You gonna eat dis? causeimightwanttokinda

[Nose makes tiniest of sniffing motions in your direction]

Just lemme know if I can have this apple chonk, K?


Nice rescueing, Bailey P. 😉



  1. Ohhh I’m in love. Anybody got an apple chunk I can leave out? I think one of these guys would probably come to my office…if only I had the right bait.

  2. OMG…*Inktellectual holds the apple chonk up for teh skwirl* You can have it if I can watch you snarf it up close! *sob of joy* The whizkerrrrs!

  3. Adorable closeup of mini-squirrel! (I wonder, is there any way for me to show all squirrel images as a TypePad search?)

    And the obligatory:
    “When I think about you / All I have to do / Is bleen / Bleen, bleen, bleen”

  4. At this moment, J. Bo, I don’t *care* if skwerlz is evil.

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  5. I threw out an old Bosco stick out to the squirrel this morning. He was nom nomming on that thing like mad!

    Skwerls are cool!

  6. luvinmalssomuch says:

    You can eat it as long as you STAY OUT OF THE ROAD!

  7. Beep!

    *pushes adorable lil’ nose and runs giggling for the hills*

  8. He looks like my Beep-Beep, the cutest chihuahua on the East Coast WEEEEE.

    enjoy the nibbles, lil dude.

  9. you can have it little cutie. in fact, i will smother eet with peanut butter pour vous!

  10. today the apple chunk

    tomorrow the world


  11. ThreeCatNight says:

    Of course you can, little Squirrel Nosicle!

  12. If I can kiss the space between your eyes, you can have a whole tree of apples!

  13. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    Holly, what’s a Bosco stick? ’cause I’m pretty much picturing a stick covered in chocolate syrup…

    tewtally wanna scoop up mr. qte leetle skwerelly-head and stick him in me pocket! and maybe paint some happy little trees while i’m at it!

  14. Is this the same skwerl who was using the hand elevator a few posts back?


  15. uv corse u kanz littel bebeh skwerelleh! u iz kyoot!

  16. Here, have mah whole lunch. The sammich, and the jell-o puddin snak pak, and the kerritts…oh and here is mah wallet, and keys…

  17. no lunchables?

  18. hes so adorable,
    i would buy him a whole case of apples!

    OK- question for HOLLY-
    I dont know what BOSCO is.
    what is it anyway?

  19. Actually, I’ll eat an apple if I’m hungry, but I love the nuts.

  20. me neither on the bosco stick.
    we are all waiting anxiously…

  21. bosco stick?

    slow day at work obviously…

  22. i loove the caption!! “causeimightwanttokinda” .. an example of one of the many captions that make me laugh out loud instantly! haha perfect.

  23. omg, the Bosco Pizza Co is right here in Michigan!
    Who kenew??

  24. man. where have i been?
    i thought bosco was coffee or some kind of coffee drink. I’m an idiot.
    I’m glad they dont sell Bosco Sticks around here.
    I’d be the size of a volkswagen.
    I’ll bet the lil squirrlie loved it!

  25. when I was a kid Bosco was chocolate syrup and there is a really funny seinfeld about bosco

  26. The Wikipedia page is correct. A bread stick that has a mozzerella cheese center.

    So squirrelly gets his grain and dairy today! 🙂

  27. Robert M. – I’m not sure about TypePad, but you can do a search for all the C.O. squirrel posts. See that SIZZEARCH field just down from the top of the right hand margin? Just type whatever you’re looking for, make sure C.O. is clicked and click Google Search. ‘Course you may have to spell it in C.O’glish to find ALL of them – skwirrel? skwirrl? 😉

    […”Snorglish” – Ed.]

  28. I bought my Bosco sticks thru They sell food thru school and the schools get a percentage.

  29. i like Little Caeser’s Crazy Bread better!

    this lil nutters gets bonus points for his schweeeeet whisker fans ^^

  30. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    mmmm cheese filled bread… that’s even better than chocolate syrup on a stick. although, if the syrup was on ice creamm… that’d be a tough call.

    Thanks ceejoe!

  31. A baby squiggle!! I want to kees it on his/her little baby forehead! my boyfriend, back when he was in high school, used to take care of the bebe orphaned squirrels out in front of his school, apparently they sat on his shoulders and everything. Gettin jealous just thinking of it 😛

  32. I love teh alsmot complete circle of wiskers on his schnoozle
    Or you could look on them as skwerly angel wing wiskers…

    OMG he must have hypnotized me with his evil squirley BEF… cant believe I fell for the cute ; )

  33. ACK!

    >>At this moment, J. Bo, I don’t *care* if skwerlz is evil.< <

    Oh, but you will, Theo, you will… WHEN THE SQUIRREL HAS EATEN YOUR FACE!

    (Evil, evil, evil, I tell you…)

  34. Well, it’s not like I ever *show* my face…

  35. CO IS THE BEST THING EVAR! I hadn’t been by in a few days. oh okay.. hours.. and the qte is overloading me today! The squirrely.. the kittehs.. the hovercraft puppays.. And the captions.. omg. meg.. you’re brilliant.

  36. Shannon Johnson says:


  37. AuntieMame says:

    You can have all the apple chonks in the state, squirrel, if you’ll leave the farkin’ potted plants aloooooone!

  38. I love the front tockness that is ssooo cute. I would give the kisses but I don’t think bebbeh squirrel would like it

  39. musicchick2 –

    I know about searching like that, but what I’d like to see is a search method which displays all relevant entries in a full list of blog entries with the images and captions, as they appear on the main page. I don’t even know if such is possible under the current system.

  40. the evil squirrel will eat your crotch off den


    (we’ve seen the crotch shots Theo)

  41. Happy/Sad story: Yesterday I was walking my dog and came across a horrible sight. Two baby skwerls on the road. One had already been hit by a car, but the other seemed intact, just stunned. I cautiously picked him up (he squirmed) and moved him off the road to the base of the tree. When I came back, I saw the Momma Skwerl carrying the baby back up the tree. Yay! Poor little things. I feel so terrible for the other guy though. Here’s hoping the saved one pulls through…

  42. i don’t really like this pic. 😦

  43. Gerr Off Me Land!!……and stay AWAY from the snack.