You can almost hear this bird purring

People, I lurrrrrrrve these photos. You can almost hear this bird purr.

And the eye-capsule closage is captured beautifully.


[Eye capsule closes] "plink!"


You can almost see the tiny claws kneading her shoulders. Ehn-ehn-ehn!

Excellent work, Nick and Ana M., and lovebird Pigwidgeon.



  1. awwwww!!!!

  2. lol the hovertext!

  3. pretty pretty babee boid!!!

  4. Awwww!

    I would totally get a bird if I had the patience to spend the time training it to be so affectionate. (At least I’m assuming it’s a matter of training.)

  5. Man! I wish my bird was this snuggly!!

  6. Yet another Axe body spray addiction…….they’re gonna have to come up with a rehab for that stuff……

    Birdie looks like a sweet little mango……<3

  7. Honk shu!

  8. i love the bird’s name. Hooray for Harry Potter fans!! 🙂

  9. We need a third pic. with the eyes closed and little pink zzz’s above his/her head.

  10. BugMom. Snicker…

  11. ehn! Our parakeet was never this snuggly. Noooo, he was flighty and if we had to catch him he’d about have a heart attack!!

    Want lovey snuggly bird! WANT!!

  12. Juniper Jupiter says:

    How colorfully coot! Is it me or is that an eye capsool eye spy?

  13. Silent Meow says:

    I have never seen a bird snuggle quite like that before. Makes me wanna go get me a lovey dovery birdy.

  14. Beautiful birdy obviously wuvs her mommy!

  15. Shyest bird ever but cute as always!

  16. these pix make me sigh 🙂

  17. awwwwwwwwwww!!!!! i want to snuggle with the birdie tew!

  18. Totally cute. I think I need to get me a bird that purrs…since I already have a cat that chirps.

  19. Every time I come here, it’s like the most intelligent thing I can come up with is “awwwwww wookit thet!”

    I don’t even LIKE birds that much, and I got that reaction here.

    You people are clearly professionals at this.

  20. Wow. Super super cute. I am now a melted puddle over the cuteness! *squees over it*

  21. SQUEEEEEEE!!! OMG. What a beautiful, snuggly little boidy. You’re right, Bugmom, he looks like a little mango!


  22. awwwwwwwwwwww

    lil fella certainly, justifiably earned his title ‘love bird’ ^^

  23. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    i really do think its owner should have the decency to have a mirror and bell in that piercing, and possibly a piece of cuttle fish behind there ear.:)

  24. I bet he’d be even happier if her hair were down, so he could be under it and preen some of it (maybe nibble ner ear a little) before having a nap. That’s what mine do…

  25. Can that be considered a snorgle?

  26. Birds can totally be that snuggly! It’s just a lot easier to teach them people are ok (and not to bite) if you get them when they are little babies and they are more willing to let you handle them.

    My bird would snuggle with me under the covers and take a nap!

  27. And that is exactly how my sister got lice.

  28. I once met a birdy exactly like that one.

    It was at a street fair– there were bloodcurdling screeches emitting from an otherwise very quiet-looking man. He produces from his breast pocket a tiny yellow and orange birdie, just like that one.

    The birdie looked very embarassed– perhaps it was just the permanent blush! The birdie’s custodian said “Say hello!” and the birdie tucked his head, and said a very grumpy little “Hello!” Adorable!!!

  29. PS, this gal is very smart to not have her earrings in. They will yank them out for you.

  30. m – Nice! Way to bring down an entire board. Good job. We appreciate it. Really, we do.

    [oh I dunno… I thought it was kinda funny – Ed.]

  31. LOL @ the idea of a purring bird, but it makes total sense! I’ve just gotten a new puppy and when I cuddle her, I always expect to hear her purr. (I’ve only had cats for a long, long time, so it’s taken some adjustment!!!)

  32. Why can’t this babeh purr? I had a poodle that purred. Not very well, but he did.

  33. Yitzysmommie says:

    That is a wunnerful interspesche snorgle!
    Very cute Boid.

  34. Ohhh, I normally don’t even find birds that cute (unless it’s a baby duck, chick, gosling, etc.), but that is the sweetest bird ever, purr or no purr.

  35. hmmmm… not the biggest fan of birds… (especially parrots – eugh *shudder*) But even I think this little guy is cute…

  36. m: got a LOL out of me 🙂
    Reminds me of the phrase “Lay down with dogs, wake up with fleas”. Yeah, we know better, but It’s always worth it!!!!

  37. how cute is that its call dinner is it

  38. Less like a mango more like a Neckatrine.

  39. I meant necktarine!

  40. This is so sweet.
    I love this pic.

  41. LOL@Mouseovers

  42. “Lay down with dogs, get up with lutino peach-faced lovebirds?”

  43. Many birds are cuddly! Like cats, they have a mind of their own. Baby birds are especially affectionate! Like any love, it’s part gentle patience and part chemistry!

  44. OMG! Teh horrorz….this poor birdeh is being smothered by this woman’s neck! Quick! Save the Birdeh!

  45. panda_bandita says:

    About birds purring? When I was growing up we had a green parrot named Arthur. If I scratched him on his head, he would TOTALLY purr. For reals.

  46. My best friend’s lovebird does this, and I took pics last time I was there:

  47. Awww… Bird snorgles are so great! I used to parrot-sit for a friend of the family, and I got along really well with Julio/-a (still don’t know if it’s male or female). He would do the neck nuzzle every so often and it was sooo tickly. Then he would do a little mating ritual, which wasn’t so cute.

    Maybe he was male… (though he did the mating ritual with my boyfriend too…hmmm…)

  48. Anyone protesting about a birdie nesting on a neck is nothing but a nape-sayer.

  49. My late budgie would snuggle in my neck every night and give me gentle little nips until I sang him a lullabye. Then he would sort of chatter to himself, very softly, until he fell asleep, just nonsense words all strung together with little trills that sounded very much like purring.

  50. Birdie fans, did you see the sad news that Alex the famous African grey parrot died? He was the parrot with the super-vocabulary and mad semantic skillz. A big PBS star.

  51. Oh Pig- My famous little grand birdie!

  52. m-
    you totally make me laugh out loud. i think i even snorted a lil.
    and right here at work when i’m NOT supposed to be doin this!
    “that’s exactly how my sister got lice”
    good grief i’m STILL crackin up. what a hoot.

    oh-And the lil birdie is adorable.

  53. My Dolce did that. He would snuggle up under my braid and try to preen my hair. He’d butt his head into the back of my ear if he wanted scritches.

    *Sigh* I miss him.