I am compleeetly eenoscent of all charges!

I had no-tingks to do with the spilled milkk!—NOTINGKS I tell you!!!

Check out more winners at the Cat Contest on ASPCA.org…

// Image removed at request of owner //

Sender-Inner Annette T., way to pick out this delectable morsel!



  1. Is this most rediculously adorable kitteh or whaaaat?????

  2. the kittyfendant will now approach the bench to be sworn in

  3. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    Di eyes?

  4. NebraskaErin says:

    This kitteh has teh awesomeist of ‘dos.

  5. somebody watched a little too much shrek 2!

  6. Awww, Creamsicle kitteh!

  7. Wow I just came back from looking at the other photos. be sure to go check out the honorable mention ones too. cute funny and adorable.

  8. kiki willow says:

    OMG! I have an orange kitty named tybalt too who likes to curl up in small places! It’s all I’M UR TWIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Yitzysmommie says:

    All the pics on the link are cute!
    Since it’s caturday I’m going to shamelessly boost my Yitzy, who appears in two pictures on the 8/31 collection on SOMC.

  10. Another Angela says:

    I want Theo or someone else with kittens to confirm that kittens can do this with their eyes. too moishe!

  11. what i did notkings i was just sitting here what mach 2 I does not know what you are talking about human zip to another spot kitty tries to remember prvious facial expression oh yeah put eye up to human what ?

  12. A kitteh with puppy-dog eyes! Now I’ve seen everything.


  13. Shannon Johnson says:

    OMG!!! Cute Kitten Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. “Who? Me?”

  15. A stunningly cute picture from the round peeking eyes to the stand up red fur – the kitten is absolutely adorable.

  16. *Kitty thinking*

    “Stay…stay…stay… 5 more seconds…. YES!!!”

    *Owner finally decides to spot being mad at kitty for spilling milk, and picks kitty up to snorgle him*

  17. *stop

  18. Oh my goodness… a kitty with puppy dog eyes! I can die happy now.

  19. is that the heat miser’s kitten?


  20. Nuffs will say, “Photoshop”. I say, “I have seen those eyes. I know they are real.”

  21. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    It’s breaking my heart 😦 I want to pick the precious little kitty up and hold it and tell it that everything will be ok, we can always buy a new $3000.00 couch.

    good lord, sometimes this place kills me ded.

  22. It’s 4:15 am here and I just yelped out a big, fat “AAWWWW”!!!

    Hope I didn’t wake the neighbours

  23. omg! isn’t this rule of cuteness number 28?!

    *feels sooo proud* 😀

    such bewtyful eyes<3

  24. Good Lord, kitteh is a Keane painting come to life! Sweet and yet…slightly creepy.

  25. acelightning says:

    What a little darling! And so *ORANGE*!

  26. Another Angela — yep, it’s known as “looking up”

  27. Hi everyone! I was told my picture was here. =) Thank you for the sweet comments. I can assure you this picture is 100% real. I took it at a Humane Society I volunteer at. If you would like to buy prints or mugs you can at the link below. I donate all profits to my shelter. Here is a link to where I first posted this picture:

  28. Wendy, Nice job, on all your pictures.

  29. Silent Meow says:

    Awwwww, kitty, it’s OK. Don’t cry over spilled milk.

  30. ::ded:: from the Qte.

  31. Awww… so orange… so fuzzy… so CUTE!

  32. I immediately thought of the Keane paintings from the ’60’s also. Orange cats rule!

  33. Another Angela says:

    yeah, I know it’s looking up, but I’m not the only one thinking it looks unusual, maybe because animals often move their heads instead of moving their eyeballs? I didn’t say it was ‘shopped, just wondering why it looked so funny 😉

  34. He probably talks like Antonio Banderas. 😛

  35. I’ve been lobbying for showing eye-whites to be made one of the rules of cuteness, but so far, no luck.

  36. fluidstatic says:

    A kitteh with princess di eyes. WOW. *ded*

  37. 5 seconds ago he said “today, I repay my debts” then bravely turned to face the on comers and gave them the EYES. Cuted them to death. A true hero.

  38. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    The personification of cute.

  39. sockmonstersarai says:

    OMG. He reminds me of someone else… Someone cute and gingery… Ahh! I remember!

    Prepare to be Qted by Puss in Boots!


  40. guineapiggin9 says:

    He does look just like Puss in Boots from Shrek 2!!! LUV IT!!

  41. Guilty! Guilty! GUILTY!!

  42. I still laugh each time I come back and look at this bebbeh kitteh

  43. book_monstercats says:

    Yep, Puss in Boots AND thinks of Antonio Banderas. got to be the Qte’st posting yet.

  44. This kitty looks like a Precious Moments figurine. Absolutely adorable kitten.

  45. I have a wild urge to print out this precious little sad orange floof and hang him up on my bedroom wall. No, even better- my ceiling, so I have to see him every morning when I wake up. He’s that cute.

  46. angela francher says:

    worth viewing 4-sure !@_@!
    it IS love ! he loves he
    human; ahhhhhhh >;<

  47. LMAO!