BOSS KITTEH SEZ: Only EIGHT WEEKS LEFT to shop for Halloween costumes!


LEOPARD KITTEH SEZ: Dress me like this and ye shall perish!


Just sayin’, Christi Y. Don’t buy the frog one!!!



  1. Crumpet ticklings! I always wanted to do that. TPS reports!

  2. Kitteh gives the ‘stare of Cold Death’ to whomever out her in this leopard suit…

  3. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Poor fellahs look embarassed but cute. This cornucopia nay Tsunami of cute was well worth waiting for.

  4. Oh, do follow the link and read the copy on the linked site. Never mind take a look at the additional cattumes that you can obtain. I am weeping with laughter, I can barely see the keyboard…..

  5. how many bandages do you need after dressing pittys ?? Bulk peeps bulk I say the expressions are priceless

  6. The Cat Prin site is just wonderful. I discovered it months ago and it still makes me howl!! The Anne of Green Gables disguise is my favorite but I still can’t figure out what “Tippet” is.

  7. i loff when aminals pull their faces in back toward their bodies in utter disdain and disapproval and dees kitty-kitties have it down pat

  8. peas and carrots says:

    HAHAHA! Floppy ear kitteh in a suit!! Floppy ear kitteh in a suuuuiiit!

  9. Ah! Now I’ll sit and wait for Halloween pets.

  10. I may be remembering my antique clothinks incorrectly, but methinks a tippet is a short cape like thing, that only covers the shoulders…

  11. SEE ALSO: “Cat Town” (from the links under More More More, in the right-hand margin)

  12. …um yeah, like “anonymous” said already.

  13. Yitzysmommie says:

    Cat Prin site = hilarious!
    I can just imagine the looks Yitzy would give me while wrestling off the costumes.

  14. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    hurr hurr hurr oof



    “A cat will not be felt cold if the circumference of a head is warm.”


    oh em gee. i think i’ve used my entire laugh quotient for the day on those two sites.

  15. The Anne of Green Gables cat looks like she’s ready to rumble. LIKELY TO HAVE A BROOM AT ANY MOMENT! Look out!

  16. omg…Anne of Green Gables…omg

  17. Absolutely the red scarf and curls are to die for! Must have for Molly! Thanks for the link.

  18. YOU MUST GO TO CAT TOWN!(link above) My favorite episode is School is on Fire!

  19. Question! Does anyone else think the first kitteh look like Dwight Shrute without glasses?

  20. you posted this before, Meg. its worth a repeat though

  21. this is really wrong.
    but i love the leopard skin hat and collar, its the cutest thing ever!

  22. I am without forgetting the language of gratitude to a Meg: I be flooded — a way — good — having done one’s best — ! —
    My recently awoken housemate called me “laughing buddha” moments ago. I guess the giggles were pretty loud.

  23. Rachael C. says:

    *clicks on link*….*dies laughing*

    I love the expression on the cat wearing the ‘Lady blouse’ i.e. ‘If I die of shame now, will I be reincarnated as even cuter kitty and suffer similar fate?’

  24. If you really want to dress up for Halloween, the Gigolokitty has fashion tips….

  25. A cat is gorgeous and wild Leopard which disguises itself!

  26. Dewds, the CatPrin site is one of the finest examples of modern Engrish as I have ever seen.

    Also, Cat Town Rulz!!

  27. Someone…is going to get bitten later. With the back legs kicking them as well.

    I can tell by ze look in ze eyessss…

  28. ThreeCatNight says:


  29. The descriptions on that site are priceless.

    “Cats to become a rabbit should gather immediately now here.”

  30. I found Catprin on my own a couple of years ago and wanted to buy the ‘maid’ outfit with the wig but I didn’t know how to buy from them! Someone needs to sell these in the states!

  31. “It is the shirt which matches well to a handsome cat and which was pretended just for a moment.”

    just for a moment? ok then 😉

  32. Shannon Johnson says:

    This is really weird. My cat would kill me, if i did that to him.

  33. CAT PRIN — the tailor for a cat you know — it is — fact which will become dearer than former if a cat has clothes on

    Don’t you doubt? “Although I want to dress with dress extravagant with my cat, doesn’t a cat dislike having” clothes on?
    It is impossible that continue for time long to be sure, and you continue dressing a cat. But about [ to which you dress a cat and take a commemorative photo on special days, such as a birthday of a cat, ] is OK.

  34. 1. You need to dress a cat. And you will say to a cat together with a family. “It has changed just for a moment”. [ “it being very dear” or ] You will pass pleasant one time.

    2. If a family and a cat become fortunate, you will take a commemorative photo! Therefore, please photo your cat lovelily with much trouble.

    3. If it finishes taking a photograph, you will make it remove clothes from a cat immediately. You will say then, without forgetting the language of gratitude to a cat. “– be flooded — a way — good — having done one’s best — ! — ”


  36. meooooowwwww!…

  37. Those are the scariest cats that I have ever seen

  38. OMG!!1! muhuhuhuhhhaaaaaaa. I laughed so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeks and nearly had a small *ahem* ‘accident. Also, I am now pretty sure that my co-workers believe that I am certifiably insane from the crazed laughter emanating from my cubicle. You guys HAFTA click on the link and go to the webiste. I say it again, OMG.

  39. i cannot stop laughing at these pics. especially the white kitteh and the “dont do it” caption. ohhh so cute

  40. Mrs. Robinson says:

    Can’t you just see Miss Kitty in the leopard print in “The Graduate?”

    “Would you LIKE me to seduce you?”