Macro views + foods = delectablessss

People, if you’ve been reading C.O. for ANY length of time you know that close-ups and delicious morsels (be it a kitten schnozzle or a bunnular tuft of fur) are pure ecstacy!

So when alert Sender-Inner Elicia W. sent in this hamster-sized and hilarious jewelreh from Etsy, we hadta post it STAT! Please check out this Crepe Pastry Puff Dessert ring!


And, Raspberry White Chocolate Cake on a Plate! Hee.


Make sure your hamster uses the fork when he tries to eat it, Sara F. 😉



  1. Snail’s dessert!

  2. I’m hawngry now.

  3. This kind of stuff along with the previous post of the apple cozy is my least favorite content put up on CO. Stick to the animules, they are actually are cute, not annoying with sickening sweetness.

  4. Sarah F. (Different Sarah F.) says:

    I love, love, love the cake earrings!

  5. luvinmalssomuch says:

    That is adorable.

  6. So is it Etsy Promo Week or what?

  7. Dunno…whipped cream and cucumber?

  8. hey Seyo…

    shush. if Meg says it’s cute, then it’s worthy of being posted here – it’s her website, not yours.

  9. Love the rings! Mmmm… Definitely delectables.

  10. BlueCalico says:

    OMG – now FOOD is cute!

  11. Geez M.V. that’s KIWI, Duh.

    this is absolute perfection.
    did she sell out too?
    the girl who makes the felt puppers sold out, COL is making some BANK for the ETSY sellers!
    very nice.

  12. omg…how cute, how cute, how CUTE!

  13. Oh my, look at the teeny fork!!

  14. pavlovian response happenin’ over here!

  15. of course…tiny little is cute too. 😀 I don’t see why who’s banking on who should bother anyone. Personally, I love seeing cute products pre-selected for without having to search the WWW. One stop cuteness…yay.

  16. and for the first time in my life browsing jewelries makes me hungry!

  17. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    I used to make things like this, now my close sight is shot. Though its probably age related.

  18. Little Things Placed (or Plated) On Rings.



  19. peas and carrots says:

    This is boring.. along with the apple cozy thing. It has nothing to do with animals. At least the tiny stuffed animals were animal-related.

    I agree with seyo, these are my least favorite posts.

  20. one of the erins says:

    ok sherioushly, there is no rule in the rule list that *I* can find that says only animals are cute.

  21. They’re beautiful AND delish-looking!!! I must have them!

  22. ya can’t go wrong wit food,
    ya jus’ can’t

    …specially if ya can drop the micro-food into water and it expands into super-mega sized food that you can actually eat ^^

  23. Soo Cute sooo tiny and perfect..
    all you grumblers just don’t look the rest of us will drool.

  24. AuntieMame says:

    I could never wear one of those. Too much subliminal suggestion. I’d be stopping by the pastry shop every night on the way home from work.

  25. essensual –
    who said anyone was bothered?
    please read my post carefully. there is nothing negative there.

  26. The first one looks like ‘Animal’ from the muppets!

  27. Holy adorable, Batman!


  28. liz — maybe essensual was confused by your use of “sold out.” I was at first. Then I realized you meant, “ran out of inventory” and not “abandoned ideals for cash.”

    I totally want to eat those rings. I’m with AuntieMame. I couldn’t live with them and remain human-sized.

  29. pheas-
    you’re probably right.
    maybe one of the crafties on ETSY could make these out of hard-candy or something.
    then I’d REALLY never get my hand out of my mouf.

  30. so, Meg discovered Etsy. We may not hear from her for a while now..

  31. awwwwwwww sooo cute

  32. I’m a huge fan of etsy and had never seen her shop before, i had to treat my hardcore ears to some cake earrings. Very cute!

  33. Ha! I just went to the Etsy link and at the top it says: “This item sold out on 9.04.2007”

    Coincidence? I think not!

  34. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Oh my! Have you all seen the rest of Robin’s creations?! If I were more girly-girl I would gladly pay more than what she’s asking for! The prices are like $10-24!!! ‘Course the minimum total order is $100, but individually, I could see paying double!! She’s very talented!!

  35. Ah! It’s an Etsy-splosion this week! Not that that’s a bad thing. 😀

  36. I prefer the cute animals to the cutesy other stuff, myself — but guess what? IT’S NOT MY WEBSITE!!!! And it’s not yours either, seyo, or yours, peas and carrots.

    It’s MEG’S website, and I for one am just happy and grateful that she posts all this cute stuff for us, especially when it’s of the animals, but even when it’s not.

    THANK YOU, MEG!!!! <3

  37. peas and carrots says:

    Rumi – your nose looks a little brown.

    I’m just expressing my opinion. It’s not like I’ll stop looking at this website every five minutes while I’m at work.. err.. not working. haha.

  38. All that’s missing is a teeeeensie snail.

  39. acelightning says:

    M.V. – those aren’t cucumbers, they’re kiwi fruit.

  40. reminds of a skit on SNL. a guy makes mini food dishes for doll-houses and is interviewed on a talk show.
    “yeah, it takes for ever to make tiny grains of rice. it’s almost not even worth it.”

  41. I used to love miniatures when I was a kid. These are great!


  43. Yeah, Meg’s site, and she can post whatever she wants. If I don’t love ’em all, no biggie. But I most certainly am allowed to say “it don’t make me squee”. Especially since I have bought stuff from site sponsors.

  44. Yer makin’ me hungry! 🙂

  45. I just looked at all this woman’s awesome mini food jewelry and now I am so HUNGRY! Dang… anybody have some chocolate fudge?

  46. peas and carrots —

    Bullshit. And cliched bullshit — if you’re going to try to insult someone, at least make an attempt to be original.

    I don’t know Meg, I’ve never bought anything from the site sponsors, etc. I’m simply stating that this is Meg’s webpage, and she can post whatever she wants on it. Period.

  47. Chill people just think about that mini waffle with whip cream kiwi fruit and blueberries and a itty bitty strawberry….Yumm…
    Don’t make me get out the chocolate covered rusty pliers.

  48. Oh yummy yummy yum!!! and Cutie Cutie Cute!!!


  49. I really want some of the little cake slice earrings, but right now, they’re all sold out! This stuff is adorable. As for the people who don’t find it cute: simply move along. It’s a free website so you didn’t lose anything.

  50. oaklandcat says:

    Ol’ Miss Meggy had a blog,
    And on this blog she had some nuffs
    With a “no no ” here and a “NOT LIKE” there,
    Here a nuff, there a nuff,
    Everywhere a nuff nuff,


  51. Hi everyone thanks for the nice posts about my Jewelry and Meg, thanks for the great Press! Send me your address on my Website and I will send you a complimentary Dessert item! Sincerely, Robin

  52. Shannon Johnson says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW CUTE ARE THOSE!?!?!?!?! I WANT ONE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! The Cute — it’s killing me!

  54. peas and carrots says:

    I wasn’t trying to insult you. I was using a cliche to tease you.

    *I* was merely expressing my opinion. It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with it or not.

    But this Etsy website is pretty sweet.

  55. NO, no , no, This is not what we do with tiny yummy desserts! We do not argue over whether or not hey are exceptables, we do theese:
    start smonching!

  56. I hardly ever read the comments on CO, but I did today because I knew there’d be a big ol’ snippy fight over the non-animal content. Thanks for not disappointing! XD

  57. peas and carrots,

    “I wasn’t trying to insult you. I was using a cliche to tease you.”

    Well ok then. 😉 Sorry.

    “*I* was merely expressing my opinion. It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with it or not.”

    I actually DO agree that the animal posts are cuter (no offense intended to the ingenious creator of the jewelry!). Just saying that whatever you or I or anyone else might find cute, cuter, cutest, ultimately what gets posted is up to Meg, as it’s her site.

    “But this Etsy website is pretty sweet.”

    Agreed! 🙂

  58. oaklandcat, you left out the best line of the song!

    “…STFU noobs!”

    [hehe – Ed.]

  59. I died when I saw this! I ordered the Banana Creame Pie ring for my mom! 🙂

  60. peas and carrots says:


    Well okay then! 🙂

    While the post may not be “cute”, it is making me crave cake..

  61. lol, peas and carrots, me too! That thing looks REAL! Tiny, but real, and yummy!

  62. Oh dear. El oh el. Out loud.

  63. Dear Crafter of These Food Rings,

    Where were you when I was nine?! I’d have loved these! LOVED THEM! Now I’m too curmudgeony to wear them.

    Signed, a disgruntled Yubi

  64. WTH…almost everything is sold out.

    I hope Robin’s hands are busily creating new jewelry!

  65. You really should include the actual seller’s name when you list it. Cuz you know, Etsy didn’t make it. :p

    P.S. I’m on Etsy too…(link in name…)

  66. supersweettooth says:

    Or you can make your own, most of her jewelry is made from Re-Ment:
    It’s like, $5 for a whole set of food.