When you’re thirsty AND hot…

Try this!

It’s a total time-saver! [Pup runs head under stream, then takes off with helicopter ears.]


Excellent Corgage, Dee C…. 😉



  1. Perfect! Can you send him over? I need some cooling off here in San Diego!

  2. That little extended toe is killing me.

  3. He can land over at my place, I’ll make him a little landing pad and everything.

  4. I would so kiss that pink velvet belly!

  5. I hope that the weather cools off were its needed most for all you peeps and your fur-kids.
    Cute puppeh in fountain

  6. SQUEEEEEEE chopper corgie!!! I lubs heem!

  7. There’s nothing cuter than a Corgi pup! Anyone know if this little guy is a Cardigan or a Pembroke? I’m guessing Cardi because of his rounded ear tips (Pems are more pointy) but it’s hard to be sure.

  8. OMG, it’s a Corgi with beagle coloring…I think I’m in love. Those ears look so tasty…

  9. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Do they charge corkgage at this fountain?

  10. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    That should have read Corgi-age

  11. i liked ‘corgkage’ (like corkage fee) Gladys–
    goes with the whole he’s chilling his ‘grapes’ in the sparkling bubbly imagery i was getting ^^

  12. lurkingsmirk says:

    oh the widdle hind paw!

  13. It’s the grin that gets me. That’s a happy little dude. 🙂

  14. Hey, put that back leg down! You want to get a time-out along with countertop kitty?

  15. Hamster on piano with popcorn.

  16. So cuteeeeee….

  17. Love Corgies! What a doll!

  18. Belleh! Oh man the belleh and the itsy little legs are murderin’ me. And I wanna be that happy!

  19. pffft! oh he’s adorable. lookie them ears!

  20. pass me a hot Dog and drink please.

  21. Yes, Caspian is a Pembroke. He loved playing in the fountain. It was a great way to cool him off in the heat we had yesterday in Oceanside, CA.

  22. OMG really you named him Caspian what a cool puppy name.

  23. BWAHAHAHAH at hamster wit popcorn vid

  24. OMG! I like that dog! Didn’t know what breed it was until I read later in the posts it was a Pembroke Corgi. Such a cute lil pup!

  25. Absolutely precious. The combination of the big ears and the short legs gets me every time. Love the Corgis!

  26. perhaps a cooler climate would be more appropriate.
    please send him to me up here in portland oregon.
    i will take the best of care.

  27. ^ yeah, totally. What I wouldn’t give to take this little fella home.

    Look at that million dollar smile!!

  28. ooh, handy dandy puppeh rinsey!!

  29. Oh man, this baby is SO gorgeous!!!

    My friend has…um….six Corgis, now.

    Luv da Corgis!!! Especially THIS color! So purty!

  30. Shannon Johnson says:

    Helicpoter dog, how cute.

  31. omg your dog is soo cute!

  32. Oh, I think my heart just melted! The little white boots! The precious corgi grin! AWWWWWW! We used to have a tri-color like this, but we rescued him as an adult, so I never knew HOW cute he must have been as a puppy!