Hon, you cleaned the rasberries, riiiiight?

‘Cause if I find any snailios on there, I’m gonna WIG OUT, MAN!




Snailio Iglesias strikes a-gin. I think I see another mini snailio on thar too—do you, Jennifer?



  1. fluidstatic says:

    OH MY GOD TINY QTE DED. (bleen <3)

  2. (a) Yecch
    (b) Cute!!!
    (c) Yecch
    (d) Cute!!!

  3. bad kitty fluidstatic says:

    sorry. tried to edit and got all uber-posty instead.

    More on-topic… my husband thinks this is photoshopped, but that’s just not faaaair. He’s too detailed to be photoshopped. I want to veeeeery carefully pluck him off his raspberry somehow and put him on a veeeeery tiny flower for to munch upon. <3

  4. If you don’t look closely, you might eat him along with your raspberries. O.O

  5. Le snails are extremely cute but it does make me wonder if I’ve inadvertently soft kronshed some???

  6. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Not a soft kronsh but a crunchy kronch. Blech!

  7. OMG! I’ve never seen anything so tiny. I would have died to see this!!!

  8. too small to be gross, sooooooooo…I guess it’s cute.

  9. rasPberries.

    Sorry, pet peeve of mine.

  10. acelightning says:

    When I lived somewhere that had wild raspberry bushes growing all around, I’d pick berries and make tons of jam and pies and things. I found all sorts of bugs and spiders (which were usually dislodged by gentle rinsing) amongst the berries… but never a micro-snail. That guy is so tiny, he could ride on the head of one of the little fingernail-size green froglettes!

  11. is thur a lil on on toppp??? zomg.

  12. Raspberries with protein content! It’s new! It’s two, two, two food groups in one.

    In a hurry? Forget “fast food” — get some protein fortified raspberries! Yummmmm.

  13. omg I actually scrunched up into a lil ball and squeeed at that one.

  14. I read the comments talking about inadvertently eating this lil guy… and found myself wondering what l’escargot au beurre fattened on ripe framboise would taste like.

    Delicacy! Just a lil nibble!

  15. Gah!! That’s photoshopped. NO snail could be that tiny OR cute, let alone BOTH! It’s just…not…possible…(dies.)

  16. happyaddict says:

    @_@ I have to thoroughly inspect every piece of fruit I put into mouth now.

  17. Theres TWO snails on there. Theres one on the back of it too! SO CUTE!

  18. violetgreen says:

    You’re right, Mina, and the other one looks teenier! Oh no! You, mean those weren’t raspberry seeds stuck in my teeth?

  19. The teenie snails look like they’ve hit the motherload ..

    *suddenly hears the “Hallelujah Chorus” break out*

  20. the snail is cute all by himself, but i’da bin happier if he were say on someone’s finger or next to a bebeh starfish sitting on a micro beach towel under a paper umbrella catching some rays

    food + insects* =/= mix EVAR!

    (*i know he’s not technically an insect)

    *ralphs a little bit*

  21. w@w!

    then again, if i think about it from it the tinysnails’ points of view, (i do see a second one on top,) it’s not just being in paradse, it’s being *famous* for having made it!

  22. If you’re not watching closely, you get some extra protein with your berries…

  23. This is how you know your produce is tasty and organic…

  24. Wow! Micro mini snails. Woo. Maybe that one should be in the Guiness Book of Records.

  25. omg when i scrolled over the photo and read it i almost diiiieeeed. too funny!

    i’ve only been at work for a few minutes and already i really needed a good chuckle. thanks CO>

  26. Kittykandie02 says:

    Perhaps the raspberry is gigundous and the snails are normal-sized.

    If not, I hope I have not eaten any small snails slithering along my raspberries 😦

  27. Is it perhaps, a Racing snail?

  28. AliceTanzer says:

    I have found snails that tiny before. Not on my raspberries, but on seaweed in the ocean. They crawled along my fingertips. 😮

  29. SO.


  30. Those snailios are too too prosh!!! However, me thinks the tag on the pic is the best part 🙂

  31. Yitzysmommie says:

    O M G
    Quiet gagging here at the YM keyboard – I ate a whooole buncho *unwashed* raspberries yesterday, and now I’m envisioning the possibility of having inadvertently ingested Mr Snailio Iglasias along with the berries OOOH NOES!!!
    He’s cute ON the berry, not IN my mouf…

  32. A Noun (is a person place or thing) says:

    I demand to know what “bleen” means.

    […sorry, did you say “demand”?? – Ed.]

  33. now i want some raspberries. hold the snails, please!

    meg, i suggest a steve irwin tribute today!

  34. Moosette — or possibly Euell Gibbons?

  35. Teho is “the mod-ern man! (secret, secret! He’s got a secret!)”
    Domo Arigato, Mr. Bleen-oto.

  36. Totally adorable slimy bit of gritty delight.

  37. how sweet to be a snail
    crawling on a razz..em..
    if someone bites into me
    they’ll probably have a spasm!

  38. theo~ wild foods? that’s the merger between whole foods and wild oats 😉

  39. That’s a normal snail. The 3′ diameter rasberry is quite disturbing though.

  40. When I was about 8 years old my pet snail (Tugs) left behind about a dozen cute tiny snails when she disappeared. I honestly can not remember what I did with them. I guess I was traumatized by the loss of Tugs.

  41. Whew is a back east snailio… Ahh I is safe. (Looks closer at shell to be sure) yep my snailios would make a snack of this snailio.. plus consume entire raspberry in one sitting.

  42. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    I grow raspberries blackberries apples plums and pears, I look out for little grubs but I’ve never seen these little fellahs.While I am picking most fruit goes from plant to mouth with nery a look, I rely on the rain to wash em. Now how ‘green’ is that.

  43. Rule 14 rah!

    Rule 14!

    I loves the rule 14!

  44. and annie…a back east snailio, like New York east…?

    (thinks of several pints o berries consumed over summer from bushes growing outside)

  45. note to self – wear glasses while berry picking

  46. MEtsie not sure bout if you got that kind in New york but I can say pretty sure that kind is in Michigan..(I have seen them there on the lake Michigan side) Our snails in California have a wider fater shell and it lops over to the side not strait up and down like that.

  47. actaully I never see snails in my yard only slugs, lots of slugs


  48. The bebeh snail is adorable! Very relieved I don’t ever buy raspberries.

  49. that is cute and repulsive all at the same time.
    i dont wanna eat no snails on my raspberries.

  50. Hey MEtsie They go with those tinee Tiny frogs that go everywhere when it rains in the summer. you know the ones, so small they just I think get evaporated up in the air and it rains them and then you find them in buckets and so forth where you know they could not have hopped up into.

  51. Pogonip and everyone else mentioning protein… my mother is a technical nutritionist (no, not the kind that advises about diets but what is in your food and what it technically does to your body…), I’m always freaked out when I eat raspberry jam and it crunches (and it does a lot, bc of the small seeds…) because when I was a kid my mother would never wash the raspberries she picked for jam, she would just say “Protein!!”, and “its boiled so its dead” … eh…. then she learned that after a certain age and with a certain wisdom (mum, can I have the apple jam please??) she started buying pre-washed raspberries…


  52. This just in!
    Life discovered on Mars!

  53. Whoh. That is one tiny snail-pants.

  54. so thats where those tiny rogs come from i always wondered why they come out if it rains a lot 🙂

  55. Cannot say it any better than Golan, except to add a little “awwwwwww.”

  56. I had tiny snails like him on a few blackberries I picked this year…though my mini-snails had more of a cone-like shell.
    I fished mine out of the rinse water and brought them back outside XD

  57. Hooray for you, amby! You must have very good eyes! 😉

    I don’t know if I have ever seen a more bipolar peekchur!!!

    Super duper cutie snailio with yummy tasty raspberry holio.

    Man, I love raspberries and I love Snailio Iglesiases.

    I am in a beeg quandry!!!

    Must buy better reading glassees!!

  58. Shannon Johnson says:

    Itty bitty snail, almost need a magnifying glass to see it.

  59. best snail EVARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

  60. and yes allison, that IS one tiny snail-pants

  61. but they are so cute!

  62. i am not seeing the second winkie snail.
    perhaps i need a magnifying glass???

  63. The second one is on top, he’s like, I call King of the mountain lol

  64. Oh. my. golly.

    That shnail and I go wayyy back.
    So, since i wuv raspberries, I gots a box of em from Jewel. Im about to eat one when I see dish shnail on it. Im all like ‘omigoshhhhhh’ and I called Jewel, and their like ‘ yup, those snails, they’ll do that…’ and hung up. Im like ‘mmkk….’

    SO thats my story of me and the raspburry-shnails.

  65. Randazzo’s Fruit Market is happy to announce their newest promotion – free mini escargots with any purchase!!!!!

  66. If I were a rasberry, I for one would love to be romanced by a snail of such delectable tininess.

  67. So cute! I want to take a picture of it and stick it on my nail and cover it with nail polish coating. Then it can be with me everywhere!

  68. harlemgrrl says:

    on the snail is a flea wearing a tiny knitted hat. the flea is snorgling a paramecium with dimples. and the paramecium soft kronsches single pink point of light…

  69. harlemgrrl… cute. 😉

  70. tee hee, thanx :0)

  71. I…didn’t even know they CAME that small!!

  72. So snails taste like raspberries then? Not like chicken? XD