Ruh Roh.

Looks like we had a little ferret AAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCIDENNNNNT! [Singsong]


James W., at least this falls into Rule of Cuteness #32. Otherwise, he’d be in big trubbles.



  1. “I’s tried to make it too the terlet Mommy…I’s sorry”

  2. “i gotz framed by the hammie”

  3. mrs fonebone says:

    But he looks genuinely sorry and didn’t run away, poor bebe.

  4. he’s totally innocent!

    (the cute pink nose and ear nubs defense works EVERY time) ^^

  5. Ferrets have patented the “I have NO IDEA how that could have happened” face. They are so convincing I almost buy it. Sometimes.

  6. Nah, like most ferrets, he’s going to blame it on the catz.

  7. I know it’s completely your site to do whatever you like with but could we *please* not have any more urine-soaked images? It’s just gross.

  8. this pic should be in gee-ross

    but i still think it’s cute

  9. I think the human missed the mark and the ferret is just sooo disappointed.

  10. Ew, pee isn’t cute. CO used to be my religion but lately I just don’t know what’s going on around here.

  11. MaggieBelle says:

    Come on people. It’s just pee. Obviously your animals are supremely well behaved and never have accidents. You also must not have kids.

    It’s just pee.

  12. didn’t even see the pee…mesmerized by the pinky nosicle.

  13. lucy, are you 10 years old? i have to wonder seeing as how a normal occurence as urine in the context as innocent as a pet can shake the strongholds of your religion– but then again, when you express a BLOG as your RELIGION, you’re more around the age of a twitterpated middle schooler. my mistake.

    clearly you’ve never had pets, and laughed your ass off when they have a ‘gross’ accident, and give you the “uh-oh” look. definetley forgivable.

    -to photo-

    little beady ferret eyes! *gush*

  14. That’s ok baby but you’ll have to snorgle me extra-much to make up for it. Oh, and I have to (HAVE TO) have unlimited access to that sweet pink nosicle.

    side note: can anyone direct me to a loving, snorgling, real live breathing animal/child that has no bowel or bladder? I can’t deal with the grossness….much less the thought that I might even lose my mind for an instant and capture an absolutely prosh pic of a sweet apologetic face. I mean, who cares if love and cuteness are unconditional….we’re talking convenience here peeps!!! *eyes rolling so much I look possessed*

  15. This is hilarious! Poor fewwet looks so guilty.

    *wishes there were a way to get rid of the nuffs*

  16. That is by-far the CUTEST ferret face I’ve ever seen. And I’m pretty sure someday somebody’s going to be cleaning up one of my a$$idents, so… 😉

  17. Maureen >>> *wishes there were a way to get rid of the nuffs*

    try peeing on them … 🙂

  18. Silent Meow says:

    This is the first time I have ever seen ferret pee. I’ve never owned a ferret, and so I’ve never had the privilege. Lucky me, there’s always a first. Funny thing is, it looks a lot like other pees I’ve seen before. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence.

  19. My first thought on seeing this is :

    “He just needed to drain the weasel.” (A comment a friend once used to excuse himself to go to the loo… and immediately had me collapsed in laughter. And thereafter referred to MY ferret’s trips to the litter box as “going to drain the weasel”. )

  20. Well, that’s the first time the phrase “drain the weasal” cracked me up.


  21. Silent Meow… (Snerk)

  22. Curious. Having never had the privilege of being owned by a ferret, can they be litter box trained?

  23. Silent Meow says:

    Honestly. I would have had no idea that it was ferret pee if it weren’t for the ferret being pictured right next to it. That’s how little I know about ferrets. I can’t even tell the difference between their pee and anything else’s. CO education has been quite an enlightening experience. Today it’s Ferret Pee 101.

  24. Juniper Jupiter says:

    “Hey, I’d like to point out, in my defense, that the pee-puddle is on the linoleum and not on the carpet, so therefore I’m still a good ferret, and not a naughty kitty like Fluffy over there…”

  25. hmmm – pee pics…. On to cuteness!

    The ferret I uh, ferret sit (?)from time to time does this EVERYTIME I let him out. Runs straight to a corner and does his business and looks at me like, “What? That’s where I’m SUPPOSED to go!”

  26. I would like to point out that the ferret is consideratly guarding the pee so no one steps in it.
    (makes no difference he was the pee perpetrator)

  27. If I look at the pee diagonally, I see a sad anthropomorphic dinosaur.

  28. Sven Svensson says:

    Wadduya lookin at me for? iz not mine! Talk to teh dog, he not houusebrokin!

  29. Ack, now I do too, Tugs!

  30. Awwww, cute wittle ferret made a boo-boo! Look at its face, like “oops, i done naughty.” How can anyone be mad at this cuteness?

  31. acelightning says:

    If this moment of ferret incontinence bothers (generic) you, then you must be absolutely *horrified* by Lake Tinkle…

  32. Awwwww, lub that innocent leetle face!

    Amy and Lucy – Should I presume you keep yourselves blindfolded so you needn’t watch all the images of bloodshed and violence they show nowadays on TV and movies, since any sane person knows those are way more gross than pee?

  33. As cute as ferrets are, they pee and poop everywhere. Adorable pets but they go crazy if you just let them out in your house!

  34. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Acelightning: Ah Lake Tinkle I needs must venture there this weekend. Indeed one of my oldest fiends (he’s 56 I beleive) has ventured hence (it takes several changes of horse) and is to be married to a comely wench from those parts at the Wee Kirk ‘O’ the heather….. 🙂

  35. Good point, Marmar, *very* good point. One day, unfortunately most of us will return to the state where someone will have to clean up after us again. And I do hope they’ll look upon us and it kindly.
    And just in passing: It’s a cute picture. And a lovely ferret.

  36. Such a cutie. You can tell he’s genuinely sorry for his accident. There’s not much there – easy cleanup!

    You just want to scoop him up and say “it’s alright….you cutie” and snorgle away.

  37. luvinmalssomuch says:


  38. At least he did it on the tile and not the rug, bless his little heart. 🙂

  39. Most things that pets do are cute. Some are not…

  40. OK so pee is not cute but, OMG that ferret is adorables!!!! The pee was worth it to see that face ;D

  41. OK, I think this is pretty disgusting really. Not cute for me at all (and yes, I have had pets for many years)

  42. I think that’s the shadow of another ferret nosicle at the top of the shot… so methinks this is not an uncommon occurrence. And if you look at the tile wall, it looks like it’s the bathroom anyway, so no big deal (I guess).
    Stuff happens. It IS a cute lil ferret.

  43. pjk, yes, ferrets can be litter trained. Mostly. Some ferrets are very good about always using the litter box, while others think they should be going beside the litter box, or choose their own favourite spots.

    But they are still cute little critters despite this attitude. Love this little one’s pink nose. *beep*

  44. No no no, this is NOT cute! Yuck! Yuck!

  45. Awwww poor little ferret looks like he’s gonna cry, he’s feels so bad.

    Honorable Gladys? Pardon me for asking but did you mean to refer to your acquaintance as a “fiend” or was that a Freudian slip? 😉

  46. weasle faces make me go OMG!!!!….i happen to own three fuzzbutts and well the poop and pee are just part of the package…. mine has a tendency to stand next to the box and ‘drain the weasle’ so to speak…. but anywhooo i love the look of consern on his weee face!!!

  47. #1. It’s been said already, but I’ll say it again: at least it’s on the linoleum, not the rug.

    #2. Pee happens. Personally I’d rather see a picture of pee than actual pee on my floor demanding to be cleaned up.

    #3. Ferret is adorable and looks geniunely sorry. (I know, trickery, trickery, but still…)

    #4. The “drain the weasel” comment had me laughing out loud! Usually, no matter how funny, I’m able not to laugh loudly at work. Not today!!

  48. Ahh the versy. Must be Monday:
    Feel the love everybunny. It’s only pee.

  49. Ferret to CO’ers Look .. it is only a wee bit of pee. Not like I drained Niagra. And being the pee perpetrator I am guarding it so you don’t step in it. My job is to pee your job is to follow me around with paper towels and vinegar. And look I peed on the linoleum you should be greatful.

  50. China's Mom says:

    He looks soooooooooooooo sorry! He must be soundly snorkled for at least 30 minutes! How could anyone get miffed at such a cutie! A couple of papertowels and a spritz of 409 and no more accident.

    As far as the ones who are saying EWWWW gross, pee is not cute. Ok, pee in and of itself is not cute but the ferret is!!!!

    Try focusing on the positive aspect of the pic like that adorable ferret face not the negative which would be the little puddle of pee! BTW, I have cleaned up MUCH bigger puddles from dogie accidents!

  51. Maaaaa! Jr. spilled his lemonayyyyyeeedd!

  52. This is why pet owners get tile. In fact, due to cleaning up after my late Mother-in-law’s 17 year old dog, we’ve had the spare bedroom tiled just for him. The love (and adorable noisicles!) are worth the mess our furry friend make.

  53. Pee pee is funny. Poo poo is not.

  54. luvinmalssomuch says:

    People this is amazing: WIld Polar Bear and sled dogs at Play.

  55. Everyone is saying about how sorry our lil’ buddy looks, to me honestly, he’s got the proudest look on his face!! He’s all like, “looky, I didn’t do it on your rug, I’m a good boy, yes I am!” lol

    Now, re: some of the comments, com’on it’s just pee, people, lighten up. Pee isn’t gross. It may not be cute, but it’s not like, “omg I won’t come to the site anymore because I saw pee on a picture” And it’s not like it’s a picture of pee, it just happens to be part of the picture…

  56. JT actually it is the combination of the Pee with Ferret siting close by looking up with IN NO CENT eyes that makes the picture. (what you mean there is pee on the floor. where?? oh There … Who me you think I peed there… Nope, No Not me I was in Cleveland when that happened)

  57. got a real Ice Age 2 moment here:

    Eddie: “I told you not to drink before bed time”
    Crash: “I didn’t do this .. at least not all of it”

  58. At least it is just a small amount. This is why I have several spray bottles of vinegar and rolls of paper towels in just about every room in my house. Takes about ten seconds to clean up. I would rather clean up after animals than people any day…

  59. It really surprises me that I seem to be in the minority. I just don’t understand what’s cute about a puddle of smelly animal wee. This is the first time Cute Overload has disappointed me – I hope this isn’t setting a precedent for more toilet photos.

  60. It is not really the puddle of pee as much as it is the expression on his face.

  61. No worries, Beth; we’re not about to change the format to “Pee Overflowed”. 😉

  62. And don’t forget “Rule #32: If you’re caught doing something bad, it’s cute”

  63. I just love the way he’s looking up at the camera with an expression of “i is teh inocents”! Bleeen! bleen! BLEEEEEEN!!!!

  64. You keep using that whord…

  65. Would you believe this is pool water from teh swimming kittehs?

  66. Ewwwwww.


  67. Oh, folks, can’t we just all get along? This post is both super-cute AND a little gross, and that’s what makes it so great! Love it!

  68. Anyone caring for an 88 year old elderly parent (guess who) will think that the pee of a pet (any pet)is cute. I would rather admonish this cute little ferret and then snorgle it than have the same conversation with my mother.

    Reaction to this picture depends on seems to depend on one’s other life circumstances.

    Just wait, all of our (your) parents get old before we do.

  69. Silent Meow says:

    Why are some people getting so miffed over a little bit of ferret pee?

  70. China's Mom says:

    Faye, you are so right, it is all about life experience and perspective. My Mother developed extreme Ulcerative Colitis. They had to give her an Illiostomy(sorry about the spelling!)basically removed her colon and everything below it. But before they did that it was not pee I had to clean up and very often! So a little pee is a walk in the park to me!

  71. Honestly, if you’re disturbed by a teeny puddle of pee, I think you should avoid fooling yourself by looking at cute pictures of animals in general. It’s important to maintain a sense of reality when talking about pets so you don’t make a commitment to a living thing with needs that makes you go “OMG!!! EWWW!!!”

  72. Thank’s China’s Mom. Yup, been there, done that too.

    Reminds me of the childrens’ book “Everybody Poops”.

    So, pet pee is indeed a walk in the park.

    Beside’s my Mom’s nose is not as cute as that ferret nose.

  73. Would you believe that this puddle was here before I got here?
    I mean, OMG! Who peed on the floor?!!! Don’t worry Mom I’ll find the culprit if its the last thing I do!

  74. Turn yer headz sidewise folks, see the wee little heart shaped face?
    This fuzzy fellow is IN NO CENT! No one, and I mean NO ONE can have a heart shaped head/face and be the perp of such a horrendus crime.
    I vote Not Guilty.

  75. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    probably the pee is just ‘shopped anyway – why freak?

    Ferrets are stanky little critters who often pee AND poop. But, you know they’re so danged cute – who the hell cares!

  76. Looks to me like an acci-DON’t.

  77. …or an acci-DI’IN’T!

  78. I did not make PEE on the floor. (Said in Bill Clinton Voice as Ferret hides his cigar)

  79. It depends on what your definition of “pee” is.

  80. What I find really sad is the chastising and making fun of people who don’t find this cute. The ferret is “meh” for me and I don’t come to Cute Overload to see pictures of animal waste. That doesn’t make me uptight, that makes my priorities different. With all the harshing, you think’d people are ENJOYING the pee.

    I don’t want to see pee, ok? Just cute animals.

  81. MonkeyAnn – then look at the other pictures.

  82. Everyone is entitled to their opinions… cute, not cute, pee is nice, pee is gross. Whatever.

    Unless someone’s comment is horribly offensive (political/racial..), let people have their say without jumping down their “throats” (keyboards?).

    It would be a boring world if we all agreed on everything!

    Cute is in the mind of the beholder.

    In my mind – the ferret is cute, the pee (mountain dew spill?) is gross… but together they make a really funny and cute picture!!!

  83. Can’t hide it, Annie! We know about the stained fur at the dry cleaners!

  84. To pee, or not to pee, that is the question!

  85. Wow – who woulda’ thought a ‘versey over that cute picture.

    actually I’m appalled that the owner made the ferret sit by it. It’s like sending a kid out with a sign bed wetter. Shocking just shocking.

  86. call the Humane Society call ASPCA and call Bob Barker and Betty White.

    *walks off shaking head*

  87. ew

  88. “Hewwo Momee, somfing happen and I don know what iz wong, helf me!”

    Ow, what a cute pie by making sure Mommy sees the accident. what an enerable face.

  89. Urine filters out toxins, keeps our electrolytes in balance and can be an indicator of disease. It is also produced by one of the cutest organs. If you have never seen a cross section of a kidney – you should check it out.
    Let’s hear it for pee!

  90. Everyone is welcome to an opinion but this is Meg’s blog. If you don’t like the content, browse elsewhere, but telling Meg to take down pictures/not show this sort of picture in the future is really pretty disrespectful considering this is a private blog you’re enjoying for free.

    And I stand by my assertion that pee is natural and part of owning a pet. If you can’t deal, maybe animals aren’t for you.

  91. Yeah! So there!!!! 😉

  92. Ferret holds up victory sybols with both paws “I am not a PEE’er”

  93. Annie: “Oh, wait. I am.”

  94. Suda Nim HEhehe

  95. I can’t think of which production company it is or after which show it comes, but this reminds me of the proud, childish voice that goes “I made this!”

  96. I always liked “GRR! AARGH!” myself.

  97. “I just wanted to point this out to you so you dint step in it. Looks like the cat had an ass-i-dent, again”

  98. Ferret Look deep into my eyes. you do not see the pee you only see me.. now you will wipe up the pee and give ma a yummy yougurt treat. thats right now when I make the ferret chatter you will wake up and remember none of this and give me another yummy yougurt treat.
    Wha Hunh???
    OH you sweet little ferret Let me go get you a yougurt treat.

  99. Oh, that is not even slightly an “I’m sorry” look. That look is “Oh, you found it. Was I not supposed to do that? What are you going to do?”. Ferrets have no sense of shame, just a sense of things that will make their humans cranky.

    I love the way they have to crick their tiny necks to do it though, that’s the cutest part of this picture. It’s hard to look aaaaalll the way up when you only get a few inches off the floor.