When nature calls—on the kitchen counter

Yeah, I know I got a cleeeeeeeeeean litterbox around here somewhere. I just wanted to be able to say that I took a dump on the counter.



C.O.X.C.U./mugshot of the culprit…

Excellent white-knuckle grippage and caught-in-the-action action, Sender-Inner S.S.! An excellent example of Rule of Cuteness #32.

Discovered on the "What Housework?" blog!



  1. Kitty: Planting bird seed, brb.
    That’s so cute ^_^

  2. “Just helping ‘fertilize’ the plant a bit….”


  3. Bad Kitty!

  4. That’s because he *was* brought up in a barn….

    (Great blog, btw! Now I want to run off to a farm in Vermont!)

  5. Aw! Kitties can even make the toilet cute. Also, is this a kitten with mittens? I can’t tell if he/she has mittens,or if it’s just the angle..

  6. Nope – kitteh has mittens. You can /just/ make out enough of the other leg to verify it. ^^

    Hope he didn’t tip the pot getting out… that would be kind of crappy.

  7. Milo has Victorian Age manners …

    he’s using the pot as a chamber …

  8. Lof the extra thumbage. Those excess toez are always more qte when they’re white.

  9. Shannon Johnson says:

    Interesting fertilizer. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………………………………………………….

  10. martha in mobile says:

    That is just wrong. Excellent capture of the “zen mind – poopy mind” face, though.

  11. I growed you a cat.


  13. What is up with the stoner cats these days? This is the second cat on (in, next to) pot this week!

  14. One of my catsitting clients has a cat who decided to pee on the kitchen counter occasionally. The woman’s response– wouldn’t have been mine– was to put a litterbox there….

    I’m hoping they eat out a lot.

  15. I can’t believe none of youze noticed that this little delinquent has the PINKEST of pinky nosies.

  16. He went potty in a pot??? This kid has a lot of pot-ential, S.S.!

  17. I believe that thats the reason I have no plants in my house. That kitteh is so prud if its accoplishment that I do not know if I could be mad. But the pot would disappear after kitteh goes somewhere else to sleep

  18. proud not prud

  19. Ize in ur flower pot leavin u surprizes

  20. Anonymous Coward says:

    Oh, crap (no bad pun intended), that does not look like a happy cat in the second pic.


  21. I would take cat to the vet. Going to the bathroom outside the box usually means there’s a problem.

  22. Better sitting on the pot than leaving crap on the counters….

  23. I love his face in the second picture, all like “Yeah, I did it. Got a problem with it?”

  24. ::Kirstie Alley voice:: “No, He’s thinking real hard!”

  25. stacy: have you *had* indoor cats around indoor plants?

    i’ve *never* known a cat who pees/poops in plants to have a medical *or* behavioral problem.

    it’s just universally fun to cats. go figure. believe me, i have 25 years’ experience with it.

    …and no, i haven’t had indoor plants in many, many moons. 🙂

  26. I like his face in the first picture. All serious looking. Must be a big one.

  27. In spite of being a 30-something year old female, I still get a chuckle out of phrases like “take a dump.” I think it reminds me of the family dinner table when I was a kid. My father would try to get a rise out of my mom by repeating euphemisms for having a bowel movement during dinner. “Take a dump” was one of them (“lay a log” was another). My mother’s response would always be “Ok, I made a nice dinner… Can we please enjoy it without toilet talk?” But she was definitely trying to suppress giggles.

    Ah, the good old days…

    Super-cute kitty, by the way. Love the (possibly) polydactyl front paws. Just like my Gravy!! (‘Cept hers are brown. Hence the name.)

  28. I caN’t believe nobody has said something like this yet-


  29. ccat heehehhe.

  30. …and Cat would get whomped with a newspaper.

  31. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!1!!

    That is SO dirty!!!!!

    poor kitteh is all “can I get some privacy here?!”

    Wonder what will grow……

  32. I hadn’t noticed the nose, but check out the stubby tailfluff. :0

  33. He “squeezed a loaf” in the kitchen…this is reason #583 why I don’t like cats.

  34. Peg of Tilling says:

    What a great canister set! Love the mugshot too.

  35. – Why don’t you use your litter box?
    – My Dad told me to think outside the box.

  36. DLT, how would you know if there’s no medical problem if you don’t take them to a vet? Not trying to be a nuff (this really is a seriously cute picture, and that kitten is young enough that I doubt he’s going potty outside the box for any reason other than kitten silliness), but it is almost always a good idea to get such behavior checked out. In my (9 cat) experience, most of the time such behavior indicates a URI, especially in females. Imagine having such a bad bladder infection that you cannot even make it 3 yards to the bathroom before wetting yourself, and you can certainly understand why it’s a good idea to get such things checked out.

  37. I wonder how his head got covered in soil in the second picture.

    Martha – What are you doing in Mobile?

  38. :-O

    OMG it’s a KITTY PLANT!

    Where can I get a kitty plant? Is it seasonal? And can the kitties be plucked immediately? I’d appreciate some info, thanks!

  39. The very first thing that came to my mind was “Raargh…zombie cat coming out from the ground!” ^_^

  40. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Poop d whoop.


  42. I have to admit, this is the first time in the history of cuteoverload that I’ve ever looked at a picture and thought, “Meg, what were you thinking?” I just can’t even fathom how a pic of a cat straining to take a crap is cute. I have cats, I love cats.. I just.. don’t get it.

  43. Juniper Jupiter says:


    Reminds me of the time my hubby came home with his birthday cake(German Chocolate…yum)from work…he sets it on the counter to go change into his sweatpants thinkin’ it’s safe in the cheapo plastic snap container it was bought in from our chowhound 3-year-old (at-the-time) black cat Nermal…of course not! We come out the bedroom and sho’nuff, Nermal somehow managed to nudge the cake container open and just starts snarfin’ that cake like it’s his last meal…Hubby starts hollerin’ “GOTDAMMIT!! NERMAL!!!”(which is really rare cuz he NEVER yells at the cats, he really is a mushpot) Nermal snaps his head around to see Hubby bolting towards him and Nermal hurdles over the sink/bar in the kitchen across the dining room into the living room…Quick sidebar, when Nermal gets on my nerves even to this day, say play chomps my toes when I least suspect it, Hubby goes, “Good boy! Go get ‘er!!” and I do vice versa. Back to story…I scoop him up to tell him “GOOD BOY!!!”…German chocolate cake ALL OVER HIS FACE!!! Boy I wish I had a camera !! >^.^<

  44. *barf*

  45. Potting (potty?!) soil is just sooo loose and nice to dig in! Many a newly turned garden has received a visit from a happy outdoor cat!

  46. Juniper! I too have a black cat named Nermal!!! He too is a master at penatrating food continers!
    Although after eight years, my response has withered away to pathethic, resigned, “>sigh< , dammit Nermie..."

  47. Maybe kitteh has uromysitisis and can’t help it. He has to go or he could get uromysitisis poisoning and die!

  48. This happened to me once! The pot wasn’t on the kitchen counter, but when my kitty was a kitten, he knocked over a plant and started digging himself a little spot to squat! We caught him just in the knick of time! 😉

  49. ARRRG!!!! This isn’t cute! I’d be so mad!!!! Stupid cat.

  50. headscratcher says:

    Hmmm…maybe some folks should like, oh, I don’t know…click on the flipping link that the pictures have come from and like, oh, try reading? Just a thought. Cause you know….the whole story behind this picture is AT THE FLIPPING LINK!

  51. another Michelle says:

    OMG Pheas: GET OUT!!! (shove)

  52. ok, not to fuel the fire, here… but cats dig in dirt to go potty… to them, that’s just a smaller litter box…
    which is why I also do not have houseplants that are within cat reach (two small hanging plants)
    it’s all a matter of life’s priorities… to me the best things in life are cats, so’s I can give up my houseplants…
    to someone else, maybe not…
    neither right nor wrong…
    ok, carry on!

  53. Does this pot make my butt look big?

  54. At least in the case of one of my cats, Tigger, “going outside the box” has nothing to do with his health. He will occasionally use the bathtub. And when he does, it’s because I’ve been slow to clean out the litter box. He’s all sayin: “DO UR CHORES, WOOMIN!”

  55. What a cutie even if he is being naughty!

    My kitty has done this twice, both when I forgot to empty her tray.

  56. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Hey, Jen! Awesome! ‘Course now, my Nermal just hit 14, but still acts like he’s 3, despite his ferocious appetite! He and my babeh girl Gentry(who’s a shorthair dilute calico and will be 5 soon, also with same bottomless pit) are very active kitties and love each other dearly (okay, maybe tolerate each other *snerk*). They have a strict diet, but even if they had a hold of what ever they wanted, they would probably still stay at a svelte 7.5 and 8.5 lbs LOL!!!

  57. divine ms k says:

    Yep, what ceejoe said. A container, in the house, filled with loose, sandy-esque stuff? “Why looky, it’s a tiny little litter-chamber-pot, just for me!”

  58. Meg, best use of the word ‘ehn’ (and it’s a great word, innit?) I’ve ever seen on this blog.

    Push, kitty! Push! (since he’s not mine)

    To me, his face in the last picture says: “I am at peace now.”

  59. oh. this kitty would be in SO much trouble at my house….

  60. The true cuteness is the look on the kitties face in the first pic, avoiding eye contact. I think it’s cute when I catch my cat taking a poop and she does that avoiding eye contact look.

    This reminds me of one of my favorite pictures from The Onion ever, it is stuck up on my fridge. Cat sitting next to litter box, poop on floor next to litter box, headline reads “Independent-Minded Cat Sh*ts Ouside the Box”

  61. Smirk Kitties just love potting soil. I still have my plants but haave added rocks on top of the soil. THis seems to do the trick so far but my little brother said his cat just dug the rocks out of the way and carried on. I think his were too small or his cat is more determined.

  62. Lol!!!

    He has dug in the dirt, he has stuck his face in the dirt…now he’s gotta “go” in the dirt.

    All perfectly “kitty” to me.

    LOL!!! Lots of good comments, here!

  63. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    this was probably photoshopped and he’s not pooping at all. He’s actually napping, with a yeast infection.

  64. …wut?

  65. homer mariner says:

    My cat did this once when I didn’t have a plant in the pot yet. Unfortunately, she is a big kittie, and the pot was quite small, and she missed… thank goodness it was out on the deck! This pic is great. Kittehs love their dirt!


    (wipes sweat off brow)

  67. I love my cats, but this would be considered serious rule-breaking in my house. Not cute at all!