It’s happening AGAIN

Let’s take a short break from all the 9/11 memorial news, shall we?  ‘Cause here’s a sweet old lady chihuahua (10 is sorta old in dog years) with her new litter!  So tiny… anhhhh… nature triumphs agai–hold on a sec.

…yep, we got skwerls.

(Spotted on by teh Schmoop!)



  1. Oh, they really are kewt!
    Eh! Want!
    Oh and they are really sneaking in and taking over teh world aren’t they?

    One doggeh at a time!

  2. Tewtally kewt. And it’s amazing that they squirrels can nurse and survive on dog milk.

  3. Woohoo!

    I though it was a frog in the first pic, and was like “huh?” for a second. Then I looked down and the realization dawned…

    Very cute. I love the chi doggie-kissing her “puppy” in the first picture. Wait, shouldn’t this be in I Shall Leeck You too?

    (apologies to T(Ed)- I clicked in, saw there were no comments, and couldn’t resist)

  4. Aw! Grandmaw Wawa saves the day! What a sweet ol dog, and lucky little anerable skwerls. Hopefully it won’t break her heart when they start taking off up trees!

  5. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Awwww, how sweet! 🙂

  6. I saw this on CNN. Another remarkable thing is that she hasn’t had a litter of her own — (doggie menopause, I suppose) — yet she is producing milk! How cool is that?! Mother Nature to the rescue again!!

  7. snowpupgirl says:

    Totally cute! I loved the video, that story made my day!

  8. i had no idea baby squirrels had such big feet. wow.

  9. Ok, WHAAAAT????

    I’m confused….she’s nursing puppies and squirrels? I can’t read/watch the story I’m at work…..

    Argh – I’ll have to wait……

  10. Is she demonstrating affection or deciding if it’s good enough to eat?

  11. that is so cute that maternal instict never leaves that baby girl.
    Its wonderful to see good doggie news in the news.

  12. SKWERLS SKWERLS SKWERLS…. hopping up and down…. awww look at dem.
    So precious and cute… too bad they grow up into the evil plotting grownup squirrels

  13. NO WAY !!!

  14. Way.

  15. Wow! Three categories, Teho??

    *splode* *splode* *splodey*

    [You’re actually one short! – Ed.]

  16. begs the question: “Who’s yur daddy?”

  17. so kayoote 🙂
    I’ve heard of mothers producing milk before to nurse babies that they didnt give birth too, but a 10 year old chi with squirrels? thats so sweet.

    i’ve been overdosing on cute lately between CO and my new baby lionhead bunny. ees too much! =x

  18. what an angel!
    look at the Mama look on
    her face.
    how sweet.

  19. Mimi is such a good mommy! Cutest story! 🙂

  20. NEVER have I seen toes that long (bottom pic).

  21. Awwww…I shall scoop them all up, spoil them, and live happily ever after!
    *runs to put on all black burglar clothes*

  22. OMG PONIES !!!!1!!1!!11!!

    Kewt babeh sqwirls on my birthday!

    I want a babeh sqwirl!!

    *runs and looks for piles of twigs. none to be found*


  23. Nature is AMAZING!!! And I love this momma.. She rocks.

  24. 10 is, in fact, SO OLD in dog years, that this poor mama dog is SENILE. That’s the only possible explanation for fostering evil, evil, squirrel babies.

    No matter HOW CUTE they are when they’re tiny, squirrels invariably grow up evil… EVIL, I TELL YOU!

  25. So, so sweet. I love old dogs! That look on her face is priceless. She’s all gazing lovingly through her cataracts at skwerl, thinkin’ it’s the most beautiful chihuauhua puppy she’s ever seen. <3

  26. Yitzysmommie says:

    Ah Cain’t bleeve I’m the first to say eet:

  27. Yitzysmommie says:

    or mebbe it’s CHISKWERLS?

  28. Theo, are you a Twin Peaks fan? Because that headline totally reminds me of the giant at the Roadhouse.

    BTW, this miraculous adoptive mommy is the sweetest thing ever…

  29. Happy Birthday, LeannRose!

    Kudos to the little Mama, and isn’t that lady’s accent tewtelly AWESOME? I could listen to her talk about her lil’ furry family for days.

  30. My favorite part is that sweet tree-cutter guy. “Weeeell, Ah cooodn’t jes let ’em DAH.”

  31. I have three Chihuahuas, and actually ten is not all that old for them, as they live as long as 20 years. She’s only middle-aged, really. My two oldsters still run and gambol like puppies.

    And I love this story and video.

  32. Hey! This is here in my hometown of Jacksonville! Cool! I sure recognized the accents! 🙂
    Kudos to the young man who rescued them! Not a lot of tree cutters would take the time to notice the nest, much less transplant the nest and take them home to save them.
    Here’s hoping the little ones thrive! Squirrels evil? nah. No way! Lots of them in my trees. They make me happy every day!
    Thanks for posting this.

  33. I couldn’t get the CNN video to load, but watching the original Florida feed from Jacksonville, the chihuahua *has* had her own puppies — her last litter was four years ago.

  34. My little girl, Nikki (a Tibetan Spaniel), was given her surgery at 6 months old. A mama cat had a litter of kittens who, after they were weaned, decided that Nikki could be their new mama. The kittens would nurse on Nikki, and darn if she didn’t produce milk! I had a call from Nikki’s day care place asking if they could have one of Nikki’s puppies when they born. Panic! I cslled the vet and asked, uh, you did, spay her, right? They said, oh yes, but if another critter wants to nurse, she’ll start giving milk. Nature is so cool.

  35. How SWEET is this? AND no nuffers yet? Although I’ve been trying to figure out what they could possibly object to (skwerls should NEVER be given canine milk!! It will KEEL them!! What’s wrong with you people?? Are you STOOPID??).

    Sorry. I channeled a ’nuff there for a moment.

    Rock on, Mama WaWa…

  36. I cannot believe I missed this here in mah hometown. Maybe if I gave her all my skwerls too she would keep them. Mine can do standing vertical jumps of six feet onto a pole bird feeder. Sigh. Okay, the babies are cute, and the dog is absolutely awesome. They’ll still grow up to eat birdseed. Hey, how about I channel a birdnuffer?

  37. Cerise-thanks!

    And to all those who think sqwirls are evil…look at ’em! They’re so adorable–how could they be evil. Why, they’re so cute, one look into their beady little eyes and I’d annihilate the whole world for ’em.

    Wait a second…

  38. skwerlhuahuas!


  39. sara has eet!

    SQWERLWAWAS they are!

  40. Yitzysmommy….you said it so much cooler than I did…

  41. Okay, I admit that I was wondering if old dog milk provides the proper nutrients for squirrel babies. And also wondering if it’s a myth that the mama squirrel would abandon them if they’d been handled.

    But I’m not trying to be a wet blanket (for once). It _is_ awfully cute!

  42. possumpiratess and Jessarakitty — Guess I’m not the only Cuteologist in Jax! How awesome to get some acclaim for teh Qte in our town and not just, say, the number of “gentlemen’s clubs” per capita.

  43. No, no, the dog milk is fresh and new. It’s the dog who (and yes, I mean who, not which) is middle-aged.

  44. Aren’t squirrels closely related to rats?

  45. Yay for Jax! Pheas & possumpirates and Jessarakitty makes three- that ought to counteract several girly clubs. I’d rather have skwerls. And don’t say it, Teho.

  46. Aweshum!

    Little baby skwerl feets are kinda creepy, though… :O

  47. Well crap, I don’t know what it is that I’m not supposed to say!

    I coulda had a V8?
    We’ll always have Paris?
    Uhmm… skwerls just wanna have fun?

  48. Oh wait… it’s something to do with all those skwerly klubs in JAX, isn’t it?
    (I actually think of *Detroit* as being Strippertown Central.)

  49. Theo?!?!? Detroit?!?!? Being an official rez-a-dent Michigander, I must say Vegas sooo out shines us on this one! We have lots to be (ahem) proud of, but I’m not sure pole dancing is our claim to fame. ‘Course, I wouldn’t really know the actual number of clubs around here, and I will agree that there are plenty for MICH Mens to choose from.

  50. I thought it was NYC myself. Though having been to Detroit…LOL just KIDDING!

    On the comments about 10 being rather ahem, elderly for a doggeh. Our dog Butterball was almost 10 when she had her first ever litter of pups. And by the time all was said & done the 6 puppies born were by at least 3 different fathers (by our Vet’s estimate) He wagged his finger at her and said she was a hussy and too old to be running around like that. LOL
    (hey it was the early 80’s so he wasn’t “enlightened” yet.)

  51. Cool to see Jax in a positive light for a change – usually see it on Cops lol. Love them squirrels!! And what a lovin’ mom they have!

  52. rubber duck says:

    Erm, WHAT is this thing about squirrels being “evil”? First time I hear it. Pfft…I’ll dismiss it as the same kind of American myth as bats flying in your hair and getting tangled in it (I love them little bats!) Admittedly the squirrels in my country are a different variety, but they at least are such cute little things…and so are these babies 🙂

    Such a sweet dog, too…Her expression in that first picture is…priceless 😀

  53. @_@ So… Many… Categories…

  54. LOL- Jax in the house! Who knew?
    Yeah. We do have the gent clubs, don’t we? And those funny “massage” places open at 11 pm…That’s Jax.
    I hereby proclaim that yes…Squirrels are like Rats. Bats are like Rats…even Seagulls are, um, like rats…and what of it? Everyone gets hungry and everyone has some weird body image issues. Nothin’ wrong with that. 🙂 Yay, Rats!

  55. How cute!

    I love Chihuahuas. I have two of my own, Faye and Bella. I’ve posted several photos of them in the Yuwie Chihuahua club here:

    You can join this and other Yuwie clubs through this link:


  56. LOL stripper poles aside Theo tell the Schmoop thanks from all of us peeps awesome video.

  57. Awwww. Now that’s a canine for you! Dem doggehs are big-hearted, they are. (As are most other animals.) Remember the tigress who adopted those bebeh piglets? We humans are SO not worthy.

    ♥ ♥ ♥

    Spayed mama animals can *still* produce milk?! That’s amazing!!!

    Rock on, Mama Wawa!!!

  58. Nope, no squirrels! There you have baby degus! They got those big feet, and the hair is the right color.

  59. Oh My G*d.

    I didn’t realize that those were squerlies at first and freaked at those long pointed toes.

    Those are like, Gollum/troll toes.

  60. Interesting, Argent, but we don’t have degus here in Fl, well, officially anyway…I’ve found many a baby squirrel and yep. Those’r squirrels.
    There is a lady around here who specializes in caring for them til they’re able to be let loose again. She’s the one I go to. And so far…all “skwerls”.:)

  61. Teho, I was worrying that you’d immediately say something about both having nuts, so I was almost relieved to see the side jinks this took. And Elbowgeek is right, Jax is on COPS waaayyy too much. Need more Qte!

  62. “Tewtally kewt”- what does this mean ?????? Is that supposed to be a skater voice or something? Is it that hard to just write out totally cute ??? Is this some weird British website ??? “SKWERLS SKWERLS SKWERLS” can’t find the correct spelling?….does everyone think this “language” is adorable, funny or sweet? Guess what- its NOT !!

  63. Toot… no, that’s not right… Toterl… nope… toetullllllllee qu… Man, this is so hard!

  64. Turtley coot, Babs!

    (that’s a couple of “Florida cooters”, no lie)

  65. Tyeeeeewtlly keeeyoooty wootie? (Teho, can we have have the nuff to play with? Please? It’s been a long time between feasts, you know…)

  66. Dana, u needz dikshunairy wher u can vue teh variouz spelingz (and byootiful new werdz) and chyuz wich wunz u wantz to use.(see ICHC plz!)

  67. [ahem]
    Jessara — while I am also a Cheezburg fan, *we* were here first.

  68. Come on now, peeps. Dana can’t unnerstan us! Why don’t we all just change what we say and the way we spell to pwease her?!?!?

    Geez, like it’s askin’ too much!

  69. I just want to know what conceptions Dana has of the Brits. “Wierd British website”?

  70. Oi Peeps! Dana is Just baiting to get an arguement. Current examples of such behavior by a certain clebrity(Rosie O’Donnell)Throwing out outrageous statments just to anger people and get them upset.

  71. Michelle – “all gazing lovingly through her cataracts at skwerl”

    Hawhawhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaw! Your comment killed me!

    Sweet, sweet MamaWawa! And sweet Mr. Tree Cutter Man!

    I want to give everyone a big hug!

  72. “Spayed mama animals can *still* produce milk?! That’s amazing!!!

    Rock on, Mama Wawa!!!”

    Subhangi…. not only that… but Done Doggies can Do the Dirty!…. I know this as I caught 2 of my pups.. (one a Done Boy Dog)… tied after having some fun in the living room…. What a shocker for me.. and not fun for my girly dog… who then went on to have a phantom pregnancy… but a visit to the vet and some hormones got that fixed… then I got her fixed too!

    But way too cute piccywiccy of da eensieweensie sqwerliez….Think that will p*ss of DanaNuff?

    Pass the mochachoccabutterscotch pud please… anyone got a spoon?

  73. ThreeCatNight says:

    Hope springs eternal (or does milk — hmmm??)
    In any case, would that people could interact that well.

  74. 3Cat — sometimes they do. I was an adopted kid myself.

  75. Too Many Maureens says:

    Dogpile on the Nuffingham!
    Dogpile on the Nuffingham!

    /end Bugs Bunny voice

  76. but T(ed), were you adopted by a wawa or a skwerl?
    Hmmm. Now that I think about it, it would make *so much sense* if you were raised by skwerls…

  77. Dana: Aw, but you have the cutespeak punctuation down, and everything! Just go with the flow.

    Oh, and “skater voice” made me laugh so hard. I had no idea skaters had special voices! Dying to hear one now.

  78. A.,
    I think her poor wittle bwain is confused. Purrhaps she thinks a skater voice is the same as a valley girl voice….Like OMIGAWD!!!!
    Ya think?
    *runs and jumps on top of nuffpile*

  79. A. and BugMom — it’s Avril Lavigne’s fault:
    Blame Canada!

  80. Teho- I KNOW we were here first. I just gave up on pasting a link – and I lifted that whole sentence from ICHC. Properly citing sources is, of course, essential to the high academic tone hyar. Heeeere nuffy, nuffy…

  81. Oh, and the concept of British skaters as outre’… how quaint!

  82. Really cute!

    I’m tired of the 9-11 National Pity Party, quite frankly.

    If some of these folks were around in London after WW II, that city would never have gotten rebuilt.

  83. *Jumping up and down*

    “I have the cutest Chihuahua in the world!”

  84. Ok, ok. This could get out of hand, here. Can we get back to the post, please? You know, squirrel puppies…


    Oh, and BTW… just because someone questions the unique spelling of words here in CO-land, it doesn’t make him/her a “nuff”. (Ok, maybe the last statement does qualify.)

    Dana dear, just read it out loud. You’ll get the hang of it. The spellings just add to the QTE-ness (aka cuteness).

    Darn cute pictures weren’t they?

  85. Gads! What’s next, meerkats? Bless her sweet momma doggie heart!

  86. Geez. I can’t believe you all think this is so cute! Can’t you see whats gonna happen?!?!? The squirrells are gonna become dependant upon the mama wawa to the point where they’ll starve with out interspecies interaction!!! We’re talking dependancy upon HUMANS peoples!!! The most torturous creatures on earth!!!

  87. BugMom — I know 1 or 2 CO Peeps who would call that Poetic Justice.

  88. Ducky! I know you posted waaaaay up there the lol question who’s yer Daddy- sorries it took me so long, but I gots the answer! Your not going to like it tho:

  89. Ooops! I forgot….skwerls are evil! Grrr!!! Get ’em!!!

  90. They have gone over to the dark side…They work them over when they are young, see, That is why we only have one hope:
    Ok, there is another…

  91. SPB- thanks for not being so rude as others have been regarding my post. I simply didn’t understand the language & found it weird. Perhaps it would have been nice for someone to take a moment to explain the cutespeak language rather than talk crap about me.

  92. Dana, I personally wouldn’t yet brand you a nuff, but you were not being merely inquisitive, as you seem to now claim. Read your comment again: “does everyone think this “language” is adorable, funny or sweet? Guess what- its NOT !!” You didn’t ask for an explanation, you made a judgment about those who frequent this blog (which, by the way, is a personal blog, not a democracy). I don’t with to belabor this, but you fired the first shot. If you don’t like the way we spell, I invite you to go find another site that meets your standards.

  93. I agree. I didn’t ask for an explanation & I should have, and should not have made such judgements. My apologies. I do love the pictures on this website & have been a daily visitor for quite some time. I wasn’t intentionally trying to attack anyone. Again, my apologies to all who took offense.

  94. Good on you, Dana. Great to read some grownup dialogue, Dana and Notanuff. One thing I’ll say for this site – if you criticize the regulars, look out, but if you choose not to employ the lingua franca around here, no one will give you any crap about it. Well, more than ONE thing for this site – I mean, look, BABY SQUIRRELS!

  95. re: “Perhaps it would have been nice for someone to take a moment to explain the cutespeak language rather than talk crap about me.”

    I refer you to:

    Seriously, have a read. The Glossary is fun.

    (and Cerise has a very good point… politeness begets politeness, and rudeness gets slapped)

  96. Gees Theo- I apologized already……….I didn’t know there was a glossary to begin with. Again, SORRY.

    [OK – Ed.]

  97. Aw, Dana, I lurf you! ;P