Hand elevator


[Bebeh squirrel climbs on hand elevator and presses fifth floor button]



Bing, Fifth floor, ladies lingerie, bedding, and bebeh squirrel licks


Danny V., there’s really nothing better than teneh squirrel lickage.



  1. what oh what does bebe squirrel licking feel like? Ahn.

  2. Toterly anerable, but… is it just me? I don’t see a tongue? 😦

    I see sweet finger grabbinks, and a pink nail, but *sadness* no tongue.

  3. Yup, no tongue, but shtill shweet. And of course “Ehn”!

  4. Wolfie — it’s very hard to see the tongue, but I managed to make it out. It’s off to the right of his/her mouth a bit.

    I’m not a squirrel fan (having been chased by rather fat ones on my old campus whenever I carried food), but this one is an exception. Tres kyute!

    But is it just me, or is anyone feeling mild advance nuffaphobia?

  5. I want to be leecked by a leetle babeh squirrel. 😦



  7. I’m so disappointed, I sent in 5 bebeh squirrel photos that were totaly cuter than this and not posted!
    Mine were being hand-fed too!

  8. Sqwerl!!
    After CO and Meg, a squirrel is not a squirrel to me any more…
    “Sqwerl” is so much more… sqwerly.

  9. Rach I think Meg gets about 20,000 submissions per week of pictures..per one of her interviews. Maybe Teho or Meg can confirm when one of them comes on. IT is hard I would think to see them all. Especially since she has a rather demanding job and several other interests.

  10. Eet ees an “I shall leeck you,” non?

  11. chet's momma says:

    sans conclusive evidence of the elusive bebeh tongue, we must assume it is indeed a classic bebeh investigational snorfle!

  12. WHAT?!

    Meg has a life outside of Cute Overload?

    *passes out*

    😉 im teasin’

  13. Thanks for the bebeh sqwerl, I really needed this today. Consequently, I have been licked by a baby sqwerl before, and let me tell you, I would reccomend it at least 5 times a day to keep a person content. Aint nuthin like it 😀

  14. Noshin on nails.

  15. Kara – No it is not just you. I too feel the impending commentroversy.

  16. Has anyone seen the virtual paper doll squirrel that you can dress up? You can find it a virtualcourtney.com/paperdoll.php if you are interested.

  17. This might be my favorite thing posted on this site. Ever. So cuuuute!

  18. I want squirrel kisses tooo… wonder what they feel like ????

  19. Guyths, I totally thought that was the sqwerl’s tongue there, and it was a pink nail. My bad! It looked so tongue-ish.


  20. That peanut-butter flavored nail polish was SO worth the price.

  21. SonjaSonja says:

    Bebe skwerls are so cute. I just hope this one isn’t wild – could have rabies.

  22. Awww, I wan’ skwerl keethes too! But is it just me, or didn’t Mom teach us to be afwaid of wild animal keeeses? Like ’cause of rabies and schtuff?? I is not a NUFF…nooo ways. But I did kinda think o’ that when I saw ‘dis pic. And he/she let the person pick it up?? AHN!!

  23. squirrels have plague fleas…

  24. wee squirrel!! kiss, cuddle!!
    wow………to trust a human………..RARE.

  25. Shannon Johnson says:

    I think that is so cool. I think that would be so weird though.

  26. I experienced a bebe squirrel kiss on my finger once, it was cute and enjoyable until .2 seconds later when it bit down HARD. I guess it decided my finger nail was a peanut.

  27. [Sigh]

    Do I even have to say it at this point?

    DO NOT BE FOOLED! Squirrels are evil… EVIL, I TELL YOU!

  28. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    J.Bo thanks for that timely warning, I whole heartedly agree.

  29. It’s pretty darned cute, even if it is an evil squirrel! LOL Actually, I may think them evil, but I have a soft heart for anything living. I have been trying to save a young squirrel trapped in the 5th basement of my parking lot. I have no idea how I could get him out, and the parking people seem to not care. So before the long weekend started, I left him a container of water and some food. Poor thing. He looks so lost.

  30. Snow pea perhabs a cat cage from the spca. could be rented set and then the little guy can be released to the wild city park…???

  31. I don’t want to be licked by a squirrel.

  32. Okay, Meg, I MUST KNOW how did this HAPPEN? Was it a wild squirrel????

  33. A squirrel once jumped on my brother’s head.

  34. squirrely wrath says:

    As cute as this is I must agree that squirrels are evil little monsters. If you doubt me go to http://www.illwillpress.com/vault.html and check out the ‘toons’ link.

  35. oh ya-
    kiss kiss kiss kiss
    cant trust em.

  36. Your Honor…

    OBJECTION! Yes, my defendent is known to be a little prankster, but he and his buddies mean no harm. They are cute little furry fellas with a sense of humor…that’s all.

    I would ask that the word “evil” be stricken from the record!

    Squirrel Public Defender

  37. I agwee with the SPD, I had a pet sqwerl for a bit; mama booted him from his nest when he was just a bebe, eyes still closed, so my sisters and I took care of him until he was big enough to be re-introduced to nature. He was very clever, as smart as any dog, and very affectionate. They make excellent pets, but only tame ones…as much as we wanted to keep him, that little guy belonged out in the trees with the rest of the nut-lovers.

  38. Wow, first I find out that otters are evil, and now sqwerls??? Are you sure they aren’t just “misunderstood”?


  39. Oh BTW Meg, I thought it was a tongue at first too. It’s really that girl’s fault… wearing sqwerl-tongue-colored polish and all.

  40. Otters are only evil in South Park! Only!

    (Sqrls, though? …everyplace.)