The C.O. Glossary is constantly growing, evolving, and changing, and taking over the world! [Evil finger tenting]

And now, we must add "THWAPPING!" Please check out this pic for a definition.


Rick and Monkey, over at, only very special words make it into the Cute Overload Glossary. Consider yerselfs genii!



  1. sleepykitty says:

    thwap! bleen? thwap thwap!

  2. Love it!
    Love it!


  3. love the doggy tail!!!! He is so purty!!

  4. bleen?
    cute puppeh! and nice “tail thwappin”.
    congrats on the new-word pickin.

  5. sleepykitty says:

    woohoo! i love written sound effects! (thinking of batman tv show, garfield, and calvin and hobbes)

  6. What I love is the look of complete and utter adoration in Monkey’s eyes.

  7. Mary (the first) says:

    I’m trying to figure out the layout of the person (guy, I assume) on the bed with Monkey. Is he .. facedown with feet away from camera? (then how are toes up) or face up (in which case those pockets don’t make sense).. etc.

  8. Mary (the first) says:

    Sorry. That would be ‘Rick’ presumably.

  9. ”i’m in yer lawndry, pressin’ yer kloz”

  10. asdfjklsemicolon says:

    mary the first- cargo pants, mayhaps

  11. Eieeeee!

    It is so beeee-u-tee-ful! It makes my heart hurt.

  12. sleepykitty says:

    lol, thanks theo. i forgot that word (even if it is one of my favorites to say!). i think i need to get back in school…
    mary~ i’d agree with asdf and say cargo pants.

    anotha thought: thwap also describes the helo-tail or helo-ears (helicopter)

  13. My dog is a thwapper. I love my dog. 🙂

  14. omg I love thwappers! Two of my dogs didn’t have tails, but my third did and he never thwapped. One summer we had my cousin’s dog stay with us while he traveled, and he was a thwapper. I became convinced he would actually place himself near something he could thwap on if he wanted to express himself. After that visit, my dog started thwapping. Adorable!

  15. Seems like a perfectly thwappy dog to me.

  16. This is so cute it makes my chest hurt! The adoration on that pupper’s face is beyond words. This is the true definition of “unconditional love!”

  17. (…in a edumacated professorial type voice) You will note Tail Thwappinks is especially effective in the Giant Breed Dogs with notable examples being English Mastiffs and Great Danes. However take care not to be in the line of fire of the the thwapper as the as thwappee soon find thwaps can be exceedingly painful when delivered by a happy Labrador Retriever let alone an ectstatic Great Dane!

  18. He’s all: “they’re lookin’ at me. They’re lookin’ at ME. I’m getting atten-shuns, omg. Holy crap, they’re takin’ a pitcha!! I’m so happy!”

    [thwap, thwap, thwap]

  19. *Giggle*
    Look at Monkey’s widdle face!!!


    Me likey “thwappin'”

  20. I dunno about the new glossary term…sounds to close to “fwap” and the activity associated with “fwap fwap” sounds will never be CO-worthy

  21. Oh my GOD, kz! [fans self]

  22. that’d be “FAPFAPFAP”, kz… it is not to be confused with “THWAP THWAP THWAP”…

  23. Oh my GOD, Theo!! [falls right over]

  24. Hmm. We seem to have found Cerise’s version of Kryptonite.
    Ever see Christian Slater in “Pump Up the Volume”?

  25. ha! Yes! Thwapping is often associated with said ‘Thwapper’ doing something they shouldn’t be doing.. like.. laying on the bed. sitting on the couch.. begging for food.. etc etc..

  26. Let me clarify something here. In MAH house, Thwappers can sit anywhere they damn well please.. On the bed.. on the couch.. As a matter of fact.. if my bed was ‘Thwapper’ free.. I’d be disappointed.

  27. Ohhh nooo.. I just read the other comments about err… fwapping.. and then I say I’d be disappointed if I didn’t have a ‘thwapper’ in my bed.

    *groan* I’m sorry peeps..

  28. Just don’t get the two mixed up, is all.
    Actually, come to think of it, that’s your own business.

  29. Oh my GOD, Golden!! On the couch, on the bed, with food…

    [dies of shock]

    Heh, Theo, back when I saw that movie I was such a behbeh I didn’t even know what the heck he was…simulating. I’m crying with laughter up in here.

  30. That is the happiest monkey on the planet and will be everyday of his life…
    Thwappers unite!!!!!!!

    My cat thwapps me with her tail everynight right before I fall asleep then she runs around and plays unitl three am…

  31. Happy tails to you, until we eat again.
    Happy tails to you, keep petting me till then.
    Who cares about the clouds when we’re together?
    Just sing a song and bring the sunny weather.
    Happy tails to you, ’till we eat again.

  32. I would so love to be the thwappee!

  33. “I’ll be thwapping you
    “In all the old familiar places…”

  34. this *almost* falls into Critters `n Crotches ^^

    what i see is a guy wearing cargo shorts (those longish ones) sitting on his bed and to his right is his sweet pup, Monkey; the photo shows his right leg with the big foofy cargo pocket on the outer right side of his thigh and i tink his legs are crossed too so you see his left foot

    …and if u go to, you get a glimpse of monkey’s poppa (10th photo down “03sep07”) and he like totally has BOY BAND hair!!!

  35. i tink i haffa lil crush on monkey ^^

  36. Haha!
    Thwap the Monkey!!!
    But seriously, what a sweet face 🙂

  37. Oh my GOD, Bugmom!!

    OK. Enough, Cerise.

  38. in my house, a “thwap” becomes a “thwop” depending on the level of enthusiasm and the “thwap substrate.”

    to wit:
    dog standing in doorway, waiting for dinner: “thwap thwap thwap” on the wooden door frame.

    dog laying in bed, giving apologietic princess eyes and knowing she’s in trouble for eating a shoe: thwop thwop thwop

    it’s subtle, but it’s there.

  39. ^^^
    …apologetic princess DI eyes…

  40. Ooh, i want a thwap thwap. Yay puppy thwap!!

  41. English Mastiffs? Great Danes? Typical–bunch of white European guys trying to appropriate thwap culture.

  42. doncha know ya gotta

    thwap the monkey
    thwap the monkey



    doncha know ya gotta

    thwap the monkey

  43. Rick and Monkey will be starring in a reprise of that favorite sitcom of the ’70’s,
    “Thwap’s Happening!!”

  44. Dale — careful, you could start something…

    – English Bulldog
    – French Poodle
    – German Shepherd
    – Great Pyrenees
    – Belgian Bowser
    – Lichtenstein Lichsbehein

  45. Yaaaaay it’s my friend Monkey!!! Monkers u are FAMOUS!!! Next time I come over will you give me your autograph? OK, *after* bellyrubs? 🙂

  46. Wow, Peter Gabriel is getting a LOT of attention on this blog today.

  47. What can we say? The man made music, and we liked a bunch of it.

  48. Okay, that made me laugh. XD

  49. Thwap Monkey!!
    That funky Monkey!!

    Thwap Monkey junkie
    That funky Monkey!!!

    [Henceforth ye shall be known as BeastieMom! Rise, Lady Knight… – Ed.]

  50. Oh- and I have a weimaraner and a long-haired chihuahua. The weimaraner has a nub so he goes ………(yeah. it’s just silent) and the chi goes……..(yup. silent, too, but with fan tail flair!)
    I loves me some thwap, thwap, though because no matter what it is always accompanied with ‘tock wiggling!!!!

  51. Tail thwapping: best sound in the universe.

    My little chihuahua has a long tail and thwaps it against my leather couch. Thwap thwap thwap.

    I agree: thwopping on bed is next best sound.

  52. Oi there BugMom! CuteTalk is down so I can’t welcome you 😦

    Also, “fwapping” is what my sisters call it when we playfully hit each other without intent to hurt. It’s realy hard to explain to some only children 😛

  53. Can somebody check on Cerise?!?!?

    When a snausage comes along
    You must thwap it

    Before the cat bugs you too long
    You must thwap it

    When something’s going on
    You must thwap it

    now thwap it
    into shape
    shape it up
    get straight
    thwap that table
    maybe that chair
    show puppy love
    it’s not too late
    to thwap it
    thwap it good

  54. Heylerhe R. Moore!!!
    Looks like you just welcomed me 🙂
    And thanks!

  55. Thwap that whip!

  56. OMG, it’s a pit bull. Those things are really dangerous. Trust me, I was a vet tech and those things can do serious damage. I’m talking about their tails of course! They are like whips and rarely still!

  57. Just lost my big sweet baby girl Stella on Saturday–she thwapped with the best of them. Knowing other sweet babies thwap on makes it a little better.

  58. I loves me a thwap-happy puppy.

  59. Thwap! In the name of love

  60. My puppy does thwapping and ‘wiggle-butt’ so forcefully at times that she can hardly walk in a straight line. Something tells me Monkey may be a little like that.

  61. My puppy thwaps, leaves big welts on your leg if he’s thwapping on you. He thwaps anytime he sees a person, critter, shiny object….Okay! Alright! He thwaps all the time, with nary a pause.

  62. Wait a minute!!! THWAP wasn’t ALREADY in the CO Glossary!?!?! I thought that one was a given, lol!

    And DLT is soooo right. There are def differing thwaps….

  63. punkinberry says:

    Picture my 5-year-old self, bravely shielding my head from Irish Wolfhound thwaps as I fought through to the kitchen where breakfast was being prepared for all of us…

    Fortunately, we didn’t all have the same thing for breakfast. =) But those wolfhounds would sometimes thwap so much that they’d cut their tails and then splatter blood all over! And you’d go over to bandage them, and they’d thwap even more because they were getting attention! Splattering more blood!

    Growing up with Irish Wolfhounds was quite the adventure.

  64. Does thwaping require the rest of pup’s body to be completely motionless?
    If so…I love thwapping!!!!
    Is the best when your dog is so tired/lazy that she can’t stand up to lick you, but thwaps madly to let you know that she loves you more than anything in the world…and the eyes, of course. 🙂

  65. Please, some more thwappinks – this picture needs some friends!

  66. (Friends… or siblinks.)

  67. You all are absolutely killing me with these songs!!!! My boss just stepped in to see what I was doing because I couldn’t contain the snorts of laughter…

    BUT I have a new word to play with, so I’m happy…

    *walks away repeating thwap thwap thwap*

  68. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    Colleen (at 9/13 9:42pm)

    I’m sorry for your loss of your precious thwapper Stella. I’m sure Stella had a good life with you.

    Catman Dude =^-.-^=

  69. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    In case not everybody knew, when you click on the picture, another window pops up with an animated thwapper!

  70. My cat, Obi Wan Nairobi, Thwaps. She will give you twenty lashes if you sit on her spot on the sofa. Must be a jedi thing.

  71. …clears throat….


    While I nodded, nearly napping,
    suddenly there came a tapping,
    As of someone gently thwapping, thwapping at my chamber door….

    [Only this, and nothing more… until somebody jingles the car keys – Ed.]

  72. I do dig, the thwappings, I do, even tho I grew up with stubby tails (English Springer Spaniels, Boxers). But for the love of Monkey, do you not see the *lips*?! Those smoochy poochy lips, waiting for the unsuspecting to get close enough for mad crazy-insane keeses?! & you can just see the velvety fur covering them…I swoon…

  73. Yitzysmommie says:

    I love thwappingks! Yitzy was actually doing a cat version last night.
    I remember Ollie, my growing up black Lab sweeping the coffe table clear with his twhapping!

  74. Yitzysmommie says:

    PS – Monkey you are WICKED cute!

  75. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Love thwappings.

  76. My kitteh is a thwapper! I’ve said that word for quite a while. “Thwapping the tail.” But with cats, that usually means they’re getting pissed, and it’s time to run.

  77. Faster thwapping would be “thwappetty thwappetty thwappety” 😉

  78. Queues sans frontières!

  79. I’m sorry.. but thwapping isn’t a cute word. I’m sorry.. I just.. not a good word, ok?

    It’s a syninom for something very uncute.. and I don’t know if I dare follow up on the thought.

    the doggy, however, is adorable.

    [We’ve already covered this, Bear… “THWAP” does not equal “FAP”, okeydokes? – Ed.]

  80. This puppy is also demonstrating the puppy expression of “i’m not happy to see you, my tail is a liar….DON’T LOOK AT THE TAIL!”

  81. It has taken my roommate months to get used to the thwappings! No coffee table clutter is safe from the twhwapping lab tail! My dog loves to give me his butt to scratch, then he thwaps me with his tail to let me know how much he loves me. It’s so funny, my dog will actually ‘sit’ on his head, butt in the air, tail thwapping madly, grunting and groaning ecstatically when he’s getting his butt scratched. It’s hilarious.

    Monkey is such a sweet looking puppy, I love her!

  82. Bear, dude, we’ve already done this to death in this thread. I fainted like 3 TIMES. Ask Teho…

    Theresa, YES!!! [flashes rock on! horns]

  83. GingerMartini says:

    When our beagle is on the bed and sees one of us come in, hubby says he goes “Thup, thup, thup.” I like “Thwap” better, it’s more expressive.

  84. oh! i thought Monkey was a weiner-dog! cuz that’s what the pic makes him look like, but then i saw his “other” pictures and I see that hes a bull terrier or somethin! he’s a happy boy! ha!

  85. I love the look of sheer anticipation on his face!

  86. My cat Princess thwaps her tail, but it’s usually when she’s considering attacking one of my other cats.

  87. Oh my goodness, Monkey looks like my Lily, who does the exact same head-down-eyes-up-thwap-thwap-thwap.

    Cannot resist the cuteness!

  88. Finally!!! A pitbull on cuteoverload!!!

  89. Thwapping on surfaces: sounds cute looks cute.

    Thwapping on legs (small dogs) or body (bigger dogs): ouchies.

    A friend in highschool had a Dalmation. Happy dog, much thwappings, very painful on legs.

  90. *Graciously accepts honorable title, walks off holding bleeding ear.*

    Liz: I thought Monkey was a wiener too!!!

  91. KWEET!!!

    I’ve got kittehs thwapping on me though. Is kinda funny, especially since their tails look like cobras. Thwap-hisssss, thwap-hisssss …

  92. my dog does alot of thwaping