Hover kitteh

Not since HoverHam or Monorail Cat have we been sufficiently bowled over by a levitating ani-pal. Please check out the "inner workings of catness" on display here:


Cybele P. found this here pic here at下はこうなっているんです ![Cannot pronounce!]



  1. Wow

  2. Like a weird version of the Xerox kitty!

  3. Ahn, paw tuckage…

  4. The superb flatness of it all!

  5. Somehow this kitty is reminding me of freshly laundered and folded towels.

    They’re always nice and soft and warm and smell nice.

    *sniffs monitor*

  6. Cool fluffage!

  7. ThisIsNotSubtle says:

    The inner workings of the cat loaf — revealed!

  8. i just LOLed as I have never LOLed before. however, i’m slightly disappointed in myself for having lived in the same house with a cat and a glass table for two years and never having thought of this!

  9. The Japanese title is read shitawa kounatte irundesu. It loosely means, underneath, it looks like this. Yeah, this is a very loose translation.

  10. So THAT’S what it looks like under there!!

  11. Ths reminds me of one of those toilet paper cozies.

  12. Anner!

    Get on it!

    (The cat photography, not the coffee table)



  13. mrs fonebone says:

    Teh link did not work, picture unavailable there now.

  14. Somehow, now that I see the smooshing goin’ on underneath, it doesn’t look so comfertabuls anymore.

  15. I always wondered how they sat so neat. Worthy of an ikea design award (the cat, not the table)

  16. Yitzysmommie says:

    What a great picture!

  17. About the japanese text: what anonymous said. It just means “this is what it looks like underneath”– it’s just the title of that page. the actual title of the site is ねこ様, or, basically, mr. cat.

  18. *giggle* @ smushed harbls! It/they almost looks like a face… like the cat sat on a rabbit.

  19. I had a white cat for almost 18 years, and she was pretty ..er..fluffy; just about like this one.

    She spent a great deal of time in the meatloaf position.

    She looked comfortable, but now that I see where her feet had to go, it doesn’t look all that comfortable.

    It’s cool to see where things fit, though.

  20. did any drink coasters make it out alive? o_0

  21. That is the coolest thing I’ve seen in ages!!!

    Like pjk said “the superb flatness”! 😀

  22. I wonder if the underside of the sphinx looks like this?

    That’s an impressive smile btw.

  23. The cloud formations are so distinctive this time of year, don’t you think?

  24. Kar, best comment evar! Can never look at Sphinx again without LOL. Thank you!

  25. The Japanese are experts at under-cat studies:


  26. cute cute cute that is the most comfurtable kitty eveh, can i snorgle that pitty now ????? please please I love the tock locations thats wonderful.

  27. That’s kinda creepy in a fascinating kind of way. Reminds me of some weird medical stuff I saw once…

  28. Fabulous!

    Cats had us thinking that they retracted or absorbed the feets.

    The truth (and the floof) is revealed.

  29. “Folks, please return your tray tables to their upright position as we will be engaging the landing gear…..” Hee Hee! Can’t get the image out of my poor warped mind!!

  30. OMG punkpie i just saw the rabbit’s face. thanks. thanks a lot.

  31. omg…. That is catastic.

  32. girlnextdoorTN says:

    The, uhn, rabbit’s face… that would be kittyunmentionables. Smooshed.

  33. I was all excited to use my Japanese smarty-pants skills to tell you how to pronounce the linked text. And then I found out that *multiple* other Japanese-speaking smarty-pantses had beaten me to it. [pouts] You gotta get up early in the morning to show off around these parts!


    and whoever used catloaf up above, i thought i was the only one that referred to that position as “catloaf”

  35. Awwww! It’s a white fuzzy kitty-loaf!

  36. My kids discovered the entertainment value of looking at the underside of the cat on the glass table. For some reason, though, this really peeves the cat, and she will reach under the table to smack at us.

  37. It sure doesn’t look comfy but they sit like that all the time so it must be something to do with kitty ergonomics that we cannot fathom. I keep laughing the more I look at it.

    Bunny!!! (ick, I know.)

  38. I heart the “enrobed in fat” hind feet…

  39. it’s kitty origami!

  40. and all this time i thought my cat was putting his paws in his pockets. wow.

  41. OMG I lof eet. The curled pawsicles. (Regrets purge of glass table years ago.) So, those folks at “Mr. Cat” seem to have a category called, um, Cats In Crotches or something. I like racks better.

  42. I went to the Japanese website and they mentioned on their front page THEIR picture on cuteoverload! I thought it was cool! Too bad I do not recognize any words except for “cuteoverload.com”

  43. Whoa! I’ve never seen a kitty from that vantage! Amazingly flexible, hey? Not to mention cute! Guess there’s something to be said for having glass shelves!

  44. OMG!!! What an awesome photo! Cats are indeed the masters of Teh Smoosh.

  45. i have another one for ya! http://www.catshouse.com/con/con_index.htm

  46. I always wondered where their front paws went when they sat like that.

  47. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Of course you all realise that is a very old model, it’s much more sophisticated these days. I use one to do my irony.

  48. Around here, we refer to the advanced catloaf position as kitty-plegia–“look Maw, no paws”!

  49. omg this pic makes me want to go out and get a kitty and a glass table just so i can marvel in this wonderment.

  50. A snowy white meatloaf!

  51. I have a kitty and a glass table. Have always gotten a kick out of looking at them like this. I have always called it, “kitty over glass”.

  52. Oh now, that is just TOO fantastic!!! I loooove how the fluff billows around the feet. Priceless photo!

  53. Love it – this finally answers the question of where all those legs go when they’re sitting in that meat loaf position!

  54. brave potato says:

    that reminds me so much of my isabel, who died a year and a half ago. she was all white with pink ears and a master of the meatloaf position — i used to take little soft kronches at her when she sat like that. like i could help it???

    (oh, and when the haunches are in the “up” position like in this photo, we called that “roast chicken.” mmmmmmmm … roast chicken cat.)

  55. luvinmalssomuch says:

    That is so cool looking.

  56. Please…
    nobody post a picture like this of a boydog.

  57. Ok folks, this is a seriously dangerous photo to possess. If word gets out to teh kittehs that we know they’re really Transformers we’re all kibble.

    Really, the way the legs all folded up underneath reminds me of transformers when they’re in disguise as a car or a boat or a plane, or a kitteh loaf…
    (looks over shoulder nervously at own cats)

  58. Ok, someone has to explain how their feet does not go numb in that position. I love kitty loafs (my sisters and I call that the “slipper” position – as in animal slippers), but that looks like his paws should all be asleep.

  59. omg righteous!!!!!!!

  60. Katherine B says:

    This reminds me of a photo I saw yesterday on Junku’s photo set on Flickr:
    If you don’t know his photos, check them out, especially the airborne cats series. He is a superb catcher of “catness.”

  61. hahahahaaaa

  62. High-larious!!!!

  63. Alice Shortcake says:

    So THAT’S how they do it! I’ve often wondered exactly how the feets were arranged in the “Catloaf” position…

  64. flat-u-lence?

  65. ThreeCatNight says:

    Hovercat is complete with plushtush, and compressed little pawlets — how neat!

  66. THIS is why women want to break through the “Glass Ceiling”! We know yer hoggin the snorglables up there!

  67. My friends refer to cats in this position as ‘snats’ … apparently, snail/cat hybrids that crawl along walls, from a book I’m guessing I never read.

  68. TeratoMarty says:

    This picture would have been invaluable reference material years ago when I was working on a cat sculpture. I wanted to see what the feets looked like underneath when the cat was asleep. Lacking a glass table, I just waited until my cat was soundly asleep, then flipped her over really quickly in one smooth motion. I had about .005 seconds to absorb the positioning before she spraddled out and howled at me.

  69. TeratoMarty, how are you able to type this? or have all the wounds healed in the intervening years? LOL
    OMG! So brave for Art!

  70. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    kitty ufo! kitty ufo!! bahahahahahahahah!!!!

    seriously, i just laughed really loud at work. not cool, man! i’ma get in trouble!

    also, i’ma get me a glass coffee table.

  71. flat-u-lence?

    Posted by: Khadija | Sep 10, 2007 at 08:39 AM


    Khadija wins teh Internets!

    We can all go home now. 😀 😀 😀 😀

  72. SO BRILLIANTLY SIMPLE and FUNNY! I don’t know why I laughed as hard as I did, I just know I love this picture. It looks like a loaf of kitty bread or a little white turkey!

  73. hovercat… The latest in transprtation. No more waiting stalled in traffic jams trying to get home to your family and pets. You too can fly above it all on the Hovercat.

  74. Aw! Adooorable!! I luffs it! Teh fluffer!

  75. I laughed out loud.

  76. Brain scan? Or CAT scan? Nice smart tag, as it meant I couldn’t resist.

  77. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard at a picture. I went back and looked after Punkpie suggested the “smooshed bunny” and thoroughly startled my cats from their slumber with my laughter. Looks just like that cat sat on a bunny!

  78. *cue theme music*
    Transfurmers! Petz in disguise!

  79. I love hover kitteh. Everything neatly tucked in.

  80. So THATS what the ” loaf of bread” looks like from the bottom!

  81. Pugs N Kisses says:

    He reminds me of the cat bus in My Neighbor Totoro!

  82. Flatulence. Smooshed bunny. Medical stuff. Retractable feet. Underside of Sphinx.


    Can’t breathe. Laughing too much.

    I thought Cute Overload was supposed to make you feel better.

    My stomach hurts now.

  83. This is great! Our eyes get to go where no eyes have gone before. I always wondered what happened to front paws in the meatloaf pose…

    Paw tuckage (like Dan said above)! Is that its own category? It should be.

  84. 下はこうなっているんです!

    “Shita wa kounatte irun desu.”

    Which I believe roughly means, “The under [side of the cat (implied)] is like this!”

  85. So perfectly symmetrical! wow! coOl pic.

  86. <3 this photo!

  87. I know that’s an ASCII heart, but I less than three this photo too.

  88. I can’t stop looking at this picture – it fascinates me, but I’m not sure why…………

  89. Omigod! This is sooooo qute! When I was a kid I often wondered how the bottom of a sitting cat looked like! haha

  90. Best picture ever! I had to call my mom instantly; when she saw it, she laughed so hard she dropped the phone.

  91. i love it.
    i always wondered what
    this angle would look like.
    no wonder they spend so much time in this position.
    so warm and fluffy and yummy!

  92. Listen you can barely hear the hummmm of that hovercat. they are such a quiet ride.

  93. my cat is a blob says:

    He looks like his furry gutulence has created some sort of air-tight seal with the glass table.
    Most impressive.

  94. So THAT’S how those things work! Always wondered about kitteh landing gear.

  95. I must at once, put my rabbit on a glass table…I doubt he’d loaf on the glass table, but I always wondered what it looked like underneath when he tucks his front paws under him…

  96. This could very well be the funniest photo I’ve ever seen! (Thinks…) Yep, we have a winner alright!

  97. I think this is the best kitty pic ever. LOL.

  98. That’s obviously the “Flat-Bottomed Kitty”.

    A rare and elusive species ideally suited for traversing the winding waterways of the south-eastern United States.

  99. “Talk about floof skirts, my cat’s got ’em…”

  100. Every time I see this picture I hear that song..
    Round round get around
    I get a round

  101. Maijasservant says:

    I always wondered where their little feets went when they make a “bundle”.
    Thanks for the illuminating picture.

  102. My fellow-cat-owner (and best friend) Chrystal call this the “Kitty Brick”. 😀

  103. Well thats what that looks like.

  104. http://ffffound.com/image/a00b66d80f6839d999fc447168f59085b490af34

    this is a much cuter photo of “the inner workings of a cat”, methinks!


  105. Hey, this is the cutest way a cat can “seat”!