The Heat is ON [Glenn Frey voice]

After a few hours goat-herding, there’s nothing like sitting in the mini-trough to beat the heat.

Stay cool, my Bruthuhs.


Ericka M.—tubbular!



  1. Awww, puppy pool! That looks lovely, room for a little one? :o)

  2. ThreeCatNight says:

    Ahhhh, dat feels SO good! I’m just gonna chill out here!

  3. Pup’s face makes him look like 90 MPH sitting still.

  4. fish eye no miko says:

    Meg, I think you mean Glenn Fry… ^_^

    Look at that face! Even in his widdle bath, he’s keeping his eye on the goats, making sure they behave. “Hey, Billy! Leave Shirley alone!”

  5. giggle just as long as it doesn’t become a mini-spa I’ll join ya puppeh!
    runs to get swimsuit.

  6. Yeah, I think that’s Glenn Frye. Whoops!

  7. Pup Soup!

  8. o hai
    dis is my buckit

  9. luvinmalssomuch says:

    He looks so comfortable. Very cute.

  10. Soooo serious! Still on the job, even on break. “Don’t you make me get out of this bucket and come over there!”

  11. Gonna do a quick touch-up to the title & hovertext, thanks peeps…

  12. What a cheezy puppy grin!

  13. berthaslave says:

    That pup may be pretty cool, but look at those eyes…he’s still workin’! Don’t mess with his goats cause he’ll hop out of that tub and open up a can o’ yips on ya. And just for the record, the correct spelling is “Frey” (which the headline now reads).

  14. “Pup’s face makes him look like 90 MPH sitting still.”

    LOL! Wonderful description.

  15. Pup o’ soup…

    first CO is encouraging people to cooking their cats and now Pup o’ soup.

    outraged I tell ya!

    da noive of yous peepels

  16. Hey I just noticed his Cleopatra eyeliner.

  17. Puppin-Fluff!

  18. Mary (the first) says:

    No one has noticed the prosh pink collar on this guy?? Stylin’ !!

  19. luvinmalssomuch says:

    That’s a girl doggy. You go Girl!

  20. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Cute! What kind a pup is she? She loox like a cross between a Husky and a Shepherd of some sort…absolutely fabulous, darling!

  21. China's Mom says:

    Why didn’t I think of that when we were having that heat-wave!

  22. so Zen.

  23. pupaide Directions: add pupaide, and 3 cups of sugar to tub of water stir and pour into your favorite cup with ice.
    MMMM Refreshinks!

  24. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:


  25. Pup to Sheep:

    “I’m in your water dish, fuzzin up your drinky drink.”

  26. I don’t know Annie, I think this pupaid comes pre-sweetened. That pupper looks purty darn sweet to me.

  27. he looks like he accidentally swallowed the bar of soap 😦

  28. “Cute! What kind a pup is she? “
    She’s a Pyrenean Mountain Dog. The breed is known in the US as a Great Pyrenees.

    That cute pup will grow to be 26″ at the withers at a minimum, and if she stands on her hind legs will overtop an adult human.

  29. Does the Lolrus know this puppy is in his bukkit?

  30. “”Cute! What kind a pup is she? “
    She’s a Pyrenean Mountain Dog. The breed is known in the US as a Great Pyrenees.

    That cute pup will grow to be 26″ at the withers at a minimum, and if she stands on her hind legs will overtop an adult human.

    Posted by: rosamundi | Sep 10, 2007 at 01:01 PM “

    OMG! Like Clifford! Tiny cute pup, HUGEness after!

  31. PS Does the pink collar mean this is a girly-dog?

  32. if it is a boy dog, 28″ at the withers, minimum. Most dogs of the breed, male or female, will be bigger than this. I grew up with two – they make very handy climbing frames when you’re learning to walk. Enormous floofy tails…

  33. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    “I’m a dog, I’m a working dog, I’m a hard-working dog…hard-working dog!”

  34. Rachel you did NOT just channel Sesame Street into my brain! thankyewveddymuch!

  35. I lived with a Great Pyr…she was wonderful and cuddly and lovable and so dumb she’d walk into a wall and just stand there with her head against the wall trying to figure out what happened.

    We had a rat terrier too and the Pyr would lie down so the Rat could run all over and play with her.

    Great doggy.

  36. Dog Dignity 101: look all squinty and Clint Eastwood-y whilst cooling your ‘tocks in a galvanized pan. She gets an A+.

  37. For some reason she reminds me of a baseball player. Soaking in the tub in the clubhouse.

  38. “I PEED IN YO POOOOL!!!”

  39. ok that’s the look my cats have on their face when they are using thier litter box.

  40. OMG. What a great pup. I love the look on her face. Great Pyr’s are great dogs. I want this pup. Can I pleeeeease!!! Matched set!!! Well almost, mine is 1 year old and all white. So she is a whole lot bigger, but still close enough to be a match!!!

  41. Yup…Totally has the “Litter Box Face” on.

  42. What a spectacularly poofular pup!!!

    I lurffs heem!

  43. to settle the question–the pup is a boy. he has 2 older “sisters”–bonnie and clydie. i think the flea collars came in a pack of 3. 😉 his name is sammy, but he has been re-named “Aquadog”–he looks like a lion when he gets out of the tub! 🙂

  44. Oh sure! I see how it is….no one complains that this puppeh is being abused by being in a bucket huh?

  45. Oh and Ericka, he is absolutely posilutely adorable!

  46. Aww, he’s so fluffy! Yet so serious!

    Oh, and Rachel of C? Excellent reminder of childhood. My other fave song from Sesame Street was “Me and My Llama.”

  47. I think he would have more fun in the Sliding Doberman’s backyard pool. That’s why he is squinting: he is watching the Doberman on YouTube.

  48. Silent Meow says:

    I wish I could have this puppeh with me in the local swimming pool. He’s like me, taking swimming very seriously.

  49. Silent Meow says:

    It’s probably so hot, the puppeh would be abused if he were NOT in a bucket…full of water, that is! All hot puppehs belong in water buckets!

  50. Ericka, he is totally adorable and I lub him. I just gotta ask, why a flea collar? They’re pretty much useless and sometimes harmful. Get them some Frontline or Advantage if fleas are a problem.

    If fleas aren’t a problem where you are, use nothing and count your blessings!

  51. too bad you didn’t get any goats to come join in your fun

  52. She’s a he! I knew it.

  53. Juniper Jupiter says:

    To Rosamundi: A Pyrenean Mountain Dog? Too Cute!

  54. Oh god! A pyr! my most favoritest doggies ever!!!!!!


    *faints ded of Qte*

  55. awww. he looks like my dog Melody, a Pyr i adopted from a rescue organization a few years ago. she is so incredible. she would run from this bucket though because the only thing that scares my dog is thunderstorms. she pretends she is very very little and has to cuddle and hide with you. that and shes doesnt like getting her delicate floofy toes wet…

  56. I was so blown away by this prosh puppeh and teh comments I forgot to notice the caption about goat herding. Thank you.
    Now I’m gonna dream in yodells.

  57. I love this SO MUCH…

  58. Gotta be careful with flea collars. My cat nearly kicked the bucket wearing one of those.

  59. ahhh i’m so jealous of this little fellow..

    he deserves it though.

  60. Starling — I can’t figure out if that was a nyuk or not…

  61. Juniper Jupiter; ” A Pyrenean Mountain Dog? Too Cute!”

    I grew up with two of them. The female looked a lot like this one, the male was pure white. Very handy climbing frames when you’re just learning to stand and walk, all that floof is very comfy to hang on to by little hands, and the dogs were so patient with us.

  62. adorable.
    i wanna hug him.

  63. Do we have any anime fans here? Isn’t this guy/gal the same breed as Tadakichi-san? (Chiyo-chan’s dog from Azumanga Daioh. At least, I think that was his name..)

  64. Very sad :(, no new posts today…. Baroooooo

  65. Post! Moar! Cute!

  66. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Hey Rosamundi, that’s cool!

    My little sister and I grew up with an Australian Shepherd, our older sisters grew up with a German Shepherd, and my hubby grew up with a Husky. You roll them up together and add my sister in law’s cat’s Maine-coonish fur and you’ll probably end up with a Pyrenean Mountain pup! 😛

  67. Is anyone else actually reminded of Glen Frey’s visage when they see this little ball of fluff?

    I know I am. He kinda looks similar, doesn’t he?

  68. There once was a dog from Nantucket
    Who liked to cool off in a bucket
    His owner said, ¨You!
    There´s herding to do,¨
    But the dog just told him to go….


  69. DALE:


    *stops, reads it again*



  70. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Hey Dale:
    Chuck it?
    Duck it?
    Tuck it?

    There’s so many to choose from! 😛

  71. My puppypie, TiAmo, came from the shelter. She is half Shepherd, half Great Pyr. Sweetest, smartest dog ever!Her passion and purpose in life is hearding cats.

  72. Is this a Bristish website? I don’t understand alot of the comments that use wierd words and appears to look British. Prosh ??? Very strange syntax for the entire website, but beautiful puppy

    [Why would you think the Queen’s English would be “wierd”er than American? – Ed.]

  73. It’s funny how pup’s upper body is completely dry above the waterline — he’s keeping cool while still looking sharp.

  74. Some peoples just don’t get the hint! There’s the normal speakin’ door! Hit it!

  75. I prefer my doors not to speak at all, so hit it I shall, with whatever piece of bulky furniture happens to be most readily at hand. (Douglas Adams also had one or two opinions on the subject, in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)


  76. Kaye, my big, bad anime-loving boyfriend says that Chiyo-chan’s dog is indeed a Great Pyrenees.