4 pounds firm kitteh
1 large carrot (finely chopped)
1 cup zucchini (chopped)
1/2 cup onions (finely chopped)
2 cups white mushrooms (sliced)
1/2 cup red bell peppers (chopped)
1/2 cup nip (minced)
1/2 cup tomatoes (chopped)
1 cup cheddar cheese (grated)
1/2 cup light sour cream
1 cup salsa (we prefer peach)
1/8 cup olive oil (for frying)


EZV, you di-int send that in!!! [mini chomp]



  1. haha…reminds me of the kitty from Cinderella.

  2. Susan James says:

    I think you mean Purrito?

  3. “I am so cumfortables!”

  4. how did that happen?

  5. Kitteh does look cumfurtable!

  6. ahh cats and small spaces…you wouldn’t believe the tiny amount of space they can contort themselves into and still pretend to look comfturbuls

  7. deleeecious caturday night dinner 🙂

  8. I’m sending this back. Someone has obviously ear-chomped my wrap already.

  9. Kitty note to self .. DO NOT go all the way to bottom of sleve spec when hoooman is around with dreaded camera. bah… he proally showed to Drool head dog.

  10. how sweet can i please eat the cat

  11. LMAO!

  12. MaggieBelle says:

    “Purrito”! Brilliant!

  13. How can you call it “veggie” if it has a kitteh in it??

  14. Jumbo Maki Kitteh Roll!:D

  15. Sounds delish! Seconds available?

  16. Faithydove says:

    i don’t like this pic, i dont think kittern loooks comturbuls. Take heem oudda dat sleeve! Heem is not a burritos.

  17. Um, in some countries people actually eat cats so I don’t think it’s a good idea to be putting recipes and talking about eating them all the time. Obviously it’s not meant to be serious but somebody who doesn’t get it might get the wrong idea. Please don’t eat the kittehs.

  18. Yeah, and in some places they eat people, too, so we better just stop commenting BEFORE SOMEONE COOKS US!!!

  19. Lol@A.

  20. AliceTanzer says:

    Oh, oh no! Too late!

    *chews on A.’s arm*

  21. The recipe above made me hungry. I shall now cook and eat my pet cats. Thanks for the idea!

    (No, you dipstick, not REALLY. Also, in some countries they eat different animals as food animals than we do in Europe and North America. Suck it up–people gotta eat.)

  22. But he does looks so munchable…perhaps a nibble….aaaaah*is flying tackled by bleeding heart PETA member* i was only joking

  23. And for dessert: chocolate puddin’. Who’s for pudding?

  24. Stop, I is not tasty and nutrishus.

  25. actually, i prefer the BURRITO SUPREME post from June 12, 2007 – yum!

  26. fish eye no miko says:

    Halp! Teh sleeve is eatn me!

  27. snicker at fish eye no miko

  28. Mrs. Kitty says:

    This is not funny. Obviously this kitty has been forced in to this sleeve. Shame on you, Meg.

  29. I have a spoon for da puddins and a glass for da merlot, but I have neither puddins nor merlot. 😦

  30. Haha, good luck forcing a cat into a sleeve! You’d be in pretty lousy shape afterwards; you and the sleeve both.

    (And thanks for the nibbles, AliceT! I knew vanilla body butter was the right choice.)

  31. Aww, what a cutie!

    (And thank you, A. I was thinking the same thing. I can barely get my cats into their carriers without it resulting in my bleeding — I still have a scab on my shoulder from a trip to the vet a week and a half ago!)

  32. Are you sure it’s a kitty? Looks like a catfeesh to me. nam nam

  33. snoopysnake says:

    Nooooo! Kittehs are not for frying, they are for petting! I love its gorgeous blue eyes.

  34. Mmmm… Cat, the other white meat…

  35. Meg. I think you should designate a whole month to commentroversial cuteness. I’ll call it Nuffember at CO. Just think of it. A whole month of wet cats, chub cats, silly costumes, cats n racks, kittens drinking milk, thirsty puppies, pets carrying their offspring by their neck, nutrishus resipees for toe-pad nibblers, etc. Get Jell-O Pudding to sponsor it!

  36. I have a question? I always drain my tofu for about 1/2 hour before cooking. If the kitten is firm, should I still drain it?

  37. Heehee. It’s so funny. It’s like child abuse footage when people think “what if I had a camera on me and my child 24/7? Like this A.M. when I tempted my escapee-cat out of the bushes with a canister of Pounce and then proceded to drag him by the scruff inside and tell him what a BAD BOY he was. If people could only SEE what we do. Nobody understands. but us.

  38. Michelle I like the idea of Nuffember! But what truly amazes me is when there’s a perfectly innocent post on CO and someone STILL finds something to complain about.

  39. all I have to say is it’s a good thing I found some split pea soup in the freezer otw Huggy might be history now~!!!


  40. Metsakins, after you drain the kitty you still need to squeeze it a little just to make sure. Then roll it in a couple paper towels to dry off the outside. Works every time.

  41. Are you having puddin’ after your pea soup?

  42. Oh, don’t give my husband any ideas. Every day when I ask him what he wants for dinner, he comes up with some new way to cook the kitteh.

  43. Susan James, thanks to your razor-sharp wit, I changed the title of this post. Genius!!!

  44. furbabies thanx for the tip. I use the papertowels on tofu and zuchini as well. I should have realized it would be necessary on Kitteh!

    oH and any night is a good night for puddin’…

  45. ha… “purrito,” now it’s official!

  46. catfeesh, LOLOLOLOLOL
    purrito louder LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    Snort , waahhhhh eating actual cat

    Sending cat back due to ear chompage longer and louder

  47. ¡Hooray for purrrrito! (I had a “whuh?” moment thinking I missed this hilarosity of capshun, but eet is new humor!) Kitteh kebabs here tonight, followed by some spotted dog. MMMmmmmm.

  48. hoooooo, I made so many “ohhh, loook so deeeeeleeeeshous!” sounds at my cat when I saw this, she started to look suspicious and walked away… maybe purrrito IS wrong! But… it’sSORIGHT!

  49. AliceTanzer says:

    A. – No problem! And *drool* at the vanilla body butter. I had Almond body butter once..It was eeevil. I smelled like Disaronno.

    Hmmm..Disaronno and cat?

  50. Golden Phoenix says:

    A sweet hamster terrine with sweetcorn.

    Main course:
    Kitteh a la roule.

    Chocolate Lab Puppy with vanilla icecream.

    Any problems, go talk to chef Ramsay (Evil grin)

    I apologise, i have been watching season 3 of Hell’s Kitchen all day…

    As for the animal recipe thing…i have eaten several animals which are not generaly considered to be food in western cuisine. And they were all bloody delicious. Diferent cultures, different rules. I don’t see that posing a faux recipe can cause any harm.
    *prepares a bowl of pudding just in case*

  51. Did sumwun say puddin’?

  52. Good luck with squeezin’ that cat out of the sleeve like toothpaste out of the tube…this is the picture that popped into my brain upon seeing this picture!

  53. Hilfrickenarious…

    Me wants. It’s a human suit! Get it. cat suit. human suit.. Oh that was dumb.

  54. TUBECAT!

  55. hmm… that cat has blue eyes… and all but its face is wrapped up…
    tell me, does it have the spice?
    (think dune)

    and i just want to keess that black leettle nose!

  56. Delicious recipe Meg ((excuse me while I pick the fur out of my teeth)). I don’t get why people LQQK for things to correct or to complain about. C.O. is just good, clean, uplifting fun. Stop being so serious. And thanks Meg, for doing what you do!

  57. http://beboframe.com/FlashFrame.jsp?Size=S&FlashBoxId=3309347442

    Try the above url. It is great. Please note that the horse moves its tail to the beat of the music.

  58. Golden Phoenix says:

    “Joan Holtman” that is indeed a great video, but if you’d bothered to look through the archives you’d see that’s already been posted to the site.

    [Right here, in fact… – Ed.]
    [ http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2007/04/step_aside_trav.html ]

  59. Oh please, the cat wasn’t shoved in there. My cat does this all the time. I call it the heavy sweater. Cause I’ll go to put a sweater on and notice it’s a little heavier than usual. I hear PLOP and out comes kitty kitty. All ruffled up. He calls that “napus interuptus.”

    Also leg warmers are a fave for him.

  60. Whiskas provide floss after and during purrito munching.

  61. Houdini cat about to demonstrate escaping through tunnel too small for whiskers.

  62. getting that cat out like toothpaste, just don’t try it for explosives (Frank Burns MASH ) or you really might have a explosion of some sort there with that pitteh

  63. Cat clavicle
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    • Have questions? Find out how to ask questions and get answers. •
    Jump to: navigation, search

    Cats have clavicles, but they serve no function to the animal. “The clavicle, or collarbone, is much reduced in size. It does not connect with other bones but is buried in the muscles of the shoulder region” (feline 1). The lack of a functional clavicle allows cats to squeeze through tight spaces. The fact that cats have nonfunctional clavicle bones suggests that an ancestor of cats had clavicle bones that were probably functional. The ancestor passed down the trait to have clavicle bones to cats, but over time, the necessity of the clavicle bones for cats became obsolete. Thus the bones became buried in the muscle and became functionless. This trait can be explained by homology because there is no apparent function for the clavicle in cats. Therefore the only reason cats have nonfunctional clavicles was because the skeletal structure was passed down from an ancestor. This in turn argues the existence of evolution.

  64. To me, that looks like a a green CATerpillar.

  65. Whoa, cool, Tim! Thanks for the clavicle fact!

  66. peas and carrots says:

    Chill out, peeps who think the kitteh is bein’ abused or whatever. My kitteh Steve always squishes himself into ridiculous places. If they get in, they can get out.. plus, it’s a friggen sweatshirt

  67. Hate be all Nuffy on the Nuffinghams, but Eeyore the Kitty (who went to the rainbow bridge at the ripe old age of 14) used to do the sleeve smush manuever all the time. She used to hate the vet, so I’d take her in, grab a towel, wrap her up in a purrito with access to whatever needed vetting, and she’d frequently fall asleep that way. Some cats just like to be purritoed, (or at least don’t mind it) and there’s Nuffing you can do about it!

    Theo, I think we need an entry in the Glossary for Purrito!

  68. We towel burritto our kitteh every morning for her icky medicines. Instant kitteh straightjacket which has saved many a trip to the hospital for kitteh and us.

  69. ‘I think you should designate a whole month to commentroversial cuteness.’

    I so agree.

    Thing is, with the frequency the nuffs are coming out at this point, it would be a VERY full month. I’m convinced you can nuff anything now.

  70. The fashionista in me just can’t take it anymore! Someone get that girl to a salon for a manicure! Chipped nail polish is so not cute!

  71. so considerate of kitteh to ensure that not just the outside of all clothing is hairy.

  72. We used to do that to one of our cats! We’d make a burrito: you spread a towel, lay cat down, roll her up, tickle her thru towel (LIGHTLY!!!), then unroll cat quickly (bowling ball effect). WARNING!: Only some cats like this, and MUST BE GENTLE!!!!!

  73. It’s me again…it was nice to relive some of the games we played with my cat, who is since gone. She loved that burrito game so much, when you stopped, she’d stay on the towel, her back to us, looking over her shoulder as if to say, “Well? What are you waiting for??!!” The key to doing this is being gentle, so pet knows they can trust you.

    She’d also climb on things she couldn’t get down from, waiting for us to make a big deal over her, rescuing her. She just loved the attention!

  74. sara: Maybe it’s SNAIL polish!

    No, seriously – bashing other women’s physical attributes and/or fashion choices is just in poor taste, and decidedly unsisterly. Don’t you think, Miss McPluckety ScaryEyebrows?


  75. Yes, because you obviously need to get a MANICURE to fix nail polish.

    I’m sorry, I thought the picture was about a cute CAT. How silly of me to not realize it was all about the nail polish.

  76. Sara:

    The lovely hand in the picture belongs to a young person, possibly a schoolgirl. Look at the soft roundedness – she doesn’t need any manicure! Fashion be damned, what’s more important is that she cares for her cat.

  77. thanks for the clavicle fact, tim. whoever wrote that wiki entry sure went in a circle there!

    the bad puns with this picture reminds me of the part in the lion king (simba and nala meeting the hyenas for the first time)…
    “we can have whatever’s lion around”
    “make mine a CUB sandwich!”

  78. I likes ma purrito wif guacameowle.

  79. I am thinking the kitteh was not forced into the sleeve. I have a similar pic of my cat in a sleeve and we observed with great amusement as she got her self into the mess. The coat was hanging on a doorknob and in she went until her head poked out the sleeve. We had a good hardy har har over the scene, then it was picture time, then we “saved” her.

  80. Clearly what happened here was the kitteh ate the previously existing veggie burrito from the inside-out and is just languishing in the delish tortilla wrapping and is just squeezing through the other side. No abuse, no recipes, just Occam’s adorable razor.

  81. peas and carrots says:


    *dies of laffin*

  82. Ahhh, the kitteh burrito. I also recognise this as a way to clip an irate cats nails. The cat ends up just a lil miffed but the furniture appreciates it, im sure.

    I have to do something faintly similar with my rabbit so he doesnt claw us as we trim one foot at a time. Cept we use a towel so he doesnt get badly stuck XD.

  83. captainsam says:

    It looks like a sandworm. “The catnip…must FLOW.”

  84. What´s with all the diced and chopped veggies? Shouldn´t they be purr-eed?

  85. Too bad this wasn’t a video so we could see the extrication (self or assisted), too.

    I’m trying to figure out if it would be easier to pull him out the way he got in, or push him the rest of the way through.

  86. Samsuma: Silly! You’re supposed to remove the fur from kitteh first…acts as a tenderizer too. Duct tape or straight up salon wax is what I usually use when me and my family sit down to a nice dish of Purrito. If you prefer au naturel, you could always use the sweet little useless clavicle bones to pick the fur from your teef.

    I find this dish is best complimented by chubby puppy salsa and a dash of sour cream, but I will definitely need the recipe for ~ Jen Barnett’s guacameowle….assuming it’s made from avaCATo?

    So, who’s gonna make some Catsadillas?

    *shaking head, chuckling @ my own snarkiness*

    This post is so cute! Thanks Meg for sharing! Your blog always makes my day!

  87. LMAO at Thelady4… too funny! 🙂

  88. Thelady4: Surely you meant to say PETA? Or were you referring to all the
    P ain
    I n
    T he
    A **
    Funny. I don’t FEEL sick…..

  89. i want to kees zee kitty schnozzz

  90. Golden Phoenix says:

    Thelady4…LMFAO! Brilliant work with the PITA there.

    *sits back to wait for people who don’t get that to start yelling*

  91. Hmmmm, PITA’s…we could put the cat in a pita too….anyone have a recipe for a Greek Pita Kitty?

  92. Hehe – PITA!

    (Nyah nyah bugmom.)

  93. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    LisaN: The Turks have had it since…ooohhh 1972

  94. ThreeCatNight says:

    Not in good taste, Meg (all intents offended); get that poor kitteh outta that thing!

  95. A. – sarcasm is so difficult to read! and I was so crabby last night! Serves me right 😉

  96. Turks, Greeks, Pita’s…..its all good. Yummy Yummy for my Tummy

  97. Not sure about the recipe thing.

    Wee kittyla in the sleeve of a sweatshirt!!!!

    Snuggy kitty……kiss on the nose!!!!

  98. OK. im not the A in previous posts except the last one. Sept.10/07.

    thank goodness!!!

  99. Kitteh is fine & doesn’t look distressed at all.

    Smile on Folks. Takes a leetle nibble of Purrito, mmmm pass the Pup O’Soup too please?

  100. Metz – Pup O’Soup! Hahahahaha I’m laughin’ my butt off

  101. lisa thanks, but I’ll freely admit I stoled it from the Heat is ON post.

  102. Ohahaha! Cat “massage”!

  103. bugmom: Haha, I know, I’ve done it a billion times myself. *serves you a delicious pita filled with snarky goodness*

    A: Yes, thank goodness you’re not me! It would clearly wreak havoc on my academic and professional performance, haha.

    Oh, and I second Ellie on the nail polish bitching, sara. Let’s make women feel even more uncomfortable with themselves and their looks! Let’s start bashing them when they’re little girls, even. Maybe then they’ll grow up to be vicious, superficial bitches, too.

  104. Theo: Oh, yeah – I forgot. I meant ‘vicious, superficial SOWS’.

  105. Crap, that one’s harder… hmm…

  106. Whenever I watch that video (well, the two times I have watched it, that is) I can’t help wondering if she has other pets that match her other outfits, too. Like an iguana to go with her green travel suit? A white kitty for her summer dress?

    (Also, she’s so cute! She looks totally happy holding that piglet. I suspect only a Humboldt penguin could make me radiate that much happiness.)

  107. HEhehe, I forgot about the pink lady with piggy. Ohhh and BTW she has beautifully manicured nails. (The pig… I mean Bwahhahahaha) 😉

    vicious superficial sows I like that. who knew you could get that point across with out saying Bitches.

  108. Regardless of whether the kitty was put into the sleeve or not, the thing to do is to help her get out immediately, not pause take a picture. My kitty got her head stuck in wineglass once, which I suppose some would have found an amusing photo, but I helped her out immediately because I don’t find the panic and discomfort of animals funny.

  109. If kitteh was stuck, she would be struggling and the photo would be blurry.

    My cats put themselves in uncomfortable looking situations and stay there willingly. They’re weirdies. Lighten up.

  110. My daughter put our cat into her barbie airplane when she was little and told me “Mommy look Theo’s driving the plane”

    I wish I had taken a picture because he looked hilarious with his head stuck out the cockpit window, meowing pitifully. but I was trying not to laugh and was trying to tell her why it why Theo couldn’t drive the plane and get him out all at the same time. She had the door shut and everything….

    No idea to this day how she got him to go in there – but she obviously didn’t force him because she had no scratches on her. And he fit but barely……..I think he just didn’t like it when she shut the door and then he tried to go out the cockpit window!

    Closing doors, ready for take off…..

  111. Mmmm… kitteh 4 lunch!

  112. LisaN — lemme see if I got this right… you have a cat… named Theo?

  113. …and he’s a pilot?

  114. Yes, Theo the pilot kitty!! He doesn’t really like to do it though. He more or less just likes to sit on me. He’s a bit old and grumpy now – he just turned 14!

  115. I would say I named him after you…….but I didn’t know anything about you then 🙂

  116. We actually had two cats—-Wally and Theo (get it??)Sadly Wally died a little over a year ago…..

  117. hmm… I would get it if they were Vinny and Theo, and you were an Art History major…

  118. LisaN, Leave it to Beaver Wally and Theo???? did I win a prize?????

  119. Woo Hoo Annie you are the winner!!! Sadly I only have some pudding here…….will that do? You can use it for the next “commentroversy”. Hee Hee!!

  120. That or a purrrito. 😉

    Apparently some Dana person is trying real hard to start something

  121. The spice must flow……….

  122. Aww, a cute little purrito! I don’t post in the comments very much at all, but this pic was too much! I wanted to put a little dollop of sour cream on the little kitty (oops, **kitteh**, ‘cuse me!) nose, and lick it off. Dollop, lick, repeat.

    And then, roll the kitteh in some guacamole and hot sauce. Wow, Im losing control of myself here!