Mini-me of your ani-pal

People, this Etsy crafter "Amelia" is awesome.

Please check out these look-a-like felted mini pet portraits. They’re like, identical down to the spot! Hee!


LookalikeThe creator of the pets sez: "I am in love with making these little needle felted dogs and would loveto make one for you!" UM, but can she handle the CUTE OVERLOAD ONSLAUGHT SHE IS ABOUT TO RECEIVE!?

Summer R., excellent find 😉



  1. Another Angela says:

    OH BOY! She can start with my rats and sheepies!!

  2. Eee! Does she do cats? Please tell me she does cats.

  3. I’ve been looking at these for the last few weeks! I love the eyes. I don’t know how she does it.

  4. Another Angela says:

    I don’t know exactly what needle-felting is, but I can’t believe how incredible her dogs are!!

  5. omg! no freakin’ way!

    i totally must have one of each of my dachsies!!

  6. lurkingsmirk says:

    Ok, I totally thought the dog in the pic had a puppy…

  7. Oh DO WANT! I’m going right over there.

  8. Shannon Johnson says:

    I should have done that with my cat Rudy.

  9. NYgirly: I feel ya! I have a rescue dachsie with exactly four teeth and a wickedly crooked nose; I can only IMAGINE what this lady could do with Charlie’s cute mug!

    All you CO’ers…you can check Charlie out doing his thang, here:

    Or just search for “Charlie Wave”

  10. Actually, I believe this is Jack Ham.

    (Was this guy in the starting line for Michigan yesterday? That would explain a lot…)

  11. Garrr…posted to wrong thread. (T)ed–please erase!

  12. *points at Dale and laughs*

  13. these have GOT to be the cutest !

  14. *Has bad elementary school flashback. Sends NYgirly bill for counseling*

  15. I usually just admire the cuteness, but that cool little lookalike reminded me of this site:

  16. Holy moses.. I thought the mini me was REAL. I couldn’t figure out what Meg was talking about until the end and I had an epiphany. LOL.


  17. I knit and crochet already, now I have to take up needle felting too. Dang it.

    (Pssst, needle felting is when you take unspun animal fiber, usually wool, and basically poke and prod it with needles to make it turn into felt. You can make some darn awesome stuff. The other kind of felting is what happens when you stick a sweater in the washer and dryer–shrinking the wool down to make felt. It’s actually not felting, technically.)

  18. I just screamed like a girl.

  19. Holy cow, the needle felting lady is going to be able to quit her day job. If she has one. With skilz like that, why would she?

  20. MUST HAVE!!!!!!! I need one for my Weimaraner and my Chihuahua!!! STAT!!!!!!

    Too freakin’ cute to not snatch ’em up!

  21. LOL! This reminds me of that “Couch Straddler” kitteh, who had his likeness made in the form of a bobblehead!

  22. I does not has teh dawgs but I will buy one of each my kittehs. =^.^=

    (On her Etsy profile it says that her favorite materials to work with include “humor.” I love this chick!)

  23. yankeebird says:

    Is this going to be the Cute Overload equivalent of a slashdotting for this (wicked) awesome crafter?

  24. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Lisa get Charlie to a piano, he might out do Nora the piano playing cat!

  25. They’re sold out! How do you sell out of a hand made craft?

    Cute Overload strikes again!

    And I wanted one of my puppy, too….*pouts*

  26. Yitzysmommie says:

    Too adorabuhls for words. Must save site for future Yitzy look alike.

  27. Fear not that it says she’s sold out! It’s just that item, go to her shop and she has lots and lots…And “Dang” they’re cute!

  28. Lunch Lady says:

    YAY!! 2 ones!!

  29. R. Moore – you’re right; the OMG-my-best-sweater’s-in-the-dryer is “FULLING”; also, those are…well, what everyone else has said. This is ARTISTRY, deep bow and wild applause to Amelia! and yeah…has she tried poozy-kots yet?

  30. harharhar.
    thats soooo funny.
    i like the brown and white
    stuffed dog.
    that makes me chuckle.

  31. you guys!

    yesterday there was one item for sale at this Etsy website

    …now today they’re SOLD OUT!!

    oh for shame CO, oh for shame 😉

  32. now looky what ya dun did ^^

  33. Can we say, “Rule 7”?

    check out her Etsy store…AmeliaMakesArt…..there are a bunch of listings for her dogs….and kitties too …so she will never be SOLD OUT!

  35. went to her Etsy store….

    All her examples are soooo cute!
    I am ordering a mini me of my big fat cat…..hope she has enough wool! At least enough left over to also make my funny little pug! Can’t wait to see how she does his face!!

  36. Catsquatch says:



    Aww man, that was the best part of the post!

    For those who got the Sold Out message, each creation is a one of a kind, custom made for the people who ordered them, so she is not actually sold out, that one particular unique individual was sold to the person who ordered it.
    You too can order one for your pet, and once you recieve it, the model of your pet will be sold out too.

    These are very cute, and she does an amazing job getting the portrait accurate.

    My husband would never let me get my cats portraits done at $125 a pop, we spend enough on them at the vet…..

  37. book_monstercats says:

    …. one talented laydee. Can she supply to the UK?

  38. (BTW, that’s one seriously gorgeous white borzoi there…)

  39. This is pure artwork! As an artist myself I could only dream of executing stuff like this. I just looked at her etsy shop and she has amazing paintings as well. Holy crap, this girl is amazing. I am so ordering one of my cat.

  40. She’s completely sold out!

  41. part of me thinks this is awesome; most of me finds this a little too close to taxidermy and is totally CREEPED OUT.

  42. Hey, she is NOT sold out.

    Click on her Etsy store and see all her listings!!! Fuzzy wuzzy eye candy!!!

  43. Her dogs are adorable, but I don’t care for her cats. Still, awesome, awesome, awesome craftster! What a neat idea!

  44. The dogs are adorable, The art is kinda spooky, but cool!!I have a friend who shares custody of her dog with her ex, and this seems like the perfect thing for her!

  45. shes not sold out.
    just 16 weeks waiting period since she got so many orders.
    she has a contact link on her ETSY page.
    i think its great for all of the ETSY artists.
    i wanted to order one. but they are 125 dollars.
    a little too much for me right this minute.

  46. I would have to get one made of each of my cats…
    that would come to…
    /punches calculator keys/