Holy creepy animatronics!

People, usually the Japanese HAND OUR ASSES TO US in the Cute depahtment.

But Today, I say—(In captain Kirk voice) You’ve gone… TOO FAR!

Why don’t you just STICK TO BUNNY SWEATERS!?

BTW, the best part is the tail-pull.



  1. Leave to Japan…

  2. Wow…does it yurk up a little robohairball too?

  3. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    Almost bleentastic! lol
    It’d be funny if it could hork up a hairball. >^..^< Verra verra cute!

  4. well now that is one way to get rid of cleaning out the cat box.

  5. Yeurrrrrrrrrgh! (I used to work for these people, I’m so glad I don’t anymore)

  6. haha its like Salem the cat from the show “Sabrina the teenage witch”.

    That cat was so fake it was comedy gold. 😛

  7. TeratoMarty says:

    OK, that’s slid just a little too far down the Uncanny Valley to be cute. Its movements are jerky and totally un-feline.

  8. luvinmalssomuch says:


  9. Weird cat–but the cute lil’ handheld chickie shown at the end is adorable, I bet. ^_^

  10. eee -gad.
    that even more creepy than my “purrrfect pet” orange tiger stripe cat sitting on my desk.
    oh! and I have a REAL cat thank you very much, so there.
    and- Bunnies dont NEED sweaters. hhuumphf.
    (stomps off in hissy fit)

  11. Rick Deckard says:

    Do Androids Dream of Electric Cats?

  12. *giggles at Rick Deckard*

  13. Wow, my kitties would love to play with this. Maybe my Binx would stop humping his blue bunny and use this instead. At least it wouldn’t look so weird and it would talk back to him. Robo kitty love.

  14. the kitty’s kinda weird, but i’ll take the chickadee ^^

  15. I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack hams with tomatoes off the shoulder of Orion. I watched sea otters glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time… like… tears… in rain.

  16. hahahaa,
    i’m lmao
    right now..
    have to send that to all my friends…

  17. I kinda like it…..

    And I love love LOVE the chick at the end!

  18. How come the cat is $83 but the chick is only $21? I bet it doesn’t even move…

  19. It’s smaller & less complicated, Westley.

  20. I want one of those Peeper-Thingies! The cat is unnecessary, since I have 3 lovelies, but the Peeper — now there’s a toy for my toy shelf! Where can I get one?

  21. Thanks, I’m going to have nightmares about this one. Hold me, I’m scared.

  22. Cat-man-do says:

    Cool! This was my first cute (or creepy) submission and it got accepted! I feel so proud.

  23. I like how the cat meows angrily if you pull its tail. Watch out! Don’t get it too angry or it will join the robot revolution… *nee, nee, nee*

  24. ThisIsNotSubtle says:

    Aw man, I want one. It’s cute-o-creepalicious. Considering my dogs already think the Furby is some kind of Magic Dog Prophet, they’d likely worship this as their new Magic Dog God.

  25. hmm. seems like it would be more realistic if it attacked when its tail was pulled, instead of just yowling…for that matter, if my cat is any representation, it should probably attack if you pet it for more than 2 minutes straight!

  26. creepy? yes.
    do i want one? secretly, yes.

  27. A-HA HAAAA! I love it! And I think I have one of those chicks! I’ll have to find it and post a vid of it on YouTube.

  28. fish eye no miko says:

    “Neko-chan kawaii”? Ie! Neko-chan KOWAI!

  29. I still think we got our asses handed to us because that cat looks so real!! It’s still creepy though!

  30. Okay, at the end, when it puts its head down, I thought it was getting ready to hairball.

  31. Well… I have three cats, and this bot does NOT look like an actual living cat to me.

  32. homer mariner says:

    fish eye no miko – I totally agree with you! Kowai ne!

  33. I love how it gets mad when she grabs his tail!

  34. Maybe an ROUS for the Dread Pirate Robert???

    I thought the kitty was very strange indeed but….I still wouldn’t mind having one, but I’m not gonna pay that much for it!

  35. Yeah, I find this REALLY creepy and not at all cute.

    And not just because I think it’s completely reasonable to fear the inevitable overthrow of the human race by robots that we ourselves designed…

  36. Wow, that cat costs like $80.

  37. Space Cowgirl says:

    Well, now that we’ve all repeatedly established that it’s creepy despite Meg having already said so in the original post, I must say I wouldn’t mind having the baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaby chick shown at the very end.

  38. That kitty reminds me of this Japanese commercial:

    Though I think the fat kitty is cuter.

  39. I think it the neko-chan was kawaii, but I’d prefer real cat. =3 Well d’oh.

  40. what kind of litter box does this thing need ?

  41. Peg of Tilling says:

    Mental picture of owner scooping dead AA batteries from litterbox…

  42. Okay, that is pretty damn cute. Wonder when the puppy is coming out.

  43. i think there should be a new category – cute or creepy

  44. o m g. its. possesd.

  45. Yeah, it’s all fun and games until it starts shooting lasers out of it’s eyes and clawing the furniture! 😀

    That is a scary cat, period.

    The weird thing is that birdie is stragely alluring……

  46. I bet this thing would look cute when tied to a car bumper by a string and then towed at 45 MPH.

    [channeling Clark Griswald here]

  47. Wow, at first I was completely ready to second Lola’s motion for a Cute or Creepy category, and then I realized what strange and unfortunate floodgates would open…I for one refuse to pave the way for daily bug/slimy thing/weird robot kitty posts…let’s stick to plain “cute” plsthx (by the way, the robokitty is hilarious, I secretly want one)

  48. I wonder what my kitties would think of this….probably nothing, since it doesn’t smell like a kitty (to them at least). Yup, kinda creepy.

  49. Where can I get one? I want! XP

  50. Yikes!! Totally creepy!

  51. Maybe if it coughed up hairballs the Army could use it.

    Robotic cat yack for peace in Iraq.

    Think of all the lives that could be saved!

  52. Design Pattern says:

    I’m waiting for the preggers version, where it yowls and squeezes out little electronic kittens.

  53. This the most wrongedy-wrong thing I’ve seen in quite a while…

  54. Infant and PJs and pool and 5 minutes.

    …now to teach the cat to use the baby as a raft…

  55. Shannon Johnson says:

    Uh,ok. What was that?

  56. Aww… it’s a little kitty… I wonder if I pull a real live kitty if it will growl like the kitty in the moving pictureses?

  57. Creeeee-py.

    I’m gonna have nightmares. Do NOT want!

    The chickie, however, is cute.

  58. Supertoys last all summer, right?

  59. I want that little chick!!

  60. TeratoMarty–tewtelly uncanny valley

    PoT–*love* the battery image


  61. Aha, but can it do my taxes and my laundry?

  62. You know, the robots were content to be our oppressed slaves until we crossed them with nature’s most arrogant and demanding pet…

    Mankind is doomed, doomed I tell you!

  63. peas and carrots says:

    I love reading you guys’s comments!!

    Scooping dead batteries out of the litter box.. hahahaha..

    Speaking of litter box, I gotta clean mine. 😦

  64. I grew up in Japan and I had one of those little birds!

  65. My eyes! My eyes are burning!

  66. Bengal Mom says:

    Oh my, I believe I will have to get one for my coworker whose husband won’t let her get a real cat!

  67. Shanynrose says:

    Philip K. Dick – in his short story/novella
    “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” aka the precursor to Blade Runner,
    most of the animals had died and many people had electronic animals to fool the neighbors – owning an animal was a real status symbol. The electronic animal repair services were disguised as “vets” so the neighbors wouldn’t know your cat or sheep or whatever was a fake.
    See, he was telling the future.

  68. “Mental picture of owner scooping dead AA batteries from litterbox…”


  69. This guy kinda reminds me of Toonces…I wonder if it can drive a car…

  70. well, I never even saw the point in enjoying fake flowers, now people are expected to like something thats simply not what it pretends to be…? Holding a baby chick is so wonderful just because its a vulnerable spark of life and could die… where’s the point in holding a battery driven pseudo chick? I mean, I can see the weird humour side of it, but somehow I dont think thats why these things sell.

  71. I used to have an animaltronic sheep but it didn’t work well due to lack of RAM.

  72. My daughter had an animatronic kitteh when she was little. She loved it until it started coming on at night for no reason. It totally freaked her out and she wouldn’t even have it sitting out, so we had to remove its batteries. I think this one’s cute, but it wouldn’t be after about five minutes.

  73. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    My cat Stan would beat the batteries outa it and rip its head off, like he recently did to a Squirell sans the batteries of course (or was it?)

  74. [GROAN] GrannyCorp…

  75. Yitzysmommie says:

    Peg of Tilling – snort, giggle, guffaw, out loud laughing at your wonderful comment.
    I’m with Miss Megster on this one – creepy.

  76. book_monstercats says:

    1. Liz, bunnies DO need sweaters, especially as cute as that one.

    2. LOVE the robohairball and the batteries in the cat-litter images, Peg and Jen.

    3. Do NOT like the floating baby – interestingly, the way he “walked” towards the pool wasn’t lifelike.

    4. Grannycorp, LOL.

    5. I like lists, but do not like the animatronic

    Great day for posts. LOLed at all of them.

  77. You Peeps are ON!

    Wbirdie — now you’ve got me flashing (heh!) back to the SNL “Laser Cats” skit.

  78. Pheas:

  79. Hehehe. I want one! And a chick too! 😛

  80. O.O I want it.

  81. Does it occasionally throw up when its been into too many house plants? Does it come equipped with a litter-box too? Nothing beats the real deal! : )

  82. Uh, looks great, but I’d take a real kitteh instead!

  83. aibo with fuzz

    and even more cayooot!

  84. I had one of these. What you don’t hear in the advert is the awful mechanical droning as it moves. It literally goes “bzzzzzz!” (turns head slightly) BZZZZZZ! (Opens eyes) It’s so noisy it freaks you out because your concentrating on the noise not the cat toy. It also doesn’t feel like a cat, it’s hard to the touch. (It also needs like a kajillion batteries to keep it BBBZZZZZZ! going)

    Le sigh. It sounds good, I know.

  85. I forgot to add, I sold it on e-bay & had a TONNE of people calling me “cruel” for selling a “toy cat with real cat fur”. They thought I’d skinned a cat. They were from Russia and mis-read my ad!

    I was glad to see the back of that wretched toy.

  86. holy crap this is what nightmares are made of! did that creepy thing get angry when the kid pulled its tail! AH! i’m officially scarred for life.

  87. Don’t the Japanese EAT cats?

  88. Kristi — yep, just like us Americans eat trolls.

  89. Theo – LOL!

  90. pistache268 says:
  91. I think Pistache is stunned speechless.

  92. Why does everyone think this is “creepy?” Boo to that – it’s kawaiiiii dang it! I have the predecessor to this – Near Me – and I was tickled to see they’re working on improving it (because while cute, it definitely needed some work). Japan 0wnz cuteness forever!

  93. Sega’s isn’t the only robot cat on the market.

    This one is cuter because it does more, and is more lively – genki, I think I should say.

    It twitches it’s ears, wags its tail (in a cat like way) and blinks. Sega neko never blinks – also turns it’s head and paws floor a bit.

    It was probably the ear twitch that got me.

  94. Oops I hadn’t watched the Sega cat since yesterday. I guess Sega’s catmotron does do most of those things, but more slowly..

  95. ear twitch! and love that hitek soundtrak!

  96. One Eyed Daruma says:

    I wonder if it can swim.

  97. These things are all well and good with cutesy music playing in the background on a pink backdrop, but in real life it looks jerky, and the meow sounds very pre-recorded. It’s hard to the touch and after a while you figure out exactly how to make it purr or hiss (at least on mine it’s this way) because you can quite easily feel the buttons you need to press under the fake fur. Not only that but you can hear the motors whirring with every move, which sends it down into the uncanny valley from weird into downright creepy. I have some US robo-cats, don’t ask where I got them. One is a very fake-looking grey and white one that just meows, purrs, moves its head, and twitches its ears (accompanied by the ever-present mechanic whirring) and one is a black “newborn” that’s newer and more complicated- it also kind of squints, kneads its paws, and twitches its tail. Since it’s far smaller its servos hit a very high and annoying drone when it moves, unlike the whirring of the big one.

    This is a video I found without cutesy music of the Yume Neko Smile:

  98. Naughty girl! What did that konerko ever do to you?

  99. Mental picture of owner scooping dead AA batteries from litterbox…

    Posted by: Peg of Tilling

    Ahahahaah..i have been slayed by that,P of T.
    but for the teenie ones- wouldnt you need triple A’s, or watch batteries?Better yet, picture Rechargables,would solve the smell problem fer sure!

  100. Hey– heres the link to the sega toys website.
    apparently,they have 2 robo-kitties:a grey tabby and the white one, along with the cute fuzzy chickie!

  101. i don’t think this is creepy at all [am i the only one? cuz i’m too lazy to read all before-hand comments.] i think it’s quite realistic, more realistic than FurReal kittens [although yes tiny bit less cute]. if i already didn’thave my Mon-kay 🙂 i’s like un

  102. CCat – that is way creepy!

  103. May I suggest a “Cute or Creepy” category?

  104. Theo, I wouldn’t know, since I am not American..

    I was making a joke. Clearly one that was lost on you.

  105. you guys obviously havent seen cute with chris!!

  106. It was a crappy joke, Kristi, regardless of where you’re from. Suggesting that Japanese people eat cats is ignorant and xenophobic, and just plain not funny.

    Exactly what was lost on whom, here?

  107. Theo, you poking others wit your sharp wit again?
    What have I told you about using sharp objects like that against the defensless?

  108. Nothing yet.

  109. (smacks self on forehead)
    DOH! Sorry, forgot myself there and went into Mother mode. Must’ve been lecturing one of my kids and just couldn’t stop myself. As you were Sir Theo!

    Ok, go ’bout your bizness folks, nuffin to see here… (mops up blood and dust-busts chalk outlines)