Hurry up with the Slurpees, Mang

Come ON ALREADY [Sigh + paw droopage]

mammoth001, originally uploaded by Zyanthia.

Top notch sender-innering, David S…



  1. This pic is so cute it’s giving me a brain freeze!

  2. he can see the uber long line at the slurpee counter too 😦

  3. Slush Puggy.

  4. a different Laura says:

    Shouldn’t this bleen in “cute or sad”?

  5. luvinmalssomuch says:

    He needs a hat on and a piece of hay hanging out of his mouth. I love him.

  6. And while you’re in there:

    “We need some ice and an extension cord,
    A can of bean dip and some Diet Rite,
    A box of tampons and some Marlboro Lights.”

    It’s only 109 days until Christmas!

  7. [suspects that was too random not to be a reference to something]
    [doesn’t get it, though]

  8. I get it! I get it! Hmmm, Dixie Cup? Singin’ Dixie. Neaupers. Halleluja everybody! Say cheese!

  9. I got more of a Blue’s Brothers feel from this pug in a truck. Jake & Elwood are great pug names. But that’s just me.
    “It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark, and we’re wearing sunglasses.”

  10. a different Laura says:

    Pyrit, those are PERFECT pug names! Makes me want pugs just so I can use them.

    Hmmmmm, would they work for rabbits, too?

  11. Peg of Tilling says:

    They would be the Blues Bunners!

  12. Pyrit — they’re on a mission from Dog!

  13. hahahahah, I am picturing Dan Ackroyd, puglicized! You would just take his face, and smoosh it up onna window pane! Walla! Puglicized!

  14. Kayte and Pyrit: Long live Robert Earl Keen! Is Christmas really that soon?

  15. Awww. Sad puggy on happy Friday.

  16. hmm. i cant see the picture. very weird.

  17. my cat is a blob says:

    Where is the other one?
    Isn’t there some cosmic rule about pugs always coming in pairs?
    I’d name mine Thing1 and Thing2.

  18. Lymareck – You pulled that out from the back room. Nice work.

    Sub – Friday there, Thursday here, but who’s counting.

    CBF – Dan Ackroyd. As a pug. ……….
    Waitaminute, now I’m channeling MIB!!!

  19. Subhangi has Friday already.
    [sad pug face]

  20. That’s …

    Wait a min – it’s STILL Thursday here!

    [slaps forehead]

    9.25 PM Thursday evening on my clock. Baroooooo!

    [sad again]

  21. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Its 17:45 here there’s still bloody Friday to get through.Groan

  22. Frank the pug! Don’t use the flashy thingy!

  23. I got yer back, THGA.

  24. I just realized – this pic would be pretty boring if it wasn’t for Meg’s writing.

  25. it’s a pug life out there, and pimpin’ ain’t easy.

  26. ThreeCatNight says:

    That’s some serious pug overhang!

  27. Kayte – I totally appreciate your Robert Earl Keen reference – Priceless! I was just thinking about that song the other day.

  28. where is that hot dog place now that know I am gonna have brain frezze I better get a dog…LOL Humans they are so easily moved to my commands.

  29. Andi: agreed. Meg’s captions are so very perfect.

  30. Shannon Johnson says:

    Well, that is interesting.

  31. That is so either Jake or Elwood.

  32. T’is Friday here. 10am in fact. Huzzar.

  33. berthaslave says:

    I’m not sure where this was taken, but if you’ve been in SoCal the last week you’ve seen a LOT of this. And a good reminder to KEEP THOSE WINDOWS open, people, for the puppehs and other critters left in the heat while we fritter away our dollars on Squishees, Icees and Slurpees.

  34. “Ok, OK. I’ll stop whining. I didn’t think you really meant to turn the car around.”

  35. *points finger and squeals puggy!*

  36. Sandy Land says:

    I am definitely going to get a pug my next dog!!

  37. is this the same ine in the police car???

  38. Heidi!!! “it’s a pug life out there, and pimpin’ ain’t easy”
    You’re killin’ me!!!