Passive and Agressive

OMG, these two kittehs are SO BAD. First, they’re all "I Shall Leeck You" and then they’re all: "Ye Shall Perish".

[eye roll]




Lentiki, these kittehs should be on the cover of Cat Psych 101.



  1. I have a lab and a toy fox terrier who do the same exact thing. kiss kiss then they’re wrestling over rawhides.

  2. Is that REALLY their names?! Passive and Aggressive? That’s fantastic.

  3. AuntieMame says:

    Cat Psych? Or Psycho Cat?

    And Passive and Aggressive would be perfect names. LOL!

  4. oh yeah, I see that behavior like a bazillion times a day…
    lof da kittehs!

  5. Marissa Melton says:

    Ah yes, I recognize zees: the Adoration Feint. My two Feline-Americans do it too. Starts with a bath, ends with ear-boxing!

  6. i love the way the grey one totally turns the tables on the black one.
    seems like the lil black one was like “totally in her space” anyway.
    Probably deserved it.

  7. no no no

    i refuse to beleeve some ones named the kittehs Passive and Agressive

    no no no

    *walks off muttering stuff about rings with cakes on them and passive-agressive kittehs*

    *heads towards closet for a while, hello darkness my old friend*

  8. They got it backwards, you are supposed to fight and THEN kiss and make up NOT the other way around.

  9. My cats do exactly the same thing. They’ll be lovey-dovey one moment, and the next they’re hissing and fighting. And they DON’T make up afterwards. =^..^= =^oo^=

  10. OMG! it's Carrie says:

    sure, it’s all good until someone touches you funny!

  11. I think many cats do that. We’d be like “no huggy no, its a trap don’t fall for it” but she’d let bubsy kiss her until he got bored and then

    dan da da

  12. LOL. Silly kitties.

  13. Why come no ‘i shall leeck you’ category?

  14. Yup, this is exactly what my boycats do when they fight. They start out all sweet, licking each other’s faces, and then it becomes a full-on fight as they tumble and chase each other all around the house.

  15. Knock, Knock…Metaskins, can I come in and join you in the darkness?

  16. Aggressive cat is Aggressive. Defensive cat is Defensive.

  17. LOLOL

    “tonight we dine in HELL!!!!”

    silly kitties!!

  18. It’s a dominance thing.

    “I’m the Momma!” “No, I’M the Momma!” “NO NO I”M THE MOMMA”

    As soon as Recipient Cat begins washing Instigator Cat, the countdown begins. My cats last about 10 seconds before the hitting starts…

  19. This must be in the cat manual, ’cause my guys do it, too.

    It’ll be all






    (rassling ensues)

  20. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I Love you, I hate you, I love you, I hate you……

  21. My cats act like that all the time. Lol.

  22. Seven Paws says:

    The blackie really has the psycho Halloween kitty thing goin on!

  23. My cats do the same. I always figured that leecking wasn’t really luving but more like tasting.

  24. Very familiar with this sitch. I only have one cat but he does that to me and the poor dog all the time. The dog always looks at me like, “What did I do?!?!”

  25. Waaaiit ..

    *checks sidebar*

    There’s no “Ye Shall Perish” category!

    … why not??

  26. Missa — you’re maybe thinking of “Cute OverloRd”?

  27. Mary (the first) says:

    From what I can see of black cat he looks exactly like my dear departed black cat .. ::snf:: 2 yrs. ago today, I think. But yes the behavior is very familiar. Leeck leeck until one gets tired of it but the other doesnn’t. One says “ok stop now” and the other says “make me” and away they go. “rassling” as someone said.

  28. Wha … You mean dis not Cute OverloRd…. Hmmm coulda sworn i was Der’

  29. Man i have to adult cats that do that on a regular basis LOL

  30. *lewks at the closet door where Metaskins and Sara are chilling*

    *starts singing…

    “here we are in the closettttt” [Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Nicole Kidman, R. Kelly South Park ep]

  31. Metaskins, is there room for a 3rd? I’ve got the mumbling part down pretty well.

  32. girlnextdoortn says:

    2cats+licking=impending doom to one or both.

    Yowling shall follow.

  33. This is off-topic, but why isn’t kronsch in the glossary?

    [ ]
    [There’s no fixed spelling… – Ed.]

  34. I love the names. My cats have food names. “Gravy.” “Snack.”

    But essential-state-of-mind-abstractions are SOO much better.

    I’m going to name the next one “Ennui.”

  35. Pooh & Tipper do this too. Leeeckleeeeckleeecke KRONSCHE! Leeeck Leeeck KRONCHEWRESTLEFIGHT.

  36. Alexis — how about any/all of these?

    – Flummoxed
    – Emblematic
    – Nydus
    – Gestalt
    – Cosmopolitan
    – Headlong
    – Serendipitous
    – Summation
    – Belch

    (sorry… I have trouble following conventions)

  37. Theo — I like Gestalt. “Schadenfreude” would be a good one too.

    I love CO. It really improves my vocabulary.

  38. (“Belch” sounds like something we’d actually name one of our cats, though. The third — non-food-named one — was almost “Toilet.” He ended up being Rocket, though I was pulling for “Bug” and my boyfriend for “Office.”)

  39. Heee! Funneee!

    And, there it is again….crazee kittehs….lovin’ and chompin’ all ina same time zone! 😉

  40. And how long after this spat were the two of the sleeping next to each other ? 20 minutes or less
    I have heard some goofy animal names today, Theo you keep me laughing

  41. First picture is like “Ying Yang cats”!

  42. Shannon Johnson says:

    MEOW!!!!!!!!!!! CAT FIGHT!!!!!!

  43. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    This is what I love about cats, the f**k you, are you completely mad look they give you when you squee over them,the struggle to get away “I’ve had enough snorgling, thank you” etc. It’s the sheer unpredictability. As someone once said A cat is a wild animal that chooses to live with you.

  44. darkshines says:

    Just a litle heads up peeps, to the person who posted the link to “aggressive cat is aggressive, defensive cat is defensive”. If you go to that site, they are actually porn links. I just got banned from my fave forum for linking what I THOUGHT was a picture of a kitty, but in real life turned into disgusting tub girl porn. So thanks for that, you idiot.

  45. i think the grey one might have been leeked on the wrong spot

  46. Love the pet names! We generally go for complicated names that are then cut down to size, our cats are Obi Wan Nairobi, Odette aka The Stupid Bup. The DOg is named Bastian Balthazar Bux. Buns are Nanny “Gytha” Ogg and Roxbury Jack. And I once had hammies named MacDuff, Chewbacca, and Thorin Oakensheild. Because the cuter and fluffier the animal, the bigger the name needs to be, for the sake of their dignity. But I am loving Headlong and Gestalt.

  47. people sorry to disappoint you but the cats’ names are as simple and ordinary as can be 🙂 black Siberian is Masenka and silver British is Adelka. Masenka is quite passive, though, while Adelka is rather active than aggressive. However we have a third one in a party – hysterical or call it aggressive – Babetka (tabby European)

  48. One of my kittehs is named Trivet. A friend who’d forgotten his name once called him Velcro, which would also be excellent.

    I have heard tell of a college student with a rat named Free Beer. I guess he named it for something he loved!

    An acquaintance once had three cats named after their sounds: Ick, Squack, and Brown.

    A colleague has dogs Vioxx and Paxil.

  49. Trivet and Velcro. LOL. Excellent.

  50. Seven Paws says:

    Psycho kitties…qu’est que c’est?

    mrow mrow mrow mrow
    ehnehnehn CHOMP…

  51. My kitteh’s name is Free. Which poses a problem when you put it on a tag.

  52. Every mom knows “laughing turns to crying” and of course “licking turns to biting.” It’s in the siblings manual.

  53. one of the erins says:

    Darkshines, I got a blog with some lolcats on that link. Maybe something was wrong with it and it’s fixed now?

  54. Yup, One of the Erins, I also get a picture of a black cat jumping at a marmie.

  55. actually the problem may not be the picture but linking it… remember the picture on the one post where some one linked to a site and on CO we got the goatsee picture instead of what the CO person posted.
    Because it was a direct link to the picture from a blog.

  56. I don’t know, lentiki, those names sound pretty exotic to me! What do they mean?

  57. Masenka and Adelka are hardly simple and ordinary names!! Very exotic sounding. Maybe they’re fighting because: “My name’s Masenka!” “No, MY name’s Masenka!!” “I will bite you now!!!” I know, I need a life…

  58. “I love you”
    “I love you, too”
    “You don’t know HOW to love!”

  59. Bwa HA ha, Suda!

  60. BuckeyeChicagoan says:

    These two look just like my Topaz and Gomez.

    Gomez just wants to groom Topaz, and she can’t stand it.

  61. Seven paws, you are keeeling me! teh earworms! GAHHHHHHH!

  62. Total Fatal Attraction. If I can’t lick you no one can!!!!!

  63. just like my babies at home!

  64. I love the names. My cats have food names. “Gravy.” “Snack.”

    But essential-state-of-mind-abstractions are SOO much better.

    I’m going to name the next one “Ennui.”

    I think that food names for cats are the best. I have a large orange Manx kitty whom I call” The Cream Puff. I’ve always wanted to name a cat Burgers or Buffet, too. That’s funny.

  65. Ex-Network Geek says:

    Awww. Mine do that too, but I’ve never managed to catch it on film. Excellent picture-taking, Lentilki.

    Pheas, OMG!!! I now know what my cats should have been named. See I’ve thought for a long time that my cats emit some kind of sleep ray, because I can hardly stay awake if they come and lie on me. So clearly Valium would have been a good name. Or Pentobarbital. Or for the more classically minded, Hypnos (the god of sleep).

  66. My cats do this at least three times a day. Lick, lick, love, swat, hit, hit, lick. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  67. Believe me, the names are really pretty normal. In Czech. They are 🙂

  68. And yet, normal Czech names sound so *exotic* to my American-English ears.

    Does “Spot” sound exotic to Czech ears?

  69. Theo, no, not really. Spot sounds quite normal 🙂 It even has a meaning in Czech although it is a loanword (e.g. TV spot)

  70. homer mariner says:

    It’s an interesting fact that fewer than 17 % of Real cats end their lives with the same name they started with. Much family effort goes into selecting one at the start (“She looks like a Winnifred to me”), and the as the years roll by it suddenly finds itself being called Meepo or Ratbag.

    — (Terry Pratchett, The Unadulterated Cat)

  71. My cats do that too. I think it’s more like “now, remember, we’re friends, right? This isn’t going to be a real fight, this will just be a play fight, because I’m not mad at you, see, because I’m grooming you, remember?” Then the licking turns to biting turns to rassling turns to chasing each other madly from one end of the apartment to the other, with occasional breaks for more licking. The kitty version of the play bow. You know it’s all in play when there’s no vocalization, just silence broken by the occasional thumping of their hard little heads on the floor.