Teef Checker

Bebeh: "I am zuh best denteest thees side of the meeseeseeps. Reelax and let me check your teef. [Schmooshes kitteh’s face to reveal two teeny fangersons]


Yes, this kitteh is a seriously good sport, Cherie…



  1. What an intrepid babeh… ^_^

  2. “…and *that’s* why I had to have my eyebrow reattached at eight months old.”

  3. …Now remember, after *every* mousie, brush you teef; I don’t want to have to make dentures for you some day….

  4. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    I loves me them kitty teeft especially the fangs. My cat Stan starts on with leek leek then soft cronche.

  5. Serious kitten love. Some kitters are very patient with kids, as if they know they are going to be prodded and poked..with love of course…but no water…not even for her beloved!

  6. Yay – a cute babeh, I loves those babehs. Obviously, this kiddo is a member of the Animal Dental Associa-shons (the ADA) like this boxer: http://cutebabyfix.com/2007/08/02/the-dr-is-in/

  7. Now remember my kittey now that I have checked your teefies everytime you eat I get to inspect it for quality control and if I deem it looks good I get tastes no scratches

    cat response Do I really have to shares?????

  8. do i hear Barry White playing in the background? ^^

  9. Cute kitteh and cute babeh, but having them both in the same pic makes me sorta nervous.

  10. Don’t worry Subhangi, one thing I have learned from havin lotsa kids and lotsa animals is that kittehs and babehs are more durable than you think. They will survive!

    (cue Gloria Gaynor)
    First I was afraid
    I was petrified
    Kept thinking I could never live
    with you by my side…

  11. Actually, it’s weird, but I can put my Guy Kitty asleep by flipping him over on his back, and playing with his fangs… (I told you it was weird)

    I also have a Black Kitty who likes to nibble on my hand… She’ll go to sleep that way too…

    Maybe I have a whole bunch of wierd Kitties???

  12. Wow. I *know* that some cats really are that mellow and good-natured… still, wow.

  13. Cat is thinking “OK kid, I know you’re going to sleep sometime.”

  14. This brings back a childhood memory. I had a kitty who was a fierce gray tiger tomcat by night and my baby by day. I would put doll clothes on him and stick him in my doll-sized stroller. He would lay there on his back with his chewed-up ears and scarred head sticking out of a doll dress collar, looking like a battered old boxer in drag. He would switch his tail but otherwise lie there, resigned to his fate. Maybe he thought it was the price he paid for the warm spot in the kitchen after his nightly prowls. And maybe, just maybe, he had a soft spot in his heart for me. Oh wait — he was a cat. Nah.

  15. Yitzysmommie says:

    Pic is adorabuhls, but kitty & baby proximity makes this Gandma twitchy.
    She who had to get rid of a cat after an unprovoked attack on her 9 month old first child 25 years ago.

  16. dis should only be attempted by first slathering spam all over your hands and rubbing it in real well

    den and only den should toof fondling commence ^^

  17. I don’t usually leave a negative comment, so apologies for this. I must say I find it uncomfortable to see a kid allowed to handle a cat that way. Sure the kitty looks patient, but the kid should be taught that this behavior is unacceptable before it escalates. Kids should be taught respect for animals and all other creatures and not allowed to handle them as if they were toys.
    Sorry, getting off my soapbox now.

  18. Desdemona, that is ADORABLE!!!! And very well told. 🙂

  19. Headscratcher says:

    *sarcasm* Oh yes, and we all know that a single photograph tells the entire story of the raising of a child and what their parents are and are not teaching them about animals and the world in general. *end sarcasm*

  20. Oh go easy, Headscratcher. Yeah, it’s just 1 pic, as I’ve pointed out countless times before… but we do want to keep our kits and our kids healthy, happy & harmonious too.

  21. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Most cats I have nown will tolerate kids, they just bugger off when they’ve had enough.Rumi: My feelings too about Desdemonas piece.Is it Des- demona or Des-de-mona

  22. well, if you’re going to teach a kid not to look at a kitteh’s fangs, you’d better damn well not do it yourself either. I play with my pup’s lips, looking at his teefs all the time… it’s hardly fair to teach a child that it’s ‘inappropriate’ if you’re doing it. A child should be taught to respect an animal, to not bother it when eating or sleeping, but just examining it? What’s the prob if it’s supervised? My eight month old and my chihuahua are best pals. She’s already learnign that when he goes to his crate, he should be left alone. That’s his safe area. I catch a wiff of “disliking children in general” in your post, but I’m not completely sure.

  23. Thanks. I don’t know for sure, Gladys, but my (current) kitty’s name is Desdemona. Not the Shakespeare Desdemona, but the Jimmy Buffet Desdemona, as in “Desdemona had a rocket ship . . .”

    As for the comments on children, safety, etc., my experiences come from the Fifties, when life was simpler. Nowadays I too keep my cats indoors and neutered. But back then cats were put out at night, kids rode their bikes all over town without helmets or parents worrying about dastardly strangers kidnapping them. My mother would occasionally rescue my kitty from doll-duty (his name was Tom–we were also less imaginative about pet names in the Fifties). I did learn about respecting animals, though. My mother often told me that when the kitty (or doggie) struggled, to let them go, so that next time they wouldn’t be afraid to come to me. Down through the years, that philosophy has worked pretty well with humans, too.

  24. Hmmm… Do I smell a commentroversy brewing?

    I certainly hope we can all play nice and not have to break out the word “nuff.” *sigh*

  25. i always had kitties when i was a child. i’m sure i practiced a lot of different torchers on them.
    and i’m sure i got scratched and / or bitten.
    but i still love cats, not afraid of them and none the worse for wear(didnt lose an eye or anything)
    this little one will be all the better for her relationships with her pets.
    i love the photo, and she will love it when she growns up.

  26. Janet — what, are we really that bored?

  27. chelonianmobile says:

    Hey, when I was seven my pet rat bit me hard enough to draw blood. I cried, sure, but I didn’t demand that my parents get rid of her or something, and I wasn’t soured on rats in general. Even then I knew damn well it was my own fault for poking my fingers in her face through the bars. Had the same reaction when I was bitten by a pony when on holiday. (Wouldn’t ride that particular pony, but once again it was my own damn fault I was bitten.)

    What was it they said in “Hogfather”?:

    “She’s a child!”
    “What if she cuts herself?”

  28. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    My experiance goes back to the fiftys too. If I got bit or fell out of a tree it was my own silly fault, you shoudn’t have been doing it. I have to admit our first cat was called nigger because he was black, I had never seen a black person here in England till I was about 6. It was not considered offensive then and was done in all inocence.

  29. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Sorry my spelling has gone to pot, must be tired, what am I talking about I am tired, half an hour to go before I can go home.

  30. AWww I love this picture. The kitty is being all happy purr face and the baby looks delighted… okay and I know it is a picture and you can’t really tell and I am on the crappy old monitor at work so not as good of a picture but really looks like the baby is petting the kitty not strangling or even poking just a hand on each side of the kitty.

  31. Mary (the first) says:

    Looks to me like the babeh is demonstrating to the kitteh how to make a big happy smile like she has. “See, just push your lips on the side like this, let your teef show some, nothing to it”. Lovely picture.

  32. What a sweet mellow kitty! Some cats are just like that. My niece has an extremely laid back and mellow boy named “Kitty” (well, she was only three and that’s what she wanted to name him. Though sometimes he’s callded Kittymonster instead, as a joke because he’s a sweetie.) Anyway, he’d do anything, up to and including polishing his toe nails. Her mom put a s stop to that right away. But my point is, we don’t know how laid back the kitty is (apparently really really laid back) and there’s obviously someone close by in case of emergency. So I’m just gonna enjoy the picture.

    PS my friend’s kitty Crash will also let her do whatever she needs to, right up to checking her teeth and trimming her toenails. I’ve never seen a cat purr through getting her nails done.

  33. stormcat: LOL!

    my 15lb orange tabby is very similar. he *loves* it when i massage his gums. falls asleep every time.


  34. Shannon Johnson says:


  35. My kitty, Binx, loves having me play with his fangs. He just lays there with his eyes closed. When he has enough, he gently lays his teeth on my hand.

  36. As a matter of fact, the kitty in the picture kinda looks like my boy.

  37. Mary (the first) says:

    Oh yeah, Sarai, my kittehs all love having a pedicure. I lay remaining kitteh (named Sara actually) on her back next to me with clippers ready and she’s fine with it. Seems to like it. NOW disclaimer, I will say, since she’s (and other kittehs) been a baby I’ve deliberatly “played” gently with toeses frequently, without clipping, so when the clippers come they don’t even care. Just means extra snuggling.

  38. berthaslave says:

    Of course, if you’re an old wife (or believe their tales), you might think the kitty will extract some ‘orrible revenge:


    BTW, people, the thing about the baby checking the teef is probably just Meg being playful. It looks to me like the behbeh has just grabbed the kitteh and someone snapped a quick photo…hopefully behbeh let go of the mouth and proceeded to pet the cat in a more conventional manner.

  39. book_monstercats says:

    The cat is very relaxed. Nice.

  40. Green Is Good says:

    Looks like my old man cat Moochie.

    I hope that cat is declawed, because my old cat is still a bee-yoch!
    And is still has his claws.

    Oy, the scars on my hands…

  41. Kitty looks to have a good escape path, so the minute this is over the top he will be gone.
    As people have mentioned, most cats have an amazing tolerance for human babies.
    The ones that don’t usually flee.
    And I too pushed Napoleon the Tabby Godfather about in a stroller, all dolled up in bonnet and gown.
    He would put up with it for a while, then leave, shedding and shredding the outfit on his way out.