FOLLOW UP: Swimming kittehs

As a follow up to our very popular: "GLUURRRRGH!!!" post, eagle-eyed sender-inner Helene S. sent in this anerable, weird follow up vid!

"Kitteh paddle" back legs are the best.



  1. berthaslave says:

    Super kittehs!

    I also love the anchor giggling herself to death afterwards, and imitating the kitteh paddle. (By the way, when did local news anchors get so young?)

  2. bleeeeeen.
    those cats are too purty.
    but it seems like they’re swimming because they want to GET OUT of the waters.
    Hmmm. Cute, or torture?

  3. Of course cats can swim; they just DON’T WANT TO.

  4. Cats who live with a lady called “Mary Ellen Angel Scribe” have to be prepared for anything, I suppose, and this beats being dressed up in little outfits. He does really seem to enjoy it.

  5. My favorite part is teh anchors giggling at the end. and the guy going I was so amazed I had to set the camera down and watch it with my own eyes.
    And lets not forget the little kitty back feet paddling

  6. They can probably use forks, too.

    Again, they just don’t want to.

  7. There is nothing funnier than a wet cat. They just look so silly and undignified!

  8. My cats hate water and I don’t think I will be teaching this trick. I leave the swimming to my lab he I know loves it…

  9. There’s for you, Maggie. I found that site about a week ago. Some of these kitties look frightened, and most of the rest look like they have their lasers set to kill.

  10. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork(ButNowI'mHome) says:

    God I love the intertubes.

    Nice one, Christina. XD

  11. Love how the reporter was crying from laughing so hard. lol 🙂

  12. It seems to me that the reason for starting this – to ensure that the cats would be safe from drowning in the pool and be able to get themselves out – is an entirely sound and responsible one. Kitty paddle is definitely cute tho’

  13. Christina – I stand corrected. And I thought I was a crazy cat lady…I got nothin’ on that chick.

  14. I’m really surprised that swimming cats is newsworthy. But maybe that’s because I grew up with a cat, a pool, and a sister who didn’t like my cat.

  15. I am not surprised to see a vid of animals being forced to do something they don’t want to on this website anymore…
    You call a an over-crowded cage of guinea pigs cute (which in my mind is CRUEL!) and many more things I’ve seen on here I do NOT agree with!

    Those poor kitties. 😦

  16. I’m pleased to see that their eyes are as buggy and freaked-out looking outside the pool as they are in it. They don’t really seem troubled by the whole thing that much. If I had outdoor cats and a pool I would probably do the same thing.

    (Though that may put me in the “crazy cat lady” realm, something I am trying to avoid!)

  17. Renee in Texas says:

    I am convinced that one day this lady will pull out a pair of shoes from the back of the closet, and sink her foot into a pile of cat barf.
    Cats love revenge.

  18. Now, where do the cats head once the laydee lets them go? Lemme see… That’s right. Out of the pool.

  19. hey Kat – nobody said you had to check the site. don’t like what you see? don’t come back! it’s quite simple!

  20. I agree with you, Jen. I really have no idea why this is newsworthy or people are so surprised that cats can swim. This is just sort of a “duh” moment. Of course cats can swim. The Turkish Van is a breed that is well known for absolutely ADORING it.

    Though testing to see if your kitties can get OUT of your pool is a really good idea to try at least once. That would be something I’d worry about too if I had a pool.

  21. This reminds me of Anchorman, when she has to do a story on a cat fashion show. I feel like that newsanchorman was like wooow, this is lame. That anchorwoman was AWFUL though, she couldn’t stop laughing at the cats. I dropped my cat in the bathtub when I was little, its clear they know how to swim instinctively.

  22. Yeah I’m pretty sure if the choice is swim or die the cat will attempt to swim. That is pretty mean. It would be different if the cat like..went down the steps and tried to wade/swim…but cats don’t like that.

  23. Cat: “*mumble* My television debut and I’m doing something REEEEEdiculous. I hate you all. *paddlepaddle*”

  24. Yeah I’m not surprised kitties can swim – and that they dislike it immensely. But when you get to the end of the news video, click on the video of the black kitty in the bathtub. Now HE is enjoying himself. He’s smacking at the surface of the water like he thinks he can “catch” it like a mouse. ANERABLE.

  25. arcanewinter says:

    How dumb did she think cats were? I’m thinking they wouldn’t have survived this long as a species if they lost the ability to swim. Not wanting to and not knowing how aren’t the same thing–notice the kitty isn’t swimming to play, it’s swimming to get out.

  26. Kat and anyone else who thinks it’s cruel: if you don’t like the content here, don’t come here. And don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya, and all that.

    Honestly, people. This isn’t cruel. For someone who has a swimming pool and indoor/outdoor cats, it’s sane, logical, and practical, to make sure the kitties won’t drown. Duh!

    My cats actually love water… they used to try to hop in the bathtub when it was filling, haha. Weirdos.

    Anyway, I thought this was freaking cute. Kitteh paddlin’ back feets!!

  27. Boy, did I wince when that lady got in the pool with her cats. I tried that a few times and have the scars to prove it.

  28. lurkingsmirk says:

    Interesting to see that her cat has that wide-eyed stunned look 24/7. I think if the cat _really_ hated the water, it would have climbed up her and sat on her head yowling.

  29. Okay, I can understand putting the cats in the pool one time to make sure they know how to swim. But why make them do it more than once? I’m certainly not saying it’s torture–they don’t seem to mind it too much, but they don’t seem to enjoy it, either. They’re swimming to the edge to get out. It’s just silly.

  30. P.S.
    My kittehs absolutely love to “fish” for my toes in the bathtub, with complete paw-in-water submersh. (And let us not get started on the demandink a running faucet obsesh… finally solved with a drinkwell fountain.)
    I spose by “torture” I really meant, who is this woman doing this for? silly anchorfolk?
    and A.- too true! LOL

  31. HAHAHAHAHA OMG omg wait.

    the best part of that video was DEFINITELY watching the newscasters at the end. that girl, lol!!!

    what are they, in high school? the fact that she was wheezing and doing the little paddling motion totally made my day. My roommate and i rewound the end part like 6 times before we could stop laughing so hard.

  32. if u lewk reeeeely closely u ken see tha lady totally winds up their tails before she puts em in da pool and then they whiRRRRRRRR off ^^

  33. OMG, my big break!! I made it on CO!!!! ::cries with emotion::

    I would like to thank my SO who first sent me the link to CO, and my Mom, for making me love cute animals, and my friends over at Cutetalk for supporting me in my search for cute, and…

  34. I don´t think it´s cruel, but stupid! Off course cats can swim, doesn´t everybody know that?! Really??!

  35. And I would like to thank Annie for posting the swimming tiger on CuteTalk without whom I would have never get found this and sent it to Meg!

    ::hugs Annie, accepts huge bouquet::

  36. It’s cute–but it’s also obvious that they can’t wait to get out of the pool. They are not in there swimming and having fun; they are swimming to GET THE HECK OUTTA THERE!

  37. I had a swimming cat when I was little! On hot days, ‘Mr. Stinky’ would hop into the pool with me. He’d paddle around for a bit then hop out when he was finished. So cute!

  38. I thought the anchorman was going to say he had to put the camera down, curl into a ball, scream with laughter, AND WET HIMSELF.

  39. Feh. Of course they swim – TO GET OUT. If they liked it as much as she thinks they do, they wouldn’t be heading for the edge and hauling themselves out of the pool Mean, mean lady.

  40. Nice! Make the cat get pneumonia and then it can die! Cat’s aren’t supposed to go in water even if they love it!!!!!

  41. Meriweather says:

    Most animals can swim instinctively. This is why, on a planet that is about two thirds water, all land animal life is not dead.

    It’s not ‘cruel,’ the cats are not going to die, and this is on a level with them getting a bath. They don’t like having wet fur, but they’re not going to melt. It’s cute. Goodness gracious, some of y’all sound as smart as that announcer. (Cats can SWIM? Fetch the smelling salts!)

  42. What dodgy news channel is this?
    This has to be a first – a female newsreader impersonating a cat swimming on air
    Thank god for the BBC…

  43. well, for you nuffinghams, I thought it was cute. And to keep their muscles in shape for swimming should there be an emergency, they need to keep up their exercise.
    And Kat, you know what I’m sick of is whiners like you bringing negativity. If you don’t like it, call peta. If they think they have a case, let them deal with it. Making obnoxious comments doesn’t do any good, and it doesn’t make your life any better, now does it?

  44. Of course cats can swim…jeez, it’s built in, instinct. Do they want to swim? I seriously doubt it. I don’t care for her projection onto the cat either, that the cat is proud of itself. This is a human emotion and projection. If anything the cat is probably feeling relief at being out of the water.

    Sorry, not cute, abusive and dumb. She’s got no business writing a pet column.

  45. holy jeebus, this lady gets the completely nuts and just a little bit dense award for the month of September. Firstly, almost any critter can swim if it really needs to. B, what sort of retardo cat is going to FALL into a swimming pool. Roman Numeral Three, this lady had a legitimate piece of time to actually worry about her cats falling into a swimming pool, and this means she need to reevaluate her priorities in my opinion. Also, her cats probably really really REALLY hate her with the passion of a thousand suns for subjecting them to the pool, and then for filming it- OH THE INDIGNITIES.

  46. Is this in Portland or else where in Oregon?

  47. Yitzysmommie says:

    OK, I like the video better than the single previous pic. I thought the puddum tater looked terrified in the first one & didn’t like it so moishe. In this one the kitter doesn’t seem upset, just mildly annoyed.

  48. All of you folks who think this lady “forced” her kitties into the pool, why don’t you try walking into a swimming pool with your cat in your arms and see what happens.

    Go on, I dare ya!

  49. wow! my local news… on the sweetest blog ever! i am so proud….

  50. Kellisphere says:

    Anyone you says they have never seen a cat swim have never watched the movie Milo & Otis. The cat actually jumps in to the water to try to get to her kittens. Now that was acting!

  51. I bet they’re more proud of themselves after they gak in her bed after licking all the chlorinated pool water out of their fur…

  52. Helene Congrats on your first CO post, and commentroversy all rolled into one. Hands over second Bouquet of flowers. And I still think it is very cute and the anchors are funny at the end.

  53. There ARE cats who like water, just not a whole lot of them. Cats should only be put into the pool when they walk up and say “please, Momma, can we go swimming now”. If looks could kill, this self-appointed cat expert would be compost by now. Poor beasties.

  54. A ballerina? A sea otter? Just looked like a miserable, wet cat to me. Haha.

  55. Those anchors are, like, 17. And the station won’t even pay to send a professional to run the video camera. That, my friends, is one cheapo TV station. Forget cruelty to cats – what about cruelty to local news??

  56. Oh for goodness sake…. did any of the Nuffs read the posts in the previous cat swimming post? Anyone literate? We already covered the part about not all cats knowing how to get out of a pool etc… read people!!

  57. My first CO support thank you comment! Woot!


    (throws roses and chocolate covered rusty pliers at Helene)

  58. omg, that’s me in 20 years. 😦

  59. I had a cat who loved getting in the bathtub with me.
    He would sit up to his neck on top of my belly and purr.
    The only hassle was that if he joined me, I couldn’t use soap.
    Now I really wish we’d had a pool for him.

  60. I lol’d at the “angry” kitty at the end. Shaking itself, glaring back, then trotting off, perchance to plot revenge. Cats do NOT like to get wet, so I bet that woman found some surprised later.

  61. Oh dear god, that woman is just weird.

    “it’s just beautiful, he just glides like a sea otter”

    Bet she’ll die and people will only notice like a year later.

  62. What’s the matter with those people? Of course cats can swim, ALL mammals can, your newborn baby can too!

    I can’t believe people actually think cats can’t swim just because they don’t like water…

  63. Who let the nuffs out?

  64. Yeah, M–the black kitten in the tub really IS cute–because he is PLAYING in there, not hating it.

  65. Well Helene, you’ve done yourself proud!

    Now please pass the puddin’! I think I’d like that choc and vanilla swirl this time.

  66. Calm down, peeps. This is the start of the stirupthenuffs week or whatever the term was. Hold on to yer puddin & enjoy!

  67. Woot! A ‘versy on my first accepted submish!!!!

    ::does the tuna dance::

  68. The ticked-off kitty faces make this video priceless. The anchors who didn’t realize that yes, cats can swim, are hysterical. And the best part has to be the sea otter comment by someone who seems to have been hitting the catnip too hard.

    If nuffs taste like pudding then stupid people taste like chocolate chip cookies.

    Altough I do think it was pretty smart to make sure the cats could get -out- of the pool, tho the swimming should have been a no-brainer.

  69. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Hannar: You brought me corf on with that comment.Cough cough splutter splutter. A bit likethat cat I suppose…didn’t have the sound on. 🙂

  70. Her reasoning for doing it in the first place is kiinda stupid… She didn’t think the cats would be able to swim? Um, animals swim. And how likely is it that a cat would fall into a pool? She bugs.

  71. gryt- Read the comments in the prev cat swimming post please, we already went over umpteen reasons not all cats will swim in an emerg already… I suppose you think no mammal ever drown eh? geesh…..

  72. That kitteh had a look on its face that pretty much said:

    “I will take these clipped claws of mine and gouge out your eyeballs, lady!”

  73. What an annoying woman. Oblivious to the likes and dislikes of her cat. She is being a selfish fool to bug her cat like that. The cat obviously just wants to get out of the water, every single time. Torturing pets is not cute.

    Just because it makes you go aww doesn’t make it nice at all.

    This video brings to mind all those freaks in cat agility competitions. Now there is some really demented behavior from cat owners. Not being able to help projecting own emotions into their pets and thinking that just because they enjoy the event their cat must be enjoying as well. That is just sick.

  74. Yay, Helene! You are having your day of glory in the hot sun! Revel, Darlink.

  75. That’s it. We should find all the vidoes and pictures like this (kitty agility competitions ftw?!) and compile them onto a blog called Cruel Overload. A non-stop source of puddin’.

    Please don’t take me seriously.

    And if it’s already been done, I’m not sure I want to know.

  76. cruel overload rofl

    puddin’ yummeh!

    (and tonight I’m send out for pizza if it’s still goin’ on!)

  77. my puppy nearly drowned when it fell into the pool many, many years ago … sank like a rock. at least this (crazy) lady knows that her cats would be okay if it happened to them.

    and has anyone not given a cat a bath?? ya, you’re right, totally cruel. *rolls eyes* if the cat was that upset it would claw the hell out of that woman to get up out of the water … do you guys even own cats or are you just claiming animal cruelty for fun?

  78. Does anyone know what breed of cat that is? thanks

  79. Are there really people out there so stupid that they don’t know that cats can swim? Just because most of them don’t like being in water doesn’t mean they can’t swim. Anyone who’s even given a cat a bath knows they can swim.

  80. Ha ha! Like it’s news cats can swim. My god.

  81. Bucky, according to the article in the still picture post, it’s a silver Persian. And a beaut’ too. Love those green eyes.

  82. That hover text made my day.

    Always a pleasant surprise.

    [Hehe… just added that this morning! – Ed.]

  83. What over text? On the vid’? What does it say, I can’t see the vid from work.

  84. Well, of course cats can swim!! Most animals can. The reason why you see drowned animals in a pool is because most can’t get out. The smart thing to do is to install a ramp. They’ve got such things at the pet store specifically for animal safety!

    btw-This cat really does look upset. I’ve seen Turkish Vans swimming and their little faces don’t look like that. They do enjoy it.

  85. Oops, I mean hover text.

    Hello there (T)Ed.

  86. Clearly a slow news day at channel 16!

  87. I totally agree with Meg: any swimming cat (even if it agrees with the whole water/bath/pool thing) deserves to be included in the “unusual animals” category

  88. heee
    so much anger
    so misdirected
    peeps…someone above said it already but I’ll re-iterate.

    Kitteh wouldn’t have been sitting so calmly in woman’s arms if it didn’t want to go into pool.
    For all we know it was refreshing to it, yes it got out right away, yes it looks annoyed, but don’t a lot of cats always look annoyed?
    LOL it was funny, especially the news anchors.

    Giggle giggle. yes a slow news day or a lighthearted end to the newscast is silly and to some a waste, but you know…

    Same reason we come here…. lightness, fluff, pudding, and the ocassional soggy kitteh… makes the day to day life a little easier pill to swallow.

  89. Thank goodness I got all of my smarmy comments out last night over popcorn and Pepsi or I would be having a field day with the nuffinghams today!!!!

    Metz, as usual, you’ve hit it right in the head. The natives are restless with their anger over just about every part of the video!!! Don’t like the anchorpersons, the otter or ballerina comments, the giggling of the anchorwoman or her age. They hate that the cats are in the water, hate that they’re swimming, can’t stand that they *gasp* have to pull themselves out!

    I know all you ’nuff’s are positive that we can’t get through our days without your enlightenment, but at least let us try!!!

    At least she didn’t dunk the kitties or feed them liqour before chucking them in the pool! We Must look on the positive side!

  90. not only didn’t chuck the cat in but carried it in and gently released it into the water. I have cats and occassionally give one a bath so let me just say having had one once go up one side of me and down the other to get out of the sink of water that was there to get the diareah off his long fur. if this cat really was as distressed as you all are carrying on about. believe me the woman would be a bloody mess. I had long scratches on my shoulder and punctures too.

  91. Annie! TMI!!

    Bugmom, from your comment, it sounds like you’re a regular of ‘versies. You should join us on CuteTalk, of the former Buddy post, the one with over 3000 comments that Theo had to close down? The link is in the “More! More! More!” section to the right, it’s the “Totally Un-Official C.O. Discussion Forum”.

    Others free to come too!!

    And now for some Nuff Baiting…

    OMG!! That cat is obviously in pain! That woman should not be allowed to live! This is so cruel! The government should close down this website and get Meg to Gantanamo Bay!

  92. *strolls by with innocent look & pushes Helene into teh pool*
    Oops, did you slip?
    (evil grin)

  93. Oh & I second Helene’s invite! C’mon into Cute Talk! Tis fine & fun!

  94. see if there had been a people safe ramp on the pool, or if people practiced taking Helene in the pool all would be well now.

    will miss her,,,sob

    Metzee you are too cruel

  95. hey how wuz I to know no one had taken her into the pool to teach her??

    I thought all creatures know how to swim by instinct!

  96. obviously Helene does not even have the skills of a “new born Baby” Cause she couldn’t swim.. so sads. We will miss her 😦 and hey Metsie you did take the chocolate covered rusty pliers out of her pocket before you flung her in the pool right??? In case we need them.

  97. Shoot!
    *dives into pool*

  98. are you going for pliers or Laney?

  99. ahem Annie Metzee flung her in the pool

    Keep your Metses straight


  100. glurgh
    *tosses pliers outta pool & sinks*

  101. I don’t swim because I was never a new born baby. I was born pure evil.

    ::Carmina Burana music::

  102. semper crescis
    aut decrescis
    vita detestabilis!

    ::evil laugh::

  103. Wha??? Who??? (Blushes) Oops. Oh wait we are loosing Metz now too… Dives in to grab her and Pull her out. Catches foot in Helene’s Hair and thinks why did I not get some of that grindyloe weed stuff before I jumped in. Drags MEtz and Helene out of pool.

  104. yay for Annie!

  105. Gasp, ah! thanks Annie!
    er, sorry Lanie! Don’t know what came over me, most likely a fit of jealousy that you got a CO post!

  106. Cataftercat says:

    this is borderline abuse…wtf…

  107. Cataftercat, your acronym is almost CACA. And your comment too.

  108. I’m sorry! I’m sorry I ‘bused Helene! I won’t push her in teh pool again! I promise! I was just jealous I didn’t get a CO post is all, I’ll wait my turn. Pwwwweeeeaaaase don’t be mad! (blows up inflatable rubber ducky floaty) Here! Jump in! The water is very nice for this late September heat.

  109. Be sure to turn in tomorrow for another exciting episode of “When Cute Goes Bad….”

    I’m freakin’ dyin’ here!!!!

    Oh, and you bet your heiney I’ll be accepting that invite….just as soon as the next ‘mercial comes on….I don’t want to miss Helene’s revenge and the make up scene.

    “Cataftercat, your acronym is almost CACA. And your comment too.”

    Might have peed a bit laughing!!! Now the ferret is gonna rat ME out!!!

  110. Bugmom TMI

  111. bugmom We all Pee a little each day.

  112. speak fer yerself! Ladies do NOT pee.
    They visit the Powder Room!
    er…speaking of which, oh right I forgot. I’m not a Lady. LOL oopsie…er the ferret spilled lemonade again!

  113. based on your comment, I’m really concerned about you being in the pool Metz dear!

  114. yeah Metz you can not be peeing in the pool you know the water will turn purple from the secret pee detectror chemical they put in.

  115. Most cats won’t go in water because it’s survival instinct especially for wild cats in colder climates because it effects how their fur insulates them. It also depends on the cats experience with water like show cats who have to be bathed frequently, are usually used to it from being bathed since kittens. Cat’s lick themselves anyway because they evolved that way as an alternative to water. Cat’s are natural swimmers though, and in the wild will cross streams or lakes if they have to for food. There are also Asian cats who fish, so it pretty much depends on climate, feeding habits, and if they are domestic how they are raised.

  116. its pool water I swearz!

  117. Sure it is 😉

  118. I wonder about the long-term effects of licking lots of pool chemicals from fur? They have to be ingesting more of that nasty stuff than is good for them. Dogs shake it off–cats take it in.

  119. I love cats and I can kind of see the woman’s point. The cats will not panic if they find themselves in the pool. They’ll swim. A panicky cat might not be able to do that.
    The owner showed due diligence. She has a pool. She cares about her cats. She stays with them in the pool until they get out. She dries them off quickly with a towel. I just hope other people don’t think its OK to fling the cat in the pool and walk away. That would cause a panicky cat and hypothermia.

    As for the cats’ eyes…they’re Persians. Persian cats have big oogly eyes.

  120. The cats are not happy – they just want out so they don’t drown. Owner just wants to get on tv to publicize her column…or else really thinks this is fine. Either way, I wouldn’t take any pet advice from her. Giggling girl anchor very unprofessional too. Annoying video all around.

  121. i thought the male newscaster at the end was way cuter than the soggy kitties.

    as for the swimming cats…its not cruel, not like it hurts them at all. and she allows them to get out when they want. sure they may not like it, but im also sure its probably good exercise!

  122. I have to side with the “kinda cruel” contingent on this one. Yes, making sure they could swim–and, more importantly, get out–was very responsible. But as others have pointed out, the cats don’t go in on their own and when released in the water immediately get out of the pool. Why keep making your kitties do this? Sounds like a publicity stunt to me.

    Not a grump, just feel bad for the kittehs.

  123. are we done…or should I go out for pizza?

  124. I sure hope we are not done. My first post on CO should be nuff city!

  125. Hmm. That is one innnteresting lady… I particularly like the “The first time I watched her swim across the pool, she was like a BEAUTIFUL BALLERINA.” Ahaha.

    M, that video you mentioned is absolutely adorable! 😀

  126. OMG I cannot believe the cruelty of making the kitty pretend it likes to swim in pools. And CO posting a picture and Video of some poor Kitty having a swim, and making the kitty not go crazy and scratch the owner. you people should be ashamed.

    (ubs hands together looks shifty and exits stage left)

  127. It cracks me up that so many people are shocked that the kitties can swim. Of course they can swim – do you think they are comletely lacking in survival instincts?!? They just don’t LIKE to get wet. I wouldn’t either if I had to meticulously lick myself clean/dry afterward!

  128. Annie, you sneak!

  129. Nobody mentionned the BLOOD SPLATTERING EVERYWHERE!!!!1!!11!

  130. one of the erins says:

    First of all…
    My belly hurts from laughing, thankyouverehmuch.
    Second, about the news…
    For one thing, news stations lately have been trying to include at least one “feel good” story to keep people watching. Also the smaller the town/county, the more local and casual the news gets. My first impression of the anchors at the end was small-town. Big cities are the ones that keep it polished.

    And last, about the pool and the cats: my parents have a pool, one of those little above-ground types. Growing up, I remember waking up one morning and my parents had to go outside to fish out a drowned raccoon (ew ew ew!) that had presumably leaned in to get a drink, fell in, and didn’t know how to get out (or panicked.) There were at least two squirrel incidents as well. Kudos for making sure the cats would be ok!

  131. Helene et al, thanks for the laffs. I read all the way down.

    I spent 3 years living in that part of Oregon, so maybe the lady and newscast seemed cool (or, at least not as lame as some of you think) to me for that reason. This lady’s just a nice cat-lover who’s concerned and says what’s on her mind. You doods making fun of her kind of suck. And totally profesh newscasters who blandly and coolly read off the news headlines are BORING.

  132. Cerise you are right. I live in the large metropolitan bay area, All news casters, even the big wigs do this stuff sometimes…If they didn’t we wouldn’t go back and watch them night after night.. IT makes them more human. Some People just like to criticise.

  133. lol

    “They weren’t lingering. They swam to get out.”

    Kinda says it all…

  134. Quick question:

    Has this cat ever ONCE jumped into the pool on its own?

  135. Nope. Somebody pushed it. Bullies!

  136. I know… didn’t you see how the kittties owner picked the cat up and flung it into the pool and then laughed evilly at the poor wet kitty, and told it like some drill sargent. well kitty now you better sink or swim cause ain’t no one gonna help you boy. (even tho it is a girl kitty)

  137. How dare that newslady crack a smile and enjoy her job! I am apalled. I expect to see only professionalism on this site! The world is just turning upside down, I tell you. Cats swimming… newscasters laughing…. *walks away muttering*

  138. shocking tsk tsk tsk

  139. I durn near missed the whole thang…tenatively dips toes into the pool….

  140. CBF you can only enter the pool if you have a kitten or intend to drain the weasle.

  141. *nonchalantly strolls by*

    *pushes CBF into the pool*

  142. [blows lifeguard whistle at O-Cat]

  143. YAY! Let’s all play pool volleyball! Teho, you be the referee!


    C’mon y’all! Learn from THESE guys:

  144. Subhangi, I am IN!!!
    Aside from the fact that Volleyball is fun, Me thinks stripes may be slimming…….

  145. Subh — that pic’s *awesome*, but it’s also HYUUUGE. Here’s a resize for faster loading…

  146. OMG Subh, I am SO there.

  147. Tigersoup!

  148. walks up whistling pushes oakie in teh pool with the tigers.
    Grins and runs to hide behind bugmom

  149. *takes a mouthful of tigersoup and sprays Annie and Bugmom, drenching them thoroughly*

  150. Cats being able to swim is a news story? I thought everyone knew they could. I think what this woman is doing is cruel. Just because they *can* doesn’t mean they want to. And these cats obviously don’t want to, they get out of the pool as soon as they can, why torture them just to show off for the cameras? Poor, poor kitties.

  151. Yes Alina, those cats are tortured. There’s BLOOD SPLATTERING EVERYWHERE! Meg should be imprisoned for posting this.

  152. Darn it! Just had this slimming tiger suit cleaned! Ah forget it!
    *Grabs Annie and jumps into the soup, dunks O-Cat*
    Spike the ball Annie!!!!!

  153. Helene: Come into tha soup….got bigger creatures to torture
    *rubs hands together and grins*

  154. But Nuffs are so much fun!

  155. You know those are TIGERS, right? BugMom? Capital-T-eye-grrs?

  156. Yeah, Theo, I know! They’re ma Detroit Peeps! We’re gonna call up the Lions for little BBQ later!
    (We try not to get them involved in the competitive leisure sports, it just goes nowhere!)

  157. This is about to get off the main page, I’m so sad!! Nuffs will have too much trouble finding it!

    Theo, can you make it a quick link on the side saying “Nuffs, please click here”?

    BTW, this is not under the right CAT-egory. Could be in Unusual animals, yes, but also needs to be in kitteeeeennnnnzzzzz!

  158. LAnie is right Teho can you fix please. Pwetty Pwease???????

  159. Sitting in the pool looks around at all the t eye gg ers.. Wow they are…. DO you think I am in any danger here??? Nah they are all related to TIGGER so they are bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun
    but the most wonderful thing about tiggers is….
    Ruh Roh I think I am in big trouble.
    slowly climbs out of pool of tigger soup and back away. Then runs like mad….

  160. Annie, It’s all good! i’m like Dr. Dolittle with snugglehs. Watch.
    *goes right up to the biggest Capital-T-eye-grr and gives it a big smoocher right on the massive muzzlepuff.*

    thee guyths? Iths not tho bad. Wisth I thill had my lipths.

    *Backs away slowly, apologizing then bolts to find everyone*

    Thhese are noth ma peeths!!!! Canthell the BBQ!!!!

  161. I lurv that my first CO post got to be a ‘versy! What a great week!

  162. Notice how the cat runs the [edited] AWAY as soon as it can. What sense is there in putting a cat in a chlorinated pool (CHLORINE + CAT = BAD) when it so obviously ALREADY KNOWS HOW TO SWIM, but adamantly doesn’t want to? Seems that lady is doing it for her own amusement. I wish I could meet her so I could [edited]

  163. Breathe, Stephanie, breathe. You haven’t read the other comments, have you? I didn’t think so.

    ::taps your back::

  164. Oh and while you’re at it, are you going to punch me in the face for submitting it, and Meg for posting it? It’s such a cruel world we live in… Tsk tsk…

  165. Ha! I suspect you would have your butt handed back to you. It’s so easy to talk big when you know you’ll never see the people you are offending.

    Stephanie + CO = BAD

  166. That news item exaxtly the reason why I don’t watch television any longer. The cat was not cute but swimming to get out of the pool. It was just cruel of the owner and nothing I expected on this site. I’m not quite sure I will visit cuteoverload again.

  167. YAY! Another nuff GONE!!!