The Heisman Ham

Hut! Hut! Hut!!


That’s it, I’ve had it with you [holds paw up in stop posishe]


Julie H., I’m throwing a yellow card at your ham. Serious.



  1. Hey! 😛 […]? Cutie hamster!!

  2. hahahha brilliant hammie:D

  3. Where’d they get a helmet that small? SQUEEEE!

  4. Touch Down!!!!!! and the croud goes wild!!!!!

  5. I’m awarding him a penalty for being so cute!!!


    And OMG that teeny HELMET.

    [snorgle again]

  6. i don’t think he’s big enough to make the team. maybe he should wait until next year to try out.

  7. holy poppin eye beads!

  8. Surely you meant to say “GIT INTO FOR-MAYSH!”

  9. i want to see you tape up those hands how long do you think it will take ?????

    I’ll wait this response….

  10. I’ll wait for a response

  11. I vote for a new category, “Hams in hats.”

    # 1 in the sports series …

  12. Ha! The mouseover text! Quarterham!!! Love it!!

    He’s linebacker cute! I’d love to see him in a little football pants!!

  13. too….cute….AWWWWWWW

  14. Isn’t that a gerbil?

  15. Man, he is JUST toooo cute! I wonder if that’s a Lego helmet…must be bigger than that, huh? Whatever, he’s still adorable. And I agree with golden….little hammie football pants! Ahn!

  16. That is SO cute!

    I think those come out of gumball machines. I used to get them when I was a kid.

  17. See, because of the constant SNORGLING I receive, I must have proteck-shuns …

  18. SuperDuper Cute!!!!

  19. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    I think you mean yellow flag- yellow card is soccer.

  20. What no one has yet to realize is that this is a GIANT HAMSTEYHR and that is people-size helmetitude. Scary? Perhaps. Cute? Oh yes. Snorgle-able? *buries head in floof* Definitely.

  21. Oh lord, it’s Peyton Ham-ming.


    Nope. That’s a hamster fo shizzle.

    (PS: Meg, they use yellow cards in soccer. They throw flags in football… say “Flag on the play”)

  23. another Michelle says:

    Junior Varsity!

  24. this is classic `ham and cheese` ^^

  25. DanBenZvi–ROFL!! Go colts. and Hams.

  26. Shannon Johnson says:

    Football hamster, how cute.

  27. Actually, I believe this is Jack Ham.

    (Was this guy in the starting line for Michigan yesterday? That would explain a lot…)

  28. Dale, that was what I was going to say!

  29. OMG I TOTALLY remember doing that, circa 1978. My brother had a million of those helmets & we’d put them on my five gerbils an watch them totter around and crash into each other. Ahhh… misty water-colored memories….

  30. kitty lover says:

    how cute is that yo!!


    “i said get into FOR-MAY-SHON!!!!!!”

    : – )

  31. Ok, so, maybe yellow card is technically less correct, but it’s funnier – can you imagine the hamster/gerbil/whatever playing soccer in this helmet? Heh.

  32. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Hammy. Now I can try for that mousetrap cheese.

  33. OMFG. ::DIES::

  34. That helmet is the best…but…Isn’t that a gerbil? I don’t think its a ham.

  35. I’m not generally much on the rodents, but that is seriously hilarious.

  36. The “Heisman Ham” is my hamster, Kyle. He is a Russian Dwarf Hamster. Unfortunately, he passed away before he could see himself (famously!) on Cute Overload. So seeing him is a little bittersweet. The helmet is a cupcake decoration and I got him to wear it by schmearing a little pb on the inside of the strap. He would do literally anything for peanut butter. Thanks to everyone who thinks this is a cute picture!

  37. Very cute! I’m sorry for your lose, Julie…

    Though at risk of changing the topiic: anyone else been having trouble with hamster tracker the past few days? I didn’t realize how empty my life was without my daily dose of Lucy…

  38. Ah! A delicious McPigskinnersons! I must have eeet!

  39. I am so sorry for you, Julie. Kyle was the cutest!

  40. Football? Eh. I love baseball. Show me a David Wright or Jose Reyes hamster.

    Oh wait, Jose Reyes IS a hamster!!

  41. PS Jose has got some serious BEF, too. 😉

  42. Ohhhh!!! I used to have about 11 dwarves a few years ago! I got one to wear a tiny tiny little shirt, and i used to sit them in little pumpkin decorations

  43. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Ervel Kegerbil?

  44. Julie H, so sorry to hear about your losing Kyle. Kyle… what a cute name for a hammy.

    I’ve had dwarf hamsters for a number of years. But I must say, I never tried dressing any of them. My rats wouldn’t even stand for that (not that I’ve tried. hmm…)

    Anyway, I know you and Kyle had a lot of fun together. He was one lucky ham.

  45. This is just about the cutest little thing EVER…. I wanna huuuug..

  46. This is just about the cutest little thing EVER…. I wanna huuuug..