Runaway Pug pulled over…

…this Runaway thought he had successfully escaped the vet’s office.

More at 11.


Pug shot: (mosaic to hide pug’s ID)


Chris H., when pugs go bad, it’s not pretty.



  1. what the bleen did he do?

    swipe kibbles from the Kmart?

  2. lol
    and bleen?

  3. i’m so glad that story has a happy pigtail ending!

  4. poor little guy was tryin to escape and go home!
    he tried to run across the 205 freeway.
    (i wonder what they were trying to do to him there at the Banfield Pet Hospital…)

  5. i love his “mug” shot in the back seat of the cop car.


  6. The second pic in the news story is pretty funny: his little pug mug has a small one-sided snarl “Ya got me this time, coppah, but next time…next tiiiiiiiime…”

    Course, he could just have a quirky underbite…but he still looks like a Thug-Pug with ATTITUDE 🙂

  7. Registered sex offender?

  8. lol at the mosaic to hide his id…
    Meg, you *too* funny!

  9. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    They’ll never keep ‘Machine Gun Pete’ in the slammer for long. “You doity rats, no prison can hold me” he was reported to have said.

  10. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I think he’s their new undercover police dog

  11. luvinmalssomuch says:

    DUH! I just read the article. Thanks to everyone who rescued this runaway. Way to Go!!! applause

  12. “It was 106 miles to Chicago…I had a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes and sunglasses. What went wrong?”

    *see Blue Brothers, 1980

  13. Bad pug, bad pug. Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

  14. Although the idea of this little guy running through heavy traffic terrifies me, the story and pictures are just too damn funny. Pugs always look like they just did something bad, or they’re just about to. Love ’em!

  15. That is kinda scary…
    I was volunteering at an adoption event for our local animal shelter at a PetSmart, and a little rat terrier slipped out of his collar while I was holding his leash.
    I dove valiantly across the floor to save him!!
    Caught him!
    Of course, then I felt silly – d’oh! – we were inside, where was he gonna go?!?
    But *now* I have to worry about him operating the automatic door opener…

  16. i’m a pug!
    whatcha gonna do?
    hoohoo hoo hoo!

  17. Pug Thug ; )

  18. Everything aBOUT this post is awesome. The real-life “more at 11” story, Meg’s mosaic-blurred “Pug Shot”, the fact that the squad car looks like it’s named “ROOPER”… luvit luvit luvit.

  19. darkshines says:

    I think its the same pug from a few posts down, maybe he got nasty when he couldn’t wait for his Slurpies?

  20. This week on Dog the bounty hunter… Pug Thug is tracked and finally captured.

  21. …also, teh Peeps is funny today.

  22. I’b toob ab iglide to agwee thab thiz iz thuh sabe pwug fwob the “Huwwy ub wib the sluwpeez, Mawge” pozd.

    Sowwy, I hab juzd stowen a towbato ad I’b holbing id id by bouth. I’b nob a spabber.

  23. “I’b nob a spabber”…


  24. “I picked him up like a football and put him in back of my patrol car so he could be returned,” Larson said.

    like a FOOTBALL??

    O the indognity!

  25. and the hovertext, teho, don’t forget that!

    meg, this is prob’ly the most perfect post EVAR!







  26. it’s the slurpees pugs, the car was stolen. They were able to locate him because of you. Good job

  27. NYgirly — “indognity”!!


  28. tiny bubbles says:

    Just like C.O.P.S, I’ll bet that pug has no shirt on.

  29. I bet you a donut the pug’s wearin nothin but his underwear…


  30. inside the kennel:

    tell us again, pleeeeese –

    pug – so I say to myself there’s no leash out there that can hold me, I’m gonna make a run for it…

    and then and then co’mon tell us the rest

  31. Poor puggles. I’m glad he’s okay!

    I helped chase down a poor skeered dog that ran out of the groomers once. He was trailing his leash, and we found him hiding in a nearby parking lot.

  32. Alternately, Pug is saying, “Officer, dose ain’t even my pants. I don’t know how those stolen Milkbones got in de pocket. Dose is my cousin’s pants. See, my pants was in the warsh, and I was just gonna come done he’ for a Slurpee see. I didn’t know dat stuff was even de pants. Dey ain’t my pants, see?”

  33. Omg, this happened to my dog too! He managed to escape, and my mom looked all over the neighborhood for him.. until finally, a police car rolled by and my mom saw my dog’s guilty face peering through the back window. (He’s a schnauzer/lhasa apso mix, if you can imagine that.)

  34. {wheeeeeeeeze}

    oh redz stop, yer killin’ me….

  35. I’m glad things turned out all right for Mr. Puggles.

    My dad’s dog, Sherlock, is very, very timid. She was a stray with no id, and we kinda figure she must have been beaten or abused by someone, because she wanted nothing to do with any humans. Thankfully she warmed up to the family over time.

    But, I digress.

    Dad and Sherlock were out for a walk one evening when Dad noticed a hot air balloon drifting peacefully in the sky. The balloon was rather low, and it was easy to hear the hiss/roar of the gas and flames as the balloon operator turned up the heat.

    Dad was looking at the balleen with interest.

    Sherlock wasn’t paying too much attention to the sight.

    When the hiss/roar sounded, though, Sherlock was convinced that this was a horrible monster come to eat her. She darted away so suddenly, that Dad lost his grip on her leash. She was off like a shot, and Dad lost sight of her pretty quickly.

    After searching the area for a while, Dad decided to go home, get the car, and start a wider search.

    After he got his car and was driving down the block, intending to head back to where he’d lost her, he turned a corner and was suprised to see, in the distance, Sherlock. She was making her way home.

    To this day, he can’t keep the awe from his voice as he describes finding her as she was on her way home.

  36. Mary (the first) says:

    Pug mug shot! love it. Glad the Rooper found him, that is a very busy freeway area around there!

  37. No doubt, Mary1.

  38. WebZiwwa – LOL! stob eeb! I’b gob a tobatow ib by bouth! I’b choge!

  39. Mary (the first) says:

    just saw the balleen story and it reminded me of an event, many years ago. I saw a small white poodle-y dog running with his leash trailing behind him and snagged him. This was outside my apt. complex. I walked around with him for about an hour looking for (1) an owner searching or (2) him to act like he recognized somewhere and wanted to go home. Nothing. He had a license but no name/id so I finally called the dog license people. By then it was after hours and all I got was a recording but I could go to the location and get the after-hours staff to look it up. So .. I drove, like, 20 miles with this dog to get his address. The darn little guy lived ACROSS THE STREET from me in another apt. complex. So I drove him back home again. He never gave any sign he lived there as we walked past (many times). Gotta love ’em even when they are VERY naughty.

  40. Pugshot…tee hee. Very funny.

  41. HAHAHA.

  42. You mean blurred to hide Pug’s Mug, don’t you, Meg.

  43. I’d take this little criminal home anytime! He deserves some punishment in the form of copious snorgling!!! What a naughty little cutie! Thanks for the cute story to go with it!

  44. I agree this is one of the best posts ever – every aspect is perfection, including comments! And the little face in the police car window… THUNK! I’m dead!

  45. berthaslave says:

    Nobody knows the trubble i seeeeeeennnnn……

  46. the photo wasn’t great, but the floating text is AMAZING!!!! Pug shot??? that’s brilliant!!! i looovee eeeettt!!!

  47. AuntieMame says:

    The budget cuts have hit the State Patrol hard. They’ve had to replace all their German Shepherds with pugs.

    You know the donut stipend is next!

  48. Shannon Johnson says:

    Bad dogs, bad dogs, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you? Bad dogs, bad dogs.

  49. why in the hell would there be automatic sliding glass doors in a vet!?

  50. It’s not so much why there are automatic doors. If you’re carrying a 100lb dog in your arms, it would be convenient not to have to mess with opening a door. (I’ve watched too many episodes of Emergency Vets!)

    My question is why is it so sensitive that a 20lb dog can set it off?

  51. AuntieM: My guess, upon reading the article, is that the pug didn’t trigger automatic doors inside the hospital. Banfield hospitals are inside PetSmarts, and usually have their doors open. The pug probably triggered the video sensor on the doors to the PetSmart itself.

  52. that is so freaking funny caught on store survallence attempting to steal doggie toys for the girlfreind who as yet to be identified …..LOLOLOLOL

  53. Bad pugs, bad pugs. . .

    Whatcha gonna do?

    Sit in the car ’til they come for you

  54. Anyone else think this is the same pug found at the 7-11…(previous picture) Maybe he was involved in robbery! Very cute!

  55. Ok, peeps! Now you’ve done it!!! Sending me to bed in TEARS! I love all of your comments and laughed till I cried!!! Time for a C.O. meet & Greet!

  56. if anyone can look at that picture of him in the back seat of the black n white and not LOL, they have no soul.

  57. Wow, Mum’s going to plenty mad at me. I’ve got to think of a good excuse……think think think

  58. I’m fairly certain my puggie would try this too if she wasn’t sidetracked by all the yummy treats down the aisles. Sneaky pugs.

  59. What a great pic – that little round pug face peeking up from the window.

  60. Reminds me of the time that we rescued a stray goat who apparently had chewen through his rope leash.

    Yes, a goat.

    one of the most surreal things I’ve seen. WE’re rural, but not THAT rural.

  61. I’ll let the guys at M.I.B. know and they’ll have you out in no time.

  62. OMG, that Pug has totally been busted! I wonder if a little Pug training might help that little Puggie stay out of the grasp of the Fuzz, or something, LOL!