See, you can learn good things from this site

First, your bath, then your feeding.

Stop squirming.

Dexter licking Willa, originally uploaded by Torrie.

This is a quality Babysitting technique—just another public service we provide here at C.O. Excellent sleuthing, Jason B. 😉



  1. I can totally hear that kid’s thoughts by the look on his face.

    “Gallgh! Dog breaf!”

  2. julia McDonald says:

    LOL Baby kisses!

  3. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Baby and doggie, Perfection.

  4. Juniper Jupiter says:


    Oh, whadda schweet doaggie!!

    I wanna give him a soff kronsche on the ear for being so nice to the bebeh!!

    Oh, by the way, the bebeh is cute…for a bebeh!!!:P Seriously, very cute!!!

  5. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Baby gets the lick of approval.

  6. no ’nuffs! please! NOOOOO!

  7. As Lucy would say,


  8. Heh, this is probably a dog’s way of cleaning a snotty behbeh nose. Better than Goldie trying to hand the kid a tissue. Paws in the air for K9 sitters!

  9. Puppy kisses! Love the dog, love the bebee. What a sweet photo.

  10. Sorry, not “Goldie”. It’s “Dexter”. My bad.

  11. By the look on this old guy’s proud face, he prolly thinks he’s the grandpa. Go to the site and see other great pics!

  12. I <3 baby & critter snorgling! I <3 graying muzzlepuffs on sweet ol dogs! And I LUV the name "Willow"!! Stinks that I can't use it (married name being Wadlow...too much "Wawaw")...

  13. Now THAT’S an “I shall leeck you” if I’ve ever seen one…

  14. Sweet beyond belief – good doggie!

    And to all the would-be nuffers…a little dog slobber never hurt NOBODY! Mind your bidness…

  15. ‘scuse: the name is “Willa”…just as cute if not more……dangit.

  16. Nursegirl113 says:

    OK- I thought the 2 hampsters were cute, but this tops it all !!! I LOVE it!!

  17. Bebeh: “Please get Mr. Doggie a breaf mint! YIKES. Dog Breaf is BAD.”

    So So cute. I shall leeck you indeed.

  18. Normally I’m not partial to babies, but this baby’s expression is priceless. And the dog is sweet beyond belief. <3

  19. “Lady And The Tramp”!SQUEEEEE!!!

    And that looks like a brand new bebeh. Ahn.

  20. Kar: You beat me to it!! Lucy TOTALLY jumped in my head!

    Such a sweet doggie, like Shadow in the Incredible Journey!

  21. Wow, this pic is beautiful beyond belief, I’m getting so teary…I had a beautiful golden babysitter just like that when I was young, they are hands down the best pets on the planet. Love the wise gray muzzlepuff…*sniff*…I’m getting all verklempt…talk amongst yourselves…

  22. OMG Meg are ya trying to Kill me with the cute today. OHhh it must be kissing cuddling thursday with hammies and monkey pigeon combos and now this. My heart melted again I am on a three melt day.

  23. Jeez, Dexter looks enormous next to that baby! Nice to see him being so gentle. I bet he’d kill anybody who tried to hurt that baby.

    Also, it’s known that having a dog or two around the house when a kid is growing up is actually very good for the kid’s immune system development.

  24. This picture is a perfect representation of the temperament of a Golden. So gentle & loving & sweet etc. etc. etc.

    Best dogs ever, IMHO. 😉

    Thanks Meg.

  25. Baby’s saying “Ehn! Can’t move head to avoid dog bref.”

  26. I bet baby faces taste awesome.

  27. “i shall leek you indeed”…great one rainbowbrite! wow. there just are no words for this picture. it overwhelms me. This picture could bring peace to the whole world. i know it ppl. puppeh lickage for peace all the way. it warms the heart, it really does. thank you meg. good post.

  28. rubber duck says:

    Heh, I heard some dogs are always trying to wash the baby…can’t trust the parents to keep it clean enough 🙂

  29. Auugh! Dog germs! Get hot water! Get some disinfectant! Get some iodine!


    [good grief… – Ed.]

  30. This should fall under the “I shall leeck you” category.

  31. Cute.

    My brother has two Great Danes, they are really, really protective (and gentle) with his six month old son.

  32. The dog is not licking the child, the dog is simply basting the child so that it is moist and tender when he eats it.

    (not helping)



  33. Ohhhhhh, what I wouldn’t give for a wet tongue bath!

  34. Somebody puuuuleeeeaze hand me a hankie! I’m all misty-eyed … gulp… that is just so fricken cute!

  35. Yummy!
    I usually dont go for the baby pictures either.
    But the golden is so loving and beautiful. its priceless!

  36. Gah! Someone stop that dog! He’s trying to suck the breath out of that baby!

    Oh, that’s cats.
    Never mind.

  37. What a darling old Gold.

    When I was growing up, I had a border collie who never left my side when I was sick. I love it when dogs dote on kids. Show this to people who don’t think aminals have souls.

  38. Eww!


  39. I luvs babay – kn never eat hole 1 tho.

  40. ‘you haz a flavor…. a bebe flavor’

  41. You all won’t think it’s so cute when the dog chomps off that babies’ head in a jealous rage.

    j/k… it’s cute

  42. This counts as one paw up.

  43. martha in mobile says:

    “Why yes, I DO lick my butt with this tongue. Why do you ask?”

  44. Mary (the first) says:

    BEE-YOO-TEE-FULL. I want that dog and to have him leeck me on my nose. Even though I’m about 30 times bigger than that bebeh.

  45. You’re killin’ me, Dexter.

  46. This literally took my bref away! I audibly ‘inhaled’. Seriously, this makes everything all right in the world. Willa.. what a beautiful name.

  47. aww the retriever reminds of the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz ^^

    yanno the teensy giraffes on the baby’s blanket just put this pic over the top!!

  48. Ewwww, stanky dog breath… But still cute.

  49. Warm, wet doggie tongues beat those rubber bulb thingies all to heck for stuffy nosicles!

  50. Aww, too sweet!

  51. ewwwwwwe that dog is going to get baby cooties !

  52. Mary (the first) says:

    Another glance at this (I have to check C.O. frequently throughout the day to keep my spirits up) anyhoo will you please all admire DEXTER’S EYELASHES!!

  53. Willa, you are the luckiest little baby girl on the planet!! Dexter will always be your hero. I hope there are always Goldens in your life. ..

  54. Thank you for posting my picture! As I was looking at this, with Willa on my lap, Dexter came over and licked her and she laughed.

  55. Ohlookachicken says:

    I’m not personally a fan of doggie kisses but I can handle one or two and this is just precious. What a loving and gentle dog.

  56. EEEEEE That’s my niece! She’s totally famous! EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

  57. good doggie! good baby!

  58. Dexter + Willa! Such a beautiful picture. <3

  59. That is the safest baby in the world. I’d trust that dog to drive a car and pay bills, he looks so responsible.

  60. torrie – you’ve got a beautiful family. fer sure.

  61. Sweetest picture EVAR!!!

    *Thwap* (my brain hitting the pavement)

  62. OMG! The doggeh is going to eat the babeh! Irresponsible parents! Can’t they see that babeh is obviously in pain from the lickage and…and…and…lol there is a very simlar picture of me and our old black lab somewhere in my parents house. Several infact. I turned out just fine thank you very much, all fingers, toes etc intact.

    So stinking adorable.

  63. I’m torn between “eww this is gross, get some disinfectant onto that babeh pronto” and “I wish i was that babeh”…

    I can feel the love in this pic <3

    The most delicatest of doggeh licks, the softest most whiskery muzzlepowshe, and the squinchiest baby face ever!!

  64. Mary (the first) you are an excellent cuteologist.

    Yes, behold the eyelashes, my absolute favorite part of golden retriever.

  65. Cute and snorglable to both they are loving each others company….

    and for those of you you who don’t like doggie kisses ppppplllllllttttttt……
    thats there way of saying I luvs youu human

  66. From Torrie’s Flickr photos of Dexter:

    “I love him so much it hurts.”

    Torrie, I don’t even know you and I like you.

    Willa is beautiful; Dexter is adorable. You’re a lucky woman. 🙂

  67. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork(ButNowI'mHome) says:

    this is absolutely the sweetest thing I have seen all day.

    i think i’m in love. 🙂


    i can’t believe i’m the first one to point it out!

    p.s. keeeel me now, theeees is too cute.

  69. Yitzysmommie says:

    Thanks, Torrie & Meggie
    Willa & Dexter are just lovely and lovely together too.
    I could spend all evening looking at Willa’s pix….

  70. Let’s hear it fur the nuffers who knew ‘nuf to keep it to themselves on this one…mostly. Those of us who were raised by dogs and then did the same for or children are bleening over this picture of truth.

  71. And they called it
    Puppy Love.
    Just because….

    well, just because that’s what it is.

  72. Re: Shaz’s comment- Thank you so much! And yes, I am very lucky.
    If anyone is interested here is the video of Dexter meeting Willa for the first time:

  73. You guys are silly. There could never be nuffers on a pic like this. This is the kind you frame and put on top of the piano.

    How sweet. 🙂

  74. oh my gosh, the frosty mug on that old golden is killing me

  75. Beer??? Mich Golden??? Where???

  76. AW! I have been smiling nonstop since I saw this. It may almost be too much.

  77. for Cerise:
    “Kiss that dog — you will get your rinse!”

  78. Dexter says…I don’t know what their problem is…have you ever smelled baby bref???

    So adorable! I have fallen for them. <3 <3 <3

  79. *runs and gets mop for Annies melt..*
    A 3 melt day is nothing to take lightly, peeps!

  80. I just had to come back and look at this pic again and what do I find? A video!! Yay!!

    Auntiemame, I got your Lucy reference if others didn’t! (Well, other than Theo…lol)

    And, Torrie, I have one o’ them cankers on my tongue, too…aren’t they awful??


  82. Sweet gray muzzlepuff. Ahn.

  83. Yay. I couldn’t stay away from this picture either, and now a video of Dex and Willa. Teehee.

  84. Dexter Dexter Dexter. <3 this dog.

    Check out this beautiful photo of him:

    It’s another “died and gone to heaven” shot like this one:

  85. Word, katerpie, this is the kind of picture you frame and put on your piano even if it’s not your kid.

    Whew, I avoided this thread all day for fear of ’nuffs. So glad they stayed away. The last “I hate babies and you’re trying to make me feel like less of a woman by posting this picture” argument almost made me barf. And not a rainbow, my friends, not a rainbow.

  86. Awww… my cocker spaniel mix, Odie, who is all of 16 years old (!!) would lick my niece when she was tiny, too… which was only a little over a year ago. Her mom got fussy about it, but the rest of us just figured, germ paranoia doesn’t really do you any good. We’ve got immune systems that need building!

  87. Woods Walker says:

    A nephew who was born at home had his face licked by the family dog when he was less than ten minutes old.-Woods Walker

  88. this one should be filed under gee-ross.
    yes, dogs do lick their butts…. I’m sure the bub will be fine but it’s still a bit more lovin’ than she/he needs at his/her tender age…

  89. ….and if you think this is cute….you should see him change a diaper!

  90. book_monstercats says:

    Every time I took my tiny bebehs to the doctor panicking in case they’d picked something horrible up, he just rolled his eyes and said since they’d been b*east fed, their immune systems would be very strong and please to go away.

  91. Okay this? Is disgusting. Eeew…

  92. Yes, Babehs don’t so much make you go squee, they more make your heart melt and make you want to cry. Some peeps don’t like that, and that is why you get Nuffs. We had no idea when we started CBF that we would get such strong reactions from peeps, but it is what it is. If you heart this, May I humbly suggest that we have a whole category of such pictures with which to populate the top of your piano? Try this one on for size:

  93. donna gareau says:


  94. CBF: I love it! The anti-Nuff!

  95. Awww. Brought a tear to my eye, that one. It reminded me of our Golden Retriever Buster and shows how good natured those lovely dogs can be. [Sob] 🙂

  96. Yitzysmommie says:

    Videos! More Dexter pix! CBF with SQUEEEEE baby pix
    YAY!! Happee Friday to meeeee.

  97. Torrie – ahahahahaha!!! I love the vid, “Dexter, here’s your baby.” Now I’m ready to leave for work 🙂

  98. “I … am the king … of the foorrrrrrrrreeeeessssttt!”

  99. Space Cowgirl says:

    OMG, I just melted all over everything. What a majestic old dog, and beautiful tiny bebeh. 🙂

    To the nuffers, stick to worrying about your own children, or just save your vitriol for the people who leave their children in hot cars or marry convinced sex offenders. There are a lot worse things in this world than PupLix.

  100. Righteous, Theo – I’ve been playing PG on a loop thanks to you.

    Space Cowgirl, kudos for use of the word ‘vitriol’ on a public forum. You rool.

  101. CBF – sometimes i think my wires must be crossed, because, while babies sometimes make me squee (i’m a childless-by-choice non-nuff who very much admires parents — particularly my own), the melty, weepy feeling you describe is exactly how i feel about various furry critters. sometimes i think squirrels are going to break my heart, and ican’t look at more than every few days, or i’d spend all my days close to tears!

  102. Bebeh breff, or bebeh hineys, let’s face it, bebehs don’t smell so good. 😉

    Anyone remeber “Good Dog Carl”? The bestest babysitter in the world!

  103. Yeah, I teared up a little. I wanna have a baby now! Thank you for sharing, Torrie!

    Theresa, I loved Carl when I was little. He’s probably responsible for many arguments with my husband about whether I or not I should pet our neighbor’s rottweilers. 😀

  104. Also, is it just me, or does Dexter look kind of like a dog version of Albus Dumbledore? I want to see him in half-moon glasses. 🙂

  105. omg GEEEERRMS!!!!!!!!!!! [screams, runs in circles, grabs soap]

  106. It *is* really sweet though.

  107. I wonder if it could be measured in units how much specialer this picture is that the dog has the kindly old white face.

  108. i don’t even have to look at the comments to know what was all the bruhaha.
    i think it’s sweet – i’ll let that doggy lick my face anyday.

  109. Theresa, if you think babehs don’t smell good, you have only smelled older babies that are eating table food. Little new borned babies have an intoxicating fresh smell. Once you get a whiff, your hormones go ca-razy, and you are all, MUST BREED!

  110. And Anner- mebbe you need to smell more babies!

  111. Space Cowgirl says:

    Thank you, Cerise, you’re much too kind. 🙂

  112. CBF – hmm. you may be right. mammal-huffing is a powerful thing in all its forms.

    oh, and btw, there is one thing about babies that slays me every time…their tiny, perfect, wrinkly, teeny-nailed, grabby hands. MIRACULOUS!

  113. Space Cowgirl says:

    *CONVICTED sex offenders. I just noticed the inadvertent word substitution, oops!

  114. Here is some cute grabby hands ac-shon for you Anner:

  115. In Kyle’s little brother voice:

    “Don’t lick the baby!”

    A little bit of eeewwww and a lot of aaaawwwwww!

  116. fluidstatic says:

    *witnesses the proshness*

  117. My mom never did this to me…
    Shluuuuuuuuurp. Slurp. Shluurrrrp.

  118. notlikingthesnot says:

    Hmmm, yes, well, nuffing is as nuffing does. One could call it nuffing when some get their panties in a bunch because others dare to have an opinion different from theirs about the alleged universal cuteness of human children. My own opinion is that primate infants of any kind are teh pleh, except maybe for marmosets and tamarins.

    As for this picture, what that poor doggie is likely schlurping from that nose renders it gross, not cute, to me. I know that dogs ingest all sorts of vile things, but snot is just gross, no matter what the age of the nose that produces it.

  119. notlikingthesnot: I’ve been giving serious thought to why we (I’m including myself here) do seem to react so strongly when someone “harshes the cute”. I think the answer is that most of the nuffers are just so damn MEAN about it. There may be 100 “ohmygodthisisthecutestthingieversawinmylife” posts, then you’ve got Nuffy McNufferson who can’t simply say, “Um…I’m not feeling it” (or something to that effect). Noooo…they not only have to state emphatically why this is NOT cute, but IS, in fact, disgusting/unsafe/cruel (pick one), then they usually go on to comment on the unbelievable stupidity of anyone who DOES think it’s cute. Even those who post so-called “helpful” comments rarely make the effort to research the picture or video before posting their comments loudly pronouncing the owners as ignorant, cruel and unfit to own pets.

    I’m all for freedom of expression and inviduality, but if 100 people think something is adorable, but I think it’s disgusting, then I’ll probably think “Huh…must be me” and keep my damn opinion to myself.

  120. So you all think they’re so cuuute right?
    But beware, bc this willa chick is a serial inter-species-schnorgler, as these photos reveal!
    Honstly, what’s these people’s name? McCutersons?