A Pigeon finally does something good!

Annoying pigeons CAN redeem themselves!

According to reports, this abandoned baby monkey, "close to death, is revived by the love of a bird. Taken to an animal hospital,he was weaned back tophysical health but stillshowed little appetite for life.

It was not until a fellowpatient, a white pigeon, tookhim under her wing andshowed him love and affectionthat he perked up. Now the two are inseparable,say staff." Ahnnngggh.


Excellent cuteporting, Erin R. More on this story here, at the Metro UK. Photo owned and available from Photoshot 😉



  1. Awwwwww!

  2. Monkey sez:
    I will luff you for effer!

  3. Pearl Ostroff says:

    The look on the monkey’s face is so sweet. And his little hand caressing her. Adorable.

  4. I *just* sent you this story! Ack!

  5. Yay! I sent this in and I’ve been checking every 10 minutes to see if it makes it! I love these interspecies love stories…they make me get all warm and fuzzy inside. **:)**

  6. Awww and the article title is Dove at First Sight . this couldn’t get any cuter.

    Awwwww IRk I think my heart is melting.

  7. Something to coo over indeed

  8. That’s AMAZING.

  9. Looking at that I feel all warm and fuzzy inside…of course thinking about last night makes me feel that way, too.


  10. This is so sweet. Love the itty monkey’s face. Now how’s mom gonna teach him to fly?

  11. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I just love these stories. Humans can learn a lot from this. So precious. LOVE IT! Keep them coming.

  12. This is how Disney movies are made!

  13. ahhhh. swoon. my heart just melted.

  14. OK, just stop it! I cannot take any more heartache. I’m dying here. That monkey looks so vulnerable, I just can’t bear it.

  15. Sara — TMI 😉 . . . but good for you!

  16. StephVW – I was just thinking last nite about Disney movies. Where have all the GOOD animated ones gone?!!? I want animations and singing animals, danggit! And I agree heartily! This is a Disney movie if I ever saw one!

  17. I think the monkey’s eyes just made my heart break. Duct tape, anyone?

  18. mrs fonebone says:

    And the boid is all, “What are you looking at? Yeah, this is my behbeh. You got a problems with that?!”

  19. YAAAAYYY more lof for the peeeeeeeigeons! They’re so maligned but I lofs the peeeige. I’ve had people give me dirty looks in public when I feed pigeons.

    Of course, I wonder what’s going to happen once the monkey starts wanting to fly…

  20. Awwwwww. :’) This made me a little teary. Squeeeeeee!!!

  21. And so began the winged monkees of OZ

  22. Annie – HAHA! Brill.

    All joking aside, I think this nearly tops all the other interspecies stories.

  23. well the link doesn’t tell us anymore than Meg did (unless I missed something?) I want details!! How long have they been there? More pics! Stories! What will happen in the future?

  24. Pigeons are awesome! You don’t give them enough credit. Here’s another pigeon doing good things, 90 years ago:

  25. berthaslave says:

    Pigies are coolio! Bert told me so:

    This story makes me happy happy happy.

  26. yes, one on one pigeons are as nice as anything else. ppl just seem to hate most of the animals that manage to survive well in our cities.

  27. This actually made me tear up a bit. *dabs at eyes*

  28. beautiful, beautiful picture

  29. For a while I was doing some orphaned bird care at Liberty Wildlife in Phoenix. The behbeh and youngun pigeons BY FAR had the best personalities of all the different types of bird. Liked to nuzzle and cuddle. Very sweet birds. Totally changed my opinion of them.

  30. altho….this was just wild birds so my claim to best personality does not take into account parrots, etc. Pet bird fans do not become outraged by my claim!!

  31. Awwwww… the expression on the bebeh’s face and it’s hand gently resting on the birdy… *swoons* so adorable!

  32. Too Many Maureens says:

    I love crows and seagulls. LURVE them. Pigeons, I loathe.

    But this–this could easily soften my crusty exterior long enough to make me think twice before I shoot* another pigeon.


    *A dirty LOOK! Shoot him a dirty *look*!! 8)

  33. lupes, We have chickens and some of them are very affectionate and cuddly. We as humans rarely realy pay attention to animals and what they are really truley like. If their intelligence is not like ours they are not sentient(SP?) beings. Too bad for us we are missing a lot in the world.

  34. Bahahah, Maureen of the many numbered, you crack me up. I too love crows and seagulls, I can’t think of a better life than flying, eating, and making a general mess of everything. But this pigeon is definitely topping my dirty-birdie chart right now, what a sweet sweet picture and story! Interspeesh snorgling is my fave!(except for golden retreivers, that is)

  35. Oh my gosh! I’m almost in tears here. Wow, that picture is incredibly sweet. Oh my gosh, I can’t get over it!! Awww. Oh my gosh! Awww!!

  36. Good Lord, that is the sweetest thing … GAH.

  37. nursegirl 113 says:

    That is the sweetest face I’ve ever seen! That baby monkey is so adorable. I want him !!!

  38. you guys r silly says:

    Now I have seen everything. . .

  39. Let other people call them “sky rats,” but I love pigeons. One summer a pair nested in the ivy just below my kitchen window. Every so often one of them would peek over the windowsill and we’d have long conversations through the screen in “pigeonese.”

    I haven’t a clue what either of us was saying, but evidently I didn’t say anything to offend him/her, ‘cuz he/she kept coming back.

    I have to think that what was going through that bird’s head was something like, “Look at that stupid human in the cage – I can get her to talk. Maybe I can teach her to say some dirty words!”

    Oddly enough, I never saw him/her when the window was closed – only when it was open.

    Sad news for pigeons in London, though – the BBC-TV news reported yesterday(?) that feeding the pigeons in Trafalgar square is now illegal (huge fine if you’re caught). The Lord Mayor had been pushing for the ban for who knows how long. I hope they gang up and dive-bomb him next time he goes for a walk. Pwn3d by pigeon poop – serve his pompous patoot right!

  40. Clear proof that love has no boundaries! Very very sweet. They baby monkey is too cute!

  41. What’s with all the “annoying pigeons FINALLY do something right”, Meg? Pigeons rock, and they save baby monkeys. And they look cool and poo on cranky suits hoofing it through city parks on their tasseled loafers. What’s not to love?

  42. Pigeons are mega cool. They really don’t get enough credit.

    Kind of like Owen & Mzee, but on a cuddlier scale.

  43. So…the other night I got some ice cream, with a caramel swirl in it…mistakenly put a whole mouthful of sweet caramel in at once, and had the worst attack of sweet overload. My hunny about died laughing from the look on my face, but (and here is the connexion) this picture did it again!
    So anerables! (My teeth hurt again) That face! That wittle hand!

  44. coughingpuppy says:

    Usually I hate birds, but this is really, really cute.

  45. aaaaaaaarrrggggnnnnnnggrrggeeeeeeeeeeee….(slumps over desk in fit of head banging and blood vessel explosions..)

  46. my cat is a blob says:

    lovely picture.

    Reminds me of a question I have: Think of how pigeons walk. If you hold a pigeon’s head still, can it still walk?
    the walking and the bobbing seem to be totally connected.

  47. I’m assuming that the pigeon’s white because it’s an angel.

  48. I love this picture. Also saw it on Fark this morning. I had a momma and poppa pigeon living on my balcony for about six months. They made a nice nest and had many babies. First time I had ever seen baby and teenage pigeons! They were wonderful but messy. I finally got fed up with the mess and called a pigeon specialist to ask how to get rid of them. She told me to move the nest the next time both left to find food. But there was an egg there! She told me there was no shortage of pigeons in the world. I have felt guilty ever since. I actually like pigeons.

  49. i thought this happened in the UK. but then i realised it is China, my homeland. Glad to see that!!!

  50. My heart just crumbled and then glued back together and then sploded all over my computer! My heart hurts with warm fuzzies!!!

  51. What’s that puddle on the floor? Oh yeah…that would be my heart that’s just absolutely melted!!!

  52. Some animal behaviorist back in the ’50s discovered that bebeh monkeys need love more than food. We learned about it in college– everybody learned about it for awhile.

  53. Awwwww. I want to kiss that poor weedle monkey. I hope he gets better and better.

    I hope this teaches all the haters out there that pigeons are cuties! *wags finger*

  54. Erm, Cerise, if you count ME as one of those suits. A pidge did crap on my head on a 90F+ day one summer, on a day I had a job interview. And let me tell, you, pigeon doo is very hot stuff.

  55. Awwwww. I want to kiss that poor weedle monkey. I hope he gets better and better.

    I hope this teaches all the haters out there that pigeons are cuties! /wags finger/

    P.S. Des, A pigeon *specialist* told you that? God, with friends like those, pigeons don’t need enemies…

  56. Monkey! Monkey! Monkey!

  57. Theresa, uh…[spreads hands] I’m sorry for your misfortune? Pigeons suck? I apologize to suits everywhere?

    I don’t know you, so I doubt very much I’d ‘count’ you as anything, really. Except as a fellow cuteologist.

  58. *plays “You are Loved (Don’t Give Up)” by Josh Groban for the little monkey*

    too sweet.

  59. I like the Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush “Don’t Give Up” m’self…

    Whatever may come, and whatever may go
    That river’s flowin’, that river’s flowin’

  60. Cerise –

    “And they look cool and poo on cranky suits hoofing it through city parks on their tasseled loafers. What’s not to love?”

    …Tasseled loafers…

    That made my day.

  61. cheekyassmonkey says:

    i am so glad to see other pigeon lovers commenting. i raised birds in nyc for a couple of years, and they are smart and really quite loving.

  62. Things like this always bring a tear to my eye. Not JUST because the little guy has lost his mom, but because in spite of everything… he found one.
    And it doesn’t matter to them that they’re different.
    What’s not to totally love?

  63. Oh god. That baby monkey’s sad expression just broke my heart. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  64. MargeAggedon gets my vote for coolest internet handle ever.

  65. So painfully sweet.

  66. I want video of these guys!

    I am obsessed with this picture and I made it my desktop wallpaper.

  67. Doves are really lovely and loving. My family had a pet dove for 19 years, rescued from my brother’s school. She imprinted on me as a little girl–so much that she always cooed when I could be seen walking home from school, and was sad when I went away to camp and eventually college. When she was close to the end, my mother was concerned because she hadn’t “spoken” for several days–very uncharacteristic–so called me in another city and had me talk to her. She started cooing right away, to hear my voice. We should never underestimate animals, even those we think of as “common.”

  68. Pigeons are sweet, friendly, and intelligent creatures and no more diseased than any other wild animal.

    I’d expect a site like this would know that!

  69. How truly lovely!

  70. I really really want to believe that when the monklet grows up and is bigger than the pigeon, the pigeon will ride on his shoulder. And they will be friends always.

  71. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  72. Little monkey is breaking my heart, look at his big eyes.. *sob.. He’s so vulnerable

  73. So is this really a pigeon or a dove?

  74. just to share another monkey story, my colleagues who work in a small island off the coast of sumatera ‘adopted’ a widdle monklet who was being abused by village kids. the monklet, creatively named mengki, was everyone’s favorite. he would just sit for hours on your lap and cuddle. once, he was left alone in his cage (he’s in a bird cage when everyone was out working with the communities but mostly he is out), he was viciously attacked by wild monkeys. he died a few days later. this pic brings a tear to my eyes, mengki will always be loved and missed

  75. Oh…….my…………friggin…………cute……..god……………that is flippin amazing/adorable..

  76. Well said Becci!

    Pigeons are beautiful and only “annoying” cos we invaded their world and built concrete all over it.

  77. the newest odd couple 😉

  78. Yes! Pigeons are good! I’m with all the other pigeon-lovers. I’m actually not a huge fan of monkeys … but this little guy is OK.

  79. I was driving home tonight and this picture was haunting me so, I felt like crying. Too much stress at work, mebbe.

  80. What a gorgeous photo

  81. gramma davis says:

    What if it had been a monkey nursing a pigeon back to life? Would that have been Awwww Cute, or would it have been Why??

  82. i luf heem. so dang cute. i’ll give him a home, and the pigeon too.

  83. I first read this story at the address I have listed under my URL, and came by to tell all the good folks at CuteOverload, but you’d already reported on it and I was just late to catch up.

    Thanks, super-cute!

  84. Pigeons are awesome! Who cares if their existence annoys some humans…they aren’t here for humans anyways. It’s not like pigeons TRY to annoy people, they are just trying to live and enjoy their lives like most of us.