Caturday is driving this dog insaaaaane!

Slide ‘n’ Run!
Slide ‘n’ Run!
Slide ‘n’ Ruuuunnnn!

Now playin’ on CuteCast, natch, Delinda.



  1. That is one seriously happy dog.

  2. I like the last one “Where’d the water go?!?”

  3. Miss_Thing says:


  4. what a big silly dog!

    i’d be doing the same thing if there was no one in line at a big theme park!

  5. Anyone who disputes that animals (esp. dogs) lack the mental capacity for “having fun” should watch this video.

    Seriously. I doubt any scientist could find a reasonable explanation involving “instinctual behavior”.

  6. That was so *freakin* hilarious.

    Did you see where he stops because the water stopped and looked at his owner with a “Dude! what are you doing!?!?”

  7. Nicolletta says:

    That doggy is having the time of life! So cute!

  8. Doggie’s got the right idea.

    You know, it reminds me of those little liquid filled clear plastic boxes, in which toy animals were lifted up to a slide and then splashed back to the bottom. It also reminds me of a wet version of “Plastic Penguin Race.”

  9. Holy crap, hilarious!

    That’s a pretty bitchin’ pool, too. 🙂

  10. My turn! My turn! Runs to be the next down the side….

  11. Urps…slide!

  12. Lucky dog! I wish I had a setup like that in my yard!

    In one of his books, James Herriot describes watching a local dog repeatedly climbing up and sliding down a slide in a children’s playground.

  13. PS My cat Dante launches himself off the couch to slide across the hardwood floor– lather, rinse, repeat. Animals dig momentum.

  14. I knew a woman whose dog would jump into the pool, swim around it along the edges for a few laps, then swim to the steps and get out. The pup didn’t need any prompting or someone watching, and he wasn’t trained to do this…

  15. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork(ButNowI'mHome) says:

    I want to play tooooo! Doggy’s having so much fun!!! 😀

  16. hehehehe so funny… funny dog.

  17. That looks like a happy dog to me! So lovely.

    Of course, isn’t this the part where someone should be commenting on how cruel it is to train/force your dog to jump into a pool filled with chlorine and how this shouldn’t be on Cute Overload because the owner is obviously using this poor, sad dog to gain notoriety?

  18. I love the fact that here’s a big “scary guard dog” acting like a overgrown puppy! He’s having the time of his life. I wonder if he bugs his owners till they turn the slide on for him :).

    And that pool/hottub/slide/waterfall setup? Pretty darn sweet!

  19. WHEEEE! Man, this brings back *good* memories. I want to go to a waterpark now…

  20. hehehe I loved watching it the other day and YES Meg I do want to be this dog complete with my very own waterpark slid ride.

  21. How Flippin’ awesome is that hound. He knows where the funs at.

  22. MommaMackie says:

    All I can say is “Life is GOOD!” Heh Heh!

    His joy is contagious, thank God. It needs to be spread around a little. Love it!

  23. I wanna be that dog! Wheeee!

  24. that doggeh is gonna need a big nap after that play session!

  25. I mailed about this one too. Great to see it shared with the other cute-loving people on this page. And yeah, dobermans might look big and scary, but every single one I’ve met has acted like a boisterous puppy! Gotta love’m!

  26. absolutely, positively, no-doubt-about-it, indubidably, undisputably AWE to the SOME.

    *man,* i needed that!!! ’twas a positively joyless saturday ’til this video. much better now.

  27. Oh no. Now I’m going to watch this all day. But how smart is that dog that he knows the water must be flowing down the slide and not the rocks for maximum slideage?

  28. I like how he keeps sliding down on all foursees.


  30. I wish I was that dog too, but I also wish I just had that much ENERGY.


  32. That’s a dog you never need to wash. He’s self-washing!

  33. Cute dog, great video, stupid pool design. With the momentum that dog has he could easily smack himself against the concrete edge. I mean it looks great, but whoever thought of that sloping edge should have pushed it 5ft-10ft back.

    Ok…enough with the disapproving…back to caturday!

  34. wish i had that in my garden. lucky doggeh

  35. Hehe! My dogs hate water; I wish they would have so much fun with it. I also wish I had this sweet pool in my backyard. ;_;

  36. MaggieBelle says:

    I want that pool!

    And the dawg too! He looks like a great swimming buddy.


  38. Dog has to be part Lab…..

  39. AuntieMame says:

    Hee! Did you see the little doggeh run for the hills as soon as the water came on the first time?

    I don’t need the pool. I just want the awesome waterfall!

  40. Dog Heaven.

  41. Well, Liani, since there are no children in the video, the chances of a potential commentroversy are greatly reduced.

    Either that or internet’s about to ovulate and therefore is not likely to burst forth in a PMSy rage. 😀

  42. Boy that looked like fun! I always loved the James Herriot story about the sliding dog, too! Dogs are *serious* about fun!

  43. I think Dobermans have eventually triumphed over their reputation. I;ve never known a dobie that wasn’t a first-class wuss. Now I wish the same thing could happen for pit bulls.

  44. My first dog loved to slide over and over, but on a regular slide. She competed in agility when she was young, and it was impossible to keep her off playground equipment if we ever went to a park. What an awesome video!

  45. Wow! My doberman was also a wuss! Terrified of the snow. Even freaked out walking across the tiles at the pet store. Are you sure this one hasn’t just eaten the Caturdays and celebrating?! Meep!

  46. Is he trying to catch the water? His head keeps going down close to where the water emerges.

  47. Compy-saur says:

    @ Vicki: Actually, seeking pleasure (having fun) does have an instinctual basis. 😉 More precisely, it has to do with neurotransmitters. We (and that includes dogs) are hardwired evolutionarily to feel pleasure, and we have instincts to seek it (especially when we figure out what gives it to us). It’s still fun. But it has an instinctual basis.

  48. Wanna talk about animals having fun. Somewhere out there there’s a video floating around of an Elephant playing tricks on it’s trainer. The thing clearly has a complex sense of humor. I’ll try to dig it up.

  49. wow THE coolest dog evr my dog is afraid of water

  50. How long did he carry on doing this!?!?!?

  51. My sister’s beagle Bertie LOVES swimming in the pool. A couple of times a day he walks down the steps, dogpaddles around one circuit of the pool, then gets out and shakes off. When he’s nearly dry, he does it again. He has arthritis, so this is wonderful exercise for him. He looks like a fussy little elderly man out on his daily constitutional.

  52. I say this viedo the other day and I thought at first that the little white dog was the funny part. But then I ssay a little flash of black doggie weee, sploosh trot weeee splosh funny

  53. Soooo redonkolously funny! Yes, Dobermanns are such big puppies. If only eeevil humans stopped mutilating them to get the big bad dog effect (hey…! people…! don’t you see it’s useless? they’re still wusses!)
    I had a Brie Sheepdog when I was a kid and he was under the bed at the first thunder before a rain.

  54. Nice setup!!! I wonder if it’s as fun for people as it is for puppies. I love that doggies know how to have fun, too!

  55. Staticgirl says:

    I did rather wonder if he was doing the repetitive behaviour thing like an animal rocking in a cage to gain relief from stress. It’s not an awful big garden and he’s clearly got bundles of energy..

    But hey I can think of worse ways of exercising yourself and getting some thrills than galloping down a slide, leaping into a pool and having a swim. It looks so much fun!

  56. Staticgirl says:

    hmm.. plus the other little dog looks like he really wishes he was brave enough to try it too….

  57. Omg! That is hilarious! The dog is all like “WHEEEEE!! swim swim swim climb WHEEEEEE!!! swim swim climb WHEEEEEE!!!”

    It reminds me of this video I saw on youtube of a wild fox playing on a trampoline in someone’s backyard. It’s so silly I love it. He looks like a kitten rolling around and bouncing on it.

  58. My mom and dad have a big lack SILLY labby, who takes himself swimming in their pool several times a day. It’s more fun for him when there’s someone in it with him, but he loves to run down the yard, fling himself into the deep end, splash around and swim to the steps. A little bit later, he does the same thing….

  59. Delinda, can I come over???

  60. To-Do List: 1. Put this on infinite loop, 2. stare until I grow old and die.

  61. I think I could watch this dog run up and slide down over and over and over…oh, wait, I just did! This is the yard all dogs should have!

  62. savonnette says:

    Ah, what a waste of water 🙂 -_-

  63. savonnette says:

    Ah, what a waste of water 🙂 -_-

  64. I’d like to see the cat from the post below try the water slide!

  65. Compy-saur, dunno if you’ll read this since it is a day later…

    I am aware of pleasure neurotransmitters such as dopamine.. I am a Bio Minor (Geo Major). I realize that there are behaviors that feel good because they are what our bodies need to survive (i.e. eating feels good while being hungry does not). However, I was just making the observation that the “reward” in the case of this happy puppy (which some scientists would dispute whether animals even had emotions) was fun for fun’s sake and not a behavior that increased the health/livelyhood/continuation of the species.

    If you like reading about animal behavior I highly recommend the book Pleasurable Kingdom: Animals and the Nature of Feeling Good by Jonathan Balcombe (
    He raises some very good questions and indeed supports the argument that animals are sentient, feeling entities that have the capacity to love (not all, but the higher orders, definitely). Even if you don’t agree, it’s still interesting to hear the other side of the argument.

    And thanks for the reply! ^_^

  66. Meh, the url got all wonky due to the parentheses 8P
    Here it is again. :3

  67. Wants to swim says:

    That makes ne want to swim with my dog. Unfourtunatly, she’s not like that…:(

  68. berthaslave says:

    Okay, so I understand biologically/instinctively why the dog might pursue pleasure in this way…

    …but what the heck do I have to achieve by pursuing pleasure in watching this thing over and over and over again?

    :: back to watching impossibly amped sliding doggeh ::

  69. I have to agree with the placement of the slide. He gets so close to that wall…

  70. I do agree that the wall is a bit close…

    But my lifeguard instincts are mostly cringing from the idea of how much dog hair that family must clean from the pool filter! @_@

  71. rubber duck says:





    Oh you funny, funny, funny dog! 😀

  72. I love how at the end the doggie is like, “Dude, are you watching?!?!?! OK! Good! Weeeeeeee!”

  73. There are a couple other videos of the same dog. In one, he’s got his pal (another dobe?) watching from the side of the pool, and it’s like he’s saying “C’mon, it’s fun! Come slide wit’ me!” and the friend is saying “Okay…wait, that’s water! No, I’ll just wait for you here.”

  74. Meg…maybe you could post the other video AuntieMame was talking about. To me it looks like Dobie 2 is acting as a lifeguard for the joy loving Dobie 1 in the original.. Purrrhaps this will settle some of the ’nuffs or purrrhaps we will find they really can find fault in EVERYTHING!!!!!

    “Nothing to see here, folks, the situation is under control. This pup was JUST HAVING FUN and enthralling (most of) us with his happy go lucky cuteness!!!”

  75. Ooooh noes, if anything the 2-Doberman version is even better!! Dobie No. 2 is all “Oh no you di-ent!” and Dobie no. 1 is all “Aw, come on, ya wuss!”

  76. luvinmalssomuch says:

    What a super cooooool dog. Just be careful. Don’t swim alone.

  77. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    People. You think that pool’s impressive! The Crofters I had to throw off my estate to open a grouse shoot had bigger and better pools than that. Sheesh.

  78. Well it’s bigger than *our* pool, Gladys…

  79. I wanna do this too. RIGHT NOW!!!!! He’s having soooo much fun I’m jealous.

  80. Mary (the first) says:

    Does anyone else suspect the owners of this yard built the pool/slide FOR the dog?! In other words.. that might be a very lucky dog.. or it might be a VERY “indulged” dog. Either way it’s definitely a very HAPPY dog. I would have loved to see him really lay down in the slide with legs all sticking out all over but he might not have wanted to do that.

  81. Oh they’ve GOTTA have kids too, Mary1.

  82. Gladys – I don’t even have a permanent *house*, let alone a pool!

  83. I’m soooo jealous of the doggie … heck of the owner as well. I want a backyard with a super pool like that … and a funky dog that likes to slide too

  84. oh good, I watched this video and thought, “Who could find anything wrong with this???” but a few of you did. Kudos, you should be very proud of yourselves. Sometimes I think there are CO readers who actively look for something to disapprove of in each post.

    That pool and that dog both look like the bomb and if you don’t love them then clearly you don’t love life.