The Babysitter

The bebeh won’t stop crying! What do I do!? Maybe Lunchabuhls will help…



This is such a weird photo I hadta post eet, Melissa B.!



  1. lurkingsmirk says:


  2. lurkingsmirk says:

    Oh yah, bleen time bleener! =D

  3. no it’s not shopped: mama’s hiding in a box, as outside the window and far away on a blanket her kitten languishes…this is a picture of maternal panic! my baby’s crazy I’ll toss it out the window of my house/box and pretend it wasn’t me…cat needs some serious support with the parenting

  4. Not shopped – cardboard box. This reminds me of an ICHC photo of a momcat sitting up with kittens all around her captioned “What I do now?”

  5. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Oh kill my heart why don’t you. So adorably precious I could just cry for the want of this babeee.

  6. Mama wants to know: Who pinched the baby?

  7. beautiful mama kitteh.
    and even more gorgeous babie kitteh. the photo is a little strange, kind of makes me dizzy to look at it, cant figure out the staging.

  8. Oh, the bebeh! The curled paw over the face, signifying distress, the clutched toy, the unheard mew…I must comfort it!

  9. Allie and Jojo-s Mom says:

    No, no, no. The Caption shuld reads “Shhhh…. De baby is sheeeeping.”

  10. LurkSmirk? …double flunk.

  11. Baby in a box.
    Momma is all shhhh baby is sleeping

  12. mrs fonebone says:

    A and J’s Mom is right–she is watching her behbeh sleep and then hears noises–looks back–ready to shush!

  13. Someone please tell me that toy in that wee kitteh’s arms is not real.

    [ S P L O D E ]

  14. little gator says:

    as mehitable said:

    “wotthehell did i do to deserve all these kititns”

  15. Laurie C!! You must post the link! You can’t talk about it, then not post the link! *looks back a sleepy babeh kitteh and melts*

  16. fluidstatic says:


    de wittle toy. de wittle beebeh. de wittle tirewd-sad kitty faice.

    now you’ve done it. I’m stuck baby-talking for the next week. My husband will hate me for it.

  17. the baby kitteh’s paw curled up by her face is too freakin’ cute!

    and, oh? what’s that stuffed aminal?

    i tink it’s a baby blue velour stuffed mouse wif gangly legs gasping under baby kitteh’s arm
    –too much! ^^

  18. momma kitteh is ‘watching TV’ and telling us this here is her fave channel KTN-TV

  19. Oh for…My kitteh Weasel had that exact same stuffed mousie when she was a baby. His name was Mortimer.

  20. Awwwww!:)

    Look out for mama, she’ll knock you out!

  21. you guys r silly says:

    This pic is confuzzling me.
    Something’s not quite right about it. The microscopic size of the wee baby is TOO small in comparison to the short distance it appears to be from normal sized kitteh.
    It’s like normal kitteh is looking through some kind of portal into another dimension – a KEWT-as-all-get-out dimension, but still. . . it’s bugging me. . .
    I want to shrink myself down and hop in my little transporter and travel to that baby’s dimension so I can snorgle heeem…

  22. Haha, these are two of my cats. The big one is actually a boy, and the baby is just 2 weeks old and was abandoned by it’s mother. And yes, the toy is real- it’s a stuffed catnip mouse.

  23. You Guys R Silly – the disproportion can be explained by the fact that the camera lens is most likely at it’s widest angle setting to take this photo. That will distort the apparent distance between the objects.

  24. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I’m interpreting the pic as the momma guarding over the kitteh in the separate room and looking over her shoulder at the camera and saying, “You come near me or my baby, you paparazzi, and you’re gonna eat that camera through your nose!”

  25. Anyone can photoshop cuteness, but not everyone can capture that special “kodak” moment of cuteness. Cuteoverload I’m highly disappointed that you would post fake cuteness!!

  26. Ahn. The little one’s all: “De lights! Somebuddeh hit de lights!”

    Very cool pic. [rolls eyes at Katie]

  27. Weird. I have no idea what’s going on in that pic. But I like tuxedo cats, so I’m good. 🙂

  28. fish eye no miko says:

    Bengal Mom said: “You Guys R Silly – the disproportion can be explained by the fact that the camera lens is most likely at it’s widest angle setting to take this photo. That will distort the apparent distance between the objects.”

    Exactly. Movies have been doing this for decades; it’s a technique called “forced perspective”. As an example, look at the scenes in LotR where Elijah Wood (as Frodo) and Sir Ian McKellen (as Gandalf) are in the same scene, yet Frodo is much smaller than Gandalf. A lot of that is forced perspective.

  29. This looks like a Surreal piece of art.

    I’m expecting a psychadelic blipvert next.

  30. Oh laws. The bebeh wif its widdle toy. Oh laws. Where’s my C.O.X.C.U.?!

  31. One Eyed Daruma says:

    It looks like poppa is having kitten thoughts…like in a cartoon.

  32. The tuxedo is cute enough, until you see the teeny baby! And then you see the blue toy! All together = the 11s on the cute-o-meter.

  33. That baby kitty just screams for a closeup of that widdle paw over his eye….

  34. Yitzysmommie says:

    YM runs past all the peeps, reaches in through the cardboard box hole, gently takes bebbeh kittayn with toy & puts him/her in her substantial Grandma Rack to warm & snuggle kittayn ala Schmoop. YM then sneaks quietly out with honk shuing/purring kitten.

  35. The toy! The nose! The teensy curled paw! Mom’s complete expression of “omg, where did this come from?” It’s all too perfect.

    Oh yes, it’s called an optical illusion nuffs. It’s perfectly natural and it existed long before Photoshop. Sheesh.

  36. I love it! That baby kitten should be called a cute-en from now on.

  37. Here’s the ICHC momcat Laurie C was talking about:

  38. I’m assuming you have some kind of filter on this site that blocks the really bad words from comments. Couldn’t you add “photoshopped” to that list? ‘Cause really, I’m happy if I never again click through to the comments to find people insisting that they are photograph experts and the picture isn’t real.

  39. Where did you get my Dante? He’s been here all the time.

  40. Tsitsi, thanks for finding it. If I went to ICHC looking for it, the site would have sucked me in and I would never have surfaced again.

  41. It’s for real – you can see the same bedspread under the grown cat through another hole in the lidless er, potato chip box (?). Grown cat is “hiding” in this box – as they will do – looking at the baby. The photographer is on the same side of the box as the grown cat, so both are surreptitiously peeping at the baby, like a parent peeping at a sleeping child through a cracked bedroom door.

  42. Its like the cat is watching the baby on cat-tv and pointing it out to her feline companions “thats my bebeh, isn’t she beautiful”.

    This is so gorgeous.

  43. The sweetness is unbelievable: that baby, that paw, that toy snuggle. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  44. Unkka cat is a good boy.

  45. The kitten looks like it’s in the big cat’s thought bubble.

  46. What is it with you and Lunchables, Meg? Can someone help me out? 😉

    They’re icky, unhealthy and bad for the environment.

    Right? Or no?

  47. I think Meg’s fascinated with them because they’re so… redonkulous.

  48. oaklandcat – I thought “thought bubble” too when I saw this.

    I think that catnip mouse is made by Hartz. I bought a green one for one of my cats on his 21st birthday.

  49. amg tis the cutest love the tiny teddy and the big male cat is like amg mums gone out whad do i do!!!

    tugs i hope that was a typo otherwise O.O at the ancient cat 21 years???!?

  50. Am I the only one who counts more than 4 legs on that mouse? I thought it was a little, stuffed, fuzzy, alien toy. Actually, I want a blue, fuzzy, alien toy for my kitties.

  51. ka9q's wife says:

    Am I the only person who looked at this and saw Skinner box?

    Or have I been reading too many books about operant(sp??) conditioning lately?

  52. ka9q's wife says:

    btw too many has been one so far.

  53. Charlie – It was not a typo. I have heard of cats living to 30 years old. My kitty did not make it beyond 21 though because he had kidney failure. 😦

  54. Schrodinger’s cat found a loophole.

  55. Cute photo,love the angle

  56. OaklandCat with the quantum luuuuv! 😉