’t that weird. 🙂

  27. weasel_tea_party says:

    Why do cats like melon??? I mean, biologically, why? They’re not near-omnivores the way dogs are, and melon is so…melon.
    But yeah, my mom’s cat liked cantaloupe, too.
    And this vid is awfully cute.

  28. this makes me ache for my old kitty Dwight…he LOOVVVEDDD cantalope & watermelon. he would knock the cantalope off the counter & demand that I slice some up for him. It was the best to feed him little bits & have him lick it off while purriing up a storm.

  29. Yeah, why do cats like melon? I’ve heard they don’t have much of a sweet tooth. My Sparky loooooves cantaloupe and will dig melon rinds out of the trash.

    I once had a cat who would beg whenever I had a sandwich. I’d offer her the turkey and the cheese, but she was never interested – she wanted the bread. Weird.

  30. See, I’m always amazed at cats that love to eat things other than their own food. My friend’s cat eats watermelon. My two cats, however, eats nothing but cat food.

  31. I had a cat many years ago that really liked strawberries.
    I noticed the ladies in this video were speaking Russian or some other slavic languauge. When I lived in Ukraine one family I stayed with had a cat that was 14 years old. In all of his life he never ate cat food. There was no cat food in the USSR so the people there would just feed their pets scraps from their table. This family actually gave their cat a serving when they got their own serving of food. The cat even ate borscht!

  32. I have a cat that loves people food. Pasta, beer, green beans, meat (of course), cheese (of course), red grapefruit juice, bread, chips, big fan of Cheez-Its. So far the only thing he won’t eat are pickles, but if they’re on a cheeseburger, he’ll lick the ketchup off first. Nahm, nahm, nahm.

  33. Teeth…not made for…melon biting…EHN!

    My cats don’t do fruit, but they are obsessed with bread and any bread product to the point where I had to buy a breadbox.

  34. Love the delicate paw on melon placement.

    My mom had a cat the went nuts for celery. She wouln’t eat is so much as treat it like catnip and get loopy from it.

  35. We used to have a cat who would come running when we sliced melon, like most come when you open a can of tuna. (She’d some running for tuna too….)

  36. Banshee Fay says:

    My cat likes to beg turkey from us when we go to Jimmy Johns. We really haven’t tried any fruits or veggies because we don’t know whats safe for him. Though I did have to wrestle the lid from my ben and jerry’s strawberry cheesecake ice cream from Midnight…

  37. Er, EFLTeacher? They’re speaking Japanese, which is definitely not a Slavic language!

    Love teh little white paw holding on for the chompage!

  38. I had a kitty who loved cantelope and another who loved asparagus. My current kitty drinks “Mango Tango” juice! Cats are deep.

  39. P.S. Those folks are speaking Russian! Ask me how I know.

  40. My beloved belated kitteh would roll a WHOLE MELON off the top of the fridge. It would break open all over the floor, and she would have a mgmmmgmgmgmmmmmmmm eat the whole thing. No sickage afterward. She was also known to eat her way into one if there wasn’t a way to bust it open. Avocados made her insane also.

  41. hmmm. PP, I dont think that sounds like japanese, it sounds like a russian accent or something more in that region. course i dont speak Japanese and maybe you do?
    That is one yummy kittie cat though. so cute!

  42. ok Mamalana –
    i’ll bite.
    how do you know ?

  43. For chapeaunoir,

    A little corn on the cob kitteh action!

  44. Sister-in-law’s cat was very interested in my orange juice. I said that cats don’t like orange juice, and offered the cat some on my finger. She licked it off. So I poured some into a dish, and she drank it all. Didn’t want any more later, though.

    I also read that cats don’t have taste buds for sweetness, so don’t know what they’re getting out of it. Maybe just likes melon texture? Have also seen pix of cats going for green beans, and two of ours like some greenleaf when we make tacos.

    My late little girl would lick Cheez-it White Cheddar residue off my fingers…. I really miss her.

  45. O.M.G. I’m so going home over lunch to see if my cats will eat cantaloupe.

  46. My dad baited a woodchuck trap with watermelon, this summer. We went out the next morning to see if we’d caught the stupid fat bugger that kept eating the garden and found one very frustrated kitty surrounded by melon rinds. My cats like meat and cheese (and one used to eat potato chips) and a friend’s cats are obsessed with cheese balls, but I’d never before seen a cat go after watermelon!!

  47. My youngest cat – Ollie – LOVES raspberry jam, especially if it’s black raspberry!

  48. Also, I had to do a double-take on this video because except for the fact that this cat has a little more white on him/her, it looks EXACTLY like my cat did when she was young!

  49. Kiddeh must really like the texture, mebbe? Cats lack the taste receptors for sweet. Doesn’t mean that they ain’t Swwweeeet, though.
    My kiddeh Grendel has a great affinity for green olives (and pizza crust, but bread is a little more understandable) and practically attacks my fingers when they smell like green olive juice.

  50. So very cute! He is over the moon with that piece of juicy melon.

    p.s. So not Japanese, PP!

  51. One of my cats looooves salsa, or anything spicy. She’s been known to lick Dave’s insanity sauce just for the way it smells. (She regretted it later though!)
    My other cat, a former stray, will eat anything she can get her paws on. Bread, apple, cheese (she loves cheese), tomatoes, celery, cucumber… you name it, she’ll eat it.

  52. I made the mistake of leaving a melon slice on the countertop only to come home a few minutes later to a rind. Same cat used to steal potato peels out of the garbage.

    Another cat we had didn’t like any people food but corn – he was insane for it.

  53. Cantelope, Honeydew, and other such melons used to be referred to as Muskmelons… Perhaps that’s why cats like them? Come to think about it, strawberries also used to have a musky smell, though its been mostly bred out of modern varieties.

  54. Pearl Ostroff says:

    I had a cat who liked cantaloupe. He would come running when he smelled watermelon, but wouldn’t eat it. He also liked cucumber and bananas.

  55. iluvpopsicls says:

    Ahhhhhn. After a long, hard week of law school, this is just what the doctor ordered. 😀 I desperately need a kitty…melon-eater or not.

  56. No matter what the language, the language of Teh Cute is Universal!

  57. In Soviet Russia, cats eat…melon?

  58. did somebody cut that kitty’s whiskers??
    – somewhat concerned.

  59. My black and white tuxedo kitty always was crazy about cantaloupe – once I left one on the counter and she gnawed through the side to get to the good part – and she would eat it and eat it and eat it until she got sick. But my other cats just seem to like the smell; they’ll inhale only.

  60. Plaid-Shirt Pyrate says:

    Way Cool Groovy Chick —
    I thought *MY* tuxedo boy was the only cat that went nuts over celery. He’ll dig through the grocery bags when I bring it home, so I have to give him a leafy stem, which he then treats like catnip: rolls on it, drools on it, gets all big-eyed and crazy….

  61. A friend sent me to this a couple days ago. I thought, man, if this doesn’t make it to CO, some thing is wrong with the world.


  62. Karla – don’t worry, in my cuteologist opinion, the kitteh is all natural.

    *pats karla on shoulder*

    Speaking of – check out the eyelash whiskers! Holy moly!

  63. I luver how his wittle kitty paws are grasping the melon. My cat Emma, eats pumpkin. So, I guess Halloween is her favorite holiday!

  64. Oh, and Emma b-e-g-s for lettuce! I give her only organic spring mix!

  65. SQUEE!

    Just when I think CO can’t get cuter, it does. (doesn’t hurt that kitteh looks like my TK’s sister)

    My BFF had a cat who would beg and hurt you for cantalope.

  66. That?

    Is the best thing I’ve seen today.

  67. Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez says:

    My cat Tuco loved broccoli, asparagus, potatoes, melon rinds, and beer.

  68. Yay! It’s not just MY cats! Melon and papayas are much desired treats for my two cats, Gnaeus & Pompey. Leave any unattended, and lose it, as they will eat it post haste (while purring very loudly).

  69. Mary (the first) says:

    I’ve never tried melon but once had a cat that would go crazy for Fritos. Friend’s cat loved asparagus. Someone mentioned green olives, my (dd) cat would go CRAZY for a fancy wooden spoon in the utensil jar on the counter.. tip over the jar to drag it out, etc. Had to shut it away in a drawer. Finally when he went berserk for olives, I realized, that’s why he loved that spoon, it was made of olive wood. Even the wood drove him crazy! weird what cats will crave.

  70. My cats loved melon, although not with this gusto. When they were kittens, I came home from work one day and found these slimy beige *things* on the kitchen floor. After gingerly inspecting them, I realized one — or both — of the kittens had pulled cantalope rind I had cut up *out of the disposal*! I don’t like to think about the scene I might have come home to.

  71. My Girlcat attacked a melon, rolled it into the corner, and ate through the rind.
    So it isn’t just an, “okay, I’ll eat it” reaction.”

    Since they don’t really taste sweet, they must be after one of the other flavors.
    Melons aren’t only sweet, or they’d just taste like eating sugar.

  72. I had a cat once who loved cantalope, yogurt covered raisins, and those shoe string potato things that came in a can

  73. My cat treats carrots like catnip. He doesn’t want to eat them, but when I cut carrots he wants to rub his head all over them or roll around on the floor on them. He is also a bread eater. I’ve always asssumed that was because his dry catfood is mostly grain and bread would seem like a fresher version.

  74. I love this kitten 🙂 I thought that I remembered some other cat liking melon, and then I realized I was remembering the Ramona books from when I was a child, and how the Quimby family cat, Picky-Picky, liked to eat canteloupe rinds!

  75. Love it! Though I am not surprised after all the things that Benny has eaten. To wit: kibbles (natch), banana bread (twice), blueberry muffins, coffee grounds, cheese, trail mix, apple turnover, pasta. . .and these are just the ones I know about. Now we hide things from him in the microwave.

  76. My boy kitty will eat pretty much anything, even though we discourage him from doing so. Things we have caught him eating include:

    – onions (yes I know these are especially bad)
    – chocolate covered marshmellows
    – peas
    – carrots
    – pineapple
    – grapes
    – rice, noodles
    – thai bird chilis (he actually bit off the seeded end!)
    – cookie dough
    – ice cream
    – corn off the cob
    – plastic bags
    – hot chili oil (licked an entire centimeter of it out of my bowl that I had just eaten pasta out of)
    – cheese

  77. Our Calico loves melon, both watermelon and cantelope but haven’t seen her eat honeydo will have to try it out :).She also loves cornflakes and mashed potatoes and rice corn and peas.
    We used to have a cat who loved ritz crackers and the ocasional bit of OREO Cookie. My sister in law used to have a cat that would run off with an entire loaf of bread if she could get hold of it. They eventually had to put it in the fridge. She figured out how to open the cabinets to get it out.

  78. Cats ‘n’ Melons
    Melons ‘n’ Nawmming

  79. Hee, hee, cats are sooo silly. I’ve had cats who ate bread, potatoes, and who went into rolling nutso fits over green olives! My Baby Kitty demands at least a half cup of milk three times a day and Moey’s known for her love of baked goods. Cats, so weird! 🙂

  80. Wheeee! I love the “my pets eat” threads. I had a cat that loved melon too. We had a shetland pony that would eat anything. I mean anything. Cheeseburgers, steak, coke, pizza, pickles, chips, cookies, bacon and eggs, beans, fried chicken, chocolate, etc. My dog peeled and ate a bunch of bananas, a pack of cigarettes (but left the filters), and got drunk on plums that fell off the tree in the yard. Yes, they all survived to a ripe old age. 😉

  81. awwww! wow! such a cute, pretty kitty with pretty markings 🙂

    btw, does anyone know the language the humans are speaking?

  82. 75 posts and not an ounce of commentroversy on how eating human food or any other food is horrendous and will kill the entire world’s population of kitties. Phenomenal.

  83. I amend my post to say it is 82 now.

  84. are they not speaking russian in that video thats what it sounds like to me…. I love the pitteh on the melon like I want it right here as eats it.
    We had a cat that would eat the pumkin when we carved it for halloween every year he would eat it he would climb in the pumkin if we did not carve it fast enough for his tastes he also loved lettuce

  85. they start off speaking russian and then switch to ukrainian, as is common in ukraine. and, um, hello, cats’n’stuff? soviet russia IS NO MORE. in fact, it hasn’t been around for 17 years now.

    back to the kitteh: CUTE!!!!

  86. My kitteh Maxwell goes crazy for BBQ flavor – potato chips and chicken are ‘specially tasty. He also loves thick cut wedge fries.

    This little guy is amazingly adorable. Nom kronsch nom kronsch.

  87. my mom has a cat with a real sweet tooth: she loves icecream but she especially loves DOUGHNUTS!

  88. I don’t know if it’s Russian or not, but I don’t think it’s Japanese. I speak Japanese, and it actually sounds a lot like Japanese, but it’s not. It either Russian or perhaps Korean… But it’s not Japanese.

  89. Last night my dog Shadow ate a brussel sprout. He’s noted for his love of ze vegetables, but even I was surprised.

  90. sockmonstersarai says:

    My friend rose has a sweet little kitteh who LOVES watermelon! She doesn’t usually get a whole slice though, just a few chunks cut off a people’s slice. She also eats key lime pie flavoured yoplait yogurt. Rose says the store brand does taste a lot different than the yoplait…

  91. ollka – it’s a joke, there was a comic who made “In Soviet Russia” jokes for decades and it’s now very popular with the young folks (I say this as both a Russian major who lived in Russia and as a “in soviet russia” joke collector)

    also, I <3 this kitty. Not only the tuxedo, but the HAPPINESS that you can see. If cats could speak human you just know he would be going "OH YEAH! I LOVE ME MY MELON!" (I feel as though cat's would not have perfect grammar)

  92. hmm.
    there are a lot of Liz’s on here. I am not the above poster inner-Liz I am a different Liz.

    “In Soviet Russia, cats eat…melon?”
    Posted by: Cats n Stuff

    Cats n Stuff you crack me UP! I’m laughin and cryin.

  93. In Soviet Russia, melon eats you!

    Also, adorable cat. I love the gripping of the melon with the paw. So cute!

  94. My parents had an enormous flame-point who was insane for honeydew or cantaloupe. I’ve had other cats who loved black olives, saltines, corn chips and any dairy product of any flavor. I’ve also had cats eat the top off a loaf of bread, wrapper and all, and the middle out of a pumpkin pie (the tongue marks were very cute).

  95. Oh, we used to have a cat named Chefalou who luuurved cantaloupe, as well as green beans. He devoured the cantaloupe whenever we would let him, but the green bean thing was a little weirder. He’d drag out a bean, bring it to us, set it at our feet, and wait for us to throw it down the hallway. At this, Chefalou would tear down the hall after then bean, snatch it up in his mouth, bring it back, and repeat this over and over and over until he’d finally gobble the green bean down. So honeydew melon isn’t too weird, for a cat. 🙂

  96. My Foofy (how I miss him!) *loved* sliced tomatoes. And potato chips. Cats. The only creatures that can be deep and goofy at the same time.

  97. My sister’s cat loves any kind of melon. She also likes bananas and cherry pie filling. Silly cat.

    My kitty has decided she likes pumpkin and apricot baby food.

  98. My dog loved cucumber. LOVED it! Not as much as steak, but it came pretty darn clos.

  99. Our oldest cat, Shmelly, loves a nice lettuce, tomato, and cucumber salad. He also likes Turkey Hill Black Raspberry ice cream, and he comes unhinged for popcorn. He gets all drooly and purry and everything.

  100. berthaslave says:

    I’ve always been suspicious of the “cats don’t like sweets” argument. Our first kitteh, the late great Meow, had a particular fondness for dark chocolate, cookie dough and the like — but what she was really good for was salty foods, like chips, crackers and pretzels. My second cat, Rider, was about as persistent as Winston (in the other video) about sharing all human food, even if he didn’t like it. It got to the point where getting take-out meant getting an extra chicken taco just so he would leave us alone!

    But kittehs and fruits? That’s a new one.

  101. I have a cat that will do anything for a peach slice. Never seen a kitten eat a melon though, super cute.

  102. I believe this cat is eating a Juan Canary Melon, which I think is the best melon in the world. So cute! My Ajax loves peanut butter, whipped cream, and the smell of mint. My Fiona is the dog of cats and will eat anything if you let her, she has even eaten things that the dog won’t.

  103. No, they are definitely not speaking Japanese – I speak Japanese, so I can tell. It sounds like a Slavic language to me. Plus that girl looks pretty Caucasian. 🙂

    The melon-eating kitty is cute enough to watch over and over again! He/she sure is enthusiastic!

  104. My kit-tay Putt-Putt eats most fruits and vegetables (except aromatics like garlic, and no citrus, thank you). She is crazy about anything red and is thrilled with tomato season. She demands lettuce and apples. She’s not particularly fond of meat.

    Though she is beautiful to me, she’s only a plain black cat. But she’s my beh-be!

  105. Thanks Liz ;-). Can’t seem to find the original photograph though. It’s driving me mad!

  106. funny thing, in the past I have had many cats who loved melon. we call them Melon Cats.

  107. Sweet jet-skiing Jesus! This is adorable. There really are cats who will eat anything. I have one who likes to lick the chocolate soy that’s left in my cereal bowl.

  108. The only unusual thing my first cat liked was blueberry yogurt (it had to be blueberry), but it’s nowhere near as cute as watching this – except the one time he snuck his head into my cup and ended up with a ring around his face.

  109. So I know most of the comments are about weird things that cats have eaten/liked, but my aunt’s dog would go absolutely CRAZY for carrots. If you took a carrot out of the fridge she would start barking and jumping up and down and wouldnt shut up until you gave her some LOL. Weird.

    Also, my parents’ cat LOVES strawberry ice cream. She doesnt particularly care about other flavored ice cream, just the strawberry. If you give her other flavored ice cream she just sniffs at it, licks it once or twice and walks away. If you are sitting on the couch with strawberry ice cream she will claw you to death trying to get some. Which is REALLY weird lol.

  110. So I know most of the comments are about weird things that cats have eaten/liked, but my aunt’s dog would go absolutely CRAZY for carrots. If you took a carrot out of the fridge she would start barking and jumping up and down and wouldnt shut up until you gave her some LOL. Weird.

    Also, my parents’ cat LOVES strawberry ice cream. She doesnt particularly care about other flavored ice cream, just the strawberry. If you give her other flavored ice cream she just sniffs at it, licks it once or twice and walks away. If you are sitting on the couch with strawberry ice cream she will claw you to death trying to get some. Which is REALLY weird lol.

  111. My very first cat (my sweet little Edna) loved Spaghettios, but her all time favorite was pound cake. She would make her starving refugee face until you gave her a piece. If you took too long she would leap into your lap and knock it out of your hand and run off with it. My current cat loves green olives. He won’t eat them, he just likes to roll all over them. He will lick your fingers though if they have olive juice on them.

  112. FYI…

    Kitteh is Ukrainian. The owner commented in the original Neatorama post about this video. Kitteh also likes sweet corn.

    Yakov Smirnoff is the originator of the “Russian Reversal” jokes, as well.

    The More You Know…

  113. The truly amazing point of this video is that these people have finally completed their secret project: breeding fish in the shape of melon slices.

  114. I suspected it’s Ukrainian when I could understand some phrases but not others (I’m Russian). Such a cute video! Kitty sure is hungry.

  115. Iz catz and melons the same as catz and racks?

  116. One of my cats loves fruit – any kind but apples (she’ll lick the juice off of the apple), citrus, and bananas. When I eat a peach or nectarine she sits beside me and begs. I give her small pieces and she eats them right up.

  117. That’s so cute! I’ve never seen a cat eat fruit, much less clutch it like this one is!

  118. One cat of mine, a very chatty Siamese mix, liked to sit on my lap and eat stir-fried veggies from a spoon.

    Another, a sealpoint Tonkinese, liked to drink 2 oz of tomato juice from a saucer each morning–and also eat spaghetti and sauce whenever we had it. That same one insisted that I share my apples with him. Whenever he heard me bite into one, he would come running. I had to chew a bite up to be chunky (had to be chunky, not overchewed) and feed it to him from my hand. He usually ate four or five bites of apple before he was satisfied.

    The tomato juice thing came about when he begged my (then) husband for the juice he was drinking one morning. Bob, thinking it would show him he really DIDN’T want the juice, offered him a little bit in a saucer. Sammy slurped it down fast, then demanded more and more and more. After that, he had to have his juice each morning when Bob did–and when Bob was not around, Sammy would make sure I understood when it was time to offer him his tomato juice.

  119. Oh, and one of my current kittehs likes unbuttered and lightly salted popcorn. She also likes almost any kind of chips. And the one that liked stir-fried veggies would eat two whole saltine squares broken into bite-sized pieces.

  120. The cutest part is the way the little guy HOLDS the melon slice as he eats.

    Also, is anyone else reminded of the several videos of different kitties that like to chew up cardboard boxes? Here is one such cutie:

  121. My Venus loves rice cakes, popcorn, chicken (of course), rice chips, and dislikes cat treats. She has a sensitive stomach, so I’m careful what she gets — and as a result of the sensitive stomach, has had a lot of chicken. Now, whenever I cut something at the counter, she thinks it’s chicken and has to be shown it isn’t (she tries to climb up the cupboard drawers, and will hang off my hip until I show her).

    My Thena would probably eat almost anything, but she does go nuts over celery — mostly now to play with it than to eat, but sometimes that, too.

    Digger, who lives with my parents, is a dairy fiend. He’ll come running when he hears the bowls my mom uses for yogurt, and used to throw himself on the ground and have a fit if he didn’t get milk. He got the shivers one time when I gave him some ice cream (not much, and he’d had it before, but there you go).

    Of course, when he was having diarrhea, we cut back on the dairy for him — cats are lactose intolerant, though they do seem to like it — and just like dogs, chocolate can be toxic for them, especially baker’s chocolate. So please be careful!

  122. Kitties love fruits and veggies. Mine especially likes strawberries and green beans.

  123. That Kittah is a totally reincarnated something that really loved melon in a previous life.

  124. Yeah, I don’t even want to think of the disgusting consequences that would occur if either of my cats ate that much water melon.

  125. I don’t know why I typed water melon.

  126. LOL. Awesome.

  127. My cat likes green olives, which I have read is a favorite among black & white cats. Mine is a medium hair tuxedo cat… I’d say Moggie but Moggies are usually short haired I think. So, yeah, melon doesn’t surprise me.

  128. Yeah, I’m also thinking the later consequences of this binge might not be so cute. 🙂

    I once caught my eldest furball chewing on mango peel. I put that down to the fact that he was a recent rescue then and had probably gotten used to eating anything he could get his paws on, but I suppose it’s like them eating grass and / or is mostly for the water content.

    Somebody should do a study: maybe the odd melon slice might be a good idea for indoor kitties who don’t go out and chew grass?

  129. Hello everyone.

    I’m sorry for misstyping ‘melon’ to ‘melone’ at video title, my poor English:).

    This is real cat, real video and real fruit. I actually want to get more Tuborg (cat name, yes) videos as I saw them on girls phone only, up to few days I think.

    And just thanks to everyone for watching it and writing all that comments, you can’t imagine how girls are happy that more then hundred thousands of people saw that video olready:).

    Kind regards, Victor

  130. i think the look on the kittehs face in the freeze frame tells the entire story.
    look how thrilled he is to have the melon! and if i ever saw a cat-smile that is one! excellent video!

  131. My Stink has a thing for grapevines, or whatever you call the thingies that are left when you eat grapes … she steals them from the garbage unless I bury them REALLLLLLY well. She doesn’t EAT them — just plays soccer with them!
    On the other hand, she has very “refained” food tastes: she lurves Brie, and French bread [but not the crusts], and chocolate ice cream, and my spaghetti sauce [which is dolled-up Barilla, but she doesn’t have to know that], and lots of other non-vet-approved comestibles.

  132. my housemate’s two former street cats are in fine company. cat #1 goes insane for melon (specifically watermelon), any leafy green, and corn, but loves all veggies (not onions/garlic). he also loves to eat dust- yep, big ol’ balls of lint, dust bunnies, hair, paper, cardboard, etc. cat #2 is just ga-ga for yoghurt, any flavor.

    my own cat only likes to eat the grass in the backyard. but i wonder, like you all, what it is about melon, olives, etc, that really drives kittehs batty.

    oh, and while i’d like to think that most cats know better, there are definitely those not-so-bright ones that like to eat what’s bad for them (onions, hair, what have you). however, not all “human” food is necessarily bad for cats… although…

    well, i’ve recently been doing a lot research on cat nutrition for my own edification- it’s worth checking out on your own. there’s rather a lot of data out there to sift through.

  133. My dearly departed Dewey loved human food so much after the 1st 6 months or so of his life we just gave him a seat at the table & he got whatever I used to prepare dinner with. His fav’s were the aftementioned cantalope, sliced up red peppers, broccoli, romaine lettuce & oatmeal w/ cream. My current kitty thinks he is a jindo-gae breed of dog so he acts all insulted if I offer him some of whatever I am eating or preparing….I adore the new bebeh..but dinner will just never be the same without my beautiful orange male model of a Dewey-miester grabbing my fork to try & eat my food.

    After years of antidotal cat research I have also found that most cats LOVE a bit of pound cake, corn/potato chips, and fresh raw corn.